Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Warrior "Over the docks" S1 E2

"Yohoho, t'is be a story of Dan Sanchez," Pirates begin cheering, "Yohohoho! The one who stopped the chaos!"
Sanchez looked like as he was being crowned by Captain Avery. Pirates all around begin drinking and cheering Sanchez's name because he saved the whole entire spiral, he usually bragged his hero's story to his eleven wives.
"King Sanchez," Captain Avery said, bowing down to him, "Boochbeard and his companion blessed ye with over thousand of treasure!"
Sanchez was living the life, becoming one of the greatest well known hero throughout spiral, instead of living in a hut he lives in a great big mansion in Monquista, everything was just going well for him...until he was woken back up in reality. Instead of looking at thousand of gold treasure in front of him, he was looking at a heavy weighted bald old pirate with a hook on one of his hands.
"I was buried in pure treasure," Sanchez said, struggling to even raise out of the bed, "How'd I get here?"
The three pirates laughed, "Nice dream it be, huh? Well ye is now in Scrimshaw."
Sanchi didn't want Sanchez and his companion being in his crew but in some odd way, Sanchez just didn't understand that and completely ignored what Sanchi wanted, "Me and my crew should be in Mooshu?"
The heavy weighted pirate, the leader of them, laughed at Sanchez and misunderstood him when he mentioned his crew, "I know ye name by Sanchez because ye were chanting like your name but when ye found ye...well "ship," it was in pieces!"
"I'm sorry but you aren't understanding me," Sanchez said, slowly and painfully getting out of the bed, "What's your name, pirates?"
"I am Sharp Devon but lads call me Devon," Devon said with a big smile, revealing few missing teeth.
The short and skinny pirate on Devon's left was Marty Sharptooth, long haired pirate with an eye patch covering his right eye and a large scar on his left cheek like being cut up was his thing. The tall pirate with a few tattoos on his bald head, with hardly any scars, his name was Lambon Dagatooth.
"Well Devin, Martin, and Landon," Sanchez said rudely, "Don't have anytime chatting, gotta find my crew!"
Sanchez had bruises all over his face, with a swollen eye and bruised lip but the pain was worse in his legs. He slowly placed both feet on the ground and lifted off from the bed, nearly losing his balance and making a fool of himself in front of the three pirates. He then begin limping towards the door and walked outside, witnessing the mess of two ships that collided into each other. Debris, pieces, everything of Sanchi's ship was pretty much in million of pieces and even deep inside of Sanchez's heart, he felt a little guilty for causing this and potentially killing four individuals.
"What a mess," Sanchez said, struggling to get closer, "Did the owner of the other ship survive?"
"No," Marty said, "But we managed to found his body."
Sanchez shrugged his shoulder and continued to limp towards the two collided ships...until Devon commanded Lambon and Marty to stop them. Suddenly two of Devon's men grabbed Sanchez and pulled him away. Sanchez fought back, headbutting Lambon in the nose and kicking Marty in his crouch area, Sanchez quickly jumped back from those two, placing his hands on his sides where he two holsters use to be.
"If ye haven't notice," Devon said, "Ye weapons were inside?"
Sanchez just stood in front of the three pirates, slowly breaking down inside. Then he just dropped to his knees and went into tears, "My crew, my crew, my crew!"
Marty and Lambon started to laugh while Devon thought their trick was done, "Sanchez we be yanking ye, only one died..."
Sanchez slowly looked up, wiping all of his tears away like it was a fine sunny day...but soon it'd get cloudy with rain pouring.
"Take me to them," Sanchez said, "Please!"

"This headache," Sanchi said, finally waking up, "Where am I?"
Instead of being in the Hamamitsu Village, training with his master and hearing Doju's loud mouth, he was inside a small little wooden house with only one window and laying on a small uncomfortable bed. As Sanchi got out of the bed, the door opened up.
"Leader of our crew," Sanchez said, pointing at Sanchi, "Sanchi Samurai...? Right..?"
Sanchi shook his head with an angry scowl towards Sanchez, "Where is Moresco?"
Sanchez glanced at Devon, hoping he would tell that terrible news to Sanchi but he and his friends just walked out of the building.
"I think it's Marty who's missing an eye," Sanchez said, shutting the door, "And yet they can't break news."
"Enough of all this," Sanchi cried, painfully slamming his fist on the table, "I have back pain, neck pain, my head is aching, bruises all over my..."
Sanchez snickered, "Oh if you think that's bad, just wait until tomorrow...hello pain city!"
Sanchi started to walk towards Sanchez with an angry look on his face and started to breath hard, struggling to control his anger. He thought Sanchez was taking all of this as a joke but what made Sanchi more ticked off at him is that he didn't even apologize for causing all the pain and destroying his ship.
"Listen to me," Sanchi managed to say it calmly, "Moresco and I are going to find a ship and leave..where is he?!"
"Well," Sanchez said nervously, "Devon told me he only found four bodies..which means someone didn't make it..."

"Oh my," Chun said, feeling his bruised leg, "How did we get into this?"
Moresco shrugged his shoulders, taping up his large cuts with duct tape. Luckily and somehow Moresco didn't have any broken bones, just a few bruised ribs and large cuts on his arms and legs, eventually taping them up, "How long you think me and you will be in here?"
"Couple more hours," Chun said, staring at the ceiling, "Maybe we should have some fun?"
Moresco quickly jumped off the bed, only feeling a bit of pain in his stomach area but he didn't care about it...he only cared about seeing his master. Wing Chun noticed Moresco wanting to see his master and he knew he'd have to trick the stupid little companion to stay in here.
"You can't leave," Wing Chun said, still in one of the beds, "Your master gave you orders to stay in here."
Moresco looked at Chun with a confused look, "He did?"
Wing Chun nodded his head with a smile, a smile of tricking a fool like Moresco, "So since you and I must remain in here, let's talk!"
Now the room was filled with silent, the complete opposite of what Chun wanted. Two completely different backgrounds in the same cold room. A crane companion who'd pass out from the sight of blood and a flying devil like companion who's a bite clueless and would probably lick all the blood up.
"Me got an idea," Moresco said, clapping his hands and ending the awkward silence, "Let's tell jokes!"
"Explain this to me," Wing Chun said, "Jokes?"
Moresco smiled, "Jokes are story-like lies or maybe no lies but they suppose to be funny...funny stories!"
Chun grinned, thinking of lots of funny stories that weren't lies, "Oh, I got one!"
"Okay," Moresco said, jumping on Chun's bed, "Tell it!"
Wing Chun begun his joke-like story, "One morning it was pouring rain and all of us were hungry and of course it was Sanchez's turn to get some breakfast...when it was raining!"
Moresco sat there with a blank look on his face, "Was that suppose to be funny?"
"I wasn't done," Chun said, "Quiet and lemme finish it."
Chun started his story on, near the ending, "So it was raining and Shiruku of course made Sanchez go out and get food and before he left the hut, guess what I said?"
Moresco shrugged his shoulders.
Wing Chun started to laugh before he could even finish the joke, "I said "Don't get wet!" A-a-and when he came back...he was wet!"
Chun started to laugh frequently while Moresco still had the blank look on his face, not even smiling at Chun's joke. After laughing for a good five minutes, Chun wiped his tears away and opened up his eyes again, "Get it?"
"You're awful at jokes," Moresco said, jumping off Chun's bed.
"Oh come on," Wing Chun said, "You said a joke is a funny story? That was hilarious!"
Moresco didn't speak, having his back facing Chun. Then Moresco started to shake like he was having a seizure, starting to scare Chun. Moresco slowly started to turn around as Chun jumped off the bed to help him. Instead of stuff coming out of mouth, it was spit coming out from laughing too hard, "Me was...joking!"
"Oh wow," Chun said, starting to laugh, "I get it...that was golden!"
Chun and Moresco continued to laugh until both of them were on the floor rolling around with laughing.
"Me is too funny!"
Sanchez, Sanchi, Devon and his friends all walked towards the house with the companions inside of it. It was getting tense as Sanchi started to fear that it was Moresco who didn't make it out. Sanchez quickly placed his hand on the knob, beating Sanchi from doing that, and he began turning it and opened up the door wide.
What was in front of them was something terrifying and awkward; it was Wing Chun and Moresco on the ground together, rolling around like animals.
"Master come on it," Moresco said, "Me and the crane be telling funny jokes!"
Sanchi and Sanchez didn't laugh or even smiled at them, they had serious looks on their faces and luckily their companions noticed it and quickly got off the floor. Sanchez slowly turned around, upset, and walked out of the building.
"Sanchez we were telling jokes," Wing Chun yelled, "What's up with him and where's Shiruku?"
"She didn't make it," Sanchi said, glancing over at Devon, "Her body wasn't found."

"It's all my fault," Sanchez said, sipping some wine, "I made Sanchi crash that ship!"
It was Sanchez, Devon, Marty, and Lambon, all of them were by a fire and one of them offered wine to Sanchez. He wasn't a drinker but during these hard moments, he wanted to try his best and try to forget about them.
"First it was Bonnie...and now Shiruku," Sanchez cried, sipping another cup of wine, "Pour me more!"
Devon glanced over at Marty and Lambon, giving them a strange look, "Sanchez, how bout some Yum Yum?"
Sanchez threw the cup down and jumped off of the log, "Will it help me forget about this!?"
"When ye lose someone, ye should never try to forget them," Devon said, "But ye should honor them."
"Oh yea," Sanchez said sarcastically, "Lemme just honor my companion and remember how she died..because of me!"
"Well maybe it'll bring ye and ye crew closer," Marty said, drinking the rest of the wine.
Sanchez laughed, remembering how the crash occurred; Sanchez arguing with Sanchi because he wouldn't let him in the crew, "I'm not in their crew, Sanchi actually hate me."
"Oh Sanchi," Lambon said, "Is that be the annoying crane one?"
"That's Wing Chun," Sanchez said, staring into the fire, "Where is he and the rest?"

Sanchi, Moresco, and Chun remained in the same small wooden house. All three of them laid on separate beds and just laid there, staring at the ceiling. Wing Chun felt miserable after hearing the news of one of his dearest friends but Sanchi felt more miserable, hiding a secret from everyone.
"Shiruku," Sanchi said, "Was she in pain for her final minutes of living?"
Moresco shrugged his shoulders while Chun snickered, "And why do you care?"
Sanchi felt miserable and guilty at the same time, the one who accidentally steered the ship into Shiruku's death. He actually cared for Shiruku which was a good reason why Sanchi even helped Sanchez and Chun and offered to take them somewhere safer. Suddenly Sanchi's eyes started to get a little watery, something he haven't done for a long, long, long time...tears.
"She was an unique fighter," Sanchi said, "May she rest in peace."
"You actually had feelings for her," Wing Chun said, "The almighty tough guy is about to cry over her!"
Suddenly Sanchi jumped off his bed and confronted Chun, "What did you say to me, huh?"
"Master please," Moresco said, getting in between the two, "How bout we tell some jokes?"
"No jokes," Sanchi said, walking back to his bed, "Moresco and I will both leave you here."
"Shiruku was a wonderful gal," Chun said, "She kind of reminded me of you."
Sanchi slowly turned around, facing Chun, "How?"
"During the toughest times she always tried to act tough even when others around started to cry like little dogs," Chun said, "She always looked her enemies in the eyes and if you cut both of arms off, she'd still try to fight."
More tears started to come out of Sanchi's eyes as he quickly wiped them away, "I'm sorry for your loss."
Boom! Suddenly Sanchi and the rest heard a loud gunshot. Then Sanchez, Devon, Lambon, and Marty all opened up the door and ran inside the building, all terrified with weapons in their hands.
"Armadas," Sanchez said, throwing Chun and Moresco a gun, "They're here!"
Sanchi quickly pulled his sword out and ran towards the window, looking out of it. He saw dozens of armadas marching into Scrimshaw, all being followed by one leader...this time it wasn't Kane or Deacon.
"Citizens of Scrimshaw," The leader of the armada's raid said, "I am Douglass and you all may not like me soon."

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