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The Warrior "Daddy's Problem" S1 E4

After saving Scrimshaw from the armadas, Sanchi and the rest left the island with their new ship. Fighting those armadas were new for Sanchez and his companion, soon getting use to fighting ever since meeting Sanchi. Sanchez felt like a hero who is only known by citizens on Scrimshaw and finally felt like something more than just a pirate, he felt like he was apart of a hero-like crew. Meanwhile Sanchi still didn't like the idea of having another crew but since the death of Shiruku, Sanchi thought it was the right thing to do.
"I need to get back to Master Hanju," Sanchi said to Moresco, "I've been gone for almost six months now!"
"It's because of me," Moresco said, feeling a bit guilty, "We could be close by now but me accidentally crashed our ship."
"I crashed it again," Sanchi said, being responsible for someone dying, "And killed Shiruku."
Moresco jumped from his chair, on the wall, and landed on Sanchi's lap, "Master, we should talk about Shiruku and your love for her."
Sanchi shook his head, not wanting to think about a good companion who died because of his actions.
"If my father could see me right now," Sanchi said, banging his fist on the wheel.
"Only if Sir Stannis could see you right now," Moresco said, patting Sanchi's back, "His son fought against Kane and Deacon!"
Sanchi smiled, thinking his own self was still a joke. Sanchi remembered the day his own father gave him away to Master Hanju, or they way Hanju told him the story.
"I remember the day a man with a little angry smirk on his face... with a scruffy grey beard, short grey hair and light blue eyes came into my dojo...he had a baby in his arms who wouldn't stop crying," Hearing Hanju's own voice inside Sanchi's head, "He had two weapons on his belt with an angry look on his face when he walked up to me, he handed me a baby and right when he laid the baby in my arms...the child stopped crying!"
Sanchi never understood why his own father would give him away. Even after all the mentoring and training with Hanju, Sanchi still remembered the description Hanju gave him, "The old man with an angry smirk on his face...."
"Sir Stannis who wish he never gave you away once he seen what you have become, master!" Moresco said.
"You calling him sir is making me worse for me," Sanchi said, "I don't even want to see him again."
Moresco knew that was a lie, he knew Sanchi would one day like to see the man who helped create him but Sanchi just only wanted to know why his own father would give him away.
"Let's change the subject," Sanchi said, feeling a bit teary, "Where's Sanchez and his companion?"
"Probably in the bilge of the ship," Moresco said, "Where all the treasure be at."

Sanchez and Chun was nowhere near the bilge of the ship, instead on the poop deck, staring at wonderful ships go by them and admiring the ship. The two begin thinking one day they'd get a big ship after they save the whole entire Spiral from danger, feeling like heroes but in reality they're just the heroes of Scrimshaw but that was good enough for Sanchez, the feeling of being a hero.
"I took out Bishop," Chun said proudly, "And he thought I was an easy match up...Pshhh!"
"Sure," Sanchez said sarcastically, staring into the Skyways.
He watched every ship that went by them, some were big and some were small, and Sanchez just imagined his self on the largest ship throughout the spiral, with Chun, Sanchi, Moresco, Bonnie, and Shiruku.
"Chun," Sanchez said, "You think Bonnie and Shiruku would be proud of us by now?"
Wing Chun walked next to Sanchi and patted his back, "They were always proud of us."
Sanchez finally snapped back into reality when he heard the door opening up with Moresco coming out of it, "Hah, they aren't with the treasure!"
"Of course not," Sanchez said, "The medal and the thought of us saving Scrimshaw is enough."
Suddenly a ship stopped in front of their ship, nearly scaring Chun, and just remained there. Sanchez felt like they were in danger again, placing his hand on his gun holster. He slowly walked towards the ship, the ship that looked like an armada ship.
"Come on now," Sanchi said, "Move or I'll get on there and move it for ya!"
Sanchi and the rest still stood in place, waiting for the ship to move, but it never did. Then Sanchi shrugged his shoulders and jumped from their ship onto the stranger's ship. Finally the strange ship made their first move and begin moving a bit as armadas all surrounded Sanchi.
"F-f-f-freeze," Armada said, "A-a-all of-of yo-you."
Sanchi stared at the armada as the clockwork placed the blade of his sword near Sanchi's throat, "Clockwork, you know how to use that?"
Suddenly the armada swung at Sanchi for making it mad, which was a terrible idea. Sanchi quickly dropped on the ground, dodging the armada's swing, and sliced the armada's leg off. Quickly Sanchi jumped back up and gently pushed the armada off the ship, right as three more ran out towards Sanchi.
"Sanchi," Sanchez said aiming at the armadas, "You're in my way!"
Sanchez distracted Sanchi as he turned around, unable to hear what Sanchez was saying, "What?"
The armadas took advantage of the blinded fighter, charging their weapons, and firing an electric shark at Sanchi. Suddenly Sanchi begin to shake uncontrollably, dropping his sword, and soon falling on his knees.
"Freeze pirates," A man with blue eyes and a familiar smirk on his face said, "We have you all now!"
Sanchez and the rest all dropped their weapons, with their hands up. Sanchi slowly and managed to turn around, staring at a man who changed his life-it was his father, Stannis, "F-f-father?"
An armada next to Stannis walked up to a drooling Sanchi and knocked him out.

"Always look your enemies in the eye," Master Hanju said, "The enemy will strike you where he looks at."
A young Sanchi laughed as he hit the head of a practice dummy's head so hard that it went flying off, "That's pretty obvious, master."
A not-so-tall duck companion with a large hat and long grey beard begin mentoring Sanchi as soon as he was able to walk, trying to make him into a stronger and desirable fighter. At the beginning of the training, Hanju had Sanchi use a stick to fight with, same weapon that Hanju uses to take down his enemies but Sanchi didn't like using the stick.
"I don't like using some piece of wood," Sanchi said, throwing the stick down, "Give me something sharp!"
Master Hanju never killed his enemies, knowing the sound of defeat would make anyone feel shame. Instead he takes down his enemy with a long wooden stick and tries to make them become somewhat good...but Sanchi never liked that idea.
"If someone tries to kill me," Sanchi said, "Shouldn't I try to kill them back?"
"Make peace with your enemies young boy," Hanju said, walking around Sanchi.
Sanchi snickered, kicking the practice dummy's head, "They'd be in peace if they're buried in the ground!"
While Sanchi just started to heat the practice dummy's remaining parts with his stick, Hanju walked away from him and came back with with a new kind of weapon. He slowly and gently placed it in Sanchi's hand, pushing the stick out.
"If you want to be that type of fighter," Hanju said, "Then make sure kill the enemies of the fallen one you killed...."
Slowly Sanchi pulled out the long sword, looking at his own reflection from it. The sword was large and really sharp but Sanchi knew that. A gift from his own master and soon, his favorite gift...Sanchi felt like a true fighter now.
"Be careful with it," Hanju said, "It's quite sharp."
After looking at the sword for awhile, Sanchi finally looked up at his target, the practice dummy. Sanchi started to attack the dummy like it was an enemy, chopping pieces of it until there was nothing left. Then Sanchi approached the dummy's fallen head, thinking of it as an enemy who tried to kill him. Sanchi lifted up the heavy sword, released a loud roar and slammed down on it.

"Hey wake up," Pirate said as he started to poke Sanchi, "Can't believe I'm in front of a Warrior!"
Finally Sanchi opened up his eyes after being called a Warrior. He was no longer inside his brand new ship or in his Dojo in Mooshu. He was inside of a dark and cold cell, hearing the water drop several times and a teenager in front of him, still poking at him. The kid had dark brown hair, hanging near his eyes, with a bandanna wrapped around his head. The kid had dark brown eyes, Sanchi noticed because he was so close to him. He was also dressed similar to Sanchi, a brown jacket with holes in it, with a white t-shirt with brown stains inside of it.
"I'm no warrior you fool," Sanchi said, pushing the kid away, "I never seen you before?"
The young pirate stood up, introducing his self, but Sanchi really didn't care.
"I am Anthony De Sharp," he said, "And we're both prisoners on here."
Suddenly the cell became filled with light as armadas opened up the door, throwing Sanchez  into the cells. Sanchi couldn't see the man in front of him..until he was given a torch. From that point Sanchi felt a little heart-broken, seeing his father for the first time in a long time.
"The trouble-makers are in here," Stannis said, "The two companions are with other companions."
Sanchi slowly stood up, trying to speak to his father, "You're father!"
Stannis laughed, "I have a bunch of sons from lots of mothers...maybe these two are my sons too!"
"Hopefully not," Sanchez added
Sanchi stared at Stannis for a brief second, seeing the resemblance from the two, except for the eyes. Stannis felt like he was looking at his self centuries ago but it was Sanchi he was looking at.
"Boy," Stannis said to Sanchi, "Where are you from?"
"Hamamistu...the same place you're from," Sanchi said, getting close to Stannis, "I was your first-born son!"
 Stannis demanded for the guards to leave the cell. Sanchi, the son he gave up to join in the Great War...his first-born son.
"I gave you to..."
"Hanju," Sanchi interrupted Stannis, "I was too young to know who you were when I was a baby...Hanju told me about you..."
"I remember you," Stannis said calmly, "Got your eyes from your mother, I bet!"
Stannis's real reason on dumping Sanchi when he was a baby was because he killed his mother while she was giving birth to him. He thought of Sanchi as a monster, soon realizing that he's the only thing left of her.
"I don't know where my mother is," Sanchi said, "But you need to let me and my friends go."
Stannis stood there, speechless on finally seeing his first son but at the same time he was furious for looking at the man who killed his wife. Stannis held back his anger and tears but in his voice, Sanchi knew his father was hurt.
"You're captured by Willis Brust," Stannis said angrily, "I'm with Juhn and the pirates...I shouldn't be here!"
Sanchi ran up to his father but armadas got between the two, throwing Sanchi into the wall. Again his father was walking out on Sanchi, leaving him for the second time. Stannis left the armada's ship, flying far away from the last memory of Stannis's wife, Sanchi.
"They're going to kill us," Anthony said, "No matter who ya father is!"
Sanchez looked over at Sanchi, hoping he would of thought of a plan to get them out already, "They can't kill us!"
"They will," Anthony said nervously, "This is Kane's army!"
"Sanchez is right," Sanchi said, staring at the door, "We will be getting out here alive!"
Sanchez started to laugh, ready for more actions. He removed his boot from his foot and pulled out a small little revolver, "Kane is making a mistake!"

Back in Valencia there was a meeting with the armada's small circle. They begin discussing ways to take over more islands, better strategy for the war with the warriors and the pirates.
"We need to take Scrimshaw back," Bishop said, "That pirate in blue and his crew ruined it for us!"
Deacon glanced over at Kane, remembering the showdown on Skull Island, "They're becoming a threat."
"They may join Avery and the pirate army," Phule said, "Or maybe they'll join us!"
"We could take over Hamamistu village and Khotan," Deacon said, "We need to act fast!"
"No need to take over a few villages who're Skyways away from the pirate army," Bishop added
Rooke walked into the room, the big big armada man who didn't know a lick of strategy. Although he knows how to kill and fight his enemies, "Blow up all of Mooshu."
Bishop laughed, "Then other Skyways will go against us!"
"We need to think of something," Deacon said, slamming his fist down, "Spies all around the Spiral informed me that Juhn Woun and Derwitchi plans on recruiting Sanchi and his crew!"
"They'll serve as a big threat," Bishop said wisely, "But a crew with only one good fighter can't beat our army."
Deacon snickered, believing that Bishop didn't know much about Sanchi and his crew, "Bishop, didn't they beat your army back on Scrimshaw?"
"Should of sent me to Scrimshaw," Rooke said, rubbing his ax, "Would of been better than Douglass!"
Kane remained silent throughout the whole entire meeting, which is unusual for the leader of the group and the army to be quiet with no plans or orders. Kane thought of many plans and could of gave lots of orders when they first started the meeting, but he was too busy thinking about Sanchi and his crew.
"Master no disrespect but you're a bit quiet," Deacon said over the others, "Bit unusual."
Kane turned his head over at Deacon, trying to ignore the nonsense Phule was saying, "Do you know more about Sanchi and his crew?"
"Of course," Deacon said, "They were captured by Willis and Stannis."
"Stannis is going back to Skull island," Bishop said, "He has other things to do."
Kane was a bit mad that Deacon didn't mention this when the meeting started, the only good report Deacon had throughout this whole entire meeting.
"Find out where Sanchi's trainer is," Kane said, "And Rooke go out to Willis and you know the rest."
Kane dismissed the meeting and kicked out Bishop and Phule. Rooke started to laugh as he was getting excited to handle the new threats, grabbing his ax and leaving the room.
"We have bigger threats," Kane said to Deacon, "You're a Spymaster, find out where Sanchi's master is at!"
Deacon nodded his head and left the room, getting right to it. Meanwhile Kane was the only one left in the room, staring out of the window and into the Valencia. He started to think about how having Sanchi with the pirates would be terrible for the armadas. He either want them dead or them to join, including his master.

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