Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Warrior "Mission for the ill" S3

After already several days on the small island, Socrus, Julia and the rest tried the best to treat the sick patients. Sanchez having a terrible seizure and Chuci turning from the virus created by Bishop and Shir. Sanchi, Dorugh, Chun and Anthony goes out to find medicine but Bishop, Rooke and Shir knows about them lurking for medicine. Bishop sends out Rooke and Shir out to search for them.

"You're leaving again?" Julia said, catching Sanchi walking outside
"I'm not gonna leave Dorugh alone with two wussies who can't handle a gun" Sanchi said, signaling Anthony to get on the ship.
"I'm going to need help, Sanchez almost died last time and I almost got infected!" Julia said
"Dez will help you out. If an emergency occurs, contact me. I...love you and I know you can handle this with Dez" Sanchi said
Sanchi noticed Dorugh calling his name as Chun gets on the ship. Sanchi ran towards Dorugh and got on the ship. When Sanchi looked back, he noticed Julia gathering flowers and then Dez walked outside.

"Where are we going, crew?" Anthony said, leaning back
"Well since the medical center became infected with...zombies...I think...we're gonna have to get there and get some medicine for the patients" Sanchi said
"Zombies? Well I'll give you credits but they walk fine and their blood becomes..." Anthony stopped as Sanchi interrupts
"Just focus on getting us there, Anthony!" Sanchi said
Sanchi left the control room, leaving Anthony alone and went on the dock, where Dorugh and Chun was discussing things and Sanchi got involved.
"Sanchi...are you worry?" Chun said, sipping a drink
"About what?" Sanchi said, sitting down
"Your companion, Moresco...I mean he admires you and it's like you don't care for him" Chun said
"Moresco is my pal...I actually love him!" Sanchi said, started to feel dizzy
"Aye boys, eat up!" Dorugh said, handing them plates of food
Chun and Dorugh started chowing down on their food but Sanchi didn't want to eat. Instead of eating his meal he threw it off the ship when everyone wasn't watching. As he walks away, he also noticed Anthony eating too. None of them, including Julia knew about Sanchi not eating for three days.

"We're here!" Anthony said, docking the ship, "What's the plan?"
"There are infected....zombies...all around here and mainly in the hospital. We're going to have to get in there. Captain Avery and others cannot help us due to us might be infecting others" Sanchi said
Sanchi led the ground off the ship and infected people (zombies) were everywhere and a couple of them started to go towards them.
"I got these two" Dorugh said, aiming his gun
Sanchi quickly grabbed Dorugh and slapped his guns out of his hands, "Gunshots will attract more..get your knifes out and take care of them"
Dorugh ran towards the zombies and stabbed two of them in their heads and busted the other one's head with his gun.
"Follow me" Sanchi said and ran towards the building
As they pass the laboratory, Dorugh glanced at the lab and had a feeling about the scientists.
Sanchi led the group (Dorugh, Chun and Anthony) to the building. Sanchi quietly and quickly broke the doors open. Everyone was surprise with the amount of zombies in the lobby. They started to run past them and to one of the rooms with medicines. They luckily made it to the rooms and started grabbing bottles filled with medicine. As Sanchi took a quick glance out of the window, his heart stopped for a minute as he noticed Rooke, Bishop and Shir coming off their ship.
"Guys!" Sanchi said, "Get to the floors, now!"
As everyone dropped to the floor, Sanchi started to explain the situation, "Rooke and two others are here...they...they must of heard about us receiving medicine for the sick people at Socrus. You guys keep gathering medicines and stay quiet! I'll wait until they separate and finally end Rooke's spree!"

"Look at this! Zombies! We have created..zombies!" Bishop said
"Don't get your head chewed off" Rooke said, pushing Bishop away, "You stay on this ship"
Rooke started killing the infected people/zombies and Shir limped her way to the building, also taking out couple of zombies.
"So, how bout you take your hoodie off and reveal your face?" Rooke said, slicing a zombie
"No thanks" Shir said, "Look, someone open the doors up. They must be near"
Rooke ripped the doors off and threw it at some of the zombies, taking a couple out, "Sweaty, why don't you check around. I got the building"
Rooke walked in the lobby and noticed some zombies were stabbed in the head. He knew he was close to them. As Rooke walks towards one of the doors, a can came rolling down the stairs and the can rolled in front of Rooke with a note. Rooke picked up the can and ripped off the note, "Come get me -Sanchi"
"Sanchi, you've made this trip interesting" Rooke said
As Rooke passes the room where Chun, Anthony and Dorugh was in, gathering medicines, Rooke hit the door knob and the door creaked open.
"Where!" Rooke said, slicing a zombie "Are you, Sanchi?"
As Rooke reaches the top floor, there was more zombies but he also noticed some were dead.
"Okay...you undead freaks are started to make me angry!" Rooke said
Rooke dropped his sword and brought out two guns and started firing at the zombies, unaware that he's bringing attention to his self and all the zombies around the island started to walk inside the building.

"Rooke is here! Hurry up!" Dorugh cried
Wing Chun noticed the door knob fell off. As he runs towards the door, he looked through the crack and noticed hundreds of zombies walking by and going up stairs. Wing Chun quietly held the door down and tried to warn them.
"Why won't this dang drawer open?" Dorugh said
Dorugh started to pull this drawers. Resulting in the whole desk started to shake. Dorugh wasn't aware about the zombies going by and the glass cups and bowls on top of the desk. As Dorugh yanked one of the drawers open, the glass started to fall off of it and shattered in pieces.
"Dangit!" Anthony yelled, "Nice Dorugh!"
"Chun, what are you doing?" Anthony said, noticing him
Bang, bang, bang! Zombies started to bang on the door, trying to get it open and the rest were aware that they were in danger.
"Look what you guys did!" Chun cried, using all his weight on the door, "Gather the medicines and Dorugh get your gun!"
Loads and loads zombies were around the door and they managed to break the door off the hinges and zombies started roaming towards Chun. Dorugh pulled out his gun and started to fire at some of the zombies.
"I don't have much bullets! Get your bag of medicines, now!" Dorugh cried
Dorugh and Chun managed to get out of the room, through a window but Anthony stayed back and quickly picked up last bottle of medicines and placed them in the bag. As Anthony was trying to get out a zombie grabbed the bag.
"No! Let go!" Anthony cried, trying to pull the bag away from the zombies
Anthony pulled with all his might to get the bag away from the zombies. He heard a rip and all the medicines started to fall out of the bag. The medicines they gathered were all gone.
"No!" Anthony said, releasing the bag

"More gunshots?" Rooke said, loading his gun, "Your friends must be in trouble"
Sanchi was hiding from Rooke and was waiting for Rooke to pass him so he can take Rooke out..his self.
"Lemme remember...hmm...Anthony is here...he's my favorite and um...the bad rebel pirate, Dorugh and your buddy...Wing Chun? and just a wild guess...Sanchez and the rest is at Skull island with Avery...?" Rooke said, not aware about Socrus
Sanchi still didn't answer because he didn't want to give away his position. Rooke was getting close to Sanchi, but he had a feeling that Sanchi was near by.
"I know you're near" Rooke said
Sanchi tried to be quiet but he started to have withdraws from not eating for a while and gave away his position.
"There you are!" Rooke said, picking up his sword
"You...you found...me" Sanchi said, pulling his sword out
Rooke started to laugh, but then he noticed Sanchi was smiling.
Ughhhhh! Zombies tried to attack Rooke but they only scratched his armor. Rooke took out the four zombies, then he noticed more zombies..more and more and Sanchi did too.

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