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The Warrior "New approaches" (LONG) S3

After Sanchi and Dez formed a team to rescue Dorugh from others in the lab, they start to think on how to wipe out all the infected ones on the island and return back to Socrus. Julia is alone at Socrus with just Juhn and Chun and Devullio, Shiruku and others is searching for Dose to find answers to find Sanchi and Sanchez.

Quickly, Sanchi and the rest ran out of the lab after zombies started to fill the rooms and hallways. Whoever was still alive back there are now dead like the rest and Dorugh knew that, thinking about Jesse.
When they started running out, Dorugh was last because of Kirk's knife, "Guys, I need some help"
Dorugh was breathing really hard and Dez was the first one to reach him. Dez didn't even have to ask because he noticed his pants were red from his left leg.
"Who did this to you?" Dez said
"Doesn't matter, he's dead. Just get me out of here" Dorugh said
Luckily, Dez and Sanchez, each grabbed Dorugh's arm and carried him out the building, with Sanchi and Anthony behind him, but they managed to get out of the lab, passing a few zombies and Dez laid Dorugh down near the ship.
"...how...did you...you guys knew where I was...?" Dorugh asked
But they didn't have to answer. Boris looked out the window and Dorugh noticed and he smiled.
"Boris....he's one tough...tough kid" Dorugh said
"I thought you was in the...well once was a hospital and we went there and found him" Sanchi said, helping Dorugh out
"Thanks to Dez's determination and hope and Boris's bravery" Sanchez said, "I honestly thought you were dead"
Boris walked out of the ship, as Sanchi and Sanchez helped Dorugh get on his feet. Boris nodded his head and smiled at Dorugh as they went by, but Boris quickly went back on the ship with Dez and Anthony and they started discussing.
"You want us to do what?" Sanchez said, scratching his head
"It's possible. There's an alarm in the lab that'll get every single one of them in there and explosives on the top floor that someone can shoot from here and all of those dead freaks will be gone and this virus can finally end" Dorugh explained, "You, Dez and Sanchi can do it"
It took alot of doing, but Sanchez finally agreed to Dorugh's plan. Dez would stay back out of the lab and shoot the explosives to blow up the building, Sanchi and Sanchez will set off the alarm. Seems like a hard mission but Dorugh knew it was simple.

"Nothing been going our way" Jozy said, "We can't find that one clockwork...Drose? We can't find those two jokers and their crew. This is awful!"
Jozy kept giving Devullio reasons why that his mission is impossible, but he ignored Jozy.
"He's right" Mark said
But still, Devullio was still looking out of the ship, searching for his old ship where he last saw Dose, but he had no hope. Shiruku entered the room and told Jozy and Mark to leave and they did.
"Still no hope?" Shiruku said
"We have been doing this for two weeks now and still nothing!" Devullio said
Shiruku was lucky that Devullio was unaware about her past, associating with Sanchi and Sanchez, but she didn't want to kill them. She just wanted to find Dose and find new land to build their own army, but then she thought of a great plan...if Dose is captured.
"Our army so far is great, we have been training everyone and you need to go back and finish. I have a plan to get Dose" Shiruku said
Devullio turned his head and starred at Shiruku, ready to hear her plan, "What's the plan?"
"We kidnapped some innocent kids and hold them and threaten to kill them...but we won't kill them" Shiruku said, "We'll contact Sanchi or Sanchez and prove to them that we have innocent little pirates kidnapped and if they don't find or give us Dose, we'll threaten to kill them. It's a perfect plan"
Devullio started to smile. In a matter of no time, he started to laugh. He thought Shiruku's plan was great and will work.
"We'll get some kids near out camp. We'll set them up and we'll get Dose!" Devullio said
Devullio went back to the camp and saw Fred, Gorge and Logan playing cards and he stopped their game.
"Hello boss, if you didn't know...training ended two hours ago. We'll playing cards" Gorge said
Devullio didn't reply back, instead he dropped a bag, filled with coins on their table and told them their objective.
"How many kids do we have to pay?" Fred said, "Because...I kinda want to visit that black market on Aztec"
"Three, do not scare them or kill them and remember...if you come back with two kids...we'll be missing three men...understood?" Devullio said
Quickly, Fred, Gorge and Logan got up and picked up the bag. They ran to the nearest village and started to ask around. Devullio smiled and sat on their couch and started to drink, looking at their playing cards.

Socrus wasn't ever quiet. Julia thought. Others might think that, but it's not true. Julia knew about Socrus's dark side, sick patients. Everyday, hearing someone coughing, throwing up or dying. Julia wanted to go back to Skull island, but she knew the patients all have to feel better, but Julia only talked to Chun, Juhn or Jarivs. Others was just strangers that she's taking care of.
"Thank you, Misses" Juhn said, getting his lunch
"Feeling any better?" Julia asked, cleaning up
"Yes m'am" Juhn said
Juhn jumped up on his feet and started to wander around the building and Julia and Chun followed him around. Juhn couldn't remember the last time, he stood up or even used his sword. He tried to find his sword, without telling anyone. Until he started to hear moaning and banging on the top floor.
"Um, sir don't go up there!" Julia said, chasing Juhn
Juhn was about to open the door, but Julia quickly got in his way and blocked the door and Chun lightly pushed Juhn back.
"Someone's in there" Juhn said
"Yeah...they like private rooms and don't want to be bugged by us" Chun said
But Juhn didn't believe Chun's statement. He started to hear more banging on the door and heard screaming out, "I am innocent, get me out of here!"
"You really don't understand" Julia said, "Go lay back down, please"
Juhn pushed Julia out of his way. Chun quickly ran towards Juhn and tried to pull him away from the door, but he fought back and pushed Chun into Julia. Quickly, Juhn opened the door up and Dose fell out of the room and in front of Juhn. Juhn looked at Dose and then he started to give Julia and Chun a look.
"How can you let an armada in this building, with sick people? What is wrong with you?" Juhn said
Juhn kicked Dose in his face and started clicking on his wrist, where his devices was, "I am contacting Avery"
"You can't!" Julia said
"Watch me!" Juhn said, still clicking
"Stop! Juhn! Listen to her, this is very important that he stays alive!" Chun cried, "We need answers about Devullio and his partner!"
Juhn lowered his arm down, no longer contacting Avery and he started to question them. Everyone's is at a life-risking threat, Juhn thought and he didn't know how this medium size, harmless armada can help them find a dangerous Devullio.
"It's true...it's true, please don't destroy me...I am programmed to follow my commands, I never killed any pirate...I use to take Kane to places in his ship...he thought I was gone and Devullio found me. I just get them to places!" Dose said, "That's what I am programmed for"

Devullio fell asleep. After waiting a few hours for Fred, Gorge and Logan to come back. They finally did, with three kids, as they approach Devullio, Devullio quickly got on his feet to greet them.
"This is Quinn, Jared and Los Quita..he's not from the area" Fred said
"Good!" Devullio said, "Gorge, tie them up and Logan get the guns. If you three boys want to live, I advise you to put your best acting on display"
Gorge found some rope and started to tie their hands, behind their back. Gorge tied Los Quita and Quinn up, but when he got to Jared, he stopped.
"Sir...are you...going to kill us?" Jared said
Gorge started to look at them, then he went back to tying his hands back, but once Gorge finished he answer Jared, "No, you guys will be fine"

"Where's the alarm?" Sanchez said, shooting a couple
"Stop wasting your bullets and follow me" Sanchi said
Sanchi was guessing the location because he only visited the lab once and that was a long time ago, but he'd have to find it. He could not connect to Anthony or anyone else.
"What's taking them so long?" Boris said, "I can't stay out here all day"
"Once you heard that alarm go off, you wait for them to leave the building" Anthony said
After hours of trying to find the alarm, Sanchez started to find it his self and Sanchi listened and followed behind.
"Might be in the lobby, where Dorugh killed that dude" Sanchez said
"His name was Robert" Sanchi said, looking down
"He told you his name?" Sanchez asked
"We use to have a couple of drinks, back then. When things were simple" Sanchi said
Sanchi and Sanchez went back downstairs, towards the lobby. Sanchez tried to have a conversation with Sanchi, but he was worried he'll find out more things he didn't want to know.
"Wait" Sanchi said, "It might be inside of this room"
There were loads of zombies around the area. For Sanchi to get in, he'll need Sanchez to fire a couple of bullets at the zombies that were close to him. Once Sanchi reached the door, he saw blood on the ground.
"Hurry up!" Sanchez said
Sanchi opened the door wide open and Kirk's infected body came out, falling on top of Sanchi. Sanchi cried for Sanchez's help, but Sanchez was busy with the zombies that were gathering around him.
"Grahhh!" Kirk's zombie said trying to infect Sanchi
Sanchi used his left hand to hold off Kirk and his right hand to find something on the ground. His sword was near Sanchez.
"There's so many!" Sanchez said
Boom, boom! Zombies started to fall down and it wasn't from Sanchez. Dez came back in the building and helped out Sanchez. He quickly took out zombies that were blocking his way to Sanchi.
"Over here!" Sanchi said
Dez shot Kirk three times and helped Sanchi to get back on his feet. Quickly Dez told them to follow behind as he passes the counter, shooting the alarm and the alarm started to play loud beeping sounds.
"Found them" Dez said, "Get on the ship"
Once everyone was on the ship, Dorugh gave Boris the sign to shoot the tanks and he did, "Let's go!"
Boom! The whole entire lab blew up. Killing 93% of the zombies, leaving the others to burn.

Sanchi was excited to see Julia and the rest back at Socrus, but when he looked out of the window, his heart almost stopped. Julia was outside of the building with Dose, waiting for everyone.
"What are you doing?" Sanchi cried
"Somehow...some way...your friend, Devullio contacted us. Demanding for Dose" Julia said
"Just say no?" Sanchez said
"I couldn't. He has three innocent kids custody. He threaten to kill them if he doesn't get Dose back" Julia said
"It could be a trap" Anthony said
This got Sanchi thinking. He wouldn't want to know he got three innocent kids killed because of a useless armada and he finally made up his mind.
"He informed us that he'll have no weapons. He wants to end this. He wants Dose back and he'll be gone for good" Juhn said
"I'll go" Sanchi said, "Anthony is going to take me there"

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