Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Warrior "Brand new purchases"

Loto is an Lizard-like bounty hunter with red eyes. Loto has advance equipment such as the grappinling hook (Which he can shoot it out of his arm and it'll attach or if it's human/creature it'll wrap around, many pirates such as Sanchi and Sanchez own this equipment) Loto also have a mini flamethrower. He collected over thousands of bounties and he is not too old. Loto and his crew are known as the dangerous bounty group around the whole entire spiral. Loto also owns one of the most advance ships in the whole spiral, which he earned from bounties. Deacon have contacted Loto and his friends to finish off some bounties (Sanchi, Sanchez, Anthony and more to come)

It was a dark, cold night in Cool Ranch. Three friends, Dakota Ghuri, Wesley Docks and Megan Gloove.
"What ever happen to the spiral?" Wesley asked, wandering around
"War, the warriors and the idiotic pirates who joined them against Kane and the armadas. In my point of view it's foolish. Kane is nothing. It use to be quiet here now they just come here taking over our land to hide" Megan said.
Then they stopped walking, noticing a ship arriving to the docks. Then the bounty hunter Loto came out with four of his friends and they all was holding a gun. Loto was smiling as he walks on the docks and towards them.
"You three are coming with us" Loto said, pointing his gun at them.
"As if! You bounty hunters can't do this! Ye aren't gonna do anything" Megan said, walking away
"Oh really?" Loto said, loading his gun and pulled the trigger.
"Megan!" Dakota said, running to her body "You....you killed her!"
Loto's friend, Dusk pointed his gun at Dakota "Get up and let's go"
Loto manage to get them on bored of his ship, "The Bounty". Loto next project is to get to to Mooshu and capture three more with bounties on their head.

It was morning in Mooshu. The sun was coming up but shops aren't opening yet. Three friends, Mouch Coste, Larry Splens and Jerry Ghoru.
"Why are we up this early? And why are we out here. Remember what Jerry's father told us. We have bounties on our head we could get stolen or even execute" Larry said.
"Relax Larry. We're looking for some weapons to defend us" Mouch said, noticing an ginormous white with an red X on the flag at the docks.
"I bet this guy have some weapons" Mouch said
"Doubt it, Mooshu has no weapons!" Jerry said
Loto, Dusk, Georgei and Lous stepped out of the ship noticing their bounties approaching them. Loto pulled out his gun and walked toward Mouch.
"Hello, bounties" Loto said, grinning.
"Oh no, I told ye so!" Larry cried
"Ye so?" Loto said, looking down "I hate pirates like you, but I love bounties. You three are coming with me right now"
"Sir please don't..."
"Shut up" Musk said "Get in now, last bounty we had a problem and someone got their self killed."

Loto manage to get Dakota, Wesley, Larry, Mouch, Jerry, Sanchi, Sanchez and Anthony. These eight bounties are on bored on Loto's advance ship with jail cells where they are located at.
"Three new friends" Loto said, throwing Sanchi, Sanchez and Anthony in the cell with Dakota and the rest
"They are warriors, too. So sad there's no swords or guns for you prize winners" Georgei teased as he slams the gate locking it up.
"Let me out now! I did nothing bad and I demand to be let out!" Sanchez cried
"You have a bounty, my friend just like the rest of us in here" Wesley said.
Then Sanchez remembered the trouble in Mooshu. Deacon put a bounty on them. Even Chun and Moresco.
"What are we going to do?"  Mouch asked
"Lemme guess..." Anthony said "We're gonna break out....again"
"Yep" Sanchez said, nodding his head.
"Every morning, everyone would be asleep two bounty hunters will come and check on us dropping our food down and leave" Wesley said
"Perfect, guys let's go to sleep" Sanchi said, awaiting for revenge for Deacon.

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