Friday, October 3, 2014

The Warrior "Protect your own ground"

With the attempt to capture Deacon, Warriors Jarvis & Sanchi was stood up leaving to Rooke's lair. Sending 0369 squad with Warrior Geo Dudson and pirates, Cameron, Dez, Blute, Luke, Ben and Gus to Monquista to take care of Deacon's bases and free the Monquistans.

"Ahhh, so this is Monquista. Haven't be here for a long time" Cameron said, landing on Monquista
"Men, let's get this thing started" Geo Dudson said, arriving the to Monquistan leader's palace
Young man arrived to the door, opening it slowly. Making sure it was not armadas, " can I help you?"
"We need to talk to the leader, Glen" Luke said
"Glen. He's my father, when the armadas arrived...they killed him" He said, rubbing his eyes
"Who killed your father?" Geo said
The young man didn't speak, tears started to fall from his eyes. He tried to close the door but Geo put his foot in the way, "Please, we're trying to help"
"There are thousands of armadas here! If you keep going North you'll see their base. On the bottom level it is filled with tanks that'll blow up anything, including their base. Kane left, he put in charge Captain Lisk" The boy said, shutting the door.
"Sir, I can see it from here" Dez said, looking through his scope "Let's get moving"
0369 squad walked miles to the base. They all noticed armadas everywhere.
"Holy! We're gonna need backup. Now" Geo said, trying to contact Juhn to send reinforcements
"No signal, this's like they disabled signals outside of it's land. Strange" Blute said
"Men, this is no trouble for us! We're 0369 squad! We can handle atleast hundred thousands of these pieces of junks!" Cameron said, raising his gun in the air.
"Indeed, but we'll have to get in there. Of course it's gonna be difficult. When is anything ever simple" Luke said
Geo designed a plan to enter the building, the back of the base has a door where a few armadas are located.
"Just a couple of armadas. Let's do this, sir!" Blute said
The squad surrounded the few armadas at the door, not aware of their appearances.
"Take them out!" Geo said
Blute and Dez both took out the armadas leaving the entrance open.
"Now, we're not gonna enter just yet. The armadas are plan on attacking the Monquistans base to overthrow them and take over. Myself, Blute and Gus gonna go back and help their army out. Luke, Dez, Ben and Cameron remove those armadas' armor and put it on. Get inside the base and get down there and take out the armadas" Geo said
"Yes sir" Luke said

"Sir!" Geo Dudson said, arriving back to their camps "I sent four of my men inside the base. My duty and the rest of my men is to protect your army and fight the armadas"
"You're a brave one, I'll give you that" General Asktu said
"I'd hope you know what you're doing, I don't want Monquista to go down!" Monquistan soldier, Erik said
"Have some hope soldier. I am sure they know what they're doing" General Asktu said
"If we do fail, it'll be the first time this squad have ever failed. Trust me, have some hope" Geo said, patting Erik's back
"Anyway" Blute said, bring out blueprints of the armadas' base "Their base is filled with thousands of armadas. Captain Lisk is controlling the army. If my other men is successful. That base can go down but be aware it'll take time. Armadas will be attacking us soon. We'll have to defend until they can get the job done"
"Mr.Dudson if you fail, we all go down and Kane gets one step closer in destroying the warriors & your army" Erik said
"I don't want the negatives, I want the positives to take down these armadas" Geo said, "Have some faith in us and your army"
"I have a feeling that this war will be deadly and some might not make it out" Erik said
"Erik please!" General Asktu said, "Our people will be just fine"

The Armadas was getting prepared to attack the Monquistans, "We shall attack and destroy these armadas!" Captain Lisk said
"This place is packed with armadas" Luke said, listening to Lisk's speech with thousands of other armadas.
"Are you sure, this is safe?" Dez said, "What are we going to do once these armadas go and attack"
"Simple, we send out a signal for reinforcements before they take out Geo and the rest, once we're successful we blow up this garbage" Ben said
"We'll be just...dandy" Luke said
All four of them were listening to Captain Lisk's orders to the others. They knew once the armadas would sent out, there'll be some armadas left over with Lisk watching the war, then they'd get to the top and reached a signal to Juhn and the rest to send reinforcements.
"Today! Is the day where we take over. Giving us closer to our goal! There are only one warrior and three pirates helping this Monquistans. We can handle anything" Lisk said, raising his gun in the air and...he fired it
"Attack! Now!" Captain Lisk said
Thousands of armadas marched out of the base, firing at the Monquistans and Geo.
"It's time! Let's go" Cameron said

"It's time! Fire back now, send this armadas back to the factory!" General Asktu said
The armadas were firing and the Monquistans, including Geo and the rest firing at them. The war have just started.

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