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The Warrior "A Piece of Paper with much Knowledge" S1 E10 (Extended)

The docks, far away from the other docks that were owned by Derwitchi's army. The long dark green leaves, flying down and landing on the bright green ground of the jungles of Skull island, a place where Sanchez use to call his home. The docks were a familiar sight, where Sanchez and his companions ran and got on board of a ship, where his life would change from there..just like the one who saved them, Sanchi.
"These docks just bring back great memories," Sanchez said, loading up his two pistols, "Memories where I lost Shiruku from those creatures and their hand-made spears! And of course, the retching memory of Bonnie leaving my side, with a pouch of coins!"
Sanchi felt a bit guilty, remembering he was the one who gave the pouch filled with golden coins to Bonnie, enough to get her a ship and a weeks worth of food.
"Both of the two are in a better place," Sanchi said calmly, "But they don't matter as of now. We need to find this warrior who has the paper."
Sanchi, Sanchez, and Stannis, the only healthy ones who had the skills, walked off the ship, and begin to roam into the deep jungles of Skull island. The jungles where troggys were known seeking around with fresh blood from their last meal dripping blood but the troggys weren't the real threat.
"The vicious lizard-like creatures aren't a big threat during the day," Stannis added, hearing the squealing of a few troggys.
The tribe of the troggys, viscous and bloody thirsty creatures were known to be out during the day, but at nigh more and more of them lurked all around. Sanchi still didn't trust his father, remorse about letting him come but he knew Stannis was right about those lizard-like creatures. The three of them finally walked into the jungles, leaving Anthony and Amy on the ship alone.

"These jungles," Sanchi said to Sanchez, "Those stupid creatures who constantly squealed like little babies. Sanchez, I don't under how you can handle this."
Sanchez smiled, feeling proud that he was actually valuable for this little objective, but that wasn't the real reason why he was proud. He felt closer to his given dream, becoming a pirate bigger and rich than anyone could ever imagine. The low class musketeer, Sanchez, felt like he was more valuable to Avery or even Juhn Woun, knowing how the armadas are looking for them and also how they're finding an important treaty. 
"Some nights I actually dread running towards that loud shot you fired," Sanchez said, "But now coming this far, it seems like destiny is leading me somewhere else."
Gunshots? Sanchi remembered the horrid night like it happened just last night, being surrounded by dangerous and soulless clockworks, and then eventually being chased by creatures who'd drink fresh blood if they could. Gunshots was something that Sanchi never remembered, realizing he only had a sword and his companion didn't even pull out his little musket until the armadas showed up. 
"I never fired a single shot," Sanchi said, "Nor my companion did."
Sanchez stopped, causing Sanchi and Stannis to stop too, as his smile soon developed into a frown with a confuse tone on it. An important clue, Sanchez soon to realize, was a gunshot that no one other than the armadas could of fired.
" was the armadas," Sanchez said, "Perhaps it was Kane and the armadas but who could of been their targets? The troggys didn't come out until we scuffled with the armadas. So maybe that gunshot...was the shot that killed that warrior!"
From that point, Sanchi thought Sanchez was a genius, diminishing all the thoughts about his stupidity. Then the two started to run towards Sanchez's camp, where he would then lead Sanchi to where he heard the gunshots. Although the two started to run, there was another one who stood still, staring directly at the soft ground like he had the right answer for him, Stannis.
"I can't believe I'm doing this," Stannis murmured to his self, "I shouldn't be here."
He wasn't talking about the regrets he did to his own son, nor about betraying the warriors. He couldn't believe he was with two of his own potential threats, two that the armadas were trying to find, two that he's suppose to find out their destination and betray them, too.

First time seeing the camp he lived in for years, all destroyed. Sanchez's tents was in flames like the fire from their little campfire set it all on fire. Slowly approaching the burnt tent and stepping into the deep dark ashes as if he survived a volcano explosion but Sanchez didn't feel that grateful at that point. He felt disappointed, the ashes of his tent slowly blowing out of his hand and into the air.
"Kane probably did this," Sanchi said, kicking down the cooking pot
Memories, all vanished right out of his mind like a ghost-like creature without a soul went through Sanchez's thick skull and grabbed the cherished memories out.
"Shouldn't worry about this mess," Sanchez said, kicking down the remains right into the ashes, "I know where I heard those gunshots."
Sanchi nodded his head, patiently waiting for Sanchez to run towards the direction of the gunshot, where the warrior with the Mooshu's treaty died. 
"Straight ahead," Sanchez said in a depressed tone, "It's a long run."
Sanchez then took a deep breath and started to run, knowing he'll be running for a long time. Sanchi then looked around the area, noticing his father creeping up with a normal face on, not making any face expressions to his son. Sanchi then turned back around and followed Sanchez, leaving Stannis alone again. Although this time Stannis followed but he didn't run, he walked to the location carelessly as if he had nothing to be afraid of.

"It's over here," Sanchez said, finally stopping after a long run, "I heard it here and where we met."
Sanchi finally made it there too, just a little delayed due to the long and heavy sword on him, causing him to run a bit slower than usual. The area definately changed after Sanchi and the armadas discovered it, battling and leaving several armadas in the cold ground, where nothing will comfort them besides the dead spirits.
"I think your father got lost," Sanchez said, looking around to find him.
Sanchi shrugged his shoulders, understanding that his father's not the priority, "Find the body so we can carry on to Mooshu."
Sanchez tore up long grass in the jungles, hoping to find the dead warrior's body. He walked past several destroyed armadas, trying to find a body that doesn't have silver armor on it like it was a game, a game Sanchez wanted to get done. Then, he noticed some different from the armada's bodies, hidden in the long red grass. Sanchez slowly approached the body, finger on the trigger firmly and slowly grabbed the boot of the body and slowly pulled it out, revealing a blue-skinned color man with gills on the side of his face, and a long brown robe like the warriors wear. Sanchez smiled, revealing a smile Sanchi hasn't seen since the beginning of the adventure. Sanchez then ripped the boot off the warrior's foot, taking skin with it, and pulled out a filthy piece of paper with a signature of Lord Derwitchi.
"I think we can carry onto Mooshu very soon," Sanchez said, holding up the piece of paper, "Inform your master that we'll be there in a few..."
"Drop the weapons, Lambards!"
Swoosh! Suddenly an arrow flew past Sanchez's face and nailed into the tree behind him. Sanchez quickly placed the treaty into his boot and kicked the warrior's body back into where he found it as a group of pirates ran out from the trees. 
"We're just explorers," Sanchez said, aiming his pistols at the pirates, "Ones who like to discover new things!"
The six pirate troops didn't speak to them or even moved, until a tall and bald headed pirate walked in front of them, following footsteps of a dark-skin man, with an outfit similar to the deceased warrior. A man Sanchi heard many stories about, being known as a powerful fighter with a sword.
"I am Juhn Woun," he said, placing his hand softly on the grip of his sword, "Allegiances of the Warriors and the Pirate army!"
Sanchez became nervous as Juhn looked him right into the eyes, giving him a death-like stare. He glanced over at Sanchi, who was smiling almost like he had the perfect plan for this kind of situation, but in reality he didn't have a plan.
"We know ye are not explorers," Max said, aiming his weapon right at Sanchez's head, "We know who ye be!"
"Pirate," Sanchez said, talking to Dorugh, "Tell your pirate-in-training to stop aiming his weapon at me or..."
Dorugh started to laugh as he approached Sanchez, his small musket touching Sanchez's forehead, finger nervously shaking on the trigger.  He was the type of commander who didn't care about the main priority's sidekick, he only cared about the priority, which was Sanchi. 
"You're outnumbered," Dorugh whispered to Sanchez, "So shut your mouth!"
Sanchi quickly pulled out his sword completely, facing the pirate's commander, "So you're going to threaten the ones you're seeking? Is this how you're gonna persuade us?"
Dorugh nodded his head at Sanchi, giving Sanchez a carelessly look, "I only care about one who's in front of us and that is the one who defeated both Kane and Deacon alone!"
"Aye," Sanchez yelled back at Dorugh, "But yet you want to kill his friend too?"
"Ye be not friend," Max said, "Ye is his sidekick!"
Sanchez didn't care who was in front of him, up to arguing with anyone if he can save his life. He continued to argue with Dorugh and Max both, right in front of Juhn, who was standing there silently and watched.

"We know ye are not explorers," Stannis heard the voices of nearby pirates, "We know who ye be!"
Stannis stopped, hiding behind long grass and eased drop into their conversation. He felt a bit guilty after seeing both sides he betrayed, knowing soon he may pay the price. As he continued to watch pirates surrounding his son, he started to feel even more responsible for all of the trouble, not worrying anything around him.
"You're outnumbered!" Stannis heard them yelling.
Finally he realized the important value. He started to realize why his son became one of the most wanted man throughout the large Spiral. He soon believed that it was a luck of destiny to find these two together, to perhaps make Sanchi stronger, something that Stannis thought. As he looked down at the little puddle in front of him, he saw a man who could be something more than just a worthless spy.
"Stanford Sameria," Pirate said, "The one they call Stannis because of a little song, singing about his betrayal to others and his killing!"
Only one pirate was behind Stannis, hearing the pirate pulling his sword out. Although Stannis thought more of the pirate, one who knew Stannis as Stanford and the little tale about him.
"Tales," Stannis said calmly, "You're going to believe everything they tell ya, pirate?"
The pirate smiled, revealing a mouth without any but one tooth, "Of course me will!"
Stannis smiled, shaking his head frequently, slowly pulling out his pistol. The pirate didn't notice Stannis as he slowly pulled out his sword while the pirate begin to whistle a little tune.
"Stanford what ye be in for? From day and night, his own friends he stabs with his knife, the story of Stannis! Stannis, the man who kills anyone in a minute, oooh me hope he stays with all his might!"
Stannis jumped away from the pirate, rolling right behind him and pulled the trigger, releasing a loud and smokey shot.

"Let's stop this argument," Juhn finally spoke again, "Shall we?"
Sanchi smiled at Juhn, thinking that taunting could be the next best idea they had. Sanchi was hardly afraid of anything, not being afraid to fight against the armadas and now not being afraid to fight the pirates. Sanchi slowly took a few steps towards Juhn, "We shall but should I add the explanation on why we're here? Maybe we're here to go back to our old home or perhaps just are looking for some of the best berries and now we're stopped by a group who believe in justice but are aiming their weapons at us? Come on lads, we're not near your territory and these jungles are scary."
Speechless, Juhn just stood there, amazed by all the disrespect from Sanchi. The two of them just stood there as if they were preparing for another game of death stare, but soon it ended because of a loud shot.
Boom! Juhn Woun looked away from Sanchi, focusing on who fired the shot, becoming distracted. Dorugh and the pirates aimed their weapons all around their areas, trying to find the potential threats. Meanwhile Sanchi and Sanchez both looked at each other, shaking their heads, knowing this was the perfect chance to run.
"Maybe their companions be in a tree," Max called out, shooting into the tree, "I don't see anything!"
Sanchez ran into the crowd of the pirates, throwing Max right into Dorugh, and running past them. Dorugh and Max both got back up and fired at Sanchez, missing all their shots on the runaways. 
"The rest of ye scallywags go out there now," Max commanded, reading Dorugh's mind, "Don't let him get away!"
Dorugh and Juhn both knew Sanchez wasn't the biggest threat, but the one who stayed still in front of them, Sanchi. As the rest of the pirate troops chased Sanchez, Dorugh and Max aimed their weapons at Sanchi.
"Hands up," Dorugh said, "It's over!"
But Sanchi knew it wasn't. He wasn't afraid of two pirates and Juhn Woun, remembering the other challenges he faced. Sanchi wasn't even intimidated as he started to walk towards Juhn, with his sword held tight in his hands.
"He's moving!"
Max ran towards Sanchi, trying to pull him away but he was no match for Sanchi. He grabbed Max by the head and elbowed his nose, blood dripping everywhere and threw him into a tree, knocking him out of his mind. Then Dorugh ran towards Sanchi, trying to knock him out with the back of his gun. First as he heard Dorugh coming, Sanchi moved his head away and turned around, kicking Dorugh in his stomach and then headbutting him, knocking him out too.
"Finally," Sanchi said calmly, "I can finally see the real Juhn Woun!"
Sanchi made the first move, running towards a still Juhn and swung at him but the warrior dodged his move instantly. Juhn quickly started to swing his sword at Sanchi, Sanchi dodging his hits too like he read every move from an old book in ancient fighting. Juhn was impressed, smiling at Sanchi. Then he ran at Sanchi just as soon as Sanchi ran at him, both swords colliding and causing the two to fall back a little. Sanchi then ran back to Juhn, kicking his knee and tried to slice his head off but Juhn dropped completely on the ground to dodge it, quickly jumping back up. Now, Sanchi was impressed.
"I don't want to harm you," Juhn said, "But you're valuable for us and you know the knowledge of the treaty!"
Sanchi laughed at Juhn, "You're not valuable to me and I do wanna hurt you!"
Cling cling! Both the two continue to fight with their swords, none of the two became victorious just yet but soon Juhn knew it'd take more than just his sword. Juhn ran towards Sanchi again, using some of his best moves taught long ago. First he jumped up in mid air, dodging Sanchi's low hits, and then spun around Sanchi, cutting his pants open. Now he was completely behind Sanchi, placing his arms around Sanchi's neck and flipping him on the ground, kicking his sword out of his hands.
"I don't want to harm you," Juhn repeated his words again, "Give up!"
Sanchi smiled, not planning to give up but he had nothing else. No weapon, no plan, no one to help, nothing.
"I know you'd love that treaty," Sanchi said, "But you won't get it!"
Suddenly Stannis ran out of nowhere, tackling Juhn right to the ground and into a strong tree. Stannis then turned Juhn Woun and slammed his gun on the back of his head, knocking him out for a little while. 
"Looks like you needed help," Stannis said calmly, helping his Sanchi up.
Towards Stannis, Sanchi thought he was a villain who became a better father and a hero, suddenly changing his opinion on his own father. It was like Stannis changed into a new man right in front of Sanchi, helping him up. Sanchi actually trusted his father now, giving him a warm and tight hug. Finally Stannis felt like he gained Sanchi's trust, still feeling a bit awful for his further plans. Songs started to play in his head, a little tale he heard lots long ago, "Stannis, the one who will betray anyone in minutes."

Running through the long fields, dodging shots as he felt them fly by him, running in the open land like he was chasing freedom but in reality he was running with it. Sliding behind tree by tree and taking sharp turns, Sanchez still couldn't lose the four pirates who were still right behind him. Without Dorugh or Max, a pirate with no honor and just a tad of dignity mixed into with cockiness, Henry was his name and he led the other three pirates.
"Come on ye landlubbers," Henry said, trying to aim at the running Sanchez.
Many described him as a "pirate troop without honor" from all the ones he betrayed and the orders he didn't listen. Since his father was an important member in the council, this pirate was always let off easy and still learned nothing. Killing, he enjoyed the sight of watching some take their last breath of air, red liquid slowly spill out from their body, Henry loved the sight.
Meanwhile for Sanchez, he noticed the leader they got left, Henry, was right on his tail and coming closer. Soon enough, Sanchez was out of the jungles and into a new area. An area where he knew trouble was and if he was seen, they would capture him fast. Sanchez noticed his mistake, running into the city of Skull island, where warriors and pirate troops lived at. He ran past citizens, even knocking a few down which luckily blocked Henry and the other troops for a few seconds.
"Stop him," Pirate troop yelled, "Stop the criminal!"
Sanchez heard the voices of the troops behind him, yelling out foul language to other nearby citizens to stop them, but the citizens were afraid of the running pirate who had two pistols in his hand. Running past nearby markets, Sanchez quickly ran into a short cut and even tackled a pile of crates, still jumping up fast when he saw the troops. While Sanchez was completely unaware on where he was heading, noticing a tall and dark building ahead, Henry and the troops all knew where he was heading. The pirate army's old trading center was where Sanchez was heading towards. The trading center use to be where all the trades occurred but due to the poor condition of the building, Derwitchi and the army disbanded the building and left it there, knowing soon it'll fall into the Skyways. Over thousands of windows, mostly ones that are busted. The outside structure of the building, pitch black with dark green mold and vines all on it.
"The abandoned trade center," Pirate troop said, "It's too dangerous there!"
But Sanchez didn't know about how unstable and dangerous the building was, until he witnessed the building tilting a little right when he stepped inside. As the wind blew harder, the tower started to tilt forward a bit more, causing Sanchez to run into the walls but that didn't worry him, the fear of being caught by Juhn Woun and the pirate army made him fearful.

The three pirates behind Henry all stopped as soon as they witnessed Sanchez running into the abandoned trader center, understanding it would be a suicide mission to go into there but Henry didn't think so. He wanted Sanchez, after all the tireless running, he thought. Although others described Henry as a "pirate with no honor", he still somewhat cared about his reputation and started to believe if he caught Sanchez, he would rank up. Due to his cockiness attitude, he believed he could go in there and take care of Sanchez, by his self.
"Trooper Henry," Pirate said nervously, "The wind is causing that building to tilt a little. Can ye imagine the outcome of us going in there?"
Henry looked over at the building, eyeballing it tilting, seeing Sanchez passing windows. He felt like he had all the power and felt invincible, slowly throwing his bag off and everything off him, except for his weapons. The pirate with no honor wanted this to be a good tale for many ages, "The Henry Millow, who captured one of the Spiral's baddest enemy."
"Ye stay there and keep on pissing ye pants," Henry said, "I be killing him me self!"

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