Friday, October 3, 2014

The Warrior "Rooke's lair"

After Sanchi and the rest managed to escape from Loto and Deacon, Avery managed to follow Deacon's ship into another island, located in Aquila. Captain Avery and Juhn Woun sends Warrior Jarvis CoBris, Sanchi, Commander Louj and his troops to Aquila to arrest Deacon and attempt to end this war.

"Louj, how clossssse are we to Deacon?" Jarvis CoBris said, shinning his sword, ready for action.
"We have entered Aquila, sir" Louj said, loading his gun
Meanwhile awaiting to land on the island, "Doggeius" Sanchi started to become curious about Jarvis and Warriors.
"Mr.CoBris, do you enjoy being a Warrior and fighting in this war?" Sanchi asked.
"Oh, yessss I do enjoy being a Warrior and protecting our ssssoil, but I would not recommend war to anyone. War is just pointlesssss, in my opinion" Jarvis explained 
Sanchi noticed his emerald green eyes staring and admiring his sword and gems on his outfit, "Do you love your love and how did you get your gems?" 
"Enough for questions!" Commander Louj interrupted "We have landed" 
"Ready for action?" Jarvis said 
"Yes" Sanchi said, bringing out his sword
Doggeius is a small island located in Aquila. The island is really dark filled with fog everywhere. Only thing on the island is where Deacon is located. On this mission where Avery assigned Jarvis, Sanchi, Louj and five other troops in Jarvis and Louj's squad they're investigating and searching for Deacon.
"Scary place to be in. Are you sure Deacon is here?" Sanchi said 
"I'd hope ssso, but I've a bad feeling" Jarvis said, opening the doors.
The whole place was quiet and dark. They started to look around the place, searching for Deacon until they heard voices in a room, but it wasn't Deacon's voice. It was Rooke's voice.
"Deacon not here, it must be a trap" Louj whispered and saw Rooke talking with armadas
"Be aware, Rooke is not like Deacon and the othersss. He isss much, much, much ssstronger, but Captain Avery informed me that he isn't a armada...he's a creature in armor" Jarvis said, listening to Rooke.

"Deacon have escaped from the armadas and he managed to escape and he's in Valencia. He hasn't inform me with any plans yet" Rooke said 
"Sir, we've noticed a ship landed in Doggeius" Armada troop said
"All you armadas got out there and check it!" Rooke said, breathing heavily 
All the armadas went out to check the ship. Leaving Rooke alone in the room.
"Let'ssss go!" Jarvis said, pulling out his sword on Rooke
Rooke was surprised and unaware of their present. He was surrounded by two warriors and six troopers.
"Where is Deacon?" Sanchi said 
"Deacon is whom you're searching for?" He said, pulling out his swords "He's not here!" 
Rooke pulled out his swords and took out two troops and tried to strike Jarvis but he was unsuccessful. Both Jarvis and Rooke's swords was in contact with each other, swinging their swords. Then Sanchi came in and tried to take out Rooke but Rooke moved out of the way, avoiding the sword.
"Give up!" Jarvis said, pointing his sword at Rooke
Jarvis and one of Louj's troop was in front of him and Sanchi, Louj and two other troops was behind him, aiming their gun at Rooke.
"You're surrounded" Louj teased.
Rooke turned around swiftly, striking both of the troops, leaving Sanchi on the ground. Then Rooke dodged Jarvis's sword and ran out of the room, shooting the panel causing the door to fall down.
"He's getting away!" Sanchi said, trying to open the door
"Patience" Jarvis said, checking the dead trooops
It was Jarvis, Sanchi and Louj verse Rooke and his troops. They were extremely out numbered.
"Innocent pirates, my friends, my troops" Louj said "What are we going to do?" 
Jarvis was slithering around the room, thinking of a plan to get out and capture Rooke alive. Then he thought, there was nothing he could imagine to do.
"Our only option isss to leave or we could secretly find Rooke and take care of him!" Jarvis said
"All this was just a trap" Sanchi said, "Deacon knew we were following him so he took us right to Rooke's lair. Stupid scrap of metal! I wish Deacon could just got out. I'll do it, I'll take out that stupid scrap of metal!" 
"That's not the way we handle thingssss. Patience revenge isn't necessssary...yet" Jarvis said
"Deacon" Rooke said, contacting him "Warriors have found my lair and are now here!" 
"I know, I brought him to you" Deacon said "For a test and it seems you're failing me" 
"Not yet!" Rooke said

"Where's the ship?" Louj said, "I can't find anything"
Sanchi, Jarvis and Louj managed to get out of Rooke's lair, but they are not away from danger.
"Sssssanchi, find my ssship" Jarvis said, feeling something different
"I think we're not alone" Jarvis said, looking around once Sanchi left
"What do you mean?" Louj said, pulling out his weapon
Then Jarvis heard someone, an armada near by. Pulling out his weapon Jarvis looked closely, noticing a shadow near by. Then the shadow appeared bigger and Jarvis heard laughter.
"Louj!" Jarvis shouted
Rooke ran out, throwing Louj out of his way and pulled out his sword, attacking Jarvis, "Mr.CoBris, I should of known someone like you and your men would coward out! Kane would be delightful if I returned with your sword"
"It's a shame for you. I am ready" Jarvis said, attacking Rooke but Rooke resist back
Both swords colliding into each other, Jarvis was focus while Rooke was laughing.
"You're nothing! You think you run the armadassss but you're just a pon in Kane's game to dessstroy the warriorsss!" Jarvis said, slithering on Rooke, cutting his back
"Fool! It's you who are nothing, it's you who just a pon, it's you who will fall!" Rooke said, striking Jarvis in his right hand causing him to drop his sword
Jarvis had no weapon now but Rooke had both swords in his hand. Starring at Jarvis, Rooke raised his sword in the hand and swung it towards Jarvis, but he stopped. Someone shot a cable in his arm causing Rooke to pull away from Jarvis.
"Go Jarvis! Sanchi found the ship. Get out of here!" Louj said, holding Rooke's arm back with a cable line from his weapon
"I cannot leave you! You're my pirate! You're my troop" Jarvis said
Rooke slung Louj towards him and picked Louj up, starting to choke him.
"Go, now!" Louj said
"Goodbye commander" Jarvis said and ran towards the ship
Sanchi was in the ship, waiting for Jarvis, "Jarvis! You made it"
"Go, now! We must leave" Jarvis said
Rooke noticed a ship leaving his place, "Failure" he said, killing Louj
"Where's Louj?" Sanchi said, noticing Jarvis breathing heavily
"We have failed, Rooke isss free. We're the only survivor" Jarvis said, "We're gonna have to receive more help to capture Rooke and the ressst to end this sssuffering war"
"I have heard of the, 0369 squad with Warrior, Geo Dudson" Sanchi said

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