Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Warrior "Rescue plan" S3

After being left behind by Sanchi, Anthony and Chun, Dorugh is rescued by scientists and others and is in a lab. Once Dorugh figured out their reasons and what they do, Dorugh tries to escape with a new friend, Boris. Robert caught Dorugh and killed female scientist, Jesse, but Dorugh managed to get a wave/connection and connected Sanchi's device, now Sanchi will need help to rescue Dorugh.
Simon, Robert, Kirk, Boris

"Have you lost your mind?" Julia cried
Sanchi tried to tell Julia that Dorugh was out there and that he contacted him, but Julia didn't believe him but Sanchi wanted to go back and that's when Julia created a scene.
"Moresco died there and there's like thousands of infected freaks in there! There's no way he's alive" Julia cried
Julia ran out of the room and slammed the door behind him. Make a loud enough sound to bring Sanchez and Dez to him.
"What's going on?" Sanchez said, noticing the door was about to fall off
Sanchi didn't talk right away, he made sure that no one was nearby and he slowly said.
"Last night, Dorugh contacted me" Sanchi said
"He....he's alive..?" Dez said
"Yes, he needs our help. Are you willing to come with me..?" Sanchi said
"I...don't believe you? Ever since the death of Moresco, you have been going insane!" Dez said, pulling his gun out
"I swear he's in alive! Please believe me! Others will be coming too...believe me" Sanchi said, pushing Dez's gun down
Dez started to stare at Sanchi with a strange and surprise look. He wanted to believe Sanchi but at the same time, he couldn't, but he had to give Sanchi another chance.
"I'm in" Dez said, "Anthony's probably in too"
Sanchi nodded his head and told them to get some weapons and he ran to the ships. Anthony was in for the mission and Dez was confident and excited for Dorugh.

"Here we are" Anthony said
Sanchi didn't answer Anthony, he just wanted to get this mission over with and get Dorugh back to Socrus, but he also wondered, what happen if someone else dies, too? Julia would break his heart if they lose another person.
"I just want to know" Sanchez said, "How do you know it's Dorugh?"
"I know what Dorugh sounded like...and he said, he needed mine and Dez's help!" Sanchi said, "Does anyone even believe me?"
"I believe you" Sanchez said, "From the day I met you in Skull island's jungles...when you saved my life and my crew's life from the troggies. I knew we'll be a great duo...even though Moresco, Gus, Bonnie and Shiruku is gone...that doesn't mean we all have to go back!"
Sanchi patted Sanchez on his back and went to take a quick nap. Once he closed his eyes, he started having dreams about Devullio killing Julia, "Help me, Sanchi please!" voices started going through his head, he was about to lose it. After couple of minutes sleeping, Sanchi finally woke up from his nightmare and he noticed the zombies from the window, they're here.
"Ready?" Sanchez said, handing him his sword
Dez got off the ship. Sanchez was about to get off the ship until Sanchi stopped him and wanted to talk to him.
"It's just me, you and Chun" Sanchi whispered
"What are you talking about?" Sanchez said
"Dez...Dorugh...Anthony, even Julia...they are just our help...we're family...even with the lost of Moresco, Bonnie and Shiruku, we're still family and hopefully soon, Julia can join us. Forget Dez, Dorugh, Anthony, Jarvis, Juhn and the rest...it's just us" Sanchi said, then got off the ship
Sanchez starred at Sanchi as he jumped off the ship. He understood about Dez and Dorugh, but Anthony. He been with us since we got captured. He helped us since, Sanchez thought.
"Are you coming, Anthony?" Sanchez said
"Nah, I'll keep this ship safe while you guys are gone" Anthony said, slamming the door

"What's the plan...if there is a plan?" Dez said, pulling his weapon out
"No way Dorugh could of connected to me in this area...he must of went inside the hospital...maybe he went on top of the building to reach me!" Sanchi said, "Follow me"
Sanchi started to walk towards the hospital building and Sanchez and Dez followed behind. Sanchi started to pass by zombies, fast in fear of getting infected. When they started to walk towards the hospital, he noticed a few zombies around but as he gets closer to the building, he noticed more and more zombies around...like someone attracted them with loud noises, bullets or screaming. Sanchi had a feeling that it was Dorugh.
"There's so many of them!" Sanchez said, pulling his gun out
Sanchez aimed his gun at one of the zombies and loaded it. As he started to pull the trigger, Sanchi stopped him before firing a shot.
"Loud noises, not a bright idea" Sanchi said
Sanchez didn't know much about the zombies, but Sanchi knew alot from being attacked by them plenty of times.
"Do you even know where we are going?" Sanchez said, "To a funeral?"
"We're almost there!" Sanchi said, seeing the hospital from a view
Sanchi, Sanchez and Dez managed to get to the hospital. As Sanchi reaches the doors, he noticed the doors was cracked open, recently.
"There could be more in there! If Dorugh been in that building for this long, he could already be dead!" Sanchez said
Sanchi opened the door up and he saw dead zombies on the ground. Someone else took out the remaining ones in the building.
"Dorugh...is alive...!" Dez said, running in the building
Sanchi quickly shut the door as Sanchez passed by. He ripped of pieces of wood from tables and chairs and placed it on the door.
"I don't believe it" Sanchez said, "You were right"
Sanchi smiled at Sanchez, but Sanchi heard footsteps behind him, getting closer.
"Dez, did you find...." Sanchi stopped
An young man was holding  Dez in front of him with his gun pointed at Dez's temple. It's Boris.
"Relax" Sanchez said, putting his hands up, "We're just looking for someone..."
"Did Dexter sent you to kill me? I won't let that happen!" Boris said
"Dexter Pittsor? A senator? I'm pretty sure this virus already killed him" Sanchez said
"You're funny, but incorrect. The scientist! This trooper and I tried to escape, but they got him" Boris said
"Trooper? We're looking for the same guy?" Dez said
"His name is Dorugh" Boris said
Once Boris mentioned Dorugh's name, Boris eyes popped open. Once they explained to Boris on why they are here, Boris released Dez and dropped his weapon to the ground.
"Where is Dorugh?" Sanchi said
"In the lab, with others. They eat innocent people just to survive, they also have enough fire power to kill all three of y'all...including me!" Boris said
Sanchi opened the door and took out a couple of zombies. Sanchi signaled everyone to get back to the ship.
"We have people too, they have weapons" Sanchi said

Anthony was waiting on the ship for hours. He had been starring out of the window for hours.
"This is just stupid" Anthony said
There wasn't alot of zombies around the ship and Anthony noticed the lab with...lights on. Once the coast was clear, Anthony picked up a knife and went towards the lab, alone.
"Are there people still in the lab?" Anthony said, to his self
Anthony went to the back of the lab and saw bones everywhere. Rib cages and everything, but the whole area is surrounded with fences. Anthony's curiosity got the best of him.
"Let's check this out" Anthony said
Anthony managed to get two hard, long bones and started to bang on the fence and he managed to break a hole in the fences and managed to crawl in.
"What....what is this place...?" Anthony said
Skulls, Rib cages, leg bones, etc was all over the fenced area and he saw a fire pit with the flames dying off and flies all over it. Antony got closer to the pot and lifted the lid open.
"What the!" Anthony said
Anthony dropped the pot and a pirate's arm came out of it. Anthony dropped to his knees and started to throw up.
"What's going on?" Anthony started to scream
Creeeeek, the back door of the lab opened and someone came out after hearing the noises.
"Who are you?" Erco said, pointing his gun at Anthony
Anthony quickly reacted, He got up fast and picked up a bone and chucked it at Erco's head. Erco quickly fell to the ground and Anthony picked up his knife and stabbed him in his head, killing him.
"What have I done?" Anthony said
Anthony quickly dropped the knife.
"What have you done?" Robert said, "You have earned a spot for our next meal"

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