Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Warrior "The Pit Stop" S1 E8

Stannis stared out of the window with a concerned look on his face. He slowly closed the window and walked away from it, trying his best to forget what was outside of the window, he tried to forget what was coming after his son and his crew.
"Fools," Stannis scowled.
Stannis ran towards the dresser, where the placed all of his belongings. He then started to dump everything out, looking through all his gold, items, his plans, and finally found his gadgets and pistol, one being his flare. He nervously placed a small little flare in it, hoping it'd send a message towards the armada's ship but when he walked back to the window, the ship wasn't in was gone. He looked around, seeing no armada's ship in sight. Perhaps it was his imagination? Stannis soon realized it was just him worrying, but at the same time he feared it wasn't.

It was morning finally, light going through the window and into everyone's eyes, instantly waking them all up just like Anthony's little sharp turn from the middle of the night.
"The stupid light always waking me up," Jason grumbled, "If it's not the glare waking me up, it's Anthony's weak steering!"
Anthony's face reddened, glancing at Amy as she wakes up.
"Felt like a short night," Amy said with a loud yawn.
Anthony looked away from Amy as her eyes opened wide, avoiding any further eye contact. He was exhausted and somewhat a bit worried, remembering what happened last night. Although the young boy was quite satisfied after finally going through the Stormgate and into Monquista, getting closer to their destination. 
"The brown clouds and skies," Jason admired, "Just like the buffaloon's stew I use to cook my daughters."
The round balloon-like creatures, buffaloons were mostly seen in the Monquista's Skyways, where they usually float and mess with pirate ships, Anthony remembered the exact definition from his own father, the one who died long ago.
"That was my father's favorite creature throughout the whole Spiral," Anthony said with a short smile, "Buffaloon."
Jason nodded his head and patted Anthony's back, feeling sympathy for the father-less son, "It's okay, boy. It's a sad story for myself mentioning buffaloons, knowing that I become too poor to even catch some and make the stew for my daughters."
Anthony understood the struggle of being poor, remembering his past-life, "Soon everything can change. My friends defeated The Willis Brust and his whole entire ship! Perhaps Lord Derwitchi may grant us with our wishes, those wooden chests filled with rubies, gold, emeralds of all colors! Imagine that, sir! We can get all of that and even have women all over us, covered...with rubies, gold, emerald.."
Jason knew what Anthony was going to say, as if he read the whole story like Anthony, "And emeralds of all colors! Yes, yes, boy, I understand what you're meaning."
"Mar...velis," Anthony said, trying to pronounce a certain word, "Marvelice?"
"Marvelous," Jason said calmly, "That's marvelous."
Anthony nodded his head slightly, proving to Jason that he isn't the smartest pirate on board. 
"You two are pretty dimwitted," Amy said with a burst of laughter, "So obtuse!"
Now it was Amy who was the smartest in the room, confusing both Jason and Anthony. Jason thought oddly of Amy, wondering why she was calling her own father a shape, and for Anthony, he just had a blank look on his face. But soon they forgot about even having the conversation, once Jason noticed the island they were looking for.

"Dock over there," Jason exclaimed, "We're here, we're here!"
Amy jumped out of her chair, delighted to finally be able to get out of the ship and onto land, "Finally! I'll go tell Beth and wake the others!"

Beth, who was in the same room as Sanchez and Chun, was the only one awake in the small, window-less room while the other two continued to snore and move a lot in their sleep. Beth, who was also exhausted from lack of sleep, examined both Sanchez and Chun, wondering how two fools like them managed to escape one of the most powerful forces in the whole entire Spiral.
"Get these fools away from me," Sanchez said in his sleep, "I-I-I don' these flying Mon.."
Suddenly the door flew wide open and Amy came running in, yelling and waking everyone up, causing both Sanchez and Chun leave their happy dreams without even saying an awkwardly goodbye.
Beth jumped up fast and placed her whole hand around Amy's mouth, hoping that she didn't wake up the two. She enjoyed it, Chun being quiet and not so curious anymore, drowned Beth with loads of questions in the middle of the night, and of course Sanchez not hitting on her and Amy, leaving a terrible first impression.
"Sister!" Beth cried, "Don't wake up these two obnoxious beings!"
But it was too late. Sanchez was first to rise up, opening his eyes wider than they ever been, and started to panic, feeling his swollen bruised eye. The nightmare waking back up, Beth's quiet thoughts towards Sanchez waking up again.
"I had the worst nightmare ever," Sanchez cried, pushing Chun around, "We landed on a ship with some old man and his hot daughters! Of course my charm and ways towards the women earned me a punch right in...the...eye?"
The not-so-smart musketeer finally realized it was no dream, repeatedly rubbing his swollen eye, and eventually staring at Beth and Amy.
"That wasn't a dream," Chun said calmly, "That indeed happen."
Amy dropped everything out of her hands and grabbed Sanchez by his cheeks, trying to make the male fear the tough and rough female, "Listen "guy", you and your friends are on our ship and if you try to do anything stupid that'll make you feel "like a man", then I'll cut your parts off and throw it into the Skyways, and make you watch as you witness your manhood leaving you...for good! Do you understand me, pirate?"
Sanchez nodded his head fearfully, forever changing his opinion on Jason's daughters, "Yesss m'am!"
"Good," Amy said, throwing Sanchez back on the ground, "Get ready because we reached the destination and if you're still lost, my sister can explain it to you!"
Amy walked out of the door, leaving Beth alone with Sanchez and Chun. Beth stared at the two, patiently waiting for the questions to come again. Meanwhile Sanchez stared at Beth and politely asked, "Sooo, what'd I miss?"

After hearing all the yelling on the ship and news being told, Sanchi and Moresco both ran towards Jason, hoping soon his next plan would be Mooshu. Sanchi opened up the door wide and ran through, coming in and interrupting Jason's conversation with Anthony.
"Well we're here," Sanchi said anxiously, "What's next?"
In the markets of Monquista city, there were a little market that was not so well known. The little market that was located near the end of Monquista city's island, there was a merchant that owned it, named Samuel, who was friends with Jason and even offered them free meals, Jason started to explain.
"I am somewhat familiar with Monquista," Sanchi said, remembering where he adopted Moresco from, "But this Samuel man, can we trust him?"
"Haven't spoke to him in a few weeks," Jason said, "But you lads are starving and so are my daughters, I'm willing to risk it for..."
Sanchi interrupted Jason, knowing how bad he needs to return back to Mooshu to see his master again. Sanchi knew he already took a risk by saving Sanchez and Chun., and Sanchi already took a risk by trusting Jason and his daughters.
"I cannot risk anything anymore," Sanchi said, "I need to get back to Mooshu and if I must not have a meal until I get there...then I'm willing to do it. I have treasure filled with gold but my ship is gone which is why we're starving but I can't risk anything anymore."
Jason glanced over at Sanchi's companion, Moresco. He noticed the Moresco becoming weak as his legs started to shake constantly.  He noticed the tiredness through Moresco's eyes and even see the poor companion not having the strength to fly up a tad to get on his master's shoulder.
"Your companion is even starving," Jason said, "With his small body, he could be dead in just a few more days."
"No, no," Moresco said, "Me be alright. Master, we must go see master Hanju."
Sanchi looked down at Moresco, who was struggling just by trying to fly on his shoulders. He didn't want to risk Moresco's life anymore but soon he realized if he doesn't try, then his companion would starve to death. Sanchi slowly reached down and picked up Moresco, placing him on his shoulders.
"If we help you and this "Samuel" fellow," Sanchi said, "You will feed us and take me and my companion to my destination."
Jason nodded his head, "Of course I will."

Jason, Sanchi, and the rest all stepped off the ship, with robes wrapped around their bodies to cover up their identity and their weapons, hidden from their "could be" enemies. Then Jason took the first step and walked into the large market place, being followed by Sanchi and the rest.
"Won't be a long walk," Jason said to Sanchi, "Going to cut by a couple of markets and we'll be there shortly."
Sanchi nodded his head as Jason proceeded to go again. Sanchi slowly looked back and noticed Stannis being the last one behind, still not trusting with own father.
"Sanchez," Sanchi whispered, still staring at Stannis, "Keep an eye on Stannis, if he runs or fire at us, kill him."

The nine of them continued to walk into the small market places, passing by other markets and studying the fine items they had but one market stuck out to Sanchi. Poor innocent companions being locked up in cages innocently, and being sold to others without even being fed, Sanchi noticed as he walked by the market.
"Come get ye some companions," The companion seller shouted, "All kind of creatures for a great price!"
Sanchi stopped in front of the companion's merchant, scowling at the merchant. The thought of selling companions, who dedicated their life to their masters, being sold like poor worthless pieces of property.
"Be having a buyer here," The merchant said, "Say, what be ye name?"
Sanchi remained silent, placing the his hand on the grip of his sword, which was hidden under his cloak. He looked all around the area, staring at innocent companions weep in their cells, with bones sticking out and not being fed. While he stood there, the rest of his crew in front of him walked right by him, except for Moresco and Stannis.
"Don't do anything you'll regret," Stannis whispered to Sanchi, "You'll get yourself caught."
Sanchi ignored what Stannis said, "You know nothing, Stannis."
Suddenly Sanchi heard a voice in his head, the soft voice of his master, "Someday you'll be the one who can defeat all evil, free the ones who needs freeing, and defeat the ones who others say can't be defeated."
The wise words remained in Sanchi's mind as he slowly approached the merchant. Meanwhile the heavy-set merchant started to take a few steps away, noticing the unknown and hidden man was approaching him.
"Don't hurt him," Stannis said, grabbing Sanchi by his arms, "Don't be foolish!"
Sanchi pulled away from Stannis's hand and pushed him away, still approaching the merchant seller.
"Free the ones who needs freeing," Sanchi started to say to his self, imaging Hanju was right in front of him.
The merchant continued to back away from Sanchi, not knowing where he was going. Then the heavy-set merchant tripped on a stool and fell on the ground, knocking all of his gold out of his pouch and onto the ground. Sanchi smiled as he picked up the merchant's gold, freeing all the companions. As all the companions ran out of the cells and not returning back to the market, Sanchi then threw all of the merchant's gold on the merchant.
"You lucky I didn't end you," Sanchi said to the merchant, "Now out of my sight!"
Jason turned around after hearing all the cages being opened, watched as loads of companions ran all around the markets. Instead of being furious at Sanchi for doing something like a criminal would do, he smiled and turned back around.
"We're almost here," Jason said, "Let's keep moving!"
Sanchi turned back around, leaving the merchant's shop. Stannis still remained on the ground after being pushed by Sanchi, soon his son stopped right in front of him. Stannis looked up at his son, noticing the nasty and hateful look on his face.
"Don't ever try to stop me," Sanchi said, "I am my ownself and you're not my father. My father is in Mooshu right now and that's where I hope to see him there soon!"
Sanchi then walked past Stannis, leaving him on the ground and alone, and even feeling sympathy for his own self. He felt the sense of not deserving his son's hatred but soon he got back up, he finally realized it'll take lots of doing to earn his son's trust and most importantly for him, the treasure from Kane's deal.

Finally Jason reached the destination, letting out a brief of air and a glance of his face, slowly placing his hood down and letting out of the heat. Sweat dripped from his head like the heat was attached to them like glue sticking to paper.
"Long walk with some interesting events during it," Jason said, trying to escape the sun's bright glare.
Everyone was relief, finally being able to escape the sun's dangerous light and its blazing heat. The nine of them walked into the market of Samuel's, entrance bell ringing for a few seconds, warning Samuel of Jason and his daughters arriving.
Sanchez looked all around the store, smelling the terrible stink and the small little critters running between Sanchez's feet, causing him to freak out a bit.
"He got rats," Sanchez cried, "What kind of market has rats and yet still store food in it!?"
The wooden floors were worn out and squeaking after time someone took a step, irritating them from the start. The walls looked like a great big spill of vomit from a pirate who consumed the greenest of all green vegetables, changing Sanchez's opinion on eating healthy but the looks or the critters weren't even close to the smell of the unpopular market. The inside smelt like the bottom port of a ship that carried the poorest of the poor pirates, stinking everywhere, just like the market. With the way the walls were looking, Sanchez soon believed the smell was so bad that it pilled the vomit-like green wallpaper off.

"This place smells awful," Sanchez said, opening up the door, "Does this Samuel fellow clean it?"
Jason grinned from ear to ear, with a giggle in it, "It's quite smart, if a man sells valuable items and illegal items, why not make his market a place where no one wants to go or even shop in? I bet those clockworks in skirts back in Valencia wouldn't ever stick the tip of their big toe in here!"
"I'm not going to ask how he still owns this place," Amy said, covering her nose, "Where is Samuel anyway?"
The crew quickly changed the subject, wondering about Samuel's presence, like he caught news on Jason arriving with one of the most wanted crew in the Spiral right now, fleeing like a coward from the fear of Kane's forces but that wasn't the case. Jason knew that his long time pal wouldn't ever turn away him and his daughters.
"This stink is worse than any of the cells I've been in," Anthony said, bringing back up his prison's life, "But-I wasn't a prisoner, I'm a good bad guy!"
Amy snickered as she patted Anthony on his back, slowly seducing him, "It's a shame...I like bad boys!"
Jason rolled his eyes, "Amy, I don't not want to hear that nonsense any..."
After waiting for a good five minutes, a short man, with a belly of any of the Skyway's greatest whales, and a large beard that was larger than Boochbeard and uglier. The man in front of them wasn't a good looking person, being his three teeth yellow than the piss they took before entering but this was one of Jason's pals that he trusted with his life.
"Jason and ye sweet daughters," Samuel said, hugging his daughters, "Ye three disappear on me for weeks and now come back with a party? Jason, please not be telling me these ye sons ye just figure about?"
Jason turned around, pointing at Sanchi, who isolated his self away from his father as if Stannis had a disease that could be spreaded, perhaps the disease of hatred and betrayal. 
"That's Sanchi and his crew," Jason said, "They need your help and he's willing to do anything for some food."
Samuel smiled, belly jumping up and down like it was a party in a bar, walking towards Sanchi.
"Welcome to me market, Sanchi," Samuel said, his stinch spreading around the room, "The name be Samuel."

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