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The Warrior "Armadas Overboard" S1 E6


Young Sanchi, who already trained for months now with his master, watched ships fly pass his home. After long exhausted training with his master, Sanchi would regularly go near the end of his island just to watch the ships go by and make up stories by his self. Sanchi slowly watch as a enormous wooden ship with shining armor all over it. Sanchi examined everything on the passing ship, counting all the cannons on it and windows, which help Sanchi understand the owner of the ship's protection and wealth.
"This ship," Sanchi said to his self, "Owned by a wealthy ruler way back in Aquila, where he lived in an enormous castle, bigger than any of the Warrior's temples and even wealthier than the islands of Scrimshaw. Myke flies in Mooshu just to admire the beautiful pink Skyway after a long day of ruling!"
Sanchi loved telling stories, even if he had no clue if the pirates were wealthy or not or if its a pirate or an armada, he didn't care.
"Another one," Sanchi said, examining the ship flying by.
The ship was much bigger than the one Sanchi saw before. This passing ship could fit two regular sized cheap pirate's ships in it and the armor on the ship amazed Sanchi, not seeing one patch of wooden planks on it. There were almost eight cannons on the lower part of the ship, Sanchi quickly felt bad for the ones who had to go against this ship.
"A wealthy Mooshu farmer who use to live in Hamamistu," Sanchi continued, "This one is named Sanuraita, the Hamamistu farmer who struck gold on his land bought one of the wealthiest ships throughout the Spiral. He's like a superhero and he flies all around the Skyways to save the ones who need..."
Sanchi stopped as he heard someone laughing behind him like his imagination wasn't good enough for any story. It was his master, who was approaching Sanchi from behind with fruits in his hands.
"Assuming this young fighter doesn't know much about that "Super hero" inside that ship," Master Hanju said, "Is master Hanju correct?"
Sanchi shrugged his shoulders as the ship flew right by him, "I'm just making it up, master Hanju."
Master Hanju snickered, sitting right next to Sanchi. Hanju slowly placed his furry hand on Sanchi's shoulder and looked out into the Skyway with him, concluding that Sanchi had no idea what was inside of the large silver ship. Meanwhile Sanchi became curious, "Tell me about that enormous armored ship, master Hanju."
"Those scary clockworks I told you stories about," Master Hanju said softly, "You remember'em?"
Sanchi nodded his head.
Sanchi's master explained what was in the ship, "There's no hero inside of that ship, there's just evil all around it with blood spilled by innocent pirates or even farmers like me or a young boy like you. There were armadas inside of that ship that were built or some even trained just to cause trouble and harm others. They don't care about us or anyone besides their alliances, the Armada army."
Sanchi glanced far ahead at the armada's ship, slowly disappearing deeper into the Skyways. He was too young to learn about the wars between the pirates and the armadas, or even learn about Kane and his master's army. But for some odd reason, Sanchi wanted to learn more about the inner circle and the armadas so maybe one day, Sanchi could end all the evil and fill up the spiral with heroes.
"Master Hanju," Sanchi said in a low-pitched tone, "Will they ever attack us?"
"Maybe," Hanju said, "And if they do, I want you to knock their circuits out and make the leaders bleed!"

Knock their circuits out and make Kane, Deacon, Rooke, all of the inner circle bleed, words that remained in Sanchi's mind from the day Hanju explained the armadas until the day he was trapped on Willis Brust's ship, with Rooke and other armadas hunting them.
"They're all around us," Glen begin to panic, "And all we have is two weapons and a bunch of scared companions!"
While the others started to complain and fear for their lives, Sanchi remained calm and begin to remember what Hanju told him about the armadas and what to do whenever they try to attack him.
"Knock their circuits out and make the leaders bleed."
Sanchi looked down the rusted armada's rifle and smiled like he knew they had a chance even if there were thousands of armadas and only him, he always believed in it.
"We're going to die," Chun cried, hugging Sanchez, "We should of stayed back in Skull island!"
Sanchez begin to panic with Chun and the rest of the companions, until he looked over at Sanchi, who just stood there and remained calm. Sanchez thought it was odd of Sanchi being the only one who remained intact.
"Hey bud," Sanchez said to Sanchi, "Please tell me there's a plan...B?"
Sanchi looked around the room and noticed a vent on the ceiling, a perfect way for Sanchez and the rest of his crew to escape, without him.
"Me and the companions will stay back and fight," Sanchi explained, "You and the others will go up into the vents and on the outside of the ship."
Sanchez nodded his head and gathered Chun, Moresco, Anthony, and Glen, explaining them Sanchi's plan. Luckily the larger companions helped lifting them up and pushed them into the upper vents. This could be the last time Sanchez could see his new friend, Sanchi, as he realized the danger of his plan. Before going into the vents, Sanchez ran towards Sanchi.
"Take the pistol," Sanchez said, "You need it more than me."
But Sanchi declined the pistol, pushing it back in Sanchez's hands, "Take it, you'll need it more than me."

Dozens of armadas begin marching towards the door where Sanchi and the companions were hiding at. Willis Brust was leading the group while Rooke walked behind him, bringing out his large sharp ax.
"I have no weapon," Stannis said, "I should go."
Stannis walked back to his ship after he lied to Rooke and the rest. Stannis hoped for his son and his crew to survive the attack and he also hoped he could find his son if they make it out, trying to convince him to join him and the armadas.
"We can't let them go this time," Rooke yelled, "Kane will have your head!"
Willis knew the possibilities of his little unit of armadas winning after realizing most of his clockworks were down to their last bullets but Willis wasn't afraid of any companions.
"W-w-won't let it happen," Willis said, pulling out two swords, "I-I-I got them."
Ting, ting, bump! Suddenly Rooke started to hear noises from above, it being inside of the vents. This tall and giant armada had a feeling that he could easily handle this crew and thought it'd be better for him if he captured the crew his self. He dropped his ax on the ground and pulled out his enormous sword like he was ready to knock out a heavy-set pinata.
"Take your unit and handle the ones in the room," Rooke said, "I got the ones in the vents!"

Sanchez, Chun, Moresco, Anthony, and Glen continued to crawl in the small vents, trying to find the opening to get them on the top of the ship.
"We would be better off jumping out of a window," Glen cried, voice echoing all around.
Sanchez had hope for him and his crew making it out alive in this situation, believing that his crew can handle anything ever since the day he fought on Scrimshaw. He believed that his crew wouldn't go out by just a bunch of clockworks.
"Never been in a situation like this before," Anthony said, right behind Glen, "How about any of y'all?"
Chun rolled his eyes, "I don't even know your name?"
"Anthony De Sharp," The young pirate introduced his self, "I was locked in the cell with your friends."
"Maybe you'll die with them too," Glen said under quietly.
Sanchez ignored what the others were saying and continued to remain focus but he started to hear something odd, nothing. No more gunshots, no screaming or yelling or things breaking, nothing. Sanchez just stopped moving while the others continued to crawl, "Something isn't right..."
Suddenly a sword went through the vent and right in front of Sanchez, the tip of the blade tapping Sanchez's chin. Then the sword was quickly removed out of the vent and caused a bit of light to be shown.
"Woah," Anthony exclaimed, "What was that?"
Sanchez remained calm even though deep inside he was panicking. He stayed in the same position, slowly bending his head downward to look out of the hole caused by the sword. None of them knew what was under them, which made them fear even more.
"I don't know," Sanchez said, "I think it may be a swo..."
Bam! Suddenly the sword went through the vent again, skimming through Anthony's arm and caused the group to freak out. Quickly the sword was removed out of the vent and a few seconds later it went through it again in a new spot. Over and over the sword was going in and out as Sanchez and the rest started to crawl even faster, their hands and feet slamming down on the vents.
"Come back little piggys," Rooke yelled with a whistle, "You can't keep running!"
"It's Rooke," Sanchez said, "Glen, run faster!"
The six of them inside of the vents continued to crawl faster while Rooke was still cutting through the vent like they were being hunted. Each of Rooke's hits managed to skim past them and cause no harms but he was getting close.
"Left," Sanchez cried, "Fast!"
The crew made a sharp left, causing Rooke to run into a dead end. Nearly out of breath and close to having heart attacks due to the near death experiences, the six of them all fell on their stomachs to catch their breaths. While they laid there, Sanchez started to feel like he was shaking in place. No one else felt the shake but Sanchez knew someone was shaking the vent as he backed up a few steps.
"Guys," Sanchez said nervously, "He's trying to get in!"
Woosh! Suddenly the vents far back from them started to collapsed off the ceilings, caused by Rooke pulling the vents out his self. The rest begin to go back to panicking while Sanchez crawled backwards with his musket, believing he wasn't going to go out like this.
"Come on out!" Rooke's voice echoed
As the vents started to fall down near Sanchez, he quickly aimed his pistol at Rooke and grinned at the big fool, "I don't think so!"
Boom! Sanchez pulled the trigger and watched as the bullet flew out from the musket and towards Rooke. The bullet quickly flew into Rooke's shoulder, which had no armor in it, and caused the large armada to release the vents and fall on the ground. As Rooke remained on the ground, crying like a little baby who candy got stolen, Sanchez and the rest continued to crawl further and near their exit.

Stannis continued to walk back to his ship, suddenly being stopped by two of Rooke's guards. Stannis was busy and knew he didn't have much time to argue with two brainless fools.
"Stop," One of the armadas said, "S-s-state your re-re-reasons."
Stannis laughed as he threw his hands up. He didn't want Sanchi to see him with the other side that were trying to capture him, he wanted to fool his own abandoned son into joining the armadas his self with his own designed plan.
"I only came here to escort Rooke to the prison," Stannis yelled, "Not here to fight with them!"
The two armadas quickly raised their guns at Stannis, a mistake they made towards the man in front of them. Meanwhile Stannis begin to shake his head as he slowly pulled something out of his pocket.
"Shouldn't be aiming at me," Stannis said, holding a round object in his hand.
The two armadas focused on what was Stannis in his hands, making it easier for Stannis to take out the two guards. He quickly pushed one into the wall, grabbing the other one and placing the electric sticky bomb on the chest of the other one.
"N-n-no," The armada screamed, "G-g-get this t-t-thing off of..."
Boom! Suddenly the electric bomb went off as Stannis jumped back, sending a bright blue electric wave around the area and disabling the two armadas.
"Well," Stannis said to his self
He then walked past the disabled armadas and back on his ship, flying off of Willis's ship but no far from it.

Sanchi and the other companions waited as they heard each footsteps taken by the armadas grow louder and louder. The companions all hide around the room after Sanchi managed to talk them into fighting for their freedom. Finally Willis approached the door and knocked it down, dozens of armadas quickly swarmed into the room.
"H-h-hands up," An armada guard said to the companions
But the companions didn't listen as they jumped down and attacked the armadas with their bare hands, tackling them down and tearing a few apart. Sanchi quickly joined the fight like it wasn't anything new, taking out armadas like his master always reminded him.
"D-d-don't let these com-companions take us down," Willis cried, "We can handle these things!"
Buffalo companion ran straight into a pile of armadas, throwing them everywhere and tearing them apart. The buffalo companion started to roar like they were close to a victory but his roar didn't last long as Willis's sword went through the companion's stomach.
Meanwhile Sanchi continued to fight strong as an another armada tried to swing his sword at him. Sanchi quickly dodged his head as the sword sliced off some of his hair. He then jumped back up and head butted the armada and threw him into the wall repeatedly until it was destroyed.
"Take their circuits out and don't leave one left!"

After crawling in a small vent for a long time, Glen finally noticed lighting from above, light from the Skyway. The five of them crawled faster than before, finally realizing they were close to escaping.
"We made it," Moresco screamed, "Me master will be proud!"
Glen smiled as he ripped off the upper vent and crawled on the top of the ship, staring at all the ships avoiding the armada's ship, due to the alarm going off loud.
"Now we just...."
Chun stopped as he noticed the teen pirate running towards the front-end of the ship, where the wheel was. Chun, Moresco, and Glen just stayed there while Sanchez chased Anthony.
"Anthony," Sanchez called, "What are you doing?"
He didn't answer, the teen pirate remained silent as he snatched Sanchez's musket right out of his hand. Ever since meeting him, Sanchez thought it was weird that Anthony stopped talking for a while.
"I hope that you talking means you had a good plan," Sanchez said, following Anthony again.
Anthony slid off the room and near the wheel of the ship, firing a few shots into the window and busting it down. Sanchez then looked down at Anthony as he shot and took out one of Willis's armada, throwing his body into the Skyways.
"Steering this ship towards an island," Anthony said as he ripped off the wheel, "We need to be gone before it crash!"

Suddenly the ship started to become bumpy, causing lots of the companions to fall down and go straight into the walls. Sanchi managed to hold his ground as he took down another armada. Sanchi still managed to stay up after the ship ran into a large jungle tree, leaving it a hole between Sanchi and the companions.
"This ship is going down," Sanchi said, "This may sounds dangerous but if you want to live, you all need to jump into that hole and into the jungles while the trees stay tall!"
Bam! Suddenly the ship took a hard scrap and made another giant hole in the room, quickly causing the rest of the companions to go through the hole and out of the ship. Now Sanchi thought he was all alone and quickly started to pull his self towards the door...until he heard a voice behind him.
"Y-y-y-you shouldn't go yet," Willis said, swinging two swords around, "Not wi-w-without your sword!"
Sanchi turned around and noticed Willis holding his sword, given by master Hanju, in the hands of an armada, Sanchi's newest enemy. Sanchi then pulled out the musket and aimed it at Willis.
"You don't have the advantage," Sanchi said, "I want my sword back!"
Willis started to laugh as he threw Sanchi's sword back into Sanchi's hands, "Shooting me is a coward way of taking me out...why not duel me and show me your skills!"
Sanchi smiled and ran towards Willis, swinging his sword strong and mighty at the foolish armada.
Cling, cling! Their two swords repeatedly collided into each other after Sanchi read Willis's strikes and dodged him, knowing if he could handle Kane then Willis could be no problem. As the ship hit another few trees, Willis quickly fell to the floor and releasing his sword. Meanwhile Sanchi grinned at Willis after realizing he had the upper ground and the advantage, kicking Willis's sword into the hole. Now, it was time for Willis to beg but Sanchi ignored it as he approach Willis.
"Don't ever try to stop me from reaching my master again," Sanchi said, raising his sword high.
Sanchi then slammed the blade of his sword on Willis, easily chopping the armada's head off and kicked the headless armada into the hole of the ship.

"We need to go," Sanchi said, finally meeting up his crew, "Willis is gone but I saw Rooke fleeing off the ship."
Sanchez was a bit disappointed, hoping he killed one of Kane's inner circle member but yet he was satisfied to make it alive...for now.
"Master," Moresco said, "What are we going to do now?"
Luckily Willis's ship was going towards the volcano but it was on the edge and close to the Skyways. Sanchi then grabbed Moresco and jumped off the ship, landing on another pirate's ship.
"Uhhh," Anthony said, "Is he insane?"
After everything they been through, Sanchez knew he wasn't afraid of heights and a little jump. He shrugged his shoulders and jumped off Willis's ship, landing next to Sanchi.
"Chun," Sanchez yelled, "You're next!"
Chun just stood there, looking down into the very deep Skyways. Wing Chun quickly begin to freak out as if heights were his weakness but luckily due to their newest crew mate, Anthony, he helped Chun overcome that.
"Sorry pal," Anthony said, grabbing Chun and throwing him on the other ship, "This should be fun!"
Anthony and Glen both dived off Willis's ship and landing on some pirate's ship. The six of them watched as Willis's ship crashed into a mountain, blowing up into bits and flames, something which made Sanchi satisfied.
"Well we made it out," Sanchez said to Sanchi, "Now what?"
"First we drop off Glen," Sanchi said, "Then we head to Mooshu."

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