Monday, October 6, 2014

The Warrior "Escape from Sifus"

After dangerous bounty hunter, Sifus Lade and his men (Eric, Saveus and Gevus) kidnap Chun. Warriors' council sends Juhn Woun, Sanchez, Sanchi, and their crew to save Chun. After Chun managed to give away his coordinates. Juhn and Sanchi's crew arrived on Sifus's ship finding Chun and killing Gevus.

"Sifus, the ship have stopped" Eric said, "It appears that the drivers have been a sword?"
"Warriors! They are on my ship! Warn the armadas and search for them! Now!" Sifus said, trying to contact Kane
"Yes Sifus?" Kane said
"We have an issue. Warriors are on my ship" Sifus said
"Fool! Check on Chun now and handle this issue or you'll be dead" Kane said
Sifus tried to contact  Gaveus, but there was no reply and Sifus started to worry. Sifus sent Gevus's brother, Saveus and other armadas to go down to the cells and check on Chun.
"Hello? Brother are you here?" Saveus said, entering the prison room.
"Uh sir, Geveus is dead" An armada said, pointing at his body
Saveus dropped to the ground, "Tell Sifus that he's dead and Chun is gone, now!"
The armadas left the room, leaving Saveus alone in the room.
"I can't believe they did this to you, brother!" Saveus said, hearing footsteps
"We're about to do the same thing to you" Captain Dorugh said, firing shots into Saveus
"Sir, they know we are here. We must contact Sanchi" Commander Dez said
"Sanchi took care of the drivers of the ship. They aren't going anywhere" Juhn said, "We must move now"
Everyone ran upstairs, but Chun. He was too weak.
"We...can't just...leave this ship...We must take...out Sifus" Chun said, becoming weaker
"He's right, we need to do something" Gus said
"No! Once Kane arrives there'll be more armadas. We must leave. Contact Sanchi tell him to meet us at the ship" Juhn said

"Sanchi, are you there?" Sanchez said, through the device
"Yes, I'm with Gergous and Derves. We are near Sifus. I'm going to take care of him myself" Sanchi said
Sanchi, Gergous and Derves heard Sifus yelling at armadas after hearing Chun was gone.
"Our objective is complete. What now?" Derves said
"Once the armadas leave. We'll take care of Sifus" Sanchi whispered
"Sir with all respect that's stupid. We have Chun and we'll have to leave now" Gergous said
"I'm not, you two can go back. Tell Juhn that I'm in contact with Sifus" Sanchi said, pulling out his sword
"Yes sir" Gergous said, but Derves stayed with Sanchi
Sifus gave commands to the armadas to search for Chun and kill the Warriors and the armadas left to search for them.
"Eric, contact Kane one last time" Sifus said, but Eric didn't answer
"Eric? Where are you?" Sifus said
"He's dead" Sanchi said, revealing himself
"Warrior! They are my specialties" Sifus said, pulling two of his swords out, "I've had training as well"
"Indeed, Derves stay back. Make sure no armadas come in...I got this bounty hunter myself!" Sanchi said, running towards Sifus
Cling, cling, cling both of them are in contact with each other, but Sanchi didn't know that Kane was nearby.
"You must be new with this whole business" Sanchi said
"I've been in this business longer then you!" Sifus said, trying to strike Sanchi
"What the?" Sanchi said, hearing gunshots
"Sir, more armadas are coming.. there are too..." Derves stopped and fell to the ground with bullets in his chest
"Give up! You're trap" Sifus said as armadas started to march in
"You must be really," Sanchi laughed
Sanchi kicked Sifus in the stomach causing his to fall down and ran past him and towards the ship.
"Where's Sanchi? A dozen armada ships are here!" Anthony cried
"Right here!" Sanchi said, getting on the ship, "Get us out of here now!"
"You made it...where's Derves?" Gergous said
"Dead, wish it was the same for Sifus but there was too many armadas coming in. I had him too!" Sanchi said

"Did you capture Wing Chun back?" Kane said, walking in
"No sir...the Warriors and the troops killed my men! What kind of mission was this?" Sifus said
"You said you would fail me" Kane said, pulling out his gun
"My men didn't search the prisoner. He had his contacting devices and gave away our position! I wasn't in charge for those actions!" Sifus said
"Those were your men!" Kane said
"If you want me to track them down and get Chun back, I'll need a bigger pay or you can..."
"I don't think so" Kane said, killing Sifus, "Useless bounty hunter. Inform Lifto that Wing Chun escaped"
After escaping from Kane and the bounty hunter's ship. Sanchi, Juhn, Chun and Sanchez met with the Warriors' council
"Good job for getting Chun back. I knew I can trust Juhn and Sanchi" Captain Avery said
"Well, Sanchez and his men helped out alot too. I guess I can finally looked forward for more to come with these warriors" Juhn said
"But, that bounty hunter is still out there" Bulson Budd said
"Yesss, what are we going to do with him?" Jarvis CoBris asked
"The important thing is that we've got Chun back" Ron Subodai said
"I'm pretty sure after we escaped from another bounty hunter, Kane would be fed up with them and probably fed up with Sifus his self" Sanchez said, patting Chun on his back
"Feels great to be back" Wing Chun said, "Thanks for rescuing me"
"Anytime pal, now go get some rest" Sanchez said
"Oh I need it for sure" Chun said, leaving the council

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