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The Warrior "Perfect Weapon for the Perfect Mission" S1 E3

"Ye be a Buccaneer," Devon said, "Right?"
Sanchi was staring out of the window, watching lots of armada troops marching out of their ships. nine, ten, eleven, Sanchi continued to count dozen of armada troops.
"Hey Warrior," Devon said, "What is ye class?"
Sanchi snapped back into reality after hearing Devon, "I'm no Warrior."
The fear in Devon's eyes were real, "Then what are ye?"
"Let's not worry about that," Sanchez said, finding a map of Scrimshaw, "We need a plan for all of us to escape!"
There were only a few tunnels under Scrimshaw but sadly they all led deep into the Skyway for trash purposes. Meanwhile Sanchez was discussing escape routes with the companions, Sanchi was still looking out of the window. He watched as armadas threw innocent pirates out of their house and taking all their belongings and if some pirates tried to fight back, Sanchi watched Douglass executing them.
"Devon," Sanchez said, folding up the map, "Can you and your friends run fast from these clockworks?"
Devon laughed as he looked back at Lambon and Marty, "Oh lads, me and me crew isn't going to run away and let these metal scrap works take over our home."
"But you'll die here," Wing Chun said, "Putting up one or not, Kane wants us."
"He won't take us alive," Marty said, pulling out his two revolvers, "For sure he won't take ye four."
Wing Chun nervously laughed as he watched three strangers pull a bunch of weapons out again, "So what are we going to do?"
Devon grabbed Wing Chun by his shoulders and threw him in front of a window. Then Devon started to explain a escape route for Sanchi and the rest, pointing at a back route that'll lead to a dock filled with ships. Devon, Marty, and Lambon would defend and fight against the armadas while they would take the escape route and leave Scrimshaw.
"Ye all better leave fast," Lambon said, "Before more will come."
Sanchi still remained at the window, face becoming paler and paler by the minute and Sanchez noticed it. He quickly ran towards the window, seeing what Sanchi was seeing and Sanchez's face started to become pale too.
"Oh no," Sanchez said, "They're coming towards us!"
Boom! Douglass and his troops begin firing into the window. Luckily Sanchez tackled Sanchi to the ground and saved him from getting shot repeatedly. Quickly Sanchi and Sanchez pulled out their weapons, running towards their doors.
"Don't forget about taking the back," Devon yelled other the gunshots, "The houses will block them from seeing ye all!"
Sanchi, Sanchez, Chun, and Moresco all ran out of the house while the armadas were focusing on Devon, who were firing at them already.

"Alright boys," Devon said, "If they're going to kill us, let's go out with a fight!"
Douglass Martin and a few other armadas approached the house and started to fire repeatedly into the house, making sure whoever was inside the house was dead. Suddenly all the gunshots stopped and everything became quiet. Douglass commanded for two armada marksman to check inside of the house.
"There should be seven of them," Douglass said, "If there's less than seven then we got a problem!"
The two armada troops kicked down the door and peeked inside of it, seeing a rare sight of something.
"I-I-I th-th-think we-we have a-a-a problem," an armada said, "B-b-big one."
Douglass took one step closer, "Well is it one of those fat pirates?"
Douglass's angry look slowly developed into a curious look as he took another step closer, "Two dead ones?"
"Oh for all of the Skyway's sake," Douglass said, stomping his foot, "Is it six of them?"
One of the armadas slowly walked into the quiet house, "N-no."
Douglass threw his hands up, "Then what is it?"
"Looks like a few sticks of dynamite," An armada guard said, "Looks like the flame is growing weak."
Suddenly the armada captain look a few steps back as he started to look around the area, trying to spot out the pirates who were in the house. Finally he spotted them, running from the house. Then Douglass quickly turned back around and started to yell, "Get away from the ho.."
Booom! The house suddenly went into flames, causing an explosion so loud that Sanchi and the rest heard the mess. The explosion even caused Douglass and some of his troops who were close fly off the ground. The captain, Douglass, slowly got back up as he watched Devon and his friends firing at his troops.
"Keep firing," Devon said, "Woooo!"
Douglass started to run towards his weapon, dodging the bullets. The captain started to yell for his troops to get back up and fire at the enemies. Douglass's troops slowly got back up and started to fire at them. Woosh! A bullet flew past Devon's ear and caused him to hide behind a chimney, on top of Lambon's house.
"They're firing back," Lambon cried, "I'll take them out!"
Douglass aimed his weapon at the chimney, where all three of them were hiding at. He patiently waited as he troops were firing everything they had at the chimney. Then Douglass noticed a little bit of hair poking up and Douglass noticed it, slowly aiming at the head of one of them.
"I can see'em," Lambon said, poking his head up, "They can't see meh!"
Devon knew it was stupid and he started to warn Lambon to get down but Lambon didn't listen. A little grin was on Lambon's face as he slowly pulled out another pistol.
"I got em!" Both Lambon and Douglass said at the same time, aiming their weapons at each other.
Suddenly both of them pulled the trigger like it was a race, both guns firing at the same time. Lambon's bullet nailed the ground in front of Douglass, completely missing the target. Meanwhile Douglass's shot was perfect and nailed Lambon in his forehead, hitting the target. Lambon's body quickly fell back and landed on Devon's lap.
"We need a new spot," Devon said, "Fast!"

Sanchi, Sanchez, Wing Chun, and Moresco continued to make a run towards the docks to grab a ship. Running by individuals who were firing shots instead of arrows or spears at you were kinda new to Sanchez and Chun. Passing house by house, watching armadas throwing others out of their own houses...which made Sanchez a bit upset that his so called "crew" were letting all of this happen. Suddenly Sanchez placed his foot down, stopping in front of everyone else.
"Hey um pal," Chun said, "We're kinda in a mess right now and I don't think we should be stopped?"
Sanchez ignored Chun as he pushed him out of his way and grabbed a few charged explosives out of Chun's small holster. He started walking towards a house with a few armadas in it as the clockworks threw an innocent young female out with her four children out. The three armadas had their back facing Sanchez as he slowly approached them, shaking and activating a charged explosive.
"Chun," Sanchi said, picking him back up, "What is in his hands?"
Wing Chun squinted ahead and smiled, "Explosive but instead of flames and a big boom, its a huge electric charge and...a big boom?"
"For armada's purposes," Moresco said, "That's genius!"
Suddenly Sanchez rolled the charged explosive towards the two armadas and stood there with a big smile.
"W-w-what's that behind you?"
Both of the armadas turned around, facing a pirate who had a cocky-like grin on his face. Then the armadas pulled their swords out, taunting Sanchez but they should of knew about the explosive under them.
Zzzzzzzzzzz! Suddenly the explosive blew up, letting out a big electric wave on the two armadas. Sanchez then started to approach the two armadas, who dropped their weapons as they begin shaking.
"While your circuits are getting destroyed," Sanchez said, "Realize and know my name...Dan Sanchez!"
Finally the two armadas fell to the ground, circuits completely fried, "See, that was easy!"
"That's great," Chun said, turning back around, "Now we need to get back to the..."
Chun quickly spoke too soon as Scrimshaw's dock completely blew up in flames. All of them were shocked, mainly Chun.
"T-t-t-that was our way out," Chun said as he dropped to his knees.
"Well guess you know what that means," Sanchi said, pulling out his sword, "Let's help this place out!"

The crew separated, Sanchi went a different direction to find Devon and his friends to help them out, Sanchez climbed up on top of a roof and begin taking nearby armadas out and finally, Moresco and Chun stayed hidden inside a house due to Chun being afraid.
"This is dumb," Moresco said, "Me should be out there fighting...not babysitting some baby!"
Chun rolled his eyes, poking his head out to look out of the window frequently, "I think armadas are coming!"
Three armadas glanced at a window, noticing a crane companion looking out of it. Then the armadas started to march towards the doors with their swords out meanwhile Chun started to panic.
"Oh no," Chun cried, "We're going to die here!"
Moresco quickly pulled out his little musket, putting shocked shells in them. Chun noticed Moresco's weapon and ran towards him to grab it, "Give me the weapon...we can shoot a window down to get out!"
Moresco wanted to fight these three armadas with bravery while Chun wanted to run from them like cowards. Two completely different companions but at the same time they were similar crew mates.
"You're an idiot," Chun said, grabbing Moresco's weapon, "Lemme see it!"
Moresco placed both of his hands on his weapons and pulled it away from Chun as he started to pull it away from him. Meanwhile the two were fighting over a weapon, the three armadas quickly broke down the door.
"Hands up," Bishop said, pulling out two of his swords, "Now!"
But nor Chun or Moresco paid attention to the armadas, still busy fighting over the musket. Chun quickly placed his hand near the trigger as he started to swing Moresco around like they were dueling for the armadas standing in front of them.
"Let go you little demon!"
Boom! Chun accidentally pulled the trigger on Moresco's gun, sending a wave of electrical shock into one of the armadas. Due to another armada being too closed to the shocked one, the electrical shock carried into the other clockwork as the two armadas started to shake from the shock.
"Look what you made me do," Chun said, still fighting over the weapon, "I could of accidentally hit someone!"
The last armada, who was Bishop quickly pushed the two destroyed ones down and started to walk towards the two childish companions. Chun was too focused to even notice the last armada approaching him but Moresco did. As Moresco noticed Chun's anger and determination just to get the weapon, he thought of a plan.
"The games are up," Bishop said, close to Chun.
"Wait," Chun said, "Games?"
Suddenly Moresco released his weapon, causing Chun to pull it back so hard that he accidentally nailed Bishop with the weapon, quickly knocking him out.
"Woah," Chun said, "There were three armadas in here?"
Moresco smiled, taking his gun back, "Including the Bishop."
Chun stared at Bishop's unconscious body, thinking about whether to kill the intelligent armada or leave him here. Luckily Chun was smart enough to leave Bishop there, know that killing one of Kane's best member in the inner circle would leave his friends a bounty on their heads.
"Someone that cocky and smart like Bishop," Chun said, "Was just officially beat by a crane companion!"

"Help me!"
Sanchi heard a young female pirate yelling for help so he ran towards her. There were two armadas holding the young female up and started to drag her around like she was an old doll, Sanchi knew that was going to end soon. Sanchi slowly approached the two armadas, hard and strong grip on his sword. Still the two armadas didn't hear Sanchi coming up from behind due to the screaming from the girl.
S-s-Scrimshaw is gone," An armada said, "Who's g-g-g-going to-to sto-stop us?"
Suddenly Sanchi coughed with a big grin on his face. Both of the armadas turned around with their swords out but Sanchi dodged on of their hits and took both of them out fast. The scared innocent girl ran back inside her home as Devon and Marty approached Sanchi, "Ye still here?"
"Yes," Sanchi said, "They blew up the docks...even all the ships!"
"But not mine," Devon said, grinning and winking at Sanchi, "Me be no fool...I never ever have my ship at the Scrimshaw's docks!"
"We need a ship," Sanchi said in a desperate tone, "And you two need to come with us!"
"Can't just leave Scrimshaw like this," Devon said, looking at the destroyed burned houses.
Sanchi quickly shook his head with a loud sign, "Even if you take out all the armadas here, it still wouldn't save this place...c'mon Kane isn't a fool he'll come back here with a bigger army!"
Devon looked around the area, looking at destroyed homes, dead bodies everywhere, and since the armadas arrived he never stopped hearing cries of terror. Everything was a mess...but Devon still called it home and wanted to defend it.
"I saw Bishop here," Devon said in a tired-like tone, "Ye and ye crew take our ship..."
Sanchi understood what Devon was going through, watching his own home getting ripped apart and people he knew getting killed. Sanchi knew how big of a cowardly act it would be to just leave your own home, while everyone dies. Suddenly Sanchi looked up and watched Chun and Moresco run towards them, remembering how he risked his own life just to save a poor pirate and his three companions.
"I can't let you and others die," Sanchi said, staring at the blade of his sword, "That's just not me."
"We want to die protecting this," Devon said, "Just go and let Marty and me handle this..."
Sanchi turned back around and thought of an idea. Suddenly Sanchi turned back around with an victory-like grin on his face, "You think your citizens of Scrimshaw can use weapons?"

Sanchez remained on the roof of someone's house, firing and taking out armadas like it was a fun game...only it was for Sanchez.
Bang! Excitement chilled down Sanchez's spine as he watched an armada troop fall to the ground. Sanchez was so excited about taking down lots of armadas, that he even started taunt them towards his self.
"Oh yeah," Sanchez cried, "You like that you scrap of metal gar..."
Suddenly everything flipped on Sanchez as Bishop, Douglass, and a few of his marksman armadas started to fire back at him, causing Sanchez to drop his weapon and drop on the floor. Bullets flew past Sanchez's ear and eyes, placing his hands over his ears.
"Take out the pirate," Bishop yelled, walking back towards his ship, "I don't want any of you to leave Scrimshaw until that pirate, his ninja friend, his companions, and his fat friend are dead!"
Douglass nodded his head and followed through Bishop's plan; all the remaining armadas circled around the whole entire house, still firing at Sanchez.
"Come on pirate," Douglass said, "J-j-j-just die!"
Finally Sanchez opened up his eyes as dust and debris landed on his. His two pistols were just a few feet away from him as he glanced at them. Sanchez quickly jumped up, luckily dodging bullets and ran towards his two pistols. Sanchez didn't have much left and he decided it was a fifty-fifty bet; kill the enemies or be killed by the enemies. Suddenly armadas started to fall to the ground and Sanchez haven't even fired a single shot yet. It was Sanchi, Chun, Moresco, Devon, Marty, and other Scrimshaw citizens. Sanchez smiled at Sanchi as he jumped off the roof, firing at Douglass. He looked like a flying dragon who was spitting out fire, jumping over Douglass except that he wasn't a dragon...he was a pirate and instead of spitting fire...he was spitting bullets, "Come on Captain...just die!"
Boom, bang! Sanchez fired shots into Douglass and continued it until he was out of ammo, finally landing. Douglass dropped his weapon and fell to the ground, completely destroyed.
"Oh my," Sanchez cried, "Did y'all see that? Did y'all see that bravery in me? Huh...huh!?"
Sanchi laughed as he took out the last armada in Scrimshaw, "The jump? Eh, it was okay."

Scrimshaw survived an armada attack to last another day and villagers on Scrimshaw knew the heroes of this story. Citizens of Scrimshaw all came out to celebrate their victory, praising Sanchi and his friends.
"Today we fought against the evil," Devon said, "Even though Bishop escaped, we still won!"
Scrimshaw citizens begin to cheer as they gave precious jewels and coins to Sanchi and the rest, honoring them as heroes. Sanchi, Sanchez, Wing Chun, and Moresco all stood up in front of the citizens, waving and thanking them for everything.
"This is awesome," Sanchez said, "I never seen something like this before."
None of them were use to being praised by others and being called heroes but that's just the beginning of their story, "The heroes of Scrimshaw!"
"For their bravery," Devon said as the crowd calmed down, "We be giving away our best ship!"
Sanchi turned around and his eyes became widen, staring at the beauty that was in front of him. An more advance ship than any other ship in Mooshu.
"We're the heroes for the first time," Sanchez said, patting Sanchi's shoulder, "Let's try and not crash the ship this time."

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