Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Warrior "Dropped" S3

As Sanchi, Anthony and Chun managed to get off the island, leaving Dorugh behind. Sanchi went into a coma after several reasons and Dorugh was captured by others on the island and treated him. Shir was dropped by Bishop and Kane must do the same for Devullio as Devullio states he is the new "Lord" for the armadas (Lifto).

"Sir Kane...master I should say" Devullio said, finally contacted Kane, "How come you haven't contacted me back?"
"Stay away from us" Kane said, "I gave you an objective to kill Sanchi and the rest of the sick patients but you don't know any of their locations!"
Devullio was surprised with Kane dropping him but at the same time he was furious too.
"I will! Give me more time. I haven't heard from Dose for a while" Devullio said
"You told me he was presumed dead!" Kane said, "I cannot handle any of your lies anymore. You're no longer my apprentice, but don't think you're the only one. Bishop is dropping Shir too for the same reason but here's a difference between you both...She got close to them while you didn't!"
"Please...don't do this... I killed Douglass Bullzo and his crew, only one who survived were Commander Dorugh and I'm pretty sure he isn't important" Devullio said, begging Kane
"Incorrect! Dorugh is in Sanchi's crew! So is Sanchez! So is Anthony De Sharp, so is Wing Chun, so is Moresco Delivia..something like that and so is trooper Dez! I have gave you their profiles too! I thought you were a better apprentice then Deacon..but I was wrong. Return me your axe and never come back"
Devullio went back to Valencia and tried to talk to Kane, but guards wouldn't let him enter the building.
"Guards, please let me through!" Devullio said, kindly
"You...must...go!" One of the guards said
Devullio noticed Kane was looking out of the window. When Devullio looked at him, Kane started to shake his head, "Failure!"
"Hand us the powerful axe and leave Valencia" Guard said
Devullio struck one of the guards with the axe. As the other guard swung his staff, Devullio dodged his hit and sliced the other one. Then out of anger and trying to talk to Kane, Devullio threw the axe into Kane's window and shattered it.
"Master! I can take Sanchi and the rest out, but I do not have their location! I tried and tried to search for them but I was no good! Please give me more time!" Devullio cried
Kane didn't answer Devullio, instead he walked away and ignored Devullio. Devullio tried to contact Kane with his own device, but his device was disabled and broken.
Devullio finally gave up and walked down the stairs and towards his docks. But then he stopped as he started to hear screaming. He knew the other person who was arguing was Bishop.

"I have been following all your orders. You found and saved me when I needed it..when I lost my
memory..you helped me to figure out who I was...you...can't just leave me like this!" Shir cried
"You better leave before Deacon comes down here. He's not afraid of a companion like you!" Bishop argued back
"Companion? I am not a companion!" Shir cried
"Yes you are!" Bishop said
Shir threw her devices against the wall and shattered them and she walked out. As Shir walked out of the room, she bumped into Devullio.
"What was that?" Devullio said
"I'm not longer Bishop's apprentice, but I can't chat for long...I'm taking my ship and I am out of here!" Shir said
"Let me come, too" Devullio said
Both of them got on Shir's ship and left Valencia and entered the Storm gates.
"I don't believe any of this!" Shir said, started to cry
"I feel your pain" Devullio said
Shir didn't understand what Devullio was talking about. Devullio put his hand on Shir's shoulder and explained calmly and patiently.
"Kane dropped me. I am no longer is apprentice" Devullio said
"You...you were..?" Shir said
"Yes, all because of Sanchi and his crew!" Devullio said, slamming his fist down
Shir was unaware that her old name was Shiruku Neko and that she was a companion and was family with Sanchez and Chun. When Sanchi and Shiruku was in contact, Sanchi knew who she was. When the shipwreck happened on Scrimshaw, Devon and his crew put Shiruku somewhere else because they thought she was dead, but after Bishop and other armadas invaded Scrimshaw again, Bishop found Shiruku. With her memory lost and her leg completely messed up, Bishop knew she would be hard to train, but Bishop also knew who she belonged too.
"Same reason!" Shir said, "We should attack them and show Bishop and Kane where we stand"
"True, but we have no clue where they are and..uh..hello? We don't have any damn armadas to use" Devullio said
"You don't understand, I know a group of people, who hates Warriors and Pirates and need money to get homes. There are 15 of them and I heard that, Sanchi, Anthony, Dorugh, Dez, Some senator lady and Wing Chun are the only one who can fight us back. We can trick these people and once the job is done, we kill them" Shir explained, as she turned the ship around

As Shir docks the ship, she yelled for Devullio to get off, "Let's go!"
Shir and Devullio was passing small, gross huts and homes. Most of the pirates were homeless and was dying by further diseases. Devullio couldn't believe anyone would live here but at the same time Shir didn't believe Devullio would last here.
"Hello!" Shir said, "Get up, we have an offer"
"Who are you?" Jozy said, pulling his gun out, "We don't want any trouble"
"Relax, plus we're not afraid of you guys" Devullio said
"We need your help to take down some warriors and pirates. Don't worry about anyone coming to get you because we'll make sure of it and this'll pay you guys a fortune" Shir said
The people looked very poor but Shir knew what they were capable of and their skill level but Devullio had no clue. All he wanted to do was to kill Sanchi.
"How do you know us?" Jozy said, putting her guns up
Shir didn't want to answer his question, "Are you in or not?"
"Let me introduce you to my crew, I am Jozy Cougs and this is Crip Fishberg, the leader of us, Derk is really skilled, that's Mark, Melisa, Jennet, Cody, Logan, Fred, Gorge, Crip and Alex. There was 15 of us...but that's not the case anymore" Jozy said
"Nice to meet you two...I'm guessing this dude is an Armada?" Mark said
"Don't kill them with questions!" Jennet said
Devullio and Shir stayed with them for the night and next day they'll discuss their plans.

It was late at night. Shir and everyone was asleep. Everyone except for Devullio and Crip Fishberg. Crip didn't like Devullio and knew something was up. Devullio was in the woods and Crip saw him.
"So....what have you done?" Crip Fishberg said
"What?" Devullio said
"You have done something bad and it's obvious too!" Crip said, pulling his gun out
Devullio heard Crip pulling his gun out and he slowly pulled his knife out.
"What are you talking about?" Devullio said, smiling
"You need our help? You're an Armada...how can you need our help?" Crip said, "Something is up with you and I know it!"
"You aren't the leader and you'll never be!" Crip said, "I am the leader and it'll remain that way. We're a strong force together. Just because we are poor that doesn't mean anything!"
Devullio pulled his knife out slowly and started to laugh, "Not for long"
Devullio quickly turned around and stabbed Crip in his stomach and took his gun.
"I am the new leader of this group! I'm gonna lead us to kill OUR new enemies!" Devullio said, pulling his knife out, "But it's okay. Your crew will think you've ran off"
Next morning, everyone started to wonder about Crip. Jozy sent out Cody and Gorge to search for him, but Devullio had something to say.
"I saw Crip running away. He took someone's ship and... he ran off" Devullio said
"Who's...who's...going to be our new leader?" Jozy said
"I will be. Give me one more chance. I will train us to defeat our brand new enemies!" Devullio said
Everybody cheered for Devullio and made him the new leader. Devullio next objective is to search for Dose...then find Sanchi and the rest.

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