Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Warrior season three premier "Green turned virus"

After many battles around the spiral. Kane and the rest of the armadas take drastic measure. Bishop, scientists and Miss Shir (Who walks with a limp) developed a virus that can take over the pirate's brains and turns. Betrays their's alliances. Miss Shir kidnapped senator Dexter Pittsor and two pirate troops, George and Marcus. Setting Sanchi and his crew up and Warrior Ren Cargo. But the crew doesn't know know that the troops are infected by the virus.

"Kane! They're here, let the process begin!" Bishop said, "Shir, open the prisoner's gate!"
Miss Shir (With a robe, disguising her looks as Bishop commanded) shot the lock, unlocking the gate for the infected prisoners will be freed.
"What the? The gates are open!" Marcus said, opening the door slowly
Boom! Gunshots was firing everywhere all around the island, armadas going out and Sanchi getting closer to them.
"Let's go, quick!" Dexter said opening the door
George was infected with the disease. Leaving Dexter and Marcus unaware about him being infected.
The virus is known as the "Green turned virus". If someone breathes the virus in, or gets injected by it or have open wounds. It's easy to notice the disease when it's in a cut because around the cut there'll be green and the blood becomes green and the parasites will enter the brain, destroying it.
"George, what happened to your arm?" Marcus said, "What's that green stuff in your cut?"

"Keep fighting, men!" Ren said
"Sir, we're near the prisoners and are about to make contact with them" Dez said
Sanchi, Sanchez, Anthony and Dez are on Codrus island, located near Aquila where Bishop is holding them hostage. Sanchi and the rest took out the remaining armadas, as they looked around Dez found George, Marcus and Dexter.
"Guys, how'd you escape?" Sanchi said
"Someone let us out" George said
"Our ship is right behind us. Guess this'll be an easy mission" Sanchez said, turning around
"Guys, come on now. We won't make it too easy for you!" Bishop said, bring over twenty armadas with him
Boom! The armadas started firing bullets at them and the pirates started firing back. Dez was firing bullets, not noticing George acting up.
"Sanchi, Sanchez load them on!" Ren said, hiding behind crates
Sanchi and Sanchez managed to get the prisoners on their ship but when Sanchi turns around he was shocked, "Where is the other one?"
Ren picked up an armada's gun and started firing at Bishop's men. George was crouched behind Ren and started shaking.
"Goodbye, scum Warrior!" George said, picking up Ren's sword
Ren didn't know about George behind him but Dez noticed George picking up Ren's sword.
"George?" Dez said, stop firing
As George raises the sword, Ren turned around and started looking at George, "What are you doing, pirate?"
Bang! George swung the sword and sliced Ren's neck open and Dez started to scream, "Anthony! Get on the ship and get us out here!"
Dez knocked out George and carried him on the ship. When they retreated, Bishop started smiling.
"Our creation works! That pirate turned on Ren. Perfect!" Bishop said

"Sanchi!" Dez cried, throwing George to the ground
Sanchi ran towards Dez as he starts to scream, "What?"
When Sanchi entered the room, he noticed Ren wasn't on the ship and he started questioning everything.
"George...he killed...he killed....Ren!" Dez said, "He killed a Warrior!"
Sanchi was surprised and dropped to the ground..."How?"
Anthony flew everyone the the medical center near Skull island where the Pirate's lab is located. Once they got there. Sanchi carried George's body on his back and ran towards the center.
"What seems to be the problem?" Nurse Emily said, opening the door
"Something must be wrong with this troop. He turned on a Warrior and sliced him!" Sanchi panicked, dropping George on the bed
"I see, please go out to the lobby and relax. I will get some equipment from the Pirate's lab and scan his body and brain to see the problem" Nurse Emily said

Sanchi was waiting in the lobby for three hours. Finally Sanchez, Chun and Anthony came after informing the council about Ren's death and the issue.
"Do they know what is wrong with that troop?" Chun said
"I don't know but I am worry. If this is something serious, others will die too!" Sanchi said
"The troop probably went wracko or betrayed us. It could of been any of us" Anthony said
Sanchi was about to speak but he heard the door open and pirate trooper,  Marcus rushed in giving valuable information.
"When we were in that place....they took George for two hours. When he came...when he came back, he had a big cut on his arm with green inside his blood changed!" Marcus said
"Strange, are you positive?" Sanchez said, noticing the nurse coming out
Nurse Emily let them come in and she showed them the results. the X ray of Marcus shows his blood cells declining and his brain was turning green like his blood, but his genetic code was still the same.
"Is this an infection?" Sanchez said
"We don't know yet. We assume that it's a virus that took over his body or we could be wrong and he just...snapped but also this could be serious, if his germs get on you it could infect you" Nurse Emily said, "We're going to keep him here to do more tests"

After hours of the center. Marcus stayed and kept an eye on George. Marcus was asleep for six hours.
"Let me out of here!" George cried, waking Marcus up
Marcus got up from the chair and noticed George was trying to get loose. Marcus tried to calm him down but George kept screaming.
"I am fine! I am alive!" George said, "Let me go!"
"Calm down and I will bud!" Marcus said
George finally calmed down, waiting for Marcus to let him out of the strapped bed and he did. When Marcus helped George up. George started throwing up and punched Marcus in his face.
"What is wrong with you?" Marcus cried as he hits the ground
George picked up a medical tool and cut Marcus's arm open and started to spit on his cut, infecting him and then he bit him in his arm, infecting him more.
"Join me and let's take out them all!" George said
In a matter of hours, the parasites got in Marcus's brain and infected him.

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