Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Warrior "Lab's hunt" S3

After the gang goes back once again to once a great hospital...now filled with infected zombies, Captain Dorugh is presume dead. After finding Dose, Sanchi's device finally had a connection and it was Dorugh's voice. But things don't go to well after Dexter, Robert and Jesse reveal why they saved Dorugh.

Robert, Kert, Simon and Smith escorted Dorugh back to the small room, aka his own jail. With his hands cuff behind his back, Dorugh starts to have different thoughts and may think that him dying will be a much better result
"Remove the cuffs and throw him in, boys!" Robert said
Smith removed Dorugh's cuffs and threw him in, before Smith shut the door, Dorugh quickly hesitated for questions and answers.
"Why....why do you do this? You're eating innocent people who didn't cause this!" Dorugh said
Smith tried to answer Dorugh's question, but Robert quickly pushed Smith out of his way and changed the subject.
"Here" Robert said, throwing Dorugh's devices, "There's no more connection. Just so you have something to play with"
Robert slammed the door and darkness filled the room up. Dorugh sat on the uncomfortable bed but after the day he had, he doesn't care. After several hours of lying down, he started to hear yelling.
"Put him in the room, then!" Dexter said
"With that pirate trooper? No way!" Robert shouted
The dispute between them finally stopped and Dorugh could tell that Dexter won the argument. Robert threw another person in the room and slammed the door hard and then kicked it in anger.
"Hello....anyone here?" Boris said, "Anyone....I hear breathing"
"Hello" Dorugh said
Dorugh turned his flashlight on and Boris dropped to the ground and crawled away from him.
"Woah, what's wrong with you?" Dorugh said
"You scared me!" Boris said
Dorugh gave Boris a hand to get back up. Once he got back up, Dorugh started to walk around the room, ready to start a conversation. Boris is a young pirate with short brown hair and brown hairs.
"So...how'd you get in here...?" Dorugh said, trying to receive his name
"Boris Smiff...I been in the lab for a long time. Matter of fact I've been here since all this started" Boris said
"I'm Dorugh, pirate trooper...captain..." Dorugh said
"Well...guess we are officially roommates!" Boris said
Dorugh stopped Boris and wasn't joking around. Dorugh have his serious look on and Boris doesn't even notice.
"How'd you get put in here?" Dorugh said
"Stood up for myself and others in this building...we want to leave and try to get help. Eating others cannot be a resourceful solution" Boris said
"Well...you're in luck...I thought of a way to get out" Dorugh said, grinning
Dorugh is known for having great reliable plans. Most of the times his plans are simple, never complex. Dorugh created a plan to get out of this room with a few steps. Once one of the others come in here to slide our food to us, they quickly grab his arm and pull him in the door, knocking him out and receive the keys.
"Here comes one of them" Boris said, "Get in place"
One of the guards opened the door up, with bars behind the door the guard bent over to place the plates of food on the ground and slide it to them.
"Here's your...."
The guard stopped as Dorugh grabbed his arm and slammed him into the concrete wall over and over until he fell to the ground. Dorugh grabbed the keys from the guard's waist and unlocked the door.
"Here's your devices" Boris said, throwing him his device

Dorugh and Boris ran in the hallways of the lab. Dorugh doesn't know much about the building, but Boris knew it well. He led Dorugh in the main room of the lab.
"It's in here" Boris said, opening the door
Boris opened the door up and stopped as Robert, Dexter and the rest noticed them. Robert and the rest aimed the guns at both of them, but that wouldn't stop Dorugh. Dorugh quickly grabbed Jesse and picked up a shotgun and aimed it at his head. Boris thought that he was insane, but he still suck beside his side.
"Put your weapons down or she'll die!" Dorugh said
"Dorugh, you don't have to do this!" Jesse said
Dorugh gave Jesse an angry and disappointed look, like he wanted to kill her, "Better then be y'all's next meal!"
Dorugh and Boris backed up and exited the building with Jesse. This scene angered Robert and Dexter. Once they left with Jesse, Dexter came up with a plan.
"Robert...you, Simon, Smith and Kert go out there and kill both of them and if Jesse get's in your way...so be it! We will not let these two bring down our survival pit" Dexter said, slamming his fist down
"You're making a mistake, do you know that?" Jesse said, being held hostage by Dorugh and Boris
"Shut up, you're the sick ones who's eating innocent pirates" Dorugh said
Once they got pass a couple of zombies and far from the lab, they started to hear yelling and gunshots. It was Robert and the rest. They were yelling and laughing, calling for Dorugh and Boris to challenge them.
"You've angered Robert!" Jesse said
"Robert's not good to be with you guys! He killed others and watched Qween die!" Dorugh said
Jesse managed to get away from Dorugh's arm, but she didn't run. She was breathing heavy from all the zombies and conflict. She was scared.
"What are you talking about?" She said
"Dorugh didn't gather medicine. He got bottles of liquor and alcohol. He's a drunken pirate!" Dorugh said
Jesse couldn't believe what Dorugh was saying. Boris knew that Robert was a drunken pirate, but he never knew that he was a killer too.
"Guys, look!" Boris said
Robert, Kirk, Smith and Simon was firing shots at infected pirates/zombies. Then Smith saw them from a distance and shouted their names, "There they are!"
Kirk and Simon ran towards them and Robert stopped firing at the zombies and ran towards them also, leaving Smith behind for the zombies. Smith was screaming for help from Robert, but Robert didn't turn around.
"You're absolutely right, Dorugh" Boris said, watching Smith getting left behind
Quickly, Dorugh, Jesse and Boris all ran away from Robert, but Robert was getting tired of chasing after them and also noticed Jesse betraying them.
"Oh, Jesse!" Robert said
Robert started shooting his gun at Dorugh and Jesse. His shots kept missing them until Dorugh noticed Jesse falling to the ground. She was shot in her leg by Robert.
"Nice shot, Rob!" Kirk said

Dorugh stopped and went back for Jesse. Luckily, Robert, Kirk and Simon was distracted by zombies and wasn't paying attention, but zombies started to roam around Dorugh and Jesse.
"Jesse, I'm coming!" Dorugh said
Boom, boom! Dorugh started shooting at zombies until he reached Jesse and he finally did.
"Leave me behind, My leg!" Jesse said
Dorugh didn't listen to Jesse's complaints. Instead, he ripped his sleeves off and wrapped it around Jesse's leg and helped her get up.
"We're surrounded!" Jesse said
Dorugh started to hit the zombies with his shotgun, but there were too many. They were surrounded.
"Where's Boris?" Dorugh said, noticing he wasn't by his side
All of a sudden, Dorugh started to hear screaming. It was from Boris.
"Hey! You ugly little dead freaks! I'm over here!" Boris said
Boris's yelling started to attract the zombies towards him. Dorugh quickly got pass the zombies as they started to become distracted by Boris. Dorugh wanted to yell Boris's name but that'll attract zombies.
"Keep it up!" Boris said, "I'm over here!"
Boris noticed Dorugh looking back. Boris smiled and gave him thumbs up. As soon as he was surrounded, he opened the hospital door up and went inside, but there was loads of zombies in there from Rooke and Sanchi's battle.
"Where are we trying to go? There's no ships!" Jesse cried
"We could hide until someone find us!" Dorugh said
"Like who? People think you're dead" Jesse said
Dorugh quickly placed Jesse in another spot, hidden from zombies and went out until he heard a beeping noise from his wrist, it was his device!
"It can't be! We can be saved!" Dorugh said
Dorugh turned around and saw Robert pointing his gun at Jesse. Kirk and Simon was behind him. Once Dorugh turned around, Robert started to grin.
"Look what you've caused!" Robert said, loading his gun
"Don't do it! You can't do this! She's one of you" Dorugh said
"Not anymore" Robert said
Boom! Robert pulled the trigger and killed Dorugh's new love, Jesse right in front of him. Then Robert, Kirk and Simon started to walk towards Dorugh. They wanted to try him out. Dorugh quickly turned his device on and signal Sanchi's device. Robert grabbed Dorugh by his arm.
Beep! The device reached Sanchi and Dorugh quickly said, "Sanchi or Dez...I need your help...plea..."
Then he was knocked out.

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