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The Warrior "Rise of Devullio" Season two finale

Fourteen years passed since the great Polarian war happened because of Napoleguin became drunk with power with his Polarian navy. When the armadas (also known as clockworks) were created, general for Valencia, Devullio was known as dead by the hands of Warrior who served as a soldier in the war, Douglass Bullzo sliced his legs and threw him over into a pit full of trash in Marleybone. Without Lifto knowing, Kane needed a new apprentice to replace Deacon because of his failure.

Kane constructed a private meeting with two members in his alliance, Bishop and Grand marshal/general Rooke and his Kane's worker, Dose.
"We aren't doing good in this long lasting war!" Kane said, slamming his fist down
"Where's sir Lifto, Phule, Sandy and my brother Deacon?" Rooke said
"Phule is weird. Sandy is not important. Lifto doesn't need to concern and your brother have failed me for the last time" Kane said 
"I need a new apprentice...perhaps the great Devullio! One of the first living clockwork ever!" Deacon said
"Devullio was a general!" Rooke said, "Are you trying to replace me, too?"
"Devullio will have a new position in this war that'll bring us to victory!" Kane said 
"Yes but...Devullio was killed by that scum warrior, Bullzo" Rooke said
"Don't worry about that. He may be alive and if he's a little mess up. I shall get someone to restore him and his power!" Kane said, opening the doors, "Keep this meeting private. Dismiss"

Kane and Dose traveled to Marleybone's trash facility to search for Devullio's remain to get answers if the great general is still alive. Kane was determine to search for Devullio.
"Sir, is this trip going to be just like the bounty hunter trip?" Dose said 
"We aren't going to discuss it to no one. Pay attention to the Skyways." Kane said
They finally made it to Marleybone, and Kane disguised his self in a red robe and Dose also did too.
"There's the trash facility. Be aware of acid rain. This filthy place is known for that" Dose said
Garbage was everywhere, metal parts, left over food, parts from ships and Kane found someone roaming through trash.
"Sir" Kane said calmly
"Who...who are you two?" Glaus said
"That's not important. We're looking for someone" Kane said
Glaus's scared and angered by their presents. He tried arguing but he noticed Kane's guns and he felt droplets coming down.
"Acid rain!" Dose said, "Where's some shelter!" 
Glaus ran towards his house and Kane and Dose followed Glaus.
This garbage filled area is dangerous because of acid rain and animals. This facility is also on another empty island where the population use to be filled.
"Why are you following me?" Glaus picked up a old pipe, "What do you want!" 
"We need your shelter and I know you know who we are searching for!" Kane said, pulling his gun out
"Who else is here?" Kane said 
"He didn't tell me his name. We rescued me awhile back and I call him Sir" Glaus said
"How long?" Kane said as he robe falls off
"Armada? You're an armada!" Glaus said 
"How long!?!" Kane said, loading his gun,
"Nine years ago!" Glaus shouted
Then Kane and Dose heard the door open, "Who are you two?" 

As Kane turns around. Both of them gazed and was surprised.
"Clockwork?" Devullio said, "Haven't seen one since the great war!"
"I am the leader of the armadas!" Kane said, "You're the one I have been searching for!"
"Leader? You want me?" Devullio said
Devullio had a cane due to Douglass cutting his right leg off. His armor is filthy with dirt and dust on it. Devullio was also skeptical and scared.
"I'm staying here!" Devullio said, "I have missed so much and this is my home!" 
"He cannot be the great Devullio. He's weak and scared" Dose whispered to Kane
"I can get witch doctors to heal you and I can get you armor to protect you and form you into a worthy fighter in this war!" Kane said
"Another war?" Devullio said 
"The great Warrior war. We can win this war and take out your moral enemy!" Kane said
"I am not coming...I...missed so.. much..."
Kane knew he needed Devullio for the great war and he would do anything to make him into the great fight he once was. Kane quickly pulled his cane back out and nailed Devullio in his head, making him unconscious. Then as Devullio falls to the ground, another potential threat was revealed...Glaus.
"Don't shoot," Glaus said, putting his hands up, "Ple..."
Boom! Kane pulled out his pistol in just a second and fired it, nailing Glaus right in his head and took him out fast.
"Carry him," Kane said to Dose walking towards his ship, We're going to a secret island fulled with witch doctors who can heal him,"

Dose managed to get everyone to the secret island known as the "Dark jungles" filled with Witchdoctors, including Bishop. As Kane leads the way, Dose behind him pushing a bed with Devullio on it.
"Master Kane," Bishop said, bowing to him, "Why do you have some armada cripple here?"
"Don't get that arrogant," Kane said, "He's Devullio and I need you to help him."
Bishop strapped Devullio down as he woke up. Bishop and other witch doctors then started putting sacred powder all over his armor and dripping potions in his wounds.
"Stop this! Leave me alone!" Devullio cried,
"Cosmo Dias! Cosmo Dias! Prortor Doez!" Bishop said, "Make this destroyed man into what he once was!"
Spirits started raising up from the ground and went inside of Devullio through his eyes and mouth. Bishop sent others to get strong leg parts and arms. Transforming Devullio into a great strong armada.
"Losu, Minshus!" Bishop said as the spirits exited Devullio's body
Kane was amazed with Devullio's transformation. His legs were improved and his armor. But most importantly his mind and strength. Devullio broke the metal scraps off and stood up, praising Kane.
"What are your commands, my new master?" Devullio said 
"Here's your new sharp weapon" Bishop said, handing him a ginormous ax and sword
"There's an attack in the Aquila's Skyways, the leader of the attack is your formal enemy, Douglass Bullzo. Attack and seek for revenge and get back the Aquila Skyway for important trades routes," Kane said, "I know you will not let me down"
"I will follow your commands," Devullio said, bowing down to his new master, "I will get it back!"

Douglass's men managed to get on the armada's ship with eleven remaining men. Both of the ships are connected and in combat.
"Keep fighting! We're winning this war!" Douglass Bullzo said, slicing two clockworks/armadas
"Keep going!" Dorugh said, Sanchi sending him with Douglass
The pirates took out the remaining armadas. Douglass, Dorugh and seven pirate troops managed to survive.
"We did it!" Douglass said, "We've made history men and extra step for victory in this war" 
As Dorugh was still on the armada's ship, looking for clues, "Hmm"
Boom! Another Armada's ship fired cannons on Douglass's ship, disconnecting the his ship from Dorugh. Armadas started jumping on Douglass's ship and started taking out the pirates, skipping Douglass.
"Sir Bullzo!" Dorugh called, distracting Bullzo
The armadas took out the remaining pirates and Bullzo took out the armadas on his ship. As Bullzo tries to help Dorugh out, Dorugh started shouting 
"Look out!" Dorugh cried
When Douglass Bullzo looked he couldn't believe his eyes. Devullio jumped down, dropping his axe on an alive troop and pulled out his sword.
"'re" Douglass said
"Rematch?" Devullio said, "I've been waiting for this"
Douglass ran towards Devullio. Douglass swung his sword and Devullio dodged it, "Indeed!"
Snap! Devullio stepped on Douglass's arm, snapping his arm causing him to drop his weapon. Devullio kicked Douglass away from him and threw his sword off the ship.
"Oh great memories! Survive you're still alive" Devullio said, kicking Douglass again.
"Surprise your gears are still working!" Douglass said, slowly 
"Here's the end of Douglass's story!" Devullio said, picking his axe up
Devullio raised his axe up, hovering over Douglass and slammed his axe down on Douglass's chest. Killing him.
"No!" Dorugh said, shooting at Devullio
But Dorugh ran out of ammo and fled with an armada's ship.
"Sir Devullio," Dose said, "It's time to go!"
Devullio was starring at Douglass's body, "You deserved this"
Devullio got back on the ship and commanded Dose not to destroy the ship, "Let them see Bullzo's remains and the other troops on this ship!"

"Next, I have heard about a Warrior named Sanchi and his crew" Devullio said, "I feel like the end of the Warriors will come!"

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