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The Warrior "Thoughts" S1 E7

Explosion louder than any ship's explosion in the Skull island's Skyways. Pieces, metal shields, armada's body parts, and even their weapons rained down on the Great Volcano, and soon the Volcano quickly looked like it was becoming a scrap yard.
"My son and his dull-witted friends took down Willis's ship," Stannis said, staring at the destroyed ship.
Then he watched something even more surprising than Willis's ship going down, he watched Sanchi and his crew on another ship and getting away from them. Stannis smiled as he dropped his binoculars and started to believe that Sanchi was definitely his son.
"Kane isn't going to be happy," Rooke said as his ship arrived next to Stannis, "Willis is destroyed with the rest of his ship."
Suddenly Stannis thought of a brilliant plan like a light bulb lighted up his brain. With a grin on his face, Stannis quickly picked up his weapon and started to walk back.
"We could try something new," Stannis said, looking at Rooke, "Instead of following them while they're on the run and know they aren't safe..maybe we should find out their destination and beat them there."
"Then we'll need to find someone those fools trust," Rooke said, fixing his busted mask.
Stannis smiled and stared at Rooke, revealing his little grin to the Armada's general. From that point Rooke knew who was going to break down Sanchi, his own father.
"Fly back to Valencia and inform Kane," Stannis said, "I'll handle my own son...myself."

Was it smart to trust a man who just recently revealed he was a father to a man who's already the armada's and pirate's top priority to get now? Was it ever smart to trust someone who's spying for the armadas and possibly seen around Skull island with Juhn? Soon Kane and the armadas begin asking those questions after finding out Stannis's plan.
Same exact questions started to go all through Kane's mind as he sat at his desk, thinking of something to do.
"Maybe Derwitchi could put an end to this war," Kane said to his self, "Or maybe I'll end it..myself!"
Luckily Deacon opening up the door snapped Kane out of his thoughts.
"Heard you all discussing about Sanchi," Deacon said, "The one who sliced my chest deep.."
Kane nodded his head, "We let him defeat us, we could of easily ended them back in those jungles!"
"And they're still escaping from us," Deacon yelled, "Marleybone, Aquila, Monquista, everywhere they're talking about them more than this war we're in now!"
Kane dropped his cane, a bit irritated towards Deacon's disrespect. He slowly got out of his chair and snapped his fingers, finally shutting Deacon's little rant up. Soon three armadas and even Rooke walked into the room, standing in place.
"Interesting little story I got," Kane said, walking towards Deacon, "Besides our master, I am the leader of you and all the armadas straight down from the generals down to the troops, even everyone in the Inner circle!"
As Kane got closer to Deacon, he begin to back away from his master and soon backed into Rooke.
"I have power," Kane said proudly, "Not as much power as out leader but more than you."
"Other leaders don't need power," Deacon said, "huge impacts, wisdom, and..."
Deacon stopped as Kane started to laughing like all of his sidekick's speech were a huge joke. Kane had wisdom but he believed he had more power than just wisdom.
"Rooke," Kane said, "Grab Mr.Deacon!"
Rooke followed Kane's orders and grabbed Deacon by his arms and held him in front of Kane. Kane believed he didn't need any wisdom just to kill Deacon. He knew a bit of power could end Deacon's life.
"His ten fingers are kinda disturbing," Kane said, "Take one off as a little punishment."
Rooke threw Deacon into a table and used all of his strength just to hold Deacon's hand on the table. Deacon watched Rooke pulling his heavy ax out, but he placed his ax down after Kane told him too.
"Since I didn't enjoy the way he was talking to me," Kane said, "Bring me his tongue!"
Rooke quickly turned Deacon around as the two other armadas grabbed him and opened his mouth up for Rooke. Deacon noticed Rooke pulling out a smaller knife and slowly placed the blade on Deacon's tongue.
"Stop all this and release him," Kane said, walking back to his desk, "And leave this room."
Rooke dropped Deacon back on the ground and left with the other armadas. Now it was just the one with power and the other one with some wisdom. Kane watched as Deacon remained on his knees, terrified as he gripped his normal tongue.
"I don't care if you're smarter than me or even more handsome than me," Kane said, playing with his cane, "Power can make anyone respect you and even destroy the nerds...power is power and power almost got your speechless!"

Back on a brand new ship, Sanchi, Sanchez, and the rest stood still and continued to stare at what was Willis's ship. Planks, broken armor, armada's parts, were just raining everywhere and they couldn't believe it happened because of them.
"We did that," Sanchez said, smiling, "Would ya look at that?"
Suddenly they heard a clicking noise right behind them...right back Sanchi. Then they heard a man say, "Weapons...down!"
"Pretty brave," Sanchi said, placing his sword down, "Only one of you and six of us."
The man behind Sanchi, who aimed his musket right near the back of his head, laughed at Sanchi's comment.
"You're the alpha," he said, "My two girls would be losing a father just like your crew will be losing the leader if you try me!"
Sanchi looked over at Sanchez, giving him a specific look and Sanchez knew what that meant. Sanchez knew it was the "don't do anything stupid" look but Sanchez didn't listen. Quickly he dropped on the ground and rolled behind cover, pulling out both of his pistols. He then jumped out of cover and aimed it at the stranger...but he heard two more clicking noises.
"Weapons down, Musketeer," girl said, "Or I'll put them down for ya."
Sanchez looked up at the girl on top of the ship's lower roof. He grinned at the red-headed female with light blue eyes, a true beauty towards Sanchez. With a few freckles around her face and the angry look she had towards Sanchez, he just couldn't help to say a few things.
"Daddy's daughters," Sanchez said, walking towards her without his pistols, "Now where is the other..."
Clear giveaway of the location of the other daughter as she opened up the door wide, holding a sword in one hand and a small pistol in the other. In front of Sanchez was a blonde-hair girl with dark brown eyes, with the similar angry-look the red-headed one had towards him.
"Ginger and a blonde," Sanchez said, smiling, "And of course the daddy."
The two girls looked over at each other, nodding their heads and slowly putting their weapons back down.
"My uh father is the Monquista's leader," Glen said nervously, "So please don't kill..."
"Amy," The ginger pirate said, "My name is Amy Salth and over there is my sister."
"Beth," blonde one said, "Beth Salth."
Sanchez clapped his hand and smiled at the two girls while they continued to walk towards Sanchez, "Decent names but my name is..."
Amy ended Sanchez's words for a few hours as she knocked him out with her gun, knocking at least few of his teeth out.
"Now he's quiet," Amy said, "Let's talk why you guys are here."
Sanchi slowly placed his hands down, looking back at Chun and the rest, who took a few steps away from Sanchez's unconscious body.
"Just don't knock us out," Anthony said nervously, "I may get a little grumpy but please don' to me..uh..what y'all did to him."

"It's a market thing," Jason, the father of the two girls on the ship, "That's how we eat and managed to survive."
Jason, Amy, and Beth took Sanchi into a different room to talk to each other about certain things, of course after dropping Glen back off in Monquista. The family wanted to know more about Sanchi and his crew, and how they somehow managed to destroy one of the most powerful ship the armadas have.
"We're smarter than we look," Sanchi said, "But in reality I'm just trying to get back to Hamamistu village, where my master's at."
"Maybe we can help them," Jason said to Amy and Beth, "If the armadas and the warriors want them then imagine what it's going to be like if they know we helped them out on their journey."
The three of them all looked over at Sanchi after hearing his stomach growl. Jason then smile at Sanchi like that one little stomach growl explain so much about him and his last few days.
"You're starving," Jason said, smiling at him, "We need to take you and your crew to the market."
Sanchi didn't want to waste anymore time, wanting to go straight to Mooshu to see his master and continue his training. His stomach roaring didn't mean anything towards him, he just wanted to get back to his master soon.
"I don't need any food," Sanchi said as he face grew pal, "I just need to get to Moo..."
Suddenly Sanchi stopped as he fell on the ground and started to spit out clear vomit. Jason jumped out of his chair and ran out of the room, soon Amy followed behind him.
"I just need to get home," Sanchi said, throwing up some more.
Beth shook her head, throwing a few filthy shirts over his vomit, "The only thing you need is food!"
She continued to argue with Sanchi about his idiotic decisions of not feeding his self.
"Here some bread, master," Moresco said, opening up the door wide.
Moresco flew right on Sanchi's shoulder and started to pack bread in Sanchi's mouth forcefully, not knowing any better. Jason then walked back in with a small cup of water. Beth grabbed Sanchi's companion and threw him on the ground, taking some of the crumbled bread out of his mouth. After everything was out and he consumed a decent amount of bread, Jason got closer to Sanchi's face and looked him right into his eyes.
"My daughters mean the world to me," Jason said, "And I'm asking, what will the best option be for us? Help you all out or leave you on an island you no nothing about?"

While Jason and Beth continued to care for Sanchi, Amy stayed near the ship's wheel and kept an eye on the other three in Sanchi's crew. Anthony was steering the ship, Chun remained in the back next to an unconscious Sanchez, and Amy stayed right next to Anthony, sharpening her knife. Her father, Jason, and Beth both trusted the crew but it was hard for Amy to trust anyone, which was a good explanation why she was watching Sanchi's other crew mates.
"Sooooo," Anthony said nervously, "Wanna tell us where we're taking you all?"
Anthony was nervous and started to fear for his life, due to the intimidation of Amy towards him. She turned back around and watched Amy sharpening her knife. Anthony then realized that Amy wasn't like any other female pirate. She was different like the thirst for adventure excited her, the feel of collecting knives made her felt more comfortable and completed, some that'd make strong male pirates like, something Anthony wasn't. Meanwhile Chun was too carefree to notice any of it.
"Maybe I should introduce myself," Anthony said nervously, "I am Anthony De Sharp."
Amy snickered, laughing at the fact that someone like him managed to survive Willis's ship, "Anthony, are you good with weapons?"
"Not really," Anthony said, feeling ashamed, "But I am pretty good with ships!"
Amy laughed, "I'm surprise that you, the crane, the flying thing, and the one who can't keep his mouth shut, survived this long."
Wing Chun's laughter started to echo around the room, "A bit too extreme."
"Well I'm sorry," Anthony said, "Maybe one day you can teach me?"
Suddenly Jason's screams started to echo around the ship, alerting them and caused Anthony to drop the anchor down. Amy quickly jumped up and pulled out two of her knives, ready for whatever was ahead. Meanwhile Anthony cowardly stayed in the chair and hid like a little coward. Amy noticed and smiled.
"Hey kid," Amy said, "Maybe I can teach you with weapons, right?"
Anthony managed to build up with a little bravery and got behind Amy, holding a crowbar in his hand.
"This should be well," Wing Chun added, "I'm no use with weapons either."
"Wha-wha-what is going...on?" Sanchez begin to moan, grabbing Chun's vest.
Amy smiled, pointing at the awakening Sanchez, "Take care of your friend, then."

Amy, Moresco, and Anthony were the first ones to get outside of the ship and encountered the enemy, who was on their ship. The smiling pirate in front of them looked a bit familiar to Anthony, remembering the first even that changed his life forever.
With a confused look on his face, Anthony lowered his weapon like the familiar man in front of them could be trusted. Amy then glanced over at Anthony who begin to walked towards the alone stranger. Amy tried to grab Anthony's attention by whistling but he didn't listen, "Anthony, are you stupid?"
"I...we know this guy," Anthony said, pulling his little knives back out again, "He was...on that ship?"
Stannis stood in front of them, little silent and smiling as if he was on the right place for his newest plan, "Where's the rest?"
Moresco had a questionable look on his face, "Rest?"
Finally Jason returned back on the dock, finding a good weapon, and aimed it at Stannis, "Don't move, pal!"
Suddenly, Stannis's playful smile changed. It wasn't because of Jason's appearance or even the fact that Anthony remembered him, it was something different. It was that his own son slowly walked out with his sword out, frowning at his own father. Sanchi's father then dropped his sword and pistol, slowly approaching the crew.
"My own son. I have finally found you after I heard the news that the ship I met you on were with the armadas...not the trade market I was hoping to expect," Stannis said to Sanchi, "And again I heard more news. News being that you and your friends defeated Willis and even blew up his ship...with a bunch of creatures?"
Sanchi didn't speak, still holding his sword with a strong grip, not even the world's strongest pirate could rip it out of his dripping sweat hands. He felt heart-broke, he felt betrayed after seeing the same man who give away his son, and not even remembering him. But yet, Sanchi was somewhat delighted to see his own father again.
"I guess you're a bit livid to see me again," Stannis said to his son, "I know there's more of you. Perhaps one more woman inside of there and of course your friend and his companion! Of course, I'm taking a guess your friend, the talkative one, is knocked out from a girl's punch!"
"Watch it," Jason said calmly, "I'm not afraid to pull the trigger on you!"
Stannis glanced over at Jason, "And I believe it, but you should understand how important I am for your crew!"
"You no important for us," Moresco said, "Me and the others were locked up on the same ship you were being on."
Stannis then started to clap at Moresco, already knowing who his son's companion looked like. Although Stannis knew about Moresco and the skills he lack, "A good valid point but I was in the same place as you all, trapped!"
Everything became quiet. Jason, Amy, Moresco, Anthony all turned around and stared at Sanchi, who was being unobtrusive. None of them knew if they could trust this man and all of his stories, but the stranger being related to Sanchi started to become questionable. Now this was Sanchi's choice, a tough choice it was.
"Keep an eye on him," Sanchi said, lowering his sword, "If he runs or does something stupid, kill him."
Sanchi didn't even say hardly anything to Stannis, finally walking back inside of the ship. Meanwhile, Stannis stood there as he watched Sanchi go back inside, slowly caring for him...which was something Kane didn't want to happen.
"Listen pal, we're going for a stop nearby some meet a friend. If you mess anything up or do anything stupid, I'll be glad to put the bullet through your head," Jason said as he grabbed Stannis by the collar of his shirt.

Back inside of the ship, the crew managed to catch some sleep, or some, while Jason and Anthony steered the ship towards the Stormgate, leading to Monquista. Everyone was anxious to finally catch some sleep, except for Sanchi, who knew it'll take even longer than before to see his master, Hanju, again.
Amy sat in the chair right next to Anthony, who was steering the ship in the dark. After staying up for a few straight nights from all the "exciting" adventures, he called it, he would of been everyone's first guess on the one who would fall asleep before anybody else. But he actually felt apart of something, a crew who saved him from another day in Willis's ship, a girl who actually cared for him, and finally, the taste for adventure, he recalled it.
"We're almost here," Anthony said to his self, "We're...almost...not here!"
Anthony wasn't the smart pirate but at the same time this young lad wasn't the dumbest, he knew it'd take hours to get to Stormgate to Monquista then getting out of it. He became a bit agog and ticked off, slamming his fist on the ship's wheel, mistakenly causing the wheel to take a hard right. Bodies from exhausted pirates slung to the right, waking up a few right away, and also causing Amy to lean against Anthony's shoulders. His face became redder than a fresh yum-yum tomato, starting to become nervous as she leaned further in on Anthony, palm of her soft and warm hands falling below his stomach, which started to freak him out even more. The lad wasn't use to it, being locked up for a long time and not even looking at a girl was something usual for Anthony.
"Guess I would take the jar of yum-yum," Jason continued to talk in his sleep, after a loud snore.
" is here," Amy said, her eyes slowly opening up.
Anthony suddenly released a loud gulp, swallowing all his pride and honor. He then jumped out of his seat and started to play everything off, pretending to yawn and stretch.
"What a peaceful nap," Anthony said nervously, "How was yours?"
Amy peaked her head out, eyes still not quite dilated, and looked all around the room with a confused look, "Well then, who was steering the ship?"
A question Anthony wouldn't hoped to come. He nervously started to scratch the back of his hair, with a little stutter in his sentence.
"Well uh-u-I-I-think just fell asleep," Anthony said, laughing sarcastically, "He's a lit-little fast...we- he fell asleep fast!"
Amy shrugged her shoulder and went back to sleep, which helped calm Anthony down a little, "That was close..."
Anthony then walked back to his chair, close to Amy, and glanced over at her sleeping. The long and orange beautiful hair, Anthony thought, "Like the color of the Monquista's Skyways," Anthony said to his self
He started to care for the young and beautiful girl, which made him a bigger mess than before.

It was peaceful and undisturbed in one of Jason's small dorm, where Sanchi, Moresco, and Sanchi's father, Stannis, stayed in to rest. Although soon enough the undisturbed room became filled with noise as the ship took a hard turn, causing Sanchi to roll around and eventually into his father. 
"The young boy can't even steer a ship," Stannis said, talking about Anthony, "Waking me up from a good dream!"
Sanchi quickly rolled away from his father, not being use to having this type of relation or even moment with his father. 
"Need the sleep," Sanchi said, rolling back in his warm spot.
Stannis signed loudly. He understood why his own son was mad at him, he gave him away at a young age without any good reasons to, "I made a mistake giving you away to some stranger I didn't know but it was so long..."
A stranger? Sanchi thought, "Hanju is no stranger! He gave me a home, he gave me skills and training that some warriors or armadas would never ever get!"
"Master," Moresco added, "Should I bring in some..."
Stannis snapped his fingers at Sanchi's companion, "This is between humans, no creatures!"
Sanchi jumped on his feet, defending his companion right away, "Moresco done more for me than you ever did or will!"
"And I'm sorry for giving you away," Stannis said tiredly, "But you need to understand that..."
Sanchi interrupted Stannis, not in the any mood whatsoever to hear what his father had to say.
"Just a minute, Stannis," Sanchi said angrily, "What is all this about? Are you here just to lure me in Kane's arms or Juhn's? If you are, I advise you to leave this ship at once!"
Stannis was speechless, his own son figuring him out faster than anyone would, and at the same time he knew nothing about Sanchi, what he liked or anything about his own son.
"We're family, something greater than your relationship with Hanju," Stannis said calmly, "You don't know much about me and I don't know anything about you..."
Sanchi didn't want to learn anything about Stannis, he just wanted one little thing. He just wanted to see his master, Hanju, and finish up his training back in Mooshu.
"I don't want to know anything about you," Sanchi said horribly, "Come on Moresco, leave this man in here alone."
"Yes, yes!" Moresco shouted, "Of course me master!"
Sanchi walked out of the little room, being followed by Moresco, shutting the door shut. Stannis stayed in there all alone in awed from the words of his own son.
"I need to contact Kane immediately," Stannis said to his self
Stannis got back up to glance out of the window, noticing they were close to Jason's destination. He also noticed something else too. His eyes grew large as he heart begin beating faster. His plan he thought that was perfect could now be ruined. He slammed his fist down, looking at an armada ship right behind them. 

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