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The Warrior "Stolen" S1 E9

Since Sanchi was given to Hanju at a young age, the thought-to-be future farmer learned valuable lessons from his master, and most importantly he learned the skills and moves of some of the greatest buccaneers and swashbucklers learned. At such young age, Sanchi didn't care about the "life lessons", his master would frequently call it. Instead he wanted to know more training and skills to become a good fighter, a man the armadas would fear.
"Perhaps one day you'll be more than just a "student" in training," Hanju said, swirling his stick around like there were invisible enemies swarming there, "I hope you use your training well and not for purposes that'd disappoint me."
"I'll never disappoint you, master Hanju," Sanchi said, bowing to him, "But maybe one day I can bring the head of the thief's leader, who swarmed our crops!"
Hanju stopped walking along the cold river that flew through their valuable crops. He slowly turned around, facing his apprentice, who was only about 5 and a couple of inches, almost taller than him, and placed the soft of the palm of his hand under Sanchi's chin.
"There's a reason why he took our food," Hanju said, staring at Sanchi right in his eyes, "Right?"
Sanchi nodded his head, becoming a bit aggressive, "But he did something that was illegal! Shouldn't he pay for that, master?"
Hanju shook his head, a bit disappointed at his apprentice for forgetting all the lessons he taught them, "And if you had a family with kids, and they were starving, wouldn't you rob some farmer's land to feed his family?"
Sanchi shrugged his shoulders, imagining his self as a poor pirate who had to steal to feed his self and his family, becoming a bit depressed over it. He quickly changed the subject and tried to forget the other one, erasing it from his mind and hopefully from existence but that one little conversation would be stuck in Sanchi's mind for a long time.
"Master Hanju," Sanchi said, staring at the cobblestone ground, "What was my father like? Was he like a thief who couldn't feed his family?"
A subject Sanchi wouldn't to know so much about but at the same time was afraid to learn too much about his father. Luckily, Hanju didn't know much about Stannis but knew his father wasn't no thief.
"I don't know much but I know the one day when he knocked on my temple, bringing me a live child with blood all over him, crying like it saw a ghost, or perhaps was being haunted by one- but I knew it was hard for him to give up his child and that he loved his child. Still to this day I have a feeling one day he'll come back to you," Hanju said, "Perhaps when you're all grown and I am buried or thrown into the Skyways."

While Samuel explained the objective towards Sanchi and his crew, Sanchi wasn't mentally inside of the smelly and disgusting room, it was outside of it and hundreds of miles away but soon Sanchez begin tapping on his shoulder repeatedly.
"Quit your daydreaming," Sanchez joked, "Aye, you listened to any of what that Samuel fellow said?"
Sanchi glanced over at Sanchez, seeing the top of his father's head behind him, "Samuel?"
"The mission is quite simple," Samuel started to explain what he wanted, "I want the ones who can maybe fight and keep up. Of course me be here all cozy why some of ye risk ye life for some meals! But after hearing what the crane informed meh on, I be aware some of ye know where this location is."
Location? Sanchi slowly looked over at Sanchez, giving him a serious look, hoping Samuel wasn't thinking of the deep jungles of Skull island, where they Troggys roamed blood-thirsty like a group of savages on a daily routine.
"The crane is delirious sometimes," Sanchez said, stepping on front of Chun and the rest, "Can you explain more?"
The objective soon became simple as Samuel got deeper into it, "There be a warrior who died a few weeks ago, being killed by the armadas. He was named Morax and had valuable plans from Juhn Woun, that was suppose to be delivered to Mooshu. Now Derwitchi's allegiance is looking for it and are sending troops all around the Spiral and perhaps Kane is too..but here be the besty part...Kane didn't know this Morax had the information when he executed him, and Derwitchi is still unaware where he was killed."
The objective seemed a bit simple, trying to find a dead body with valuable information on him but yet most of them never encountered troggys or even fought against the armadas, except for Sanchi and Sanchez, two perfect ones for this objective.

"The companions are too weak," Jason added, "Also my daughters are inexperienced with these creatures lurking in those jungles and are also too weak."
Amy looked over at Anthony, fearing that he would get his self into trouble in Skull island, knowing how useless he is with dangerous and sharp weapons. To please both Jason and Anthony, she decided to go with them just to stay on the ship with Anthony.
"I can't just let them do all the dirty work," Amy said, bring her knives out, "At least I can stay with the young kid and keep an eye on him...inside of the ship."
Jason looked over at Anthony, who's face begin to become redder than the some of the Skyways when the sun slowly go down, "Alright but please be safe!"
"I will," Amy said, giving his father a kiss on the cheek, "I promise."
Beth stood in front of the two, becoming a bit teary as if the last image in her head of her sister was her hugging their father, fearing for Amy's safety. Amy then realized Beth's teary eyes and walked over to her, hugging her tight.
"Don't let this be the last day I see you," Beth said, holding her sister tight, "Please little sis!"
Beth wasn't really into much males over his life sailing through the Skyways, always been tight with her younger sister and father, the only two she would die for. Worrying was a regular thing for Beth, the younger sister with more combat skills noticed.
"Get use to my face," Amy said with a relief of a bright smile, "You'll see it again!"
Happy moments with families eventually ended and this one lasted a good five minutes, due to Anthony interrupting their hug, "We should get the ship ready."

It was time to go into the jungles of Skull island..again, realizing it'd take them a while to find it, and the longer they waste time, the more the rest starve, something Sanchez realized fast. He grabbed his pistol's holsters and throwing it on the ground in the market, leaving it just for the Skull Island's mission.
"You better come back alive," Chun warning Sanchez, "I cannot last long with Sanchi's foolish companion...without you!"
Sanchez smiled, awkwardly patting Chun's back, a bit surprise that was his last words to Sanchez before they go back to Skull island. Then after the long pat, Moresco started to yell for Wing Chun, ruining the crane's day.
"Hey Wing," he heard the voice of Moresco, "Me found out funny jokes...just joking!"

Now it was tough for Sanchi, trying to get ready for a could-be hard objective, when Stannis tried to talk to him, volunteering to go too.
"Son," Stannis said, "I'm in good shape and probably the best one to be go."
Sanchi laughed, acting as if his father was invisible, "Let's go, guys."
But Stannis wouldn't let Sanchi go, grabbing his bicep and pulling him back. He was serious for a certain reason and Sanchi noticed it, wanting his son to give his father a chance to prove his self. For everything he did to his son, giving him away and such, it was hard for Sanchi to even see his face.
"You should worry about finding a ship for yourself," Sanchi said to his father, "After we come back."
"I know you're better than this and not this dumb. Listen to me son, you need to..."
Sanchi knew he didn't have to listen to "his father", knowing that his true father lived in Hamamistu, Mooshu. He didn't care what his father had to say.
"You listen to me," Sanchi interrupted him, "You look me in the eyes and explain to me why you gave me away when I was an innocent baby? I couldn't cause any harm at that young age. Were you just a thief hungry for some crops, now?"
The old man only cared about one thing in his entire life, before his wife's death, and that was gold. He never cared about Sanchi but used him to get more of what he wanted from both the armadas and the warriors but he was smart enough to not tell his son about his real plan.
"After you ripped open your own mother, I decided you needed a better home," Stannis continued to explain, "I didn't know Hanju that well but I knew him well enough to take care of killed the only woman I loved, it was tough for me to ever even look at you."
The real truth, Sanchi thought as he remembered the day he asked master Hanju about his father, calling him a "bloody baby" when describing the first time he saw Sanchi. He started to feel a bit dead inside, taking away his father's only love.
"I'm sorry," Sanchi said in such a depressed tone like stormy clouds surrounded his head, "Go help us find it."

After saying their brief goodbyes that could be their last goodbyes, Sanchi and the rest got on the ship, quickly leaving the docks and going straight to Skull island. Samuel thought this plan was flawless and would work, but he didn't know that a little ship passed by them, heading to the Skull island...but not in the jungles.

In the large city in Skull island, the capital and main place for the warriors and Derwitchi's pirates, fear started to go all around the area after news had it that Morax was killed by the armadas. With the treaty and important information to Mooshu on a document, that was given to Morax to deliver, could be in Kane's hand, the pirates started to fear for a strong place like Mooshu joining the armada's forces.
"We sent a group of men out to Mooshu, Monquista, Cool Ranch, everywhere," Max said, "Sir!"
Dorugh wiped the drench of sweat off his forehead, becoming nervous after knowing how fast the outcomes of this war could be if Mooshu joins the armadas. Derwitchi even sent out over a dozen of units all around the islands in the Skull island's skyways to search for Morax's deceased body. Chaos started to build up around Skull island as if the victory was handed to Kane if they get Mooshu to join forces.
"We can't be letting t'is happen," Captain Avery said, rubbing his grey long beard.
In front of Dorugh, Max, Avery, and Juhn was the leader, creator, and the "lord" some calls him. He stood over 6 foot with a good structure but the wrinkles all around his rough face made it quite difficult for him to look like a treat. Who would even be afraid of this man? He apparently had no training in combat but somehow won an important battle and created his own pirate army. The man with a tall structure, wrinkles all over him, long silky white hair and large white beard, his name was Lord Derwitchi.
"Morax was a good warrior," Juhn added, "Perhaps he's still alive but lost?"
"That old man knows his ways around the whole entire Skyway," Captain Avery said, honoring Morax.
Meanwhile Avery and Juhn talked about plans on what to do about Morax, Dorugh and Max stood near the scene. Dorugh was focused into the conversation like it was on an important quiz but that wasn't the case, Dorugh was the type to learn new things, and he also wanted Max to know more too. With Max paying no attention to the two important warriors talking, it irritated Dorugh.
"If you would ever like to be more than just a soldier or trooper," Dorugh whispered to Max, "Better start to listen to all the voices around you. Good or not it'll help your knowledge and perhaps battle planning."
Max nodded his head, quickly focused into Juhn's plans, "Of course, thank you general!"
Dorugh snickered at the remark of "general", "I'm not a general yet."
But Lord Derwitchi didn't care about Morax's personality, if he was smart or not, that didn't even go through his mind. He didn't care about what Dorugh and Max was talking about or even the conversation between Avery and Juhn, he only cared about one thing. Getting the treaty to Mooshu back into the warrior's hands.
"General," a tired pirate said, after a long run to them, "Masters and my great lord Derwitchi, a ship left a bottle with a note in it."
"Well soldier," Avery said, "What is it about?"
If it wasn't about what they were trying to find or feared about, they didn't care..but this time it was, "That crew you all were talking about are coming to Skull island...and they're seeking Morax's body in the jungles, where they know he died in."
Only good news they seek today, Juhn became shocked and curious, snatching the letter out of the hand. He read the whole letter again and placed it finger on who wrote it, smiling.
"This should be fun," Juhn said, "Dorugh, gather a group and go into the jungles!"

On the dark wooden ship, after a few hours passed and it was almost like they were in a new atmosphere. Different color Skyways, different clouds, different ships, different pirates, everything was different than Monquista...but the island with the enormous skull on it was a familiar sight. 
"Well," Sanchez said, gathering all the supplies needed on the ship. "We're back home."
Sanchi got off his bed and looked out of the octagon-shaped window, seeing the enormous skull on top on a volcano. Memories, Sanchi remembered the certain memories that forever changed his life. Memories that caused the armadas and warriors looking for him like a runaway prisoner. Memories that caused him to get close with a group of lads he'd never thought he would be stuck with. Memories that could interfere with him seeing his master in the lovely island of Hamamistu, far from Skull island.
"Skull Island," Sanchi murmered to his self, "An island I regretted when I placed my feet on it."

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