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The Warrior "Obsession with bad luck" S3

After the great virus, create by Bishop and Shir. They managed to create the virus known as the "Green turned virus" after turning lots of pirates at the Medical center, Sanchi receive news that Juhn Woun is infected and ill but no parasites to take them over. Sending everyone to Socrus island where an hospital is located. Sanchi, Dorugh, Anthony, Dez and Senator Julia Carthy must help Sanchez and others to feel better from the disease. After hearing about Devullio, Sanchi and the rest have other fears to worry about.

Socrus island was a small island, with only an abandoned small hospital an trees on the island. The abandoned hospital was protected with fences all around it, making it difficult for enemies to break in but with two sick Warriors and others in there, Sanchi, Dorugh, Anthony, Dez and Senator Julia Carthy will take care of the sick. With the fears of Devullio, Sanchi have more worries.
"You're running a high temperature!" Julia said, feeling Jarvis's head
"Julia...you could...you could get sick...get sick too" Juhn Woun said, lying on the bed
"I don't care if I get ill. I'm gonna keep helping you guys out until...you know.." Julia said, feeling Juhn's head
"Wow, your temperature is worst then Jarvis!" Julia said
"Where'sssss...where isss...isss...Sssanchi?" Jarvis said
"He founded a room for his self and he's been in there, staring out of the window. He must be worried about something" Julia said
The old abandoned hospital only had one room, where all the infected patients are located, sitting on beds, a lobby and empty rooms with only a bed. Sanchez, Wing Chun, Moresco, Juhn Woun, Dexter Pittsor, Jarvis CoBris, and three pirates, Cody Wiff, Jerry Johnson and Chuci Flotus. Sanchi, Julia, Anthony, Dez and Dorugh was also in the building too, taking care of the patients.
"Here's some juice, my father...before he died always gathered berries and make them into juice to help heal sick patients" Julia said, "I'm going to talk to Sanchi"
Julia ran upstairs and found a room with the door wide open. As Julia peeks in, she noticed Sanchi in tears, whispering to his self.
"Baby? Are you okay?" Julia said, rubbing his back
"I got more trouble on my shoulders...Devullio" Sanchi said, wiping his tears off his face
"Who Duscoolio?" Julia said, trying to talk to him.
"Devullio! He killed Douglass Bullzo and others. Dorugh luckily made it out, but he's scared too. He's outside with Dez, scouting the area to make sure Devullio doesn't come" Sanchi said, running out
"Where are you going?" Julia cried
Sanchi ran outside and found Dorugh, Dez and Anthony scouting the area for Devullio and his men. Dorugh saw Sanchi running towards him front a distant.
"Guys, we need to go...now!" Sanchi said, pulling his sword out
"Woah, woah...what's going on?" Anthony said
"Devullio, we're going to attack him" Sanchi said, "Commander...do you remember where you got into it with Devullio?"
"Yes...how'd you know if he's still there" Dorugh said
Sanchi didn't answer. Instead he ran on the ship and signal for everyone to get on the ship and they followed his instructions.

Julia saw Sanchi, Anthony, Dorugh and Dez getting on the ship and flew away, but she knew where they were heading. Julia sat on the bed and started to think what else she could do to help the patients...then she started to hear screaming, "Help!" She heard Sanchez screaming and she ran towards the screams.
"What's going on?" Julia said, "Holy!"
Chuci was out of his bed and started to throw up as he screams, "This is a trap! They brought us here to kill us!"
Julia tried to calm Chuci down, but Chuci didn't listen and slapped Julia across her face.
"They're going to kill us!" Chuci said
Juhn got off his bed and punched Chuci in his face, knocking him to the ground out of anger. Juhn looked at his hand and there was green blood on his hand. Chuci was infected.
"He's...he's infected!" Juhn cried
Julia was crawling on the ground, trying to find a weapon but she couldn't find any and Chuci picked up a needle and walked towards Julia, "I'm infecting your pretty self with me!"
Chuci grabbed her leg and pulled her towards his self and picked her up. Chuci put some of his infected blood in the needle and aimed it at Julia.
Luckily Julia stomped on Chuci's foot, causing him to drop the needle and she socket punched him in his jaw, breaking his jaw and dropping him to the ground. When Chuci was on the ground, Julia didn't know what to do, Kill Chuci or lock him up until they find a cure.
"What are we going to do?" Julia said, throwing the needle away
Sanchez got off his bed and started to throw up. Julia rushed towards Sanchez to check on him and he started to shake bad.
"Sanchez? Are...are you okay?" Julia panicked
Sanchez didn't answer Julia and started to throw up...blood. Luckily the blood wasn't green.
"Sanchez!" Julia cried
Sanchez didn't reply back to Julia. Julia got up swiftly and looking for medicine for Sanchez. Then she noticed Sanchez was having a seizure.
"I need help!" Julia said, "I can't do this alone!"
Chun was feeling better then most of the patients in here. Chun got off his bed and lifted Sanchez back on his bed and Juhn helped out by holding him down.
"Hold him down tight! This could either save him or kill him!" Julia said
As Julia rushes towards Sanchez, infected Chuci grabbed Julia's leg. Juhn and Chun couldn't let go and risk Sanchez dying and the others were too weak to help Julia. This is Julia's battle.
"Get off of me!" Julia said, reaching for the small pistol

"How do you know Devullio is still here?" Anthony asked, steering the ship
"True" Dez agreed
"Devullio is a blood thirsty killer who's program to kill!" Dorugh interrupted
"Program?" Sanchi said
They finally reached their destination. As they connected their ship to Douglass's ship, armadas started firing shots at them.
"Get down!" Dez said, jumping down
Dozens of armadas started ambushing them all around Douglass's ship. Sanchi and Dorugh managed to get off the ship and get behind cover. Meanwhile Anthony and Dez was still on their ship. Sanchi kept looking out and was searching for Devullio, but he couldn't find no Devullio.
"Sanchi and Dorugh is out there!" Anthony cried, "We gotta do something!"
Dez ran to the control room (Wheel is located) and started looking through everything, searching for grenades or any weapons useful. Instead, Dez found cable launchers and Dez had an idea.
"Do you know how to use theses?" Dez said, putting the cable launchers on his guns
"No way!" Anthony said
"Well, I am going to fire this cables into the armadas ship. We jump off this ship and glide through air until we reach their ship. We get on the armada's ship ambush them from behind" Dez said, "Don't worry. Just hold on to me"
Dez fired cable line through the ship and Anthony grabbed onto Dez in fear.
"Ready?" Dez said
"No!" Anthony cried
Dez jumped off the ship and they flew through the air and landed on the armada's ship. Once they get on bored, Anthony started throwing up, "Fun!"

"Did you see Devullio?" Dorugh cried, bullets still being fire.
"No! Where's Dez and Anthony?" Sanchi said
Armadas started jumping on Douglass's ship but Sanchi took out a couple of them. Dorugh started shooting armadas until he heard a click.
"Damnit! I'm out of ammo!" Dorugh cried
"Me too" Sanchi said, chucking his gun at one of the armadas.
"You...you're out of bullets! Give up!" An armada cried
Then they heard bullets started to fire...and armadas started falling off the ship.
"Who's this?" An armada cried as he gets shot
As Sanchi looks up, he noticed two pirates.
"Hey guys! It's clear!" Anthony said, getting on Douglass's ship
Dorugh saw Dez coming on Douglass's ship and Dorugh ran to Dez and hugged him, "Great job, pirate"

Everyone started searching the armada's ship for Devullio, but there was no sign, but Sanchi found a note written by Devullio.
"Warrior, if you're still alive from my ambush, but if you are, I am gone and I am coming for Sanchi and Sanchez with no negotiating. Farewell fellow pirates or hopefully...Sanchi or Sanchez you're reading this..."
Sanchi crumbled up the letter and chuck it at the wall, "Let's go back to Socrus...see if Julia's fine"
As Sanchi and the rest exit the room, Dose came out from hiding, "Socrus...?"

Sanchi and the rest made it back to Socrus and landed.
"No luck, but we'll be fine... Devullio doesn't know we are here" Sanchi said, getting off the ship
Sanchi started walking towards the building. When Sanchi turned around, he noticed everyone else didn't follow behind and continue to scout and make sure no one is coming.
"Julia!" Sanchi shouted, opening the door "I'm back"
When Sanchi went into the room where all the patients were located, he saw green blood on the ground and blood near Sanchez's bed.
"What...what happened?" Sanchi said
Julia heard Sanchi's voices and she ran to Sanchi and started to kiss him, "Chuci...was infected and tried to attack me. He's dead now...and Sanchez had a seizure"
Sanchi tried to move to check on Sanchez, but Julia stopped him.
"He's fine.." Julia said

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