Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Warrior "One way out" S3

The group starts to have disagreements and fall down slowly. Sanchi and the rest found, driver and worker for Devullio, Dose, but once Dose gets to Sanchi's head he hears his device going off and Dorugh's voice, stating that he needs help. Sanchi, Sanchez, Anthony and Dez goes back for the last time to rescue Dorugh but finding someone who was with Dorugh, Boris. Sanchi and the rest must take heavy measures once Anthony is taken and locked up in the lab, Sanchi and the group must rescue both, Dorugh and Anthony out of the lab.

"Jesse had to go" Robert said, "There's no solution out, plus that one boy, Boris still lurking around"
Dexter was upset with Robert's action. Killing Jesse made Dexter mad, but letting Boris getting away made Dexter furious. Also, at the same time, Robert was not afraid of Dexter's looks, but he was afraid of his actions and what he could do to him.
"Jesse could of lived, he had a choice...I watched him" Dorugh said, receiving a brutal treatment after escaping and causing trouble
Robert started to laugh and kicked Dorugh in his face, knocking him to the hard ground. Blood dripping from his mouth, Dorugh still have hope for his life.
"Where's Kirk and Simon? Did you kill them too?" Dexter said, "I'm starting to have second thoughts"
Dexter tried to walk out of them room, but quickly Robert blocked him from leaving with his body and pushed Dexter into a chair.
"Second thoughts? Second thoughts? Are you kidding me? This is survival, pal! Everyone around the whole spiral thinks we're one of those infected dead idiots! We have to do this!" Robert said, "I don't give a damn about Dorugh, but I do care about his taste...because I am starving"
Dorugh gave Robert an angry look and it started to make Robert laugh. Robert was laughing in a way that was teasing Dorugh and it made Dorugh furious.
"Why are you giving me the death stare?" Robert said, laughing
Dorugh didn't replied, instead he quickly spitted in Robert's face and got up and tackled him. With cuffs holding his hands so he wouldn't use them, that didn't stop Dorugh.
"Hey! Scientist, boy, stop this freak show. We found another kid, his name is Anthony" Kirk said
Once he heard Kirk mentioning Anthony's name, he stopped. Which gave Robert a chance to take care of Dorugh, so he punched Dorugh in his face and pushed him off and started to kick him in his stomach.
"Bring this Anthony guy in here, now!" Robert said
After waiting a few minutes, Simon brought Anthony in the room and threw him to the ground. Robert slowly walked towards Anthony and once he reached Anthony, he pulled the blind fold off his eyes.
"Survivor, huh?" Robert said
Anthony shook his head and he saw Dorugh and Dorugh saw him and they both said the same thing at the same time, "You're alive"

Julia was looking out of the window, waiting for Sanchi and the rest returned to Socrus, with everyone alive, but she saw the ship coming back and hitting the docks hard with the ship.
"What is going on?" Julia said
Julia, Wing Chun and ill Juhn Woun went out to greet Sanchi and the rest, but when everyone got off the ship, Anthony was missing and someone was with them that they did not know.
"Who's that pirate?" Juhn said, coughing
"Boris, long story short...the remaining scientists have Dorugh and Anthony. Bad part, they stay alive by eating pirates...innocent one and we need to act quick to save both of them" Sanchez said
Sanchi ran to Julia to give her a hug, but Julia didn't accept it and walked away.
"She'll get over it" Dez said, patting his back
Sanchi gathered others too, who's feeling better. Which is not much, Greg, Allen and Chris ready to rescue Dorugh and Anthony with Sanchi, Sanchez Boris and Dez.
"You sure you want to do this? We could lose some" Chun said
Sanchi turned around, after getting everyone on the ship and simply told Chun, "We'll be fine. They don't know who they're messing with"
Sanchi was okay with steering ships and he tried his best to get them to the lab. Greg and Chris was with Sanchi and Dez, and Boris, Sanchez and Allen were talking about the mission.
"Are you sure about this mission? We could lose alot of people and what...save two?" Allen said
"If you're gonna keep complaining, stay on the ship" Sanchez said, noticing they've landed
Dez was the first one off the ship, Sanchi was right behind him and Sanchez followed behind with Boris with Greg, Allen, and Chris. Dez took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a few seconds.
"Y'all ready to show these scientists what's up?" Dez said
Sanchi went by Dez and quickly saw the lab from a long distant. He saw two scientists outside trying to catch a zombie for research.
"Hold the infected person now so I can get some samples!" Jon said, pulling a needle
Hayes held the zombie so Jon can stick the needle in it's tongue to receive samples. Once Hayes managed to get the zombie to stop moving it's head, bullet went through his skull.
"What was..." Jon stopped as another bullet went through his skull
Hayes quickly ran towards the door and tried to pull it open, but Sanchi quickly grabbed Hayes and took care of him, silently and Sanchez opened the doors open.

"How did you meet these pirates?" Anthony said

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