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The Warrior "Jail Break" S1 E5

After Willis and his armada guards left Sanchi and the rest alone, Sanchez and Anthony begin their escape plan. Sanchez didn't know much about the new kid but he had a feeling that Anthony wanted to get out of here as much as them.
"This is Willis Brust's ship," Anthony explained to Sanchez, "He has about dozens of guards nearby us and probably another dozen guarding him."
Sanchez laughed, playing with the hidden knife. Ever since he met Sanchi, his self esteem and confidence boosted up like a witch doctor cast an invincible spell on him. He didn't fear the armadas much, if only he thought about fearing them. Instead Sanchez only thought about killing them.
"About a couple rooms and perhaps hallways down there is a room filled with companions," Anthony said to Sanchez, "Maybe we could..."
Sanchez interrupted the young pirate, thinking about Wing Chun's fate in the hands of the armadas, the ones who got their clockworks' butts beat by a ninja, musketeer, and two companions. For all he knows, his best friend could be dead, "What does this "Willis" clockwork do to the companions?"
"I really don't know," Anthony said, "I've only walked by there but when I do...I usually see guards carry out deceased companions."
"We have two companions in there," Sanchez said as he looked over at Sanchi.
Sanchi wasn't in the conversation or even paid attention to some pirate he barely knows and another pirate he doesn't even know. He just stared at the wall, thinking about his master, Hanju, and seeing his father for the first time. He was depress seeing the man who gave up on his own son for the pirate army, he thought.
"Chun and Moresco could be dead meat," Sanchez said to Sanchi, "Do you even care?"
"And they could be alive and well," Sanchi said, turning back around, "We shouldn't be believing some kid who's "in jail" we've never seen before."
"Maaaaybe there's a good reason why he's locked up in here," Sanchi said, observing Anthony, "Perhaps he stole...perhaps he lied...perhaps he killed!"
It was quite hard to gain Sanchi's trust or even to get him to like anyone, example being Sanchez. Meanwhile Sanchez trusted Anthony and started to take his side and stood up for him.
"Or maybe he's innocent and was captured by the armadas randomly," Sanchez argued back, "Like us!"
Sanchi looked at Sanchez, a pirate wearing filthy clothes with dirt stains all over his face and teeth he haven't washed in months. Sanchi then looked over at Anthony, seeing an exact image of Sanchez.
"Maybe you should bug him and join his crew," Sanchi said sarcastically, "You two will be great together!"
Both of them remained in silent as Sanchi walked back to his corner and sat back down, going back to thinking about his father. Meanwhile Sanchez understood Sanchi's anger, realizing that Sanchi was a bit grumpy due to his father.
"Maybe I should tell you two more about myself," Anthony said, "My name is Anthony De Sharp and..."
"I don't care," Sanchi rudely interrupted him, "I need some sleep so I can escape with my own plan."
Sanchi dropped on the hard cold ground and closed his eyes but he still couldn't sleep due to all the thinking. Sanchez and Anthony managed to get some sleep after they introduced their selves.

Back on Skull Island, miles and miles away from the dangerous jungles, lived hundreds of huts and large buildings filled with the toughest and oldest fighters, known as Warriors. Also the great Warrior's council stood strong and protected on Skull island, with the great pirate army. The docks near the buildings owned by the Warriors and the Pirate's army/council were packed with ships.
"State your name," A pirate commander by the name Dorugh said, "And your alliance!"
Pirates all pulled their swords and some pulled their weapons out, aiming at the stranger's ship who still haven't state their name and alliance. Then the doors on the ship opened up and Stannis walked off the ship.
"Look who it is," Warrior called after seeing Stannis walking down from his ship, "Stannis!"
The pirate had dark black skin with a bald head and a dark brown mixed with grey short beard. He had a long white cloak on with his sword holster by his side. This dark-skinned warrior wasn't just any warrior, he was an ancient warrior who fought for the pirate for more than twenty years. He defeated some of the best enemies and still managed to survive two wars, one being right now during the Great Pirate War. The great Warrior was Juhn Woun.
"Juhn," Stannis said, bowing to him, "Great to see you're still fighting."
"Aye," Juhn said, "Surprise you came back here after being gone for a few months."
No one knew where Stannis was for a few months, some said he formed an alliance with both the pirates and the armadas while others said he was lost in the Monquista's Skyways.
"Rooke and Willis Brust captured Sanchi Sameria and his crew," Stannis whispered to Juhn.
Juhn quickly became worried and started to fear since the armadas captured a crew the pirates been looking for. He wanted Sanchi and his crew after hearing he took down Kane and Deacon all by their selves.
"They could be valuable in this war," Juhn Woun said, "The Sanchi lad could become one of the best warrior."
"If he's trained right," Stannis said, hinting that Juhn should be the one to train him.
Juhn quickly turned around and walked over to the one of the newest pirate commander in the pirate army, Dorugh. Juhn walked over towards the tall and strong pirate with no hair besides the grey goatee on his chin. Dorugh earned his titles after he led a group of troops into a battle in Monquista, coming out victorious. The commander could easily be trusted and was known for his bravery and commitment towards the Warriors and the pirate army.
"Commander Dorugh," Juhn said, "Send out three ships filled with pirate troops and find these individuals."
Juhn turned back around, facing Stannis, "Do you know where they were captured at?"
Stannis remembered staring into his son eyes after Willis Crust captured them but he didn't want the pirates to know where he was at or even know who's side he was on.
"No clue," Stannis said straight to Juhn's face, "Perhaps somewhere in Monquista or Valencia?"

Two of Willis Brust's armada marksman remained on the outside of Sanchi and the rest's cell, guarding it until Rooke can take Sanchi and Sanchez back to Valencia from orders by Kane. Sanchi continued to try his best to design a good escape plan, while the armadas were bringing them some more company in the cell.
"Never even held a piece of gold in my life before," Anthony said, "One day I hope I can do better..."
Sanchez thought of Anthony just like his self, before Sanchi and Moresco found him. Soon he hoped he could hold more than thousands of gold and he wanted to hold more than that too, just like Anthony's dream.
"You can," Sanchez said, snapping his finger, "If you join me, my friend over there, and our companions!"
Sanchi rolled his eyes, already regretting saying yes to him, "Oh just shut it already."
Errrrrr! Suddenly they all stopped talking as the dark little cell started to fill up with lights. They watched as the armada's shadow grew bigger and bigger, until they finally threw a small monkey companion into the cell.
"This-th-is-is your n-n-new partner," Willis teased, "He-name is...Glen."
The small little companion stood back up as the light in their cell disappeared. He could barely see anyone and started to panic like he was surrounded by demons. Anthony quickly jumped up and tried to stop Glen from getting close to harming anyone but that only resulted into a busted nose from Glen.
"I shouldn't be here," Glen cried, "My father is the king of Monquista!"
Sanchez and Anthony was clueless, unaware that the little companion in front of them were the son of a powerful king in Monquista but Sanchi knew the king's son right when he was thrown into the dark pit. Sanchi was somewhat satisfied for someone somewhat intelligent to be in this cell.
"I'm taking a guess your father didn't accept Kane's proposal for Monquista to join the armadas," Sanchi said, "Maybe he's on his knees for Lord Derwitchi."
Glen ignored Sanchi's remarks and started to find a way out of the dark cell but there was no way to escape, except for Sanchi's plan.
"If you stop your cries maybe I can explain my plan on escaping," Sanchi said, having the knife in his hand.
Anthony managed to calm Glen down and everyone remained silent, waiting to hear Sanchi's perfect plan.

"Well," Sanchez said, "What's the plan?"
Sanchi begin to laugh like his plan topped any other pirate's escape plan throughout the entire Spiral. Sanchi then walked over to the door, "We need someone with good acting."
Anthony looked around and shrugged his shoulder, volunteering, "I guess I am..."
Bam! Sanchi walked to Anthony and punched him right in the nose and then started to kick him. He then begin to scream for the armada's help as Anthony remained on the cold ground.
"Help," Sanchi cried, "There's a fight in here!"
Finally Sanchi's plan managed to work as two armada marksman opened up that door wide and ran towards Sanchi and Anthony. Sanchi then noticed the two armadas running towards the scene and let Anthony go, running towards Sanchez and snatching the knife back.
"S-s-stop..this," Armada marksman said
But Sanchi wasn't ready to give up. He quickly ran towards one of the guards and slammed his head into the armada's mask, denting it and caused the armada to have a little malfunction, causing it to suddenly shake rapidly. He then grabbed the disabled armada's musket and slammed the gun into the other armada.
One hit, two hit, three hit, four, Sanchez and the rest stood there and watch Sanchi slammed the armada's musket into the other armada's head until the riffle was fully broken.
"There," Sanchi said, breathing loud, "Easy little plan."

Willis and some of his armadas watched as Rooke's ship docked on Willis's large ship. Waiting for Rooke to step on his ship, Willis begin to shake for his chest of treasure for the capture of Sanchi and his crew. Finally Rooke arrived with a few of Kane's armadas and of course, Stannis.
"Sir Rooke," Willis clapped for the powerful armada who stepped on his ship, "Wh-where my treasure?"
"In my ship," Rooke said, walking past Willis, "Get it yourself."
Rooke didn't care about what Willis Brusted wanted or what he deserved, he came here for the trouble makers who made the whole Spiral shake because of them. Rooke begin to make his way to Sanchi's cell, where the only thing that was in there was two armada marksman.

Sanchi, Sanchez, Anthony, and Glen begin to move, trying to look for their companions. Sanchi was determined to find Moresco while Glen tried to convince Sanchi and Sanchez to leave their companions behind.
"They're just creatures labeled as companions," Glen said, "I know I know I may look like one but me and companions are seperated from..."
"Shut it or we'll leave you behind," Sanchez said, looking all around for armadas.
Sanchi was leading the pack, opening every single door they ran by and hoped Moresco would be behind one of them. Every door he opened, Sanchi just lost hope and feared even more for his companion's life, the companion who would die looking for Sanchi.
"He has to be here somewhere," Sanchi panicked, "We gotta keep looking!"
After going through his tenth door, Sanchi soon became less careful and started to run past hallways without making sure armadas weren't there. Without using any common sense, which was unusual of him, Sanchi ran by a hallway without making sure there were no armadas...and passed several armadas.
"Sanchi wait!"
Boom! Suddenly the three armadas begin to fire at Sanchez and Anthony, causing them to be blocked off from Sanchi and Glen, who was on the other side of the hallway filled with armadas. Sanchez and Anthony remained leaning on the wall, trying to think of something good. Meanwhile Sanchi stood there, shocked on what he just caused, another mistake.
"We're blocked," Sanchez said, pulling out the other armada's rifle, "Maybe this'll be our chance to make it."
As the gunshots were still being fired, Anthony watched Sanchez loading up the armada's rifle. Anthony started to fear for his own life as the bullets started to grow louder.
"We shouldn't do this," Anthony said, "Maybe we could find another..."
Sanchez knew this was the only option, knowing all of this depended on his and Sanchi's companion's life.
"I think we can," Sanchez said, grabbing Anthony's shoulder, "Be ready for this."
Sanchez nodded his head at Sanchi, motioning for him to defend him. Sanchi then jumped out in front of the open hallway and started to fire at the group of armadas.
"You can do this kid," Sanchez said to Anthony, "Just...close your eyes."
"No," Anthony said, "Don't take me out there!"
Sanchez didn't listen as he ran out in the opened with Anthony right by his self, pulling him against his will. Swoosh! Bullets begin to fly past Anthony's ears and even skinned past his sweaty dark brown hair. Sanchez and Anthony continued to run past the armadas, firing and helping Sanchi out.
"This is dangerous," Anthony cried.
Finally Sanchez threw Anthony into Glen's arms and tackled Sanchi behind the walls and away from the armadas. The four of them remained on the ground, exhausted like they ran hundreds of miles just to save two companions..but for Sanchi and Sanchez, they were more than companions.
"We...we need to go," Sanchez said, staying on the ground, "Before Rooke finds out that we aren't in..."
Suddenly Sanchez stopped his talking and everything became quiet, no more heavy breathing. They started to hear yelling, the voice of Rooke started to echo all throughout Brust's ship.
"They aren't here!" Rooke's voice echoed, "Where is Sanchiiiiii!"

"They should be in there," Willis said, running into the open cell, "They gotta be somewhere!"
Rooke was furious and continued to yell and throw things around. Meanwhile Willis just stood there next to Stannis, speechless that he lost the valuable crew.
"You won't last long after losing Sanchi," Stannis said, "I advise you to alarm every armada on this ship!"
"Th-they co-could still be on here," Willis Brust said, falling on the ground.
Stannis grabbed Willis's arm and pulled him back up, slamming him hard into the wall. Stannis, the father of the escaped prisoner, looked Willis and gave him an angry look. He knew the trouble if his own son and his crew escaped the ship and Juhn eventually finding them, Stannis knew how strong of the impact the crew would be for the pirate army, something Willis didn't know.
"If Juhn finds them," Stannis said, "Kane will kill you."
Willis nodded his head as Stannis threw him back on the ground. Stannis and Rooke then walked away from Willis, contacting all the armadas on the ship to be on the lookout for four running prisoners.

Beeeep! Beeep! beeep! Suddenly alarms all on the ship begin to flash red repeatedly, warning every armada on the ship that prisoners are on board and on the run.
"They know we're missing," Glen cried, "We're going to die because you two had to find your two companions!"
"Don't blame them," Anthony defended his new crew, "You would be Willis's toy if it wasn't for them!"
The four continued to run, dodging armadas and bullets every corner. Sanchi ignored all of it, the madness, the noises, everything around him. He knew he had to focus and remained focus if he wanted to find Moresco.
"We won't make it if we waste anymore time looking for them," Sanchez said, "I think they're...gone."
Suddenly Sanchi stopped running, dumbfounded on what Sanchez said. He couldn't believe the pirate who already lost two companions would already give up on his last-living one but he didn't care if he was alone or had help. Either way, Sanchi wanted to find Moresco and get out of here with him..not without him.
"I can't leave Moresco," Sanchi said to Sanchez, "He would die for me, I should at least try to find him!"
Sanchez wanted Chun back but he knew it was too dangerous but if Sanchi could do it, he believed he could too.
"You're right," Sanchez said
Sanchi smiled, patting Sanchez on his back, "Then...let's go."
Boom! Suddenly they started to hear gun firing again as a bullet hit a door in front of Sanchez. Armadas, dozens of them begin to approach Sanchi and the rest. They were trapped, only walls and a small little door was behind them as the armadas continued to fire at them.
"The door," Sanchi said, opening it up, "Fast!"
The four of them ran inside of the room and slammed it shut, having their eyes shut and tried to catch their breath, unaware on what was behind them. None of them cared about what was lurking behind them, the only thing mattered on what was in front of them, danger.
Sanchi opened his eyes back up, heart begin to beat faster. He recognized the voice like he heard it most of his life. He slowly turned around, looking right at his companion.
"You're alive," Sanchi said, running towards Moresco, "I knew it!"
Sanchez stood there while Sanchi ran towards Moresco, staring at the other companions all around the room. Crab companions down to crane companions, every kind of companion were staring at the four humans.
"Sanchez," Wing Chun said, coming in front of the crowd, "What have you guys done?"
The alarms were still going off but Sanchez and Anthony started to hear something else, this time not being the alarm. Sanchez slowly walked towards the door and looked out of the door's window. He suddenly taking a deep nervous breath like the grim reaper started to knock on the door but it was worse than the reaper.
"Oh no," Sanchez said, "Rooke, Willis...they're here!"

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