Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Warrior "Mission for the ill part two" S3

Sanchi, Anthony, Dorugh and Chun traveled back to the only hospital in the Spiral (Besides for the armadas) to gather medicine for the sick. As Sanchi noticed Rooke and Shir coming off the ship, Sanchi wanted to handle Rooke his self and for the rest of his crew to gather medicine. Zombies started to break into the room where Anthony, Dorugh and Chun was gathering medicine, resulting in them losing all the medicines and zombies started to walk up stairs after hearing Rooke's gunshots.

"That was a close one" Dorugh said, breathing hard
"W-where's Anthony?" Chun said
Chun and Dorugh noticed Anthony returning to them, but with none of the bags of medicine. This angered Dorugh.
"Where's the medicine?" Dorugh said
Anthony stopped and dropped to his knees in tears, "I was trying to escape. I was sooo close but one of the infected grabbed the bag. I tried to get it from him, but then more grabbed it too! The bag ripped and all the supplies are...gone"
"You...you didn't listen to me when I said "Grab the bag and leave, quick?" I said to forget the remaining and get out of there! You didn't listen!" Dorugh cried, "How can you not follow my commands when it involves life or death?"
"I'm....I'm...I apologize..sir" Anthony said, in tears
"You lost all that medicine for the ill people who's dying and all you can say is that you're sorry?" Dorugh said, "What is wrong with you? People are going to die...maybe Sanchez and Moresco too!"
Anthony didn't answer so, Dorugh got in Anthony's face with an angry look, "You're pathetic!"
"I... I tried" Anthony said
Dorugh punched Anthony in his face, giving him a black eye and he started to kick him too. Luckily Chun grabbed Dorugh and got him to stop.
"What is wrong with you?" Chun said, "He tried!"
"He just killed those people at Socrus!" Dorugh said
"He apologized..he didn't mean it!" Wing Chun said
"I'm not gonna take anything from a companion or a pirate who cannot shoot anything" Dorugh said

Rooke started slicing zombies with his blades and started run towards the doors.
"Undead freaks!" Rooke said, slamming the door and locking it
As Rooke turned around, Sanchi was not in his sight. Rooke knew he was set up and was furious.
"You made a promise, Sanchi!" Rooke said, firing his gun all around
As Rooke passed a room, he noticed Sanchi's shadow. Rooke ran into the room, punching Sanchi and dropped him to the ground.
"Now! Let's finish this!" Rooke said, running towards Sanchi
Rooke missed Sanchi as Sanchi slides between his legs and grabbed his sword, "Nice try, Rooke"
Rooke started swinging his sword, trying to strike Sanchi but luckily Sanchi kept dodging his hits and struck his hand, cutting it off.
"Ahhh!" Rooke cried
Sanchi ran out of the room, hearing Rooke screaming. As he looked back, he noticed the zombies broke the back doors opened.
"Dorugh!" Sanchi contacting him, "Get everyone on the ship and be aware of Shir"
Dorugh didn't answer Sanchi but Sanchi knew that couldn't be his concerns yet.
"Please be the exit out of here!" Sanchi said, reaching a door at the end of the building
Sanchi threw up a little and started to get a little more dizzy, "I need to get out of here!"
As Sanchi opened the door up, zombies started to come out. When Sanchi turned around he saw Rooke taking out other zombies and had an idea. Sanchi shot Rooke's back armor with Sanchez's pistol (Only eight bullets left), causing his armor to fall off and Sanchi went into another room and locked it, trapping Rooke.
Sanchi knew his only way out was to climb down, dangerous. Sanchi knew he'll have to do it to survive. As Sanchi opens the window, he saw Dorugh and the rest getting surrounded by zombies. Sanchi quickly went out of the window and climbed down.

Dorugh was almost out of ammo as he killed lots of zombies. When Dorugh turned around, he saw Shir limping towards them.
"Get on the ship, now!" Dorugh said, not noticing Sanchi
Dorugh raised his gun and aimed it at Shir. As he pulls the trigger, he heard a click. Both of his pistols were out of ammo.
"This is gonna be a good fight" Shir said, kicking Dorugh in his stomach
Shir got on Dorugh and started to punch him in his face, but Dorugh fought back and grabbed Shir's fist and twisted it back and punched Shir in her face and pushed her off.
"My father always told me not to hit girls...but I can tell you're not one!" Dorugh said, ripping her hoodie off and punched her harder
"All pirates like you disgusts me!" Shir said, getting back up
Shir brought out both of her knifes, "Time for your pathetic end!"
Shir ran towards Dorugh but Dorugh moved out of the way and kicked Shir in her bad leg. Dorugh was about to finish her off but then zombies started to surround them. As he picks up one of Shir's knife, he noticed Shir was escaping.

Shir bumped into Sanchi and Sanchi grabbed her and noticed who she was.
"Shiruku Neko!" Sanchi said
Shir stomped on Sanchi's foot and punched him in his face and escaped, "Farewell, Warrior!"
"Wait, Shiruku!" Sanchi cried and tried to chase her
When Sanchi took one step, he dropped to his knees. As he stares at Shiruku running from him, his vision became black and he fainted.
"Sanchi!" Dorugh cried, managed to get on the ship
Zombies started to head towards Sanchi and everyone noticed it. Dorugh had to think fast to save Sanchi's life.
"Do we have any bullets?" Dorugh said
"Like three!" Chun said
"Okay, I'll distract the zombies and you get Sanchi!" Dorugh said, loading his gun with the remaining bullets
"Hey! Over here! Dead little freaks!" Dorugh said, firing one bullet
The zombies turned around and ran towards Dorugh. Chun ran towards Sanchi and grabbed his arms and dragged him because Chun wasn't very strong.
"Hurry!" Dorugh said, getting surrounded
Chun looked back and saw Dorugh was surrounded and he was out of bullets, but more zombies were coming towards the ship so Chun threw Sanchi on the ship.
"Anthony, get us out of here, now!" Chun said
Dorugh was surrounded and he pulled out his knife and started stabbing zombies. Dorugh turned around to stab the zombies behind him and Sanchi and the rest were gone.
"I did my duty" Dorugh said, "But I'm not going to die without taking a couple of zombies down with me!"
Boom, boom! Others started to fire at the zombies and grabbed Dorugh. Dorugh tried to get release from them, but one of them injected him with a needle and Dorugh passed out.

"Did you do your objective?" Bishop said
"Kinda... I saw one of them getting taken out, but the rest had to medicines" Shir said
"Is the warrior...dead?" Bishop said
"No...he made it out" Shir said
"I see...once we get back, you'll be free and not work for me...again!" Bishop said
"You...you can't do that?" Shir said, "You found me unconscious..you can't leave me like this!"
Bishop didn't answer Shir. As he gets up to close the doors, Rooke luckily got on bored, "Get us out of the death place..now!"
Bishop and Rooke went in to discuss and Shir was on the deck, starring at the island.
"You can't do this to me!" Shir said, thinking about Sanchi

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