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The Warrior "New decisions" S3

Sanchi, Sanchez, Moresco, Dez and Gavin goes back to the hospital where many zombies are located to find out where Dorugh is. In search for Dose, Devullio and Shir makes contact with Sanchi and the rest. Dez, Gavin and Moresco makes contact with Devullio. After trying to escape, Moresco sacrifices his life, throwing him into the zombies blocking his path, saving Dez and giving him another day to live. After the death of Moresco, Sanchi starts to lose it and regrets.

Sanchi didn't talk on the way back. He was lying on the bed in tears and silent. Sanchi started to have memories and thoughts about his old companion, Moresco. I didn't spend enough time with him ever since Sanchez arrived in my life, Sanchi thought.
"Moresco" Sanchi said to his self.
After several minutes of crying, Sanchi got off the bed and brought out Moresco's bracelet and started to stare at it, which made him cry even more.
"Sanchi" Sanchez said, opening the door
Sanchi didn't answer Sanchez, instead he motioned Sanchez to come over and sit next to him. Once Sanchez sat down next to him, he started to talk to Sanchez.
"You know....I hate when people see my cry...Moresco was the one I could let my tears out...you know.." Sanchi said, playing with Moresco's bracelet
"He's still a original and great flying monqu..."
"Never cared what kind of creature he was...he could of even been a Crane companion...Chun" Sanchi said
Sanchez didn't mind that Sanchi was crying, but he is worry about Sanchi losing his mind. After the lost of Gus, Dorugh, Moresco and other troops died, Sanchez thought, how haven't he lost it yet.
"Hey guys" Dez said
Dez came in to to apologize for the 100th time to Sanchi about the lost of Moresco, but Sanchi stopped him.
"Moresco risked his life for you, you couldn't stop him and I understand that" Sanchi said
"Devullio was trying to kill us. He grabbed Moresco but I shot his arm. He also killed Gavin" Dez explained
Sanchi looked at Dez with a disgusting look. Sanchi was furious with Devullio and his unnecessary actions. Sanchi's mind used to be filled with ways to heal everyone on Socrus and go back to Skull Island with other warriors, but now he's only thinking about Moresco...of course and the one who caused this mess, Devullio. Sanchi wanted stuff to go back to normal. At the same time, he doesn't know what was ever normal in his life.
"Devullio won't get away with this, I promise you that!" Dez said
"Dez" Sanchez said, "Can Sanchi and I talk real quick?"
Once Dez left the deck, Sanchez made sure that no one was nearby, so they could seriously have a discussion.
"Shiruku is alive" Sanchez said, "We was fighting each other"
Sanchi started to nod his head and agree, "I saw her...before I passed out"
"It's like...she lost her memory, maybe from the...crash?" Sanchez said
Sanchi nodded his head again and looked out of the window. Watching ships going by in the skyways, but then he noticed the ship stopped.
"I'll go check it out" Sanchez said

"What's going on?" Sanchez said
"That's the ship...armada ship where we thought Devullio was on...someone is on it" Anthony said
It was an Armada's ship (Devullio's old ship). The ship was a small pirate ship with steel armor on the side with no cannons on the side.
"Connect, I want to see this" Sanchez said
"I'm coming!" Dez said
Sanchez and Dez both got on the armada's ship. With their weapons ready they were ready for any action that lies ahead. Sanchez and Dez scouted the deck of the ship and no signs of armadas anywhere. Until they heard footsteps.
Creeeek, the door opened with Sanchez poking his gun out and Dez was behind him, protecting them behind, but no one was there.
"Open it" Dez said
Sanchez opened the door up and  the closet door was open, with clips and ammo everywhere. Dez knew that the person..or clockwork was clueless with guns.
"Looks like this guy is the new Anthony De Sharp" Dez joked
All of a sudden they started to hear a scream behind them, "AHHHHH!" with a crowbar
"Dez, look out!" Sanchez cried
Sanchez quickly pushed Dez out of his way and kicked the armada's leg and slapped him across his masked. The armada tried to get up but Dez got back on his feet and pointed a gun at him. Sanchez picked the armada off and knew who he was.
"Oh...it's you" Sanchez said
Sanchez and Dez carried the armada to Anthony and threw him to the ground. He tried to get back up but Dez pushed him back down. Both was being harsh to him.
"Armada? Who's this guy?" Anthony said
"The armada that Devullio has been searching for...Dose" Sanchez said
Sanchi heard them throwing someone on the ground and discussing. He quickly got off the bed and ran towards them. Sanchi opened up the door and his eyes widen, "Dose"
Sanchi picked Dose up and threw him against the wall, "You know what you've done? The stuff we ALL been through?"
"I...I...don't know...know what you...you are...talking about" Dose said
Sanchi started to laugh and rub his head. Sanchi didn't know much about Dose, beside he's an armada, clockwork, use to work for Kane and now works for Devullio.
"My best...my companion died! Our captain is dead! All because of this stupid virus that turns people into blood thirsty zombies!" Sanchi said, "People died!"
"Don't...don't do anything stupid...I didn't do anything" Dose said nervously, "Please...I'm innocent"
Sanchi quickly picked up his sword and tried to take Dose out, but Sanchez stopped him. Sanchez turned Sanchi around and tried to calm him down.
"He could be valuable. We cannot destroy...or kill him!" Sanchez said
Sanchi starred at Sanchez then he glanced at Dose and walked out.
"Get us back to..." Sanchez stopped and noticed Dose, "You know where"

Sanchi, Sanchez, Anthony, Dez and Dose managed to travel back to Socrus. Sanchi stayed on the ship while the rest went back up to the abandoned hospital where Julia was outside, watching them.
"Who's the armada and why is he here?" Julia said, "Where's....Sanchi and Moresco?"
Once everyone got inside, Sanchez managed to get everyone to quiet down so he could explain what happened.
"We went back to search for Dorugh, no luck. Devullio and Shiruku attacked us and..."
"Shiruku Neko? She's alive?" Chun interrupted
"Yes, but they attacked us. Anthony saved Sanchi and I managed to get away from Shiruku. Devullio killed Gavin and...Dez and Moresco got surrounded. Moresco sacrificed his life so Dez could make it out...alive." Sanchez said, "Then...this is Dose. He was with Kane and now he's with Devullio...not anymore atleast"
Juhn got off his bed after hearing Devullio's name and Dose was here. He quickly pushed Chun and Dez out of his way and tackled Dose.
"He was with Devullio when they killed Bullzo! We must get rid of him" Juhn Woun said, throwing him back to the ground
"We'll lock him up and decide his faith tomorrow. Dez put him somewhere and Juhn...you need to rest" Sanchez said

"I'm innocent" Dose said, "Please let me go...please"
Dez didn't answer. Instead he just threw Dose in the room and locked the door, "We'll decide later"
After putting Dose up, Dez rushed out and to bed, passing Sanchi without noticing he was there.
Click! Sanchi unlocked the door and opened it slowly and quietly. Dose got up fast but it was Sanchi at the door.
"Come with me" Sanchi said
Sanchi brought Dose outside of the hospital and near their ship. He pushed Dose to the ground and kicked him in his armor.
"I'm sorry about all your lost, but it wasn't me!" Dose said
"Shut up!" Sanchi said
Sanchi was walking around Dose, slapping his self as he tries to think of a plan for Dose...or a solution. Also, Sanchi didn't know that his anger was blinding him and the situation they're in. Sanchi quickly looked at Dose and started to yell, "Don't look at me!"
It was late at night. Everyone was either asleep or about to asleep. No one could see Sanchi or hear him yelling and he knew that.
"I saw Moresco a couple of times" Dose said
Sanchi looked at him and quickly picked up his sword. Dose started to scream and Sanchi was screaming as he raises his sword, but then his devices went off and heard someone trying to reach to him. Sanchi kicked Dose in his face and looked...it was from a lab...the only lab in Skull island. Once Sanchi press the button, he heard a voice.
"Sanchi or Dez...I need your help...plea..."

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