Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Warrior "Back to the plan B" S3

After Dez's outbreak when they left Dorugh behind. Sanchi finally got back on his feet and Sanchez as well and promise Dez that they'll risk their life to go back to search for Dorugh after having a feeling that he's still out there. Meanwhile Devullio and Shir searches for Dose after thinking that he's still out there due to Devullio's ship was gone when Sanchi and the rest attacked.

"Here's a map" Dez said, handing Sanchi a map and blueprints of the lab and hospital
Sanchi didn't open the map up. Instead he laughed and crumbled it up right in front of Dez.
"We don't need a map, we'll be fine" Sanchi said
"I don't think this is safe for y'all" Juhn Woun said, struggling to get up, "Julia can't take care of everyone on her own. Plus Moresco actually needs you!"
Sanchi didn't want to stay back. He was determine to do something, so Sanchi thought of a plan for Moresco. Sanchi gathered Moresco to bring him along on the mission. Sanchi, Sanchez, Dez, Anthony, Gavin Compross (Who's feeling healthy) and Moresco.
"Is this gonna be the last mission?" Julia said, laying Jarvis down on his bed
"Yes m'am" Sanchi said, giving Julia a kiss
Sanchi was trying to leave the room before Julia ask him any other questions, but his plan didn't work out so well.
"Hey, before you go. I need to know something" Julia said, "What's the point of this mission? To try to find Dorugh, who's dead?"
"Uh...no....Dorugh is dead and we're....we are just....just going back to retrieve medicine" Sanchi said
"There's no medicine back there, and that also explains Anthony's black eye and who cares! Dorugh has issues and developing troubles that we cannot handle" Julia said
Sanchi didn't reply back to Julia. He quickly ran and slammed the door shut.
"Gavin, get your junk and get the rest too" Sanchi said

Everyone got on the ship and was ready to go back. Gavin was new to the mission, but everyone knew their objective.
"Let's do this guys!" Anthony said
Dez and Gavin was in the back, discussing stuff about pirates. Sanchez was with Anthony and watch Anthony steer the ship and Sanchi and Moresco was talking, trying to get back on their friendship.
"Soooo...are you feeling better..?" Sanchi asked
"I've been better for atleast two weeks now, master" Moresco said
"Ahhh....I see...I see..." Sanchi said, "Do you like being on Socrus?"
"Not really. I don't like sitting around with dozens of sick people who could be dying" Moresco said, quietly
"What's up bud? Remember how we use to be great friends and missions? Remember Mooshu?" Sanchi said
"Hate to say it, master" Moresco said, "That was the past. We're in the present right now. Plus everything have changed now. Our companionship went down..or friendship"
Sanchi didn't answer. Sanchi was completely shocked by the way Moresco talked to him. Moresco officially lost the companionship between Sanchi, after Sanchi didn't even spend time with him.

"This feels great!" Sanchez said, patting Anthony's back
"What feels great?" Anthony said
"Getting my pistols back and being back with you guys! Best crew there is" Sanchez said
"For you guys! Have you noticed something? I'm useless, I don't shoot or defend anyone. All I do is fly you guys to places...I mean I couldn't even get medicine for all you guys! Now people is dying all because of my mistakes!" Anthony said, pointing at his black eye and his busted lip
"Once everyone heals up and when we take care of Devullio...wherever he's hiding, we'll go back to Skull island and fight our battles!" Sanchez said
Anthony had opposite feelings about going back to Skull island. Anthony knew that he's only good for taking his crew to places in ships.
"We're here" Anthony said, docking the ship
Everyone got off the ship. As zombies started to approach them, Sanchez and Gavin started to freak out.
"What are these?" Gavin said, shooting two of them
Sanchi quickly ran to Gavin and slapped his gun out of his hand, "Gunshots will attract more"
"Where did you saw Dorugh getting attacked?" Dez said, knifing a zombie
Anthony was still on the ship and saw everyone getting away from the ship as zombies approach them. Then, tears started to drop from Anthony's eyes. He knew he was useless and he'd screw the mission up.
"I'm sorry" Anthony said, getting back on the ship
As Anthony attempted to close the doors, he saw another ship. He saw the ship getting docked and Devullio stepped off the ship with Shir. Anthony quickly opened the doors back up and shouted, "Guys!"
Sanchi turned around and saw an Armada and he noticed Shiruku too, "Sanchez! Dez!"
"Who's....who's..." Gavin said nervously, "Armada!"
Gavin pulled out his gun and started to shoot at Devullio, but his shots were off and kept missing him. Devullio was not impressed as he takes out a couple of infected people/zombies.
"Well well...this guy must be Sanchi!" Devullio said, pulling his sword out
Sanchi saw Devullio pulling his sword out and pointed at Sanchi and signaled him to come at him.
"Guys! Dez, Gavin and Moresco,go look for Dorugh. Sanchez come with me!" Sanchi said
"Master, you need me!" Moresco cried
Sanchi ignored Moresco and ran towards Devullio, taking out zombies on his way. Devullio started to walk towards Sanchi and Shir ran towards Sanchez.

"Well, I know you know me and I know you" Devullio said, "No point of introducing"
"Trouble maker, you killed Douglass Bullzo!" Sanchi said
"He's an ancient warrior and I defeated him. You'll be too easy!" Devullio said
Sanchi ran towards Devullio and tried to slice him with his sword, but luckily Devullio dodged Sanchi's hits. Cling, cling! Sanchi's sword made contact with Devullio's sword.
"Most impressive. I am surprise" Devullio said
Sanchi swung his sword, but Devullio ducked and kicked Sanchi's knee and punched him in his jaw. Devullio was about to kill Sanchi, but zombies started to surround them.
"Well...I'll let this dead bags eat you alive" Devullio said, taking his sword, "Next is Dez, Moresco and the newby Gavin!"
Sanchi just looked at Devullio, with blood flowing down from his mouth. Devullio started to laugh and took out zombies to form him a path to get out of.

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