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The Warrior "The Lab" S3

After going back to the only hospital, it was not allow for anyone to return to the island (getting infected). Once Sanchi, Anthony and Chun managed to escape from Shir, Rooke and the infected ones, they leave Dorugh alone on the island but luckily was abducted by strangers who saved his life. After getting saved, Dorugh starts to have flashbacks from his past.

 When Dorugh woke up, he looked around his room. The door was locked and there was no windows. Dorugh didn't know where he was.
"Where am I?" Dorugh said, banging on the door
Bang! Dorugh started to punch the steel door and kept on yelling. After punching the door for five minutes, he started to slam his body into the door.
"Get me out of here!" Dorugh cried
Click! The door slowly opened and light shined in Dorugh's room, "Who....who are you?"
"Hello, fellow trooper" Dexter Cargas said
"Who are you and where am I?" Dorugh said
"You're standing in an asylum room, ironic yes, joke this is not" Dexter said, pulling his clip bored out
"Healthy" Dexter said, putting a check, "Insane?" Dexter said, skipping the question
Once Dexter grabbed Dorugh's arm to take him out of the room. Once Dorugh left the room, he started to have flashbacks.

Boom! Armadas started shooting at Dorugh, his wife, brother and his son.
"What are we going to do, father?" Dorugh's son, Jack said
Willis had a group of armadas (6) with him as he tries to capture Dorugh to place on his ship to sell to others.
"How many bullets do we have left?" Colton, Dorugh's brother said
"A couple!" Dorugh said
"Come on out and all you guys can be captured, together...but if you don't listen, my men or I will kill you!" Willis said, bringing out his sword
Colton got up to fire at the armadas, but the armadas fired first and shot and killed Colton, right in front of Dorugh and his family.
"Uncle Cole!" Jack said, in tears

"Bald gentlemen...in his...thirties?" Jesse, scientist said
"I'm twenty EIGHT" Dorugh said
"Surprise you don't speak like pirates with YE and ARRRRG" Jesse said, laughing
"No M'am" Dorugh said
Jesse and Dexter was looking over Dorugh's body, to make sure he isn't infected and that he is healthy. Dorugh's knuckles were bloody and bruised and he had a few cuts on him.
"Another survivor? I don't believe it!" Robert said, throwing his stuff to the ground
"Oh great, Robert" Jesse said, under her breath
"Who's Robert?" Dorugh asked, standing back up
"Type of person, you would not like to meet. He never had a job and he's not very...intelligent" Dexter said
Then, four more scientists walked in the room, Jacob, Bax, Phillip and Qween.
"Aye boys, look who we found...a trooper! Haha!" Roberts said, patting Dexter's back, "How's everything going?"
"Not so well" Dexter said, "We need to go out and to another run. To gather supplies"
"How bout me, Jacob, Bax and Qween...and the newbie go on our...run" Robert said
"How have you guys been surviving without any food? It been like two months now!" Dorugh said
Jesse starred at Dexter and Dexter asked Robert to escort them outside and get some supplies in the hospital.

Boom! Dorugh got behind the armadas and fired his bullets at the armadas and slammed his gun into one of the armadas, destroying four of them.
"There should be more of them" Dorugh said, quietly
"We need to go and hide" Dorugh said
His wife and son didn't respond, instead they just stood there. Afraid of what Dorugh had done and he been changing.
"We....we should just stay put...maybe someone will come and help us" Julie said, holding onto Jack
Dorugh managed to construct a tent for them to sleep in over the night. Dorugh laid down with Jack in the middle and he kissed Julie on the cheek
"Everything will be fine, we'll be fine"

Bax opened up the doors and all the zombies started to stare at them. Dorugh had an awkward feeling with the scientist and knew something was wrong with Robert.
"Let's go!" Bax said
Bax started to swing at the zombies with a crowbar, Jacob had a steel pipe, Qween had his own knife and so did Dorugh but Robert's holding two guns and started to slam the guns on the infected's heads.
"Stay and follow me!" Robert said, getting in front of Bax
Everyone saw the hospital building and the door was open. The only problem they have to face, zombies are all around. Qween stabbed a zombie with his knife...but the knife got stuck in the zombie's head and he couldn't get it out. Qween kept pulling the knife, but Qween wasn't strong enough and zombies started to crowd him.
"Robert, shoot them! Shoot these dead freaks!" Qween said
"Are we gonna  help him?" Dorugh said, grabbing Robert
"No can do, let him die. He failed us so he deserves it!" Robert said
The rest didn't agree with Robert's choice, but they had to so they could survive. As Dorugh looked back, he saw Qween getting tore apart by them.
"We....we....we made....made it" Jacob said, trying to catch his breath
Bax, Jacob, Robert and Dorugh managed to get inside the building, but Dorugh knew about the zombies were still in the building. They were in the lobby and started to hear footsteps and more of them started to come out.
"Bax, come with me!" Robert said
Robert and Bax ran from them, to search for supplies, but they didn't know that the medicines were in a different room.
"We gotta think of something!" Jacob said, getting surrounded
Dorugh turned around and saw Robert slamming the door behind him. We're left behind. Dorugh thought and he turned back around to stab zombies.
"There are too many!" Jacob said, noticing another room
Jacob ran towards the door, but the door was messed up with claw marks and the door knob was gone. Dorugh knew that's where they left the medicines at.
"Wait, don't go in there!" Dorugh said
Jacob didn't listen, he was in a rush. As he opened the door up, zombies started to fall and rush at. Piles and piles of zombies fell on Jacob. As Dorugh started to hear Jacob scream for help, he couldn't help him and he ran behind a desk to hide.
"What are we doing? We just left Jacob and that other guy!" Bax cried
"Shut up!" Robert said, looking through drawers
Bax quickly grabbed Robert by his shoulders and turned him around, "We need to save those two!"
Robert pulled his guns out, "You want to?"
Robert shot Bax in his leg three times and shot the door open and ran out of the window, leaving Bax behind for the zombies.
"Robert! Nooooo!" Bax said, as zombies started to pile on him

Next morning, Dorugh woke up. As he looks around the tent he created....his family were gone.
"Honey....son...anyone?" Dorugh said
Dorugh got out of the tent and saw footprints in the mud. Dorugh grabbed his gun and went towards the footprints. Dorugh had a feeling that Willis stole them and put them on his ship. Heart was racing, he found blood on grass and found bullet shells.
"No, no, no!" Dorugh said as he drops to his knees
In front of Dorugh, was his wife and son...both dead. He noticed that they had their stuff packed with some ammo. His family left him late at night and tried to travel away, but Willis found them and executed them.
"Why!" Dorugh said
As Dorugh dropped to his knees, a note fell off of his head. Dorugh picked the note and knew it was his wife's handwriting, "I'm sorry, you've changed into someone else. Don't try to follow us, we'll be long gone"

Dorugh managed to get out of the hospital building and saw Robert gathering bottles of...liquor and alcohol. Dorugh swiftly ran towards Robert and Robert saw him coming his way.
"Oh, you're alive" Robert said, "New guy know what's up!"
Dorugh didn't answer, instead he walked towards Robert and snatched drinks from Robert's bag. Quickly, Dorugh threw the bottles on the ground and got in Robert's face.
"What is wrong with you, newbie?" Robert said, pulling his gun out
"Where's Bax? I heard gunshots in there! Also, you let Qween died!" Dorugh said
Dorugh left his knife in the hospital and had no weapon, meanwhile Robert was holding two guns. Robert is a stubborn guy. He's jobless and a drunk. Robert also knew that Dorugh was gonna be a problem.
"I fired at the zombies and Bax was too slow and Qween didn't follow us. It's their fault. You can either come with me or not" Robert said
"Explain the bottles" Dorugh said, kicking the glass
Robert didn't answer Dorugh, instead he walked by Dorugh, bumping into him, "Let's go!"
Hundreds of infected was chasing Dorugh and Robert, Robert luckily had some ammo and took a couple of them out when the cross their path. Bang, bang! Dorugh started slamming on the door. Dexter finally rushed there and opened it up.
"Hey...where's...the rest..?" Dexter said
"Dead" Robert said, pushing Dexter out of his way
Dorugh looked at Dexter for a few moments, wondering what was going on. There were only four scientists in the whole lab, but before there were almost thirty-three.
"What happened?" Dorugh asked, picking up Robert's gun
"What are you talking about?" Dexter said, raising his hands
"Something is up, I know it! How have you guys been surviving for this long when there's no damn food on this infected island! How are you guys not...not infected?" Dorugh said
Dexter started to sweat frequently now and Dorugh started to notice it. Dorugh had Robert's gun pointed right at Dexter, then he noticed Jesse and Robert came rushing in.
"Have this fellow lost his damn mind?" Robert said, walking towards Dorugh
"Robert, stop! He's serious" Dexter said
Dorugh was starring at Dexter, waiting for him to answer, but Dexter wasn't answering any of Dorugh's questions. Dorugh put the gun down and punched Dexter in his face.
"Why did you guys risked your life just to save me before? Why!?" Dorugh said
"Something is wrong with this guy" Robert said
Dexter got back up on his feet and wiped the blood off his face and looked at Dorugh. Dexter opened his mouth up and said, "We are hungry"
Dorugh was shocked. He dropped the gun, which gave Robert a chance to tackle him to the ground. Dorugh started to scream to let go of him.
"Are you gonna let this happen? You're sick!" Dorugh said, starring at Jesse

Dorugh was starring at him family's dead bodies and he started to cry. Dorugh thought it was his fault and he started to hit his self.
"Look what I have done!" Dorugh said
Dorugh looked down and saw his gun. Dorugh slowly picked up his gun and put it in his mouth. Dorugh was about to pull the trigger, until he heard voices.
"What are you doing?" Anthony said, "I'm Anthony"
"Back away, I have to do this!" Dorugh said
Anthony quickly grabbed Dorugh's gun out of his mouth and tried to talk to him.
"You don't have to do this" Anthony said, "The armadas did this to you, fight back!"
"They did this" Dorugh said, "They...they did this because of me"
"They don't want you to go out like this! Join the pirate army. That's my dream. Go out and hold your ground" Anthony said
Dorugh agreed and got back up, "You're right"

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