Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Warrior "Back to plan B" Part 2 S3

After going back to the infected island to search for Dorugh. Anthony starts to have tough decisions, whether to stay with the group or not. Sanchi makes contact with Devullio and Sanchez meets Shir for the first time since the crash.

"Sanchez! Where are you!" Sanchi said, struggling to get back up
Zombies started to surround Sanchi and tried to eat him alive. Sanchi didn't know where Sanchez was or the rest of the crew. He tried to call for help but no one came.
"This...this...can't be it!" Sanchi said, getting on his feet
Sanchi punched a zombie in his face and he started to think about Julia, knowing that she's anger with his choice to risk his life for someone she doesn't care about.
"Anyone, please!" Sanchi said, knocking another zombie out
Sanchi fell to his knees and watched zombies getting close to him. He closed his eyes and tears started to fall.
"I'll miss you, Julia" Sanchi said
Boom! Gunshots started to fire at zombies and zombies started to fall to the ground. As Sanchi looked back up, it was Anthony.
"Get back up, quick!" Anthony said, handing Sanchi the gun
Anthony tried to run, but Sanchi grabbed his shoulder. He was breathing heavy and said slowly, "Thank...thank...you so much"

Sanchez couldn't see Sanchi anywhere due to zombies. Sanchez quickly turned around and saw someone limping towards him. He thought it was Sanchi.
"Sanchi, thank god!" Sanchez said
As the person gets closer, Sanchez knew it was someone else, but he knew it was someone from his past.
"Today isn't your lucky day" Shir said, bring her knifes out
Sanchez couldn't believe his eyes. He also doesn't know what to do, "Shiruku?"
"Don't call me that! That's not my name!" Shir said
Shir ran towards Sanchez and started swinging his knifes but Sanchez managed to avoid them, which got Shir angry. She swung her knife and Sanchez grabbed her arm. Sanchez grabbed her knife and pushed her away from her.
"Yes that is your name! Shiruku Neko is your name!" Sanchez said, stabbing a zombie
Shir jumped in front of Sanchez and swung her good leg and hit Sanchez in his face. Causing him to fall to the ground. As Sanchez wiped the blood off his mouth, Shir started to laugh.
"Do you even know what happened to you?" Sanchez said, "Sanchi was gonna take us to Mooshu, but we crashed into another ship and we went into Scrimshaw! I thought you were dead!"
"No! I woke up in Scrimshaw, Bishop explained to me what happened and took me back to Valencia" Shir said
Shir tried to kick Sanchez in his face again, but Sanchez dodged her kick and kicked Shir's bad leg, causing her to drop to the ground, in pain.
"I don't want to hurt you!" Sanchez said, "You were my bestfriend...my companion!"
Sanchez had his chance to end Shiruku, but he didn't. He dropped her weapons and started to shoot at the zombies. Once there was no zombies in sight, he looked at Shir then ran.

"Where are we going?" Gavin said, shooting at zombies
Zombies started to crowd Gavin, Moresco and Dez, "Guys, get back!"
Dez led them to a hideout and managed to hide from the zombies until they can get some ammo and reload.
"What are we going to do?" Gavin said, nervously, "I should of never came!"
"Quiet, we'll be fine!" Dez said
As they still start to load their guns, they started to hear gunshots and hear zombies fall to the ground. As Moresco pokes his head, it was Devullio searching for them.
"Where's...lemme think of the names" Devullio said
"Stay quiet" Dez whispered
"...Dez...? and that new guy who couldn't even shoot me if I'm right next to you....and...the companion slave, Moresco" Devullio said
"He doesn't know where we are. We're behind him" Gavin said
"Stay down!" Dez said
Gavin didn't listen. He was nervous and wanted to take Gavin out. Gavin got up from the rock, but Devullio doesn't know where he is. He pulled his gun back and reloaded his gun. Which made a clicking noise and Devullio stopped and started to smile. Gavin quickly pulled the trigger and Devullio turned around and pulled his trigger too. The gunshot hit Gavin in his head and he fell to the ground, which gave their position away.
"Well, this isn't good for you guys" Devullio said
Dez quickly got out and started to shoot at Devullio and Moresco saw Dez running. He ran out and Devullio saw Moresco flying towards Dez.
"I want you!" Devullio said to his self, pulling his sword out

Anthony threw Sanchi on the ship, "Stay here"
Anthony saw Sanchez running towards the ship, but he also saw Dez and Moresco running towards the ship too. Anthony noticed Devullio was right behind Moresco.
"Come back, Moresco!" Devullio said, as he grabs his leg
"Dez help!" Moresco cried
Dez quickly turned around and shot Devullio in his arm, causing him to let go.
"Ahhhh! Damnit! Dez!" Devullio cried
Moresco managed to catch up to Dez, but then zombies got in front of them. Dez was out of bullets and there was no way out.
"What are we going to do? They are surrounding us!" Moresco said
"Yes...this is the end" Dez said, dropping to his knees
Moresco started to think about Sanchi. Moresco remembered how Sanchi thought he was useless and helpless, also he paid no attention to him. Moresco ripped his bracelet off and handed it to Dez.
"Moresco....what are you doing?" Dez said, putting his bracelet in his pocket
But, Moresco didn't reply back to Dez. Moresco took a deep breath and ran into the zombies that blocked their path.
"Moresco!" Dez cried
Zombies started to pile Moresco and ripped him apart, but it also gave Dez a chance to get to their ship, alive.
"Go, go! Give the bracelet to my master!" Moresco cried as he gets eaten by the zombies
Dez ran pass the pile of zombies and he looked back and saw the zombies eating Moresco alive, "Thank...thank you"
Dez ran on the ship with tears going down his eyes. Sanchi saw Dez getting on the ship with him crying. Sanchi also noticed he was holding his bracelet.
"...where's...where's Moresco?" Sanchi said
Dez didn't say anything to Sanchi. Instead he started to cry and Sanchi saw a pile of zombies.
"No...it can't be...it can't be!" Sanchi said
Sanchez whispered to Anthony, telling him to get them out of here and Sanchez went out. Leaving Dez and Sanchi alone.
"How did he die?" Sanchi said, started to cry
"I was out of bullets...zombies got in front of us...he sacrificed his life...just so I can live and to make you proud" Dez said
Sanchi started to bang his head on the wall and fell back to the ground and started to scream, "Why! Moresco!"

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