Monday, October 6, 2014

The Warrior "Chun's knowledge"

After Lifto signed Leader Kane to an object to figure the secrets on the pirate's army. Kane hires dangerous bounty hunter, Sifus Lade and his crew Eric Daws, Saveus Cole and Gevus Docks. The Warrior allegiance/council sends Juhn Woun, Sanchi, Sanchez and their crew (Captain Dorugh, Commander Dez and Gus, Derves, Gergous, Moresco and Anthony)

"Why would anyone want to kidnap Chun?" Sanchi asked
"Not just anyone, it can't be Deacon. Deacon not smart enough to hire good bounty hunters. This is the work of Kane hiring bounty hunters. Chun is important to us because he knows alot of information about the army and if they get him to talk. We are doom" Juhn said, "Anthony, you and the other troops get the ship"
"How come Chun holds all this information?" Sanchez said, wondering why he doesn't know any information.
"We've promoted him up, not to a commander but to a negotiator, but also he was an easy target too unlike Avery or another other warrior" Juhn said, picking up the plate with the tranquilizer bullet in it
"But, how come they attacked and captured Sanchi and I before? More then once" Sanchez asked
"Well, every time they've captured you two. Both of you guys managed to escape causing alot of damage" Juhn said, "Kane was thinking out of the box this time"
"Well, we might wanna go now. It's gonna take awhile just to investigate and find them" Sanchez said
"Sanchez is right, this is a mission we cannot lose" Sanchi said as the ship arrives, "Let's go"

"Kane, good evening" Sifus said, contacting him
"What is it now?" Kane yelled
"Aye, watch your tone. I advise you not to talk to me like that. When I have Wing Chun" Sifus said, pointing his gun to Chun's head
"Lock him up. I'll meet you at Aquila" Kane said
"Will be done" Sifus said, "Saveus, lock our prize up"
"Okay Sifus. Come with me scumbag!" Saveus said, pushing him towards the cells
"Sifus, aren't you worried about the warriors' council finding us? They'll kill us!" Gaveus said
"Oh Gaveus, go with your brother and stop worrying. He's in our hand and he's worth a fortune" Sifus said
Saveus threw Chun into the cold and dark cell, "Have fun in here"
Chun was struggling just to get on his feet from the tranquilizer shot. Then he started to hear voices, it was Sanchez.
"Chun, are you there? Where are you? Can you tell us your coordinates? It's me, Juhn, Sanchi, Moresco, and the rest. We are trying to find you but you'll need to talk to us" Sanchez said, through his contacting device
"Sir, not to be so negative but these bounty hunters are really smart. They probably have his device" Commander Dez said
"'s me, Chun I am in a dark and cold cell. Please send help. My coordinates are North, 1283 near Aquila" Chun said
"He's in the stormgate, heading to Aquila" Anthony said, "I know where that is"
Gaveus went in the cells after hearing Chun contacting and giving his location away, "You pathetic piece of trash!"
Gaveus started to punch Chun in anger, "You're nothing. Your friends aren't smart enough for the coordinates!"
"Don't be so negative!" Chun said, "They will find me"
"I wouldn't be so sure" Gaveus said, pulling out a tazer, "This is gonna hurt"
"Brother! Stop we need him healthy and alive" Saveus said, taking his tazer
"Just stay here, make sure he doesn't do it again" Saveus said, "Remove his devices this time"

"They are torturing him! I heard him screaming in pain" Sanchez said, looking at his reflection from his sword, "I want to take care of this bounty hunter myself!"
"I'll help you" Captain Dorugh said
"Quiet! They won't kill them, not yet at least. We need to focus on our objective to save him from spilling the secrets" Juhn said
"Anthony, where are we?" Juhn said, noticing they aren't in Skull island's skyway
"Aquila's Stormgate, there's their ship!" Anthony said
"Master, we are here!" Moresco said
"Anthony, Moresco and Gus. You three stay on the ship, Gus I want you to protect them" Sanchi said
"It'll be done, sir. Goodluck" Gus said, saluting Sanchi
Sanchez, Sanchi, Juhn, Captain Dorugh, Commander Dez and troops, Gergous and Derves entered Sifus's ship.
"Kane gave this bounty hunter lots of armadas. We'll need to get Chun and leave quickly before they find out we're here" Juhn said
"You guys look for Chun. Gergous, Derves and myself will find some answers" Sanchi said, pulling his sword out and went another direction
"Is he this complicated?" Captain Dorugh asked
"Nah" Sanchez said, "He's determined and excited"
Gaveus noticed another ship next to theirs, "Looks like your rescue squad is here. Change of plans"
Gaveus brought out his knife, unlocked the cage and threw Chun out of it.
"You will die, now!" Gaveus said
"I don't think so" Juhn said, stabbing Gaveus in his back
"Master Juhn! guys came to rescue me!" Chun saidm praising them
"Chun" Sanchez said, placing his hand on his shoulder "You're family. How can I ever leave you?"

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