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The Warrior "To the rescue" (Long)

After the need for money to upgrade the armada money, Leader Kane goes out to Marleybone to get information from a former/knowledge friend, after being set up and captured by Loto, Danga and Alana. Need for revenge Sanchi and Sanchez head out to Marleybone to talk to Shopkeeper Owen and being captured too. The bounty hunters gives them to their fellow boss dangerous pirate, Lando Blacksmith and his crew at Blacksmith's ground near Marleybone. Miss senator Julia Carthy and Wing Chun are the only one know about Sanchez and Sanchi's whereabouts but must keep it a secret from the council.

After traveling to Marleybone. All the Warriors in the council doesn't know about Sanchi and Sanchez's whereabouts after being gone for a day.
"Miss senator" Juhn Woun said, noticing Julia roaming around Skull island
Julia heard Juhn calling her name and she was sure that Juhn was gonna ask her about Sanchi. She turned around and notice Juhn with a angry grin on his face.
"Two Warriors didn't show up in the council today" Juhn said, "And you know I'm just asking you because you love one of them"
"Sanchi? Oh no...he's gone!" Julia said, acting like she doesn't know
"They have no contact us and their signal is messed up" Juhn Woun said, still trying to contact them
Then Julia started regretting everything. They could be dead, she thought but then...she remembered the tracking device on Sanchi's robe. Julia walked away from Juhn and checked the tracking device to find out their location.
"Lando Blacksmith! He stole them, oh no" She said to herself
Julia ran to the dome, where Wing Chun is always at in the morning. Knowing that Chun and herself are the only people with information on Sanchi and Sanchez. As she passes the Derwitchi's room, on top of the council. She noticed Bulson Budd, Juhn Woun, Ron Subodai, Captain Avery and more warriors and senators going in the room in a rush so she followed them.
"What's going on?" Julia said, entering Derwitchi's room
Derwitchi's office was filled with people, then a hologram of Lando appeared on his desk
"Hello" Lando said, shining Sanchi's sword, "I have someone you want for a fortune though"
"Depends" Derwitchi said
Lando started laughing and told his men to bring Kane in the hologram to show the pirates. Everyone gasp. But Julia knew that Sanchi and Sanchez was locked up with Kane.
" did you capture Kane?" Derwitchi said, nervously
Lando knew about Sanchi and Sanchez were in the council and if they knew about Lando holding two Warriors hostage. There would be a battle between them and Lando's men.
"If you want him, I want money, alot of money" Lando said, throwing Kane to the ground, "Farewell" 
After Lando left. Everyone in Derwitchi's office had questions. Juhn and others thought it had to be a trap and a fake hologram. Others believed it had to be real and need to send troops there and kill Lando, but it was Derwitchi's action and the Warriors' choice. After everyone left Derwitchi's office, Julia, Chun and Dexter Pittsor (Senators) stayed back and wanted to discuss plans for Derwitchi.
"Sanchi, Sanchez and Kane is at Lando's Blacksmith island, located near Marleybone. Lando and his crew are dangerous bounty hunters and I know Loto and the other bounty hunters are there too! Let me, Chun, Dexter and Sanchi's crew to go down there and talk to them...please sir" Julia said
Derwitchi looked at Julia strangely but thought about time they're wasting so Derwitchi agreed and sent Dorugh, Gus, and Dez with them.

"I liked you guys, I did" Lando said, locking Sanchi & Sanchez up
"Where's Kane and what are you going to do with us" Sanchi said, spitting in Lando's face
"Torture time" Lando said, cleaning the spit off his face, "For trying to escape and disrespecting me! I am Lando stinking Blacksmith and I deserve some respect from a ninja/ Swashbuckler and a damn Privateer"
"I may look like one, but I am not! I am a Buccaneer in the Warriors' council!" Sanchi said
"I don't give a damn about the pathetic Warriors! They aren't pirates like us...they have swords with what? Lava so when they strike their enemy it'll hurt? Pathetic!" Lando said, slapping Sanchi in his face
"Your beliefs are wrong" Sanchez said, calmly
Lando ignored Sanchez and Sanchi's comments and brought out a crate of jellyfish, ginormous jelly fish that flies in the skyway of Skull island.
"Oh no" Sanchez said
"You wonder how in the world this is gonna work? Well your chains are metal and these creatures love metal" Lando said, laughing, "Boys! Sting'em!"
Once the Jellyfishes touched the metal, their torture begun. Lando and his crew were entertained by their torture. If they kept stinking them with their strong and long stingers, Sanchi and Sanchez could died.
"This is great!" Lando said
Then the doors were open and bullets were fired. Everyone got down but they were still being tortured until the jellyfishes were shot. Lando got up and aimed his gun at three pirates then he started laughing
"Three troops with guns and the other three with none? Priceless!" Lando said, "Put your gun downs, my crew"
"You have our people and an dangerous person we want" Dorugh said, not putting his gun down
It was Senators Julia, Chun and Dexter and pirate troops, Dorugh, Gus and Dez against Lando and his eleven men. Luckily they distracted everyone from Sanchi and Sanchez and Sanchi got loose and out. He rushed and picked up his sword and grabbed Lando
"If you don't listen, he'll die!" Sanchi said
"Damn warriors, you're making a huge mistake" Lando said

Two of Lando's men, Jerry & Doug went to Kane, but Kane wasn't in there.
"W-w-where's that dude?" Jerry said
Doug was looking at Jerry and tried to say something but then a sword went through Jerry's stomach. As his body drops Kane was revealed with a gun.
"Woah, don't do this please don't..."
Kane took out Doug and headed to Lando.

"Did you hear those gunshots?" One of Lando's men said, "It had to be Kane"
Lando quickly stepped on Sanchi's foot causing him to drop the sword and swung a punch, knocking him to the ground.
"He dies if you do not lower your guns" Lando said, "I don't play games...well I do"
Sanchi was on the ground in pain and shock while Lando have Sanchi's sword pointing at his head making Dorugh and his men to put their guns down. Meanwhile Kane was walking with a gun and a sword towards Lando.
"Where are the bounty hunters that captured them" Gus said, "We don't want you...we want them"
Then Dorugh, Gus and Dez heard voices behind him that sounded like a women.
"Too bad"
Alana shot Gus three times in his back, killing him. Loto and Danga pointed guns on Dez and Dorugh head.
"Gus!" Dorugh cried as he pushes Danga's gun and dropped to the ground
"Gus! Are you okay? Please!" Dorugh said, but Gus was dead
"Alana! You idiot! You killed one of them, causing a conflict on my ground!" Lando said, making his men aim at the bounty hunters
The bounty hunters were aiming their guns at the Sanchi's crew/senators and Lando's men were aiming their weapons at the bounty hunters. Then Kane walked in the room firing at two of Lando's men.
"Kane, you're here" Sanchez said, only one locked up
Lando aimed his gun at Sanchez causing Lando to aim his gun at Kane, "If you shoot this warrior I'll shoot you!"
Meanwhile Dorugh was on his knees and he started to hear Gus whisper, "Dorugh....bomb"
Gus revealed a grande and pulled the clip. Dorugh quickly slapped the gun out of Alana's hand and dived out of the way of the grande.
Boom! The grande blew up resulting in injuring Alana and Danga, and giving Loto a chance to escape. Kane shot Lando in his shoulder and ran out towards Lando's ship. Alana and Danga managed to get back up and took out most of Lando's men as they tried to escape Dorugh shot Alana and injured her.
"Payback" Dorugh said, getting on his feet

Loto and Danga ran out of Lando's building quick and they also managed to steal his gold too. Loto and Danga finally made it to one of Lando's men ship as they try to place the crate full of gold on the ship Kane walked out.
"Fellas, that's some gold you have there" Kane said, pulling out his gun
Kane had the advantage because Danga and Loto dropped their weapon when the explosion occur, unarmed they raised their hands in the air and begged Kane for their life.
"Give me the gold and you two can fly off" Kane said, "I knew you two killed my enemies at Skull island...I'm not gonna kill you"
Danga dropped the crate next to Kane and slowly got on the ship, ""
Danga and Loto managed to escape off of Lando's island and so did Kane.

"What is going on?" Lando said, treating his bullet wound
"Two bounty hunters got away, alot of you men is dead, they shot one of our men and most importantly...Kane got away" Sanchez said
"I'm just glad we rescued y'all at the right moment" Julia said, hugging Sanchi
Sanchez slowly got up and wondered about Lando's punishment, but then he thought, Lando didn't kill any of us.
"Let's...go...I need some rest" Sanchez said, starting to limp
"Wait...are we not gonna arrest him? For kidnapping and torturing?" Wing Chun said, giving Lando a mean look, "He would deserve it"
Sanchez started shaking his head. Sanchi and Dorugh agreed with Chun's statement...but Sanchez did not.
"Nah, let's go" Sanchez said
"What?" Sanchi and Chun said at once
"With all respect, I think those jelly fish got your brain too" Dorugh said
Sanchez turned around and looked at Lando then looked around seeing his dead men.
"Lando, in my opinion you are a scumbag who we should arrest...but I don't do arresting and I can see you've your punishment with that bullet in your shoulder and eight dead three of your men's ship" Sanchez said, noticing his pain
"You mean two ships?" Lando said
"We need a ship to get back home" Sanchez said, walking out with everyone else
Lando ran outside to Sanchez and everyone else, "I apologize for everything, if you need men...myself and my boys will be honor to help you guys"
"You should worry about rebuilding and acquire more men...Kane has over four million armadas and he knows your location" Sanchez said, getting on the ship

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