Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Warrior "Survivors in a unknown jungle"

After Danga's risky trip to capture Loto back from the pirates and warriors. The crew sent by Loto's son managed to get Loto back and shooting a ship with pirates in it. The whereabouts on Anthony, trooper Bob and Richard and the rest are unknown but others think they're dead from the deadly explosive crash.

"What's going on?" Trooper Gary said, waking up from the cannons fired at them
"Bounty hunters are firing at us...we're going down!" Anthony said, trying to avoid hitting ships
Their ship was falling apart with ginormous chunks falling out of it and flames raising. With all the damage on the ship from Loto, Alana and Danga is uncontrollable. Anthony managed to steer the ship from crashing into Skull island but causing them to go into an unknown island far from Skull island.
"Our flag is on fire!" Bob said, flames coming down
Their ship was flying through trees in an unknown jungle and then they crashed into a ginormous tree causing a huge chunk of their ship (Anthony, Bob, Richard and Gary) to fall off and everything became black.

"Anthony?" trooper said, hovering over his body, "I think he's dead. We need to go"
When Bob got back on his feet after checking Anthony, they thought he was dead until he started coughing.
"Anthony! You're alive" Richard said, placing his hand on Anthony's forehead, "Lucky one"
Anthony slowly got up and noticed they were in a jungle. Anthony looked up and notice a tree on fire and the remaining of their ship on the tree.
"Did anyone else survive?" Anthony said, rubbing his eyes
"Everyone who was in the room where you were flying survived. The rest are dead" Bob said
The whole mysterious jungle was silent until Troggies started roaring. None of them knew where they were and how far they were from Skull island but they knew they had to find somewhere to rest and hide from the creatures. As Gary started leading the surviving pack, Anthony stayed for a few seconds and traced something in the dirt, "We're still alive -Anthony"
"Do you even know where you're going?" Bob asked, starting to get cold
"Yeah, away from those freaking Troggies" Gary said, stopping
"Shhhh" Gary said, hearing footsteps, "Troggies"
Everyone stopped after hearing more footsteps. Anthony was in the back with a gun with a few bullets left. Then they didn't hear footsteps and Gary took a deep breath in relief.
"They are gone" Gary said
Gary started walking while Richard noticed Troggies in a tree, "Gary stop!"
A Troggy jumped down in front of Gary and stabbed him in his chest, killing him, "Roaaaar!"
More Troggies started jumping down with bows and sharp sticks. One of the Troggies threw a stick at Richard but Anthony threw Richard to the ground, saving him and started shot three Troggies.
"We need to go!" Anthony said, running from the Troggies

After dodging the Troggies's spears and arrows for a period of time they managed to get away from them and found shelter. Everyone was scared, nervous and had no hope after watching the Troggies killing Gary.
"What...are...we..going to do?" Richard said, nervously
"We'll be okay" Anthony said, dropping weapons from dead Troggies, "We'll protect ourself until help arrives"
Everyone doubted Anthony's words. They knew no one would come and they also knew that everyone thinks they're dead.
"Guys... I know we're in a terrible situation" Anthony said, "But we can survive! We faced bigger challenges then pathetic creatures"
"Pathetic creatures?" Bob said, "They stabbed Gary...they killed him!"
"We look terrible and we're in bad condition" Richard said, "We need water or we're gonna die of thirst"
"You guys stay here, I'll get some water" Anthony said
Anthony found a cave where they can rest but the cave was not near any water in this jungle full of dangerous and crazy creatures, but thoughts and concerns was going through Anthony's head.
"Troggies could have a home in that cave and if they return..." Anthony stopped, "They can handle their selves"
Anthony was walking to the nears water hole with a pistol with a few bullets left. Everyone's devices was either destroyed in the crash or there was no connection so their devices are useless, Anthony thought. After walking for thirty minutes Anthony finally found water.
"Yes! We can survive for another night" Anthony said, getting on his knees and started to drink water
Click! Anthony heard a clicking noise and when he turned around it was a old pirate with an eye patch on his eye.
"Hello, mate" He said

The pirate brought Anthony to his small house which was a crashed ship that crashed years ago. His walls was filled with Troggies' weapons and jungle leafs.
"I am Sid Der! What's ye name?" Sid said
"" He said nervously
"Ye must be in the pirate army, ye have a patch on ye worn out shirt" Sid said, observing his looks
"Look sir, I must get back to a cave where others are. We were shot down and crashed in here" Anthony said
"Arrrgh! I heard ye ship blowing up from miles away and it wasn't so smart to hide in a cave...Troggies live there and we just met but ye know ye crew might be dead from them" Sid said, drinking
"Oh no!" Anthony said, started to run back to the cave
"Poor matey" Sid said, following him
Anthony made it back to the cave and noticed Troggies' foot steps printed in the ground and blood on the cave's walls. Anthony slowly walked in the cave and noticed Troggies...and dead pirates.
"No!" Anthony cried, pulling out his gun
Sid was getting close to the cave as he sees the cave and then heard a gunshot...then another, another, another and he started running in there. When Sid walked in the cave he noticed Anthony firing his remaining bullets at a dead Troggy.
"Son! He's dead the first shot" Sid said, lowering Anthony's gun
Sid looked around the cave, noticing the dead pirates and bullets everywhere.
"I can tell you don't use a gun much" Sid said, "Bad aim...terrible aim"

Anthony and Sid went back to Sid's home. The walk there was silent and Sid noticed Anthony crying.
"What is wrong? Don't ye understand, if ye in a army people ye love will die" Sid said, "In wars mateys ye love dies"
"I won't be on this island for long...I know Sanchez and the rest are looking for me...I can feel their pain" Anthony said, whipping his tears
Sid didn't understand what he meant, but he knew just to forget it and head back home.

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