Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Warrior "Learn in the jungles"

After dangerous crash. Sanchi's crew only a few survivors survived the crash. After surviving the night Anthony scouted in search for water only meeting someone else, Sid Der must teach Anthony the jungles and how to survive.

It was a cold night with Troggies' noises everywhere Sid founded a way to fall asleep and Anthony was wide awake waiting for Sanchi and the rest to rescue him. When walking back to Sid's home, Sid mentioned to Anthony about learning the jungles and how to survive.
"I don't need training in here...I don't belong here" Anthony said to his self
Anthony was an intelligent pirate. He was great with ship and he knows how to get out of rough situations, but this situation is way over his head. Anthony was wondering if Sanchi knows if he's here and how Sid falls asleep in this mess.
When Sid woke up, he looked around the room and Anthony wasn't in there but his roughed up bag and gun with only seven bullets left was still here.
"Anthony? Where are ye?" Sid said
"Good morning" Anthony said, starting a fire
Sid thought Anthony had the fire for food but as he approaches the fire, there was no food...or anything.
"Ye cooking up some breakfast?" Sid asked
"No. You see the smoke that's going up will alert passing ships that I am stranded and they'll come down here and...." Anthony stopped as the dull flame went out
"Look matey" Sid said, "Let me teach you some survival tips"
"Fine" Anthony said, throwing the two sticks
The first lesson Sid Der constructed for Anthony was hunting. Anthony was outside waiting patiently for Sid Der to come out with equipment, but the only thing he had in his hands were Anthony's gun and his wooden bow.
"Choose" Sid said, dropping both of the weapons
"Choose? I can't shoot a gun. What makes you think I can handle a bow?" Anthony said
Anthony turned around and started walking back to his crashed ship to wait for someone to help.
"Ye killed those Troggies when they executed ye men" Sid said
"They weren't my men! They were my friends...and crew" Anthony said
"Don't ye want to protect ye friends..or family?" Sid said
"My parents are uncle didn't want me. They never taught me how to use a weapon" Anthony said, sitting on a log.
"It be a burden to say it but... what are ye talents?" Sid said, rubbing his beard
"Flying a pirate ship...that's my position in my crew" Anthony said, "But with the currents's just two warriors, a senator, three troops and an idiot flying monster"
"I completely understand" Sid said, handing Anthony the bow, "Let's catch a meal"
Sid managed to talk to Anthony and calm him down. Getting him to use the bow to hunt.

Troggies were located all over this jungle. This jungle has the most population for Troggies throughout the spiral. It wasn't hard for Anthony to find a Troggy. There was a green Troggy with his spear unaware of Anthony and Sid Der.
"Can I use my gun?" Anthony asked
"Firing a bullet will attract more...use the bow" Sid whispered
Anthony picked up Sid's bow and three arrows. He pulled the arrow back slowly and took a deep breath and let go. The arrow went flying towards the Troggy and nailed the creature in it's back.
"Ye did good!" Sid said, "Let's go"
Sid carried their food back and cooked it up. Anthony was a little skeptical on the meal but he had to eat it to survive another night.
"What's next?" Anthony said, licking his fingers
"Are ye thirsty?" Sid said, whipping his hands
" have water in those bowls" Anthony said
"Yes, I do, but I ain't teaching ye anything if I provide you with resources to survive. I'm teaching ye" Sid said, kicking the bowls of water
"Lemme guess...I have to get some water for myself?" Anthony said
Sid smiled and nodded.
"I'd figure that" Anthony said, rubbing his head
The sun was about to go down. Both Anthony and Sid ate and was satisfied now to end the day was to get some water. Anthony was near the water hole where he encountered Sid and at the same exact time he lost his surviving crew members.
"What the?" Anthony said
Anthony noticed a tree with blood on it, "Must of been from before?"
As Anthony passes the tree he noticed bullets behind the tree. Anthony thought he did it to the tree before so Anthony went to the water hole and started filling up.
Boom! Anthony heard two bullets fired but as soon as Anthony got up he heard someone behind him.
"Well, well..." Danga said
"You're the bounty hunter who tried to kill me and the rest of my crew" Anthony said calmly
"Refresh my memory" Danga snickered, "Who are you?"
Anthony didn't asnwer right away. He knew Danga didn't know about his knife. Anthony smiled and took a deep breath.
"Your worst nightmare" Anthony said
Anthony headbutted Danga in his nose causing him to drop the weapon and Anthony swiftly pulled out his knife and stabbed Danga in his stomach.
"You won't hurt anyone! You won't!" Anthony said as he continues to stab Danga
"I..." Anthony said as he stabs Danga again, "am not" He stabbed him once last time then whispered "Afraid of you" Anthony picked up Danga's body and threw him into the water
Anthony watched the water form into red. Anthony's mind started to break away slowly and he burst into tears.
"This is not me!" Anthony cried
As Anthony continues to stare at the blood red water his visions became blurry and he passed out from dehydration.

Sanchez, Sanchi, Juhn and Dorugh was passing an island filled with trees. Sanchez stared at the island and noticed smoke. He remembered when Anthony and the rest of his crew crashed and he officially had a new objective.
"Where are we going?" Juhn said.
Sanchez didn't reply. He was determine to land on the island and search for Anthony.
"Be aware...Sanchez is terrible with ships" Sanchi joked
Sanchez managed to land the pirate ship in the jungles. Sanchez and Dorugh went out to look for Anthony and Juhn and Sanchi stays at the ship.

"Anthony?" Sanchez said, holding his gun. "It's Dorugh and I...Sanchez?"
The jungle was dark as the sun goes down and became very quietly which was unusual.
"This is weird...we never been in these jungles?" Dorugh said
Squeak! A Troggy ran right pass them scaring Sanchez.
"Troggies" Sanchez said, getting closer to the water hole

"Did you hear that?" Sanchi said, pulling out his sword, "Voices"
Sanchi and Juhn started hearing footsteps, not Troggies but someone wearing boots.
"Who's here?" Juhn said
Sanchi and Juhn split up to search around the area. Sanchi heard noises behind him as he turned around he saw someone's shadow.
"Who are you?" Sanchi said nervously
The stranger jumped behind Sanchi kicked him in his back and hit him with a log, knocking Sanchi out.
"Thanks for the sword, Next step. Juhn"

"Juhn?" Dorugh said, "Where are you?"
As they approach the water hole Dorugh dropped his connect device in disgust and shocked.
"What happened? Who's in the water?" Sanchi said
Sanchi stepped in the red water and brought out the body. It was the dangerous bounty hunter, Danga.
"Oh my! What happen to him!" Dorugh said
"He was stabbed...nine times" Sanchi said
Dorugh got away from the body and started to throw up. As he drops to his knees he noticed a knife with blood on it.
"Sir...look" Dorugh said, "Who'd you think owned this weapon?"
Sanchi gazed as Dorugh hands the knife to him and he dropped it.
" way...he's alive!" Sanchi said
"Who?" Dorugh said, throwing up
"Anthony De Sharp...I don't believe it...He made it!" Sanchi said

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