Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Warrior "Trouble with the bounty"

Loto, Dusk, Georgei and Lous manage to capture the eight fugitives with bounties that'll worth a fortune. Sanchez and Sanchi designed another plan for the morning. When they're force to go to sleep Sanchi and Wesley will stay awake and when morning time hits. The two bounty hunters will open up the cell and that's when the attacks happen.

"Are you still awake, Sanchun?" Wesley whispered
"It's Sanchi...San cheeee. Yes I am, we have a few minutes before we attack. Are you ready?" Sanchi replied back.
Sanchez, Anthony, Mouch, Larry, Jerry and Dakota were asleep while Sanchi and Wesley are awake and ready for action.
"Let's go, Lous" Dusk said, picking up his rifle
Lous and Dusk picked up their disgusting food and headed to the cells.
Sanchi heard keys unlocking the cell and he took a deep breath. Wesley was prepare too holding his friend, Megan's picture, which Loto killed for not listening.
"Wow, they're sound asleep" Lous said, dropping the food on the ground
Lous reached for the door and began to shut it, then he stopped. Someone was holding onto the door. Lous poked his head in the room and notice someone was gone.
"Uh, Dusk you might want to..."
Sanchi flew out, punching Lous in the face and tackled him into the cell. Dusk ran towards Lous after hearing screaming then he stopped and Wesley attacked Dusk.
Wesley punched Dusk in his face and started to knee his stomach, dropping him to the ground. While Dusk was on the ground Wesley notice his knife in his pocket. Wesley looked at the picture of Megan and took the knife.
"Get up!" Wesley said, punching Dusk in his face.
"This is for what you did to Megan!" Wesley cried.
Sanchi and Lous was still fighting, punching each other back and fourth. Sanchi kicked Lous's knee so hard he went to the ground. Sanchi looked at him and he smiled, which angered Lous causing him to tackle Sanchi through the door.
"You'll pay for this!" Lous said, then he stopped.
He heard screaming from Dusk and his body dropped. Wesley appeared with Dusk's gun and blood on his face. Lous got off of Sanchi and raised his hands in the air.
"Don't do this, it'll be a huge mistake!" Lous said
Then two shots fired, killing Lous. Sanchi woke everyone up (that was still asleep after hearing the fight) and ran out of the prison room.

Deacon arrived on Loto's ship, ready for the bounties. Deacon paid Loto well and Loto commanded Georgei and couple of armadas to get them out of the cells. Not aware they've escaped.
"Thank you Armada Deacon" Loto said, showing him respect.
"Loto" Deacon said slowly "I want you to know, the three warriors you recently found. One of them is a true warrior, the other two are nothing and can be killed with the rest"
"Sir, you must of not heard of me. Warriors are my favorite. I have took out many warriors with bounties that are worth a fortune. My equipment and techniques are better then a silly fool with a scary sword" Loto laughed.
Then, Loto noticed Georgei arrived back but with no prisoners, but instead with a scared face and breathing heavily.
"Loto, They have escaped" Georgei said.
Loto looked at Georgei with a worried but angry look. Loto pulled out his gun and aimed at Georgei.
"What do you mean, they escaped?" Loto said
"Don't blame me. Lous and Dusk both dead. It seems like they have died early this morning" Georgei said
"So...that means.."
"They've been roaming this ship with no awareness of the armadas for hours! They might of already escaped!" Deacon said
"Oh please, you're an armada commander or something like that...you should be smart then that" Loto explained "We haven't docked yet and no ships went by us. They're still on bored"
Loto slammed his hand on a big red button, displaying an alarm all over the whole entire ship. Warning everyone on bored to search for them.
"Chill out, Deacon they're still here" Loto said, sending Georgei and a group of armadas to search for them.

"They know we've escaped!" Dakota cried
"We need to get to the control room, we can signal Captain Avery to help us, but we'll need to split up" Anthony suggested.
"We can do that?" Sanchez asked
"This ship is advanced, trust me we can" Anthony said
They've decided to split up in two separate groups with four people in each. Group A, which includes Sanchez, Anthony, Dakota and Jerry. While Group B contains Sanchi, Wesley, Larry and Mouch. Then they ran in different directions to find the control room, secretly.
"Okay, I think we go this way" Jerry said, looking around in the open.
"Are you sure this path is safe?" Sanchez said
"Should be" Jerry said
Sanchez's group (Group A) was roaming around and was about to turn in a corner. Not knowing Georgei and eleven armadas are near them.
"It's too quiet. We should go back" Dakota said
"Relax, it's safe there's no armadas in a..."
They stopped and Georgei stopped, facing each other. The armadas started firing, killing Jerry. Sanchez, Anthony and Dakota ran off away from the armadas.
"Follow them now!" Georgei said, staying back and contacting Loto
"We've killed one of them" Georgei said.
Group B was in luck, Wesley and Sanchi have riffles from Lous and Dusk attached to their side.
Sanchi looked around, hearing gunshots. Sanchi and his group avoided the direction where they've heard gunshots.
"Do you guys hear something?" Mouch said, looking around when they stopped.
"Got you" Loto said, firing his gun with armadas
"Look out!" Sanchi said, manage to get in cover with Wesley.
Larry was killed, but Mouch was on the ground with a bullet in his leg. Loto was walking towards Mouch, not noticing Sanchi and Wesley hiding behind crates.
"What's your plan. You tell me and you might just live" Loto said, aiming his gun at Mouch's head.
"I'll never tell! You're just a worthless hunter!" Mouch said
"Eh, your choice" Loto said, shooting Mouch.

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