Friday, September 19, 2014

The Warrior "New beginning" Season two intro

"There's a differences in these war, Sanchi" Juhn said
"I understand" Sanchi replied.
"Everyday, brave warriors risk his life just to save others. We care about others, do you understand that?"
"Yes, I understand" Sanchi said, nodding his head.
"I know what happen. You're furious at the armadas for what they did. Put all of that behind you. When you get upset, you'll do actions you didn't intend to do, remember. Payback is a option, but dying is one too"
"These armadas are trouble! How can you say that? Wanting me to forget the past? They are terrible scrap of metals! If we can manage to take out Rooke or Kane. We can end this war!" Sanchi said, losing his anger
Juhn didn't reply back, instead he got up and exit the dark room leaving Sanchi in there.
"His anger is controlling him. He expects us to take out Rooke or Kane. He doesn't understand the danger or how they are known as pathetic cowards. I don't think he's ready" Juhn Woun said
"Could be. We're not positive though" Ron Subodai, pirate warrior said
"He'ssss could be the one who'll destroy the armadasssss and end thisss war. He'sss young and ruthless. I'll give him that" Jarvis CoBris, pirate warrior said
"Out of them. His friend was granted in but he doesn't know how to use a sword? More of a gun pirate" Juhn said
"Then why is he in the council?" Captain Avery said
"I let him join the Warriors' council" Lord Derwitchi said
"Sir no disrespect but you're not in charge of the Warriors. You're in charge of the troops/pirates army" Juhn said.
"You won't regret it. Trust me" Lord Dewitchi said.
The Warriors' council or clan has over thousands of brave pirate/companion warriors with swords to protect from enemies. There are ancient masters who been a warrior for over forty years. Others are still warriors who participate in the council meetings such as, Juhn Woun, Ron Subodai, Jarvis CoBris, Captain Avery, William DeLos, Ridolfo Capoferro, Bulson Budd, Lance Mo, Douglass Bullzo and much more.
"I don't see how Sanchez or any of his idiotic friends got in" Ron said

"Sanchez!" Anthony called, noticing him
"Mr. De Sharp. Glad to see you. Great news" Sanchez said
"Same! I joined the pirates! I fly the ships! How cool is that? Pretty useless with a gun and sword so I don't see them trusting me when we are attack" Anthony explained
"Oh nice. Well I even better news! Lord Derwitchi put me into the warriors' council! I am officially a warrior with Sanchi" Sanchez said
"Warrior? But you don't know who to use a sword?" Anthony said
"They'll teach me hopefully. Let's forget about the negatives. You know I can have my own men to come with me fighting against the armadas! I talked them in for letting Chun, Sanchi Moresco...and you to be in my crew! Well plus some pirates gunman and the commander of those gunman..his name is Captain Dorugh" Sanchez explained
"The crew is back in business! Does Sanchi know?" Anthony said
"I'll handle that. Go to the ship, don't let anyone know, not even Moresco and Chun!" Sanchez said
"Yes, Great Warrior Sanchez!" Anthony said

"This is foolish!" Chun said "Sanchez wants us in his crew as his pals! They don't even want us in the council. We can't join the pirates/companions! I mean we're companions who've been in combat with the armadas! Most of those so called Guardians of the Spiral companions never even seen an armada"
"I haven't seen my master in three hours! I wonder if he's okay" Moresco said, ignoring Chun's complaints
"The Warriors' council is foolish, the army is foolish! Not accepting me?" Chun said
Wing Chun and Moresco been walking around, passing the Warriors' council when the Warriors was meeting and discussing plans. In Skull island there are just one building. The buildings, known as the Warrior's hall, filled with warriors and pirates in the army and a room filled with darkness, dedicate for warriors focusing and relaxing where Sanchi's lying in, focusing.
Sanchi was in the "Dome" not focusing, but thinking about his master, the armadas and revenge. Then he heard the door creaking and Juhn walked in, pulling out of his sword.
"If you want to join us and fight the armadas. You must prove your self" Juhn Woun said.
"What are you trying to say?" Sanchi said, pulling his sword out
"Prove to me that you're a Warrior, Sanchi" Juhn said, trying to strike Sanchi with his sword.
Sanchi dodge his sword and swung his sword at Juhn, both of their swords hit each other. Sanchi and Juhn was dueling in the Dome with their's swords.
"I can tell you're from Mooshu, Sanchi!"
Cling, cling, cling! Back and fourth their swords was hitting.
"I can tell you've been in this Warrior business for a long time!" Sanchi said, dodging his moves.
Then both swords hit each other once more and it was stuck there, trying to break free to strike one.
"You're good, but good won't get you in the Warrior's council!" Juhn said
Juhn swung his sword and Sanchi ducked, sliced a scar in Juhn's arm and pushed him into a chair. Knocking Juhn down and dropping his sword.
"Good enough?" Sanchi said, pointing both swords at Juhn.
"Welcome to the council" Juhn said, getting back up.

Sanchi was walking around Skull Island, admiring the Warriors' hall. Then he heard footsteps. As he turns around, seeing who was behind him he pulled out his sword.
"Hey, Sanchi! Come with me" Sanchez said "Let's go somewhere"
"Where to?" Sanchi said, putting his sword up.
"Flotsm! Anthony has a ship!" Sanchez said
"I've been down lately, maybe this can cheer me up. Are we getting Moresco and Chun?" Sanchi asked
"No, keep this quiet" Sanchez said "Let's go"
Both, Sanchez and Sanchi ran off. Heading to Anthony's ship. Juhn Woun appeared.
Juhn heard their conversation and started to shake his head.
Sanchi, Sanchez and Anthony managed to get to Flotsm, passing alot of Bounty hunters, admiring them Sanchi knew something was up.
"Warriors, huh? Perfect!" Loto Grum, well known Bounty Hunter said.
Loto pulled out his gun and walked up to them, pointing his gun up to the sky and pulled the trigger getting their attention.
"Who are you?" Sanchez said, turning around.
Loto pointed his gun at Anthony head "You three are coming with me"
Sanchi reached for his sword, but it was not there. Then he remembered giving it to Juhn Woun to work on it. Sanchi was gonna fight back until he noticed blood on his boots and his other pistol on his belt.
"Oh, you three are gonna worth a fortune! With the six others" Loto said "Get on the ship!"

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