Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Warrior "On the move" (Extended)

The whole gang manage to escape, taking out Dusk & Lous. Notifying the dangerous bounty hunter Loto. The whole ship is aware of Sanchez & the rest plotting a escape. Leaving Jerry, Mouch and Larry dead. Meanwhile Sanchez, Sanchi, Anthony, Wesley and Dakota trying to escape from this death trap.

"Did you find them?" Deacon said.
"Some. Three of them are dead" Loto said, picking up his riffle.
Then Deacon turned around and got into Loto's face, pulling out his weapon. Many armadas came around Deacon and Loto, pulling their gun out aiming at Loto.
"Did you kill Sanchi?" Deacon asked, "The brave warrior, he stands out in the group"
"No, I've killed a yellow-like creature, Mouch and Larry. Both of them seen pathetic" Loto said 
"I took care of Jerry. Others got away" Georgei said, arriving in the control room.
Deacon was still staring at Loto "Go now, look for them!" 

"Is he...dead?" Sanchez said, looking at Jerry's body 
"Obviously. We need to go now, they'll find us" Anthony said "Sanchi should of gave us his gun. We have no weapons!" 
Sanchez, Anthony and Dakota started to search for the control room. This time quietly. The whole entire ship was filled with madness, alarm going off, armadas yelling at armadas and their own heart beating as they walk through the ship, nervously. Then Sanchez looked up in a corner and stopped.
"Why are you stopping?" Dakota said, quietly 
Sanchez grabbed on a pipe and with all his strength he pulled it out. Causing alot of damage and alot of noise. Both of them didn't wanna bother asking why he ripped the pipe off  the walls.
"New weapon to defend ourself" Sanchez said, admiring the metal pipe.
"You guys hear that? It's Georgei...talking to his self?" Sanchez said, running towards the voices.
Right when Sanchez turned the corner, Dakota and Anthony behind him he saw Georgei all alone.
"Look who I found" Georgei said, pulling out his gun
Georgei started firing his gun, missing Sanchez but he shot Dakota and knocking Anthony out.
"No way!" Sanchez said, hitting Georgei's gun out of his hand with his pipe
Sanchez swung his pipe but Georgei ducked and went right by him. Georgei laughed and threw a punch, causing Sanchez to drop his pipe, then Georgei got up and picked Sanchez up and started to punch him in his face.
"I hate scumbags like you!" Georgei said, cracking his knuckles
Sanchez was on the ground, struggling to get on his feet. Georgei started to walk towards him ready to finish him off, "Goodbye young warrior"
Ding! Then Georgei fell to the ground and Dakota appeared with Sanchez's pipe.
"Ready to go?" Dakota said
Sanchez could hardly get up but he manage to get on his feet, "He shot you?"
"I'll live, hopefully" Dakota said, revealing his wound on his arm
Sanchez ran towards a window, breaking it open and tried to climb on top of the ship but Dakota stopped him.
"We can't, it's too dangerous! We need to get a signal out. Control room now!" Dakota said
Dakota and Sanchez both left the area where Georgei is knocked out and a window is broken.

Sanchi and Wesley was almost there to the control room, but they stopped and Wesley had an idea.
"Down those steps, dozens of tank full of explosives with many chemicals that Loto managed to steal and is damageable and really explosive when the chemicals are exposed. We can take out the whole entire ship" Wesley said.
"Okay then, you stay here and be quiet! I'll get to the control room and secretly get a signal once we reached a ship for us and if I can reach my devices, I'll launch out an rope coated with steal for you, once you see the rope, detach it and hold on for dear life" Sanchi said
Wesley gave Sanchi two thumbs up and Sanchi left and started to run towards the control room.
A couple minutes later, three armadas notice Georgei unconscious and a broken window.
Sanchi knew he was close to the control room because he heard Loto and Deacon arguing.
"Sir, we've found Georgei unconscious, he'll be fine but we figured out where the prisoners are. I don't know how to say this...but they've escaped. We found a broken window where the pirates managed to climb on top of the ship and signal for help or something" Armada guard said
Deacon was furious, he just looked at Loto and gave him a mean look, "You better find them, we aren't sure if they're, so search the ports, search the lower areas where the tanks are stored, search everywhere. Loto you have failed"
Deacon got back on his ship and left.
Sanchi heard everything and was in the control room meanwhile Loto and the rest was unaware. Sanchi managed to get his devices and Sanchez's devices. As he attached it back on his arm it made a loud clicking noise and Loto noticed Sanchi.
"Hands up, warrior" Loto said
Sanchi was right next to his way out, giving out a signal. The button was right there, he thought. Sanchi put his hands up, with Sanchez's device in the air...and dropped it on the signal, throwing out a loud beeping noise. Sanchi also contacted Juhn's device with his contacting device (EP-09) and Juhn noticed he was in trouble.

Sanchez, Dakota and Anthony rushed to the control room and saw Sanchi and Loto with seven armada troops.
"Ugh, what happen?" Georgei said, waking up.
Loto tossed Georgei a gun and explained everything "Look like Deacon was wrong. The fugitives are still on bored"
"Wait, they're missing one?" Georgei said, noticing Wesley was not present
"Check the lower docks, where the tanks are stored" Loto said, sending Georgei and the seven armadas.
"You fugitives have surprised me. Really. It's a shame that some of your own had to die in the making" Loto teased.
"Sanchi! We're sending a ship to your location!" Juhn said, out of Sanchi's device
Loto noticed Juhn saying that, so he started to laugh. Not paying attention to them, but Dakota was the only one to notice it.
"Run, I'll handle him!" Dakota said, tackling Loto, "Go now! Leave me get on top of the ship! Now!"
"More armadas heard Dakota and Loto, ten armadas reached the control room. Only Loto and Dakota was there.
The armadas managed to remove Dakota from Loto and threw Dakota on the ground.
"They're on the roof!" Loto said, wiping the blood from his nose.
"What about the prisoner" Armada guard said
Loto picked up his gun and fired whole round into Dakota, "Don't worry about him"
"Guards! Get to the tanks, I have a feeling we have a sneaky prisoner still on this ship" Loto said, climbing up to the roof
Loto noticed many ships passing by on the skyways but none are Juhn's ship so far.
Sanchi noticed Loto approaching them quick "Juhn, I don't see your ship!"
Then Juhn's ship found Loto's ship and got closer to his ship. Loto started firing his gun but he didn't hit any of them and all three jumped on the ship.
"Not this time!" Loto said, jumping on their ship.

"Search everything! I want this prisoner to be found!" Georgei said.
Wesley had Georgei's gun in his hand but there was one problem. It only had one bullet. Seven armadas and Georgei was trying to find Wesley but couldn't, but then Wesley revealed his self, holding Georgei's gun.
"We meet again" Wesley said, holding his gun
"Drop your gun and your death will be swiftly" Georgei said, loading his gun with seven armadas behind him.
"I don't think so" Wesley said
"Fool, you only have one bullet. You...have...lost!" Georgei said, snickering
"I don't believe that" Wesley said
"Change of plans, Sanchi" he said to his self
"What?" Georgei said "Drop it now!"
"I don't think so" Wesley said, shooting the tank causing a spark and blew up to lower docks and the ship started to go down.

Loto noticed his own ship exploding and going down, meanwhile Sanchi thought about Wesley.
"You scumbags have caused enough trouble! I'll love to take you..." He stopped, hearing a gun click.
"I don't think so, Loto you're under arrest for kidnapping and murder" Captain Avery said, with fifteen pirate troops on bored.

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