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The Warrior "The Edge" S1 E10

Patiently waiting for his best friend to return, hungry but yet he was consumed with fear from the possibility of Sanchez never returning back. Chun stayed on the top of Samuel's market, couldn't bare the nasty filth any longer. He admired some of the beautiful markets and some of the hideous ones, thinking Samuel's market would win the prize for the ugliest market, but even the most beautiful market didn't stick out to Chun, a market just a couple of markets away from Samuel's, one owned the companion's seller.
"Aye," Jason said, walking up to the roof, "Managed to talk Samuel into feeding Moresco."
Chun nodded his head, noticing Beth climbing up to the roof right behind Jason. Looking at Beth, Chun could imagine what she was going through, similar to his stress, "Amy is out there, are you two fearing for her?"
"I'm constantly fearing for her," Beth said, sitting next to Chun, "She's an unique gal. She isn't like some who are obsessed with jewels and the perfect man to have. No, that wasn't Amy. She loved defending herself and the ones she loves, against sharktooth, krakens, anything you name it."
"Both of them are my babies," Jason said, patting Beth's back.
Chun always thought of Sanchez being unique even though some of his goals were similar to some but it was the stuff he'd do to get there, Chun thought.
"Sanchez is a good man," Chun said, unstrapping his vest, "We already lost someone named Shiruku and another one just walked away from us. It's quite depressing sometimes when you see your own family, all slowly going out one-by-one and that's what makes me afraid. Sanchez is a good pirate and it's hard for good man in this Spiral to make it anymore...I just hope when he dies, I'm long gone."
Beth felt sympathy for the lonely and fearful companion, "Maybe me and my family can be your family, too, if you and your ninja friend still wants us after we get him to Mooshu."
"It is a good thought," Jason said, looking all around the area for trouble.
Chun didn't know Sanchi hardly at all. All he knew was that he wanted to get back to Mooshu and that was it. For Chun, Sanchi's past, and even the mistakes he made was mysterious but when he watched Sanchi knocking down the companion seller, Chun believed Sanchi cared about Moresco.
"I really don't know him that well," Chun said, staring at the companion's merchant shop, "Or furthermore anything."

Sanchez, who was still in the shaky building, watched a stranger stupidly walking into the building too, stranger being a pirate trooper who was leading the pack of the three pirates. He then aimed his pistol at Henry, who didn't know Sanchez was above him. Single shot could end the pirate and could possibility start another war with Sanchez and his crew but Sanchez feared that Henry could potentially put him in danger, if he wasn't in it already. Sanchez's finger slowly went back, pulling the trigger.
Click, click! He was out of bullets but that wasn't the worse part, the clicking noise alarmed Henry and gave away Sanchez's location. Henry aimed his rifle at Sanchez, who was trying to use his other gun, empty again.
"Hands up pirate," Henry called, "Don't do anything ye regret!"
As the gunshots flew past Sanchez, quickly becoming immune to bullets fly past him, he started to run further up into the buildings. Henry smiled as he started to march up the dusty stairs, following Sanchez's muddy boot print.

"Men!" Dorugh yelled at the three pirates who were staring at the abandoned trading center.
Dorugh, who's eye was swollen, walked towards the three pirates with Derwitchi. The pirates turned around and noticed Derwitchi, quickly begin to salute and pay respect to him.
"You let that musketeer get away," Derwitchi said, "I'm assuming none of you listened to Dorugh during training or perhaps did any training, right?"
One of the pirate troop stepped forward after Derwitchi was done speaking, "My lord, trooper Henry is in there with the Musketeer!"
The pirate trooper slowly lifted his pointer finger, pointing at the abandoned tower, the tower that was almost nine stories high. Derwitchi then looked over at Dorugh, "Henry served us well. Blow up this building and let it fall into the Skyways! If we cannot contain this crew, we must kill them before they get into the hands of the armadas!"

"Come on ye coward," Henry's voice echoed all around, "It's only be me and ye, musketeer!"
Henry was nearby. Every word, Sanchez noticed his voice became louder and louder every step he took. Sanchez, who was hiding behind a desk, noticed the shadow of Henry grow bigger and soon, he realized he'd need to make a run to escape this pirate. Suddenly Sanchez jumped up, throwing a pot at Henry, and he started to run but he wasn't fast enough as Henry fired into the ceiling, causing some of the roof to block Sanchez's path.
"It's over," Henry said, aiming the pistol at Sanchez's head.
He was out of ammo, no more weapons with him, he was unarmed and hopeless. His only useful weapon was his mouth, opening it up and started to use it.
"Killing me wouldn't be smart," Sanchez said nervously, "You could join us and get treasure...rubies, emeralds, which can get you women...and houses...and companions!"
But it didn't help Sanchez to get out of this situation. 
"Not today pirate," Henry said as he fingers started to pull down on the trigger, "Not today..."
Boom! Suddenly cannons were fired into the bottom of the building, which caused the wide building to shake even more. Henry fell back, shooting into a window right behind him, and chairs started to pile up on him. Sanchez managed to keep up and grabbed onto something, helping him stand. While Henry was on the ground, Sanchez knew this was his chance to escape, and he started to run but it was another plan that didn't end well. The building stopped shaking, causing Sanchez to stop suddenly. Sanchez then felt like the building was going down, hearing a long creaking noise. In reality, the building was slowly going down, causing Sanchez and Henry both fall backwards and towards the closed windows.
"No, no, no, no," Sanchez repeated as he slid towards the window, "This can't be happening!"
Luckily the building didn't fall into the Skyways completely, finally stopping. Now the long building was dangling into the Skyways, with furniture falling past Sanchez and Henry. Both of the two were hanging, being that the closed windows were under them and they fall onto it and breaks, The Skyways would be their next destination.
"Trooper," Sanchez said to Henry, who was hanging below him, "Don't shoot!"
Henry aimed his pistol at Sanchez, who was hanging right above him, "Ye lost ye mind! Killing ye will construct me own tales!"
"No one will tell tales about you if you die," Sanchez said, still hanging above, "If you shoot me, my body will fall right on you and you'll be falling into the Skyways!"
Eeeeeerk! Sanchez and Henry stopped arguing after they heard a strange noise. Sanchez managed to pull his self up and got a glance of it. A large table was sliding down and towards them. His eyes became wide as the table finally dropped, going right by him and into Henry, who lost his grip. Henry and the table both nailed the four large windows, causing a crack to go all around him. Sanchez slowly looked down, seeing Henry laying on the windows with cracks surrounding him, blood all around his head but Henry was still alive, something that Sanchez couldn't believe.
"I can get you out of here," Sanchez said, "Both of us can get out of here alive!"
Henry didn't care, he slowly raised his pistol at Sanchez, knowing if this would be his last day, he wanted to at least kill the one who caused this mess. Sanchez looked down, seeing Henry aiming his pistol. He was out of options, except for one little plan. Sanchez let go of the bar, falling straight into the windows.
Bam! The windows completely shattered, sending Henry into the Skyways and to his death. Meanwhile, Sanchez managed to grab the window's pane, holding onto it and was dangling into the Skyways. Ships that were miles away could see the terrible scene of the tall building hanging out in the Skyways but not seeing a pirate hanging and holding onto the will to live.

Sanchi and Stannis walked back to their ship, where Anthony and Amy were waiting for the two to come back. 
"You can finally trust me now," Stannis said innocently, "Right son?"
Sanchi glanced at his father, seeing a completely changed pirate in front of him. He actually trusted his Stannis for saving him from the warriors, thinking he was a different man who cared about his son. From that moment, Sanchi forgot about their hateful past and started to stay in the present. Although he still didn't know much about Stannis, completely.
"You found me and my crew," Sanchi said, "Twice saved me from that warrior. Yes, yes I trust you."
Stannis smiled at Sanchi, but it wasn't a smile because of his son trusting him, it was a smile after he realized his plan was coming together perfectly.
"Great," Stannis said, "Now, where are we going?"
Sanchi stopped walking, revealing his final destination to his father like it was a secret for the safety of his master, Hanju, but he didn't know really anything about his own father, "Hamamitsu, Mooshu."
Soon their bonding quickly ended as they heard the shouting from Anthony, who was running towards them. Sanchi looked over at his father, "What should we do?"
"Follow me," Anthony said, losing his breath, "S-s-some building is falling over from Derwitchi's orders and..."
Stannis walked closer to Anthony, who was on his knees, stopping his sentence to try to catch some breath but Stannis didn't care, he grabbed Anthony by his shoulders and lifted him up.
"Speak kid," Stannis said, shaking Anthony crazily 
"One of the pirate's old trading center has tilted in the Skyways...close to falling completely and...there-there's some pirate h-h-hanging from it," Anthony said, pointing straight ahead.
Sanchi turned around, seeing a tall tower that was leaning into the deep and endless Skyways. He then looked around the area, hoping to see Sanchez around but once he noticed he wasn't around, it was a clear giveaway that his idiotic friend was the one who was hanging into the death pit of the Spiral, the Skyways.
"That's Sanchez," Sanchi said calmly, "He's the one pirate who's hanging from the building."
Stannis threw Anthony back on the ground and walked over to Sanchi, getting a clear view of Sanchez, who was hanging from it.
"If we go in there it'll go down," Stannis said calmly
Sanchi nodded his head, knowing he couldn't leave Sanchez there to die. He quickly started to run towards the ship, screaming and motioning for Anthony to come and help them rescue Sanchez. While his son and Anthony left the area, Stannis stood there firmly and pulled out his binoculars, glancing over at the pirate, looking exactly like Sanchi's friend, hanging into the Skyways.
"Oh my," Stannis said, "This kid is dead!"

Death, was all Sanchez was thinking, since he was just one stage from joining the reaper's garden as he soft grips were becoming even softer. He didn't even bother to look down like the thought of death was scarier enough. Sanchez was just dangling into the Skyways, holding onto a window pane that was slowly detaching itself.
"This can't be happening," Sanchez cried, "I'm too young to join Davy Jones's locker! I just can't go through those clouds!"
The bottom beautiful clouds of the Skyways, whenever Sanchez glance down when he was on a ship, he admired the beauty of the Skyways but ever since he got closer to it, the beauty soon became a dying nightmare for him.
"Someone!" Sanchez's cry of terror begin to echo, only reaching the upper part of the large building he was dangling from, "Heeeeeeelp!"

Sanchi could clearly see the hanging victim was Sanchez, flying closer to the hanging building, and nearer to the hanging victim. Soon he could hear Sanchez's cry for help, which was a dead giveaway that it was Sanchez.
"Little bit closer," He yelled to Anthony, "Get it close enough so he could possible land on here!"
It was a dangerous objective and for Stannis, an impossible objective for Sanchez to land on the ship. Stannis tried to encourage Sanchi to leave Sanchez behind and just fly away and back home but Sanchi wouldn't listen.
"You're better off picking every little seed in Skull island rather than saving him," Stannis said to Sanchi, "And if we get any closer than we'd be hitting the building and causing it to fall with your friend!"
"He's my friend and his companion will be destroyed," Sanchi said, preparing to throw the anchor down, "And to top that, he has the pirate's treaty! A piece of paper that is probably worth more than our lives!"
Stannis knew he was a traitor towards the pirates and useless to do anything beside spying on his own son for the armadas, but he knew his son wasn't close to being useless and a piece of paper wasn't worth more than his son. A young fighter who was trained by a farmer and was rising was a potential threat for both sides of the war, causing Derwitchi and Kane to search for him.
"The armadas want you and the pirates do too," Stannis said, giving Sanchi a serious look, "You're more valuable to them over some paper!"
Sanchi rolled his eyes, "Both sides also want that treaty! They want Mooshu, my home, to join them...and I...I can't let that treaty go through and let my own home join either of those monsters!"
Stannis couldn't believe what he was hearing. He felt like his son never cared about him and his friends be hunted, Sanchi only cared about his home like his master, Hanju, brainwashed him into some paranoid farm boy, something he knew Sanchi wasn't, "Your own master brainwashed you."
"No one brainwashed me father," Sanchi said, Running towards the edge of his ship, focusing on Sanchez.
"That treaty is worth over hundreds of treasure," Stannis said to Sanchi, "Perhaps more! That's why Samuel is using you, he wants it his self. Kane wants that treaty and probably Derwitchi is clueless on the status of the treaty! You and your friends are not part of this war."
Stannis looked up at Sanchez, who was still hanging, and used him as an example, "Your friends are putting put on the edge, literally!"
"I realized something," Sanchi said calmly, interrupting Stannis, "They aren't my friends, they're my crew and they care about me. Perhaps I should do the same."
"The armadas can put you and your crew to some value," Stannis said, lowering his voice, "They need and want you and your crew more than Derwitchi's army and the warriors."
Joining armadas, a thought Sanchi would't ever considered to even have a tiny thought about. The armadas are his enemies, the warriors are his enemies, anyone who tried to stop him from getting to Mooshu, would be his enemies. Even his father but Sanchi couldn't realize it. Meanwhile for Stannis, he didn't care what the armadas would do to his son, he only cared about the profit earned from it.
"We need to stop all this," Sanchi said, throwing the anchor out, "I'm not joining the armadas nor the warriors. I'm a freed man...and I don't consider myself a pirate...I'm just some farm boy."
Stannis finally closed his self, walking away from his son after he realized he couldn't convince his son for now.
"Anchor is down," Sanchi said to Amy, "Inform Anthony."
Sanchi stood still and calm again, thinking about his father's persuasion to join the soulless armadas, imagining him becoming the enemy he swore to fight against.

"I always imagined drinking myself to death," Sanchez cried to his self, looking down to his potential death, "Not get devoured by the Skyways!"
Meanwhile Sanchez continued to cry, Anthony managed to fly the ship close enough for Sanchez to drop onto the ship and escape the reaper's plan. Sanchi looked up, seeing Sanchez losing his self control and started to panic even more.
Was it the light calling his name, advising him to drop and let the reaper take him? Due to being close to death, Sanchez started to become even more foolish than before, "Is it the light? Am I suppose to finally just let go?"
"Listen friend," Sanchi yelled, "Just let go!"
Due to his fear of heights and death, Sanchez didn't to look down to see the ship near him. Instead he thought it was a spirit or the "light" he called it, telling him to let go and come to them.
"You're right," Sanchez said, "I must let go!"
Suddenly Sanchez removed his hands from the window pane and closed his eyes, dropping into the Skyways. Meanwhile, Sanchi looked over at Amy, who dramatically screamed at Sanchez falling. Sanchi quickly removed his holster and started to run towards the end of the ship, jumping off into the Skyways with Sanchez. Amy and Stannis both ran out and ran towards the edge of the ship, looking down. Everything was plain silent, the thought of Stannis losing his son and violating his plans just left him speechless but when they looked down into the Skyways, they didn't only see clouds or the anchors, they also saw Sanchi holding onto Sanchez, hanging from the anchor of the ship.
"I got him," Sanchi said, breathing heavily, "Pulling us up and get us out of here, now!"
After a long time of pulling and getting enough strength too, Stannis and the rest finally pulled up the heavy load, Sanchez being the first on on the deck. He dropped back on his knees and started to kiss the filthy wooden deck, couldn't be any happier to be in a better place.
"Gross," Amy said, walking back inside.
After Sanchi got back on the deck, he rushed over there to Sanchez, taking his boot off and grabbed a wrapped up paper out of it, "You got the treaty?"
"Yeah," Sanchez said, falling on the ground from exhaustion, "Let's get out of here!"
Sanchi smiled, placing the treaty in his pocket, "Now we can!"
Now there was another decision for Sanchi, give the treaty up or keep it. A tough decision that'd take time to think. 
"A piece of paper," Sanchi said to his self, admiring the sheet, "With much knowledge and power on it."

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