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The Warrior AE "Filthy pirates" S2

Julia, Chun, Boris, Danny and Malik still continued to find Sanchez and Sanchi, after they became missing for two days. With strong hope, they traveled out to Port Regal to get help from a ship seller but she couldn't find the unique ship the kidnappers were flying. Their next plan is to wait in the Skull island Skyway, waiting for a close-looking ship to fly by. Meanwhile, Sanchez haven't been listening to the leader, Al. He refused to fight, which started to make him look bad. After thinking, Al created a genius and last duel between Sanchez and Sanchi.

"Alford! Let's go, quick!" Alford's dad said.
Before the extinction of pirates, there were a small peaceful village in Mooshu, where lots of pirates use to live in. Known as the "filthy pirates". They made lots of homes in Mooshu and they were peaceful. The leader of the village was Frank Lusher, Alford's father but everything changed when they heard gun firing and screaming.
"Who's attacking us, father?" Alford said, closing his door.
"Captain Avery and his pirate troops, they need this village as a base!" Frank said.
"Well...let them have it, let's just go!" Alford said.
Frank pulled out several weapons. He pulled out his old silver sword, "They just can't take it and leave us homeless! Are ye crazy, son?"
Alford's father threw Al a bow and arrow but Al dropped it. Frank opened up his house's door and he ran out, firing at troops. Alford ran and looked out of the window and saw over hundreds of pirate troops knocking innocent pirates to the ground. Then, he saw his father getting shot in the shoulder.
"Father!" Alford said, running outside.
Alford was hovering over his injured father. He looked at him in his eyes and he looked back.
"Son, ye need to leave here, it's too dangerous" Frank said.
But Alford didn't want to leave. Instead, he started to drag his father's body by his two arms, trying to get back inside his own house.
"Ye'll be safe!" Alford said.
Suddenly, someone placed their hands on Alford's shoulder. Al quickly turned around and it was captain Avery and Sanchi. Al quickly picked up his father's weapon, but Sanchi pushed him to the ground and brought out his sword.
"You shouldn't be here, boy" Avery said.
Alford quickly got back up, "Just leave us alone, we're peaceful pirates!"
"That's not true" Sanchi said, "Your people are drunken filthy pirates"
Alford started to think about what Sanchi said. He finally understood it. Broken bottles around the house and all over the village. He turned around to look at his father, "Is this true?"
But his father didn't respond. He bled out and Al started to cry. He turned back around and looked at Avery and Sanchi. They both apologized, but Alford ignored it and ran away, far away. He never returned back to Mooshu, again.

"Al, Al...are ye gonna watch the duel?" One of Al's pirates said.
Suddenly, Al came back to reality. He shook his head and tried to erase the memories. He wanted to focus on the fight knowing who Sanchi was and he and the pirate army done.
"Yes, I will...I need a drink, get me one" Al said.
Al took a sip of his beer and dropped it. He wanted to focus on the upcoming duel of Sanchi and Sanchez. He banged his hand on a a little button and the bell went off.
"This is wrong!" Winslow said, guards carrying him in.
"One of Sanchi's friend...I want you to watch this duel" Al laughed.

Cheering all around the arena. Mostly cheering for Sanchi, but they didn't want to fight, though, Sanchez was furious with Sanchi. Guards all around the exits, they were pretty much trapped.
"Look what you did!" Sanchez said, "You had to get drunk! We could of easily left harmless!"
"Chill out, Sanchez! We shouldn't be arguing now" Sanchi said, looking around the arena.
There were only four exits and there were two guards at each of them. Also, Sanchi couldn't even think of a plan because of the shouting pirates around the arena.
"All the exits are guarded, maybe we can..."
Bam! Sanchez threw the first punch. Knocking Sanchi to the ground with a bloody lip. Sanchi wiped the blood off his lip and looked at Sanchez, he had an angry look on his face.
"What is wrong with you?" Sanchi said.
Sanchez ignored Sanchi and kicked him in his face and again in his stomach. Sanchi quickly became angry. He kicked Sanchez in his leg and threw sand in his eyes. Then, Sanchi got up and pushed him to the ground. Sanchez tried to get back up but Sanchi pushed him back on the ground. Al started to clap his hands and Winslow became mad.
"If you can stop, we can think of a way out of this mess!" Sanchi said, kicking Sanchez back on the ground.
"What plan?" Sanchez said, crawling away from Sanchi.
Suddenly, Sanchez quickly got up and got behind Sanchi. Both of the two were facing back-to-back with their fists bawled up. They slowly walked towards one of the exits but Sanchez had a feeling that this plan wouldn't work.
"Better idea" Sanchez said.
Sanchez slapped Sanchi in his face and started to push him towards the exit and when they got close, he pushed Sanchi into one of the guards. Then, Sanchez grabbed the fallen guard's weapon. He turned around and shot the guard. The fallen guard tried to get back up but Sanchi slammed his head into the hard wall until he was knocked out. Sanchi picked up the other guard's pistol and he followed Sanchez out of the tunnel.
"What's going on? How is this happening?" Al said.
Winslow quickly ran into Al, knocking him to the ground. Then, Winslow pushed the other two guards down and he ran, trying to get to Sanchi and Sanchez.

Malik and Chun were throwing rocks in a nearby pond. Meanwhile, Julia was trying to think of something to find Sanchi. Nearby, she heard the two having fun together. Danny started to comfort Julia.
"You okay?" Danny said, seeing tears going down her face.
"It's...Sanchi, he's gone again! He could seriously be dead this time" Julia said, wiping her tears away.
Danny sat down next to Julia and placed his hand on her shoulders, "Sanchi is one of a kind, I'm pretty sure he's out right now...with Sanchez?"
"We just need to keep looking" Boris said, limping towards the two.
Boris was still in bad shape with two black eyes and a busted lip.
"You need to rest, Boris" Julia said.
"Yeah, that's kinda the thing" Boris said.
Julia had a confused look on her face, "What do you mean?"
"I heard someone screaming, I looked out of the window and saw two pirates. Both of the two have no clue what being clean is" Boris said.
Suddenly, Julia's heart started to race. She picked up her knife and ran to find the pirates. Danny grabbed his supplies and followed her right behind.
"Julia, wait! Slow down!" Danny said, losing her.
Julia pushed Danny to the ground and pulled him behind a tree. Both of the two remained silent, looking at the two dirty pirates. Julia focused on the two while Danny stopped paying attention.
"Oh boy, Al will love this individual" Dirty pirate said, grabbing the female.
"That's what happened to Sanchi and Sanchez!" Danny said.
The two pirates grabbed the female pirate. She started to scream and tried to get away. The two started to laugh at her. Then, Julia came out and fired at one of the pirates. One of them hit the ground and started to scream. Meanwhile, the other pirate dropped the female and pulled his gun out. The pirated aimed his gun at Julia and she had her's aiming at him.
"Ah! She shot me!" The other pirate said, placing his hand over the bullet hole.
"Drop the weapon, missy, it's me against ye perty butt" he said.
Suddenly, Danny came behind the pirate with his weapon. Then, Malik, Chun and Boris came out. It was five against one. The unknown pirate dropped his weapon and placed his hands up.
"Let's talk" Julia said, hitting the pirate's knee caps with the gun.
The unknown pirate screamed and fell to the ground. Julia aimed at his head with her weapon. She wanted answers, now. The pirate began to cuss as he rubbed both of his knees.
"We need some answers" Danny said, smiling.

Sanchi and Sanchez ran past guards and took out a couple of guards. Sanchi was making his way to get to his old cell to get Winslow out. Sanchez followed behind. He reached his cell.
"What? Why did we stop here?" Sanchez said, looking around, "This place is filled with messed up pirates!"
Sanchi tried to open his old cell but it was locked. He punched the cell door. He tried to become calm, thinking of another plan.
"Winslow, are you in there?" He said, placing his ear on the cell's door.
Suddenly, he heard a reply. Though, it wasn't in the cell. It was behind him and he turned around. He saw Sanchez aiming his gun at Winslow. Sanchi smiled.
"Put your gun down, he's with us" Sanchez said.
"Knew you would of done something like this, haven't even been here for a month" Winslow joked.
Quickly, the three ran and looked for another way out towards the docks.

"Ye aight?"
"No, where did they go!" Al said, "Kane was coming! I told him that I have someone he been looking for!"
Suddenly, Al heard clapping noises and he turned around. It was Kane with Deacon and other armadas. Al took his weapon out. Just in case, he thought.
"Kane, Deacon!" Al said, bowing down.
Kane or Deacon didn't reply back. Instead, they looked inside the arena and noticed that there were no one, beside two guards near an exit. Kane nodded his head, not pleased. Kane started to swing his cane around. Then, he struck Al in the head with his cane. Al's men quickly aimed the weapons at Kane and Kane's armadas aimed their weapons at them.
"Stop, men!" Al said, "What is ye tryin' to prove, huh?"
Kane were furious. he slammed his cane on the ground and pulled his pistol out. Deacon picked up his cane.
"Listen, it's not too late! They haven't escaped yet!" Al said, "I can get'em!"
Kane looked at Al for a few seconds then he turned around, looking at the arena. He noticed that the guards weapons weren't very powerful and there weren't many guards. Kane laughed.
"Listen, Kane, I betcha my gold tooth that my men have the two right now!" Al said, slowly getting back up.
Kane still didn't speak to Al. Though, he turned around and looked at Al.
"Don't let me do this again" Kane said, pushing Al back to the ground.
Kane, Deacon and other armadas walked away from Al. Then, Al let out a huge scream. He was furious and he wanted Sanchi, Sanchez and Winslow dead.

"I think it's over here!" Sanchi said, reaching a door.
Boom! Gunshots started to fire and hit the door. Sanchez and Winslow quickly got behind cover. Sanchi pulled out his gun and started to fire at the other pirates. It was a group of pirates and Al was the leader.
"Sanchi, get behind cover!" Sanchez said, firing at the filthy pirates.
Sanchi fired at a few filthy pirates, but he was actually trying to shoot Al but he heard gunshots coming behind him. This time, it was the armadas. Sanchi ran out of the open and got behind cover. A few pirates took out armadas and armadas took pirates.
Sanchi, Sanchez and Winslow managed to avoid the gunshots and escaped. He looked back and knew he had a good shot on Al. Sanchi stopped moving and aimed his weapon at Al. With Al's men fighting Kane's men, Sanchi finally had his chance. He aimed his weapon at Al, unexpected and shot Al in his arm, causing him to hit the ground. Al saw who it was and he slowly got back up to follow them.
"Kill all his men! End this whole entire place!" Kane demanded, making his way towards his ship.
Al saw Sanchi and the rest running. He tried to take them out, but he was out of bullets.
"I'll find ye again! Ye won't get away wit' this! Winslow, Sanchez, Sanchi!" Al cried.
Sanchi, Sanchez and Winslow made it outside and made their way to the docks. Suddenly, Sanchi stopped and heard Kane's voice. He was talking to him.
"Well, well. There you are! Would you prefer another rematch" Kane said, with his calm voice.
Sanchi laughed, "Kane, I remember you...the one who can't catch me?"
"I killed El and I can easily kill you!" Kane said.
Sanchi turned around and looked at Kane in his eyes. He didn't know if he was looking back, due to his mask but Kane just stood there. Sanchi quickly had a angry look on his face.
"You're nothing Kane, nothing!" Sanchi cried.
"Is that true? Didn't I kill El Toro?" Kane said.
Suddenly, Sanchi ran towards Kane and he just stood there. He got closer and closer towards Kane but then, he heard cannon being fired. An explosion occurred between Sanchi and Kane and dust started to fill up the area. It was Julia and the rest.
"Sanchi, get on, quick!" Julia cried.
Sanchi jumped on the ship and he looked back. Kane wasn't there anymore. "I'll get my revenge"

"Sanchi!" Julia said, hugging him.
Sanchi hugged her back. Feeling her soft stunning hair. He looked in her beautiful eyes. It was almost like they were shining, he thought. They kissed each other.
"Good to see you again" Sanchi said.
"Sanchi! Who's this guy?" Danny said, referring to Winslow.
"New crewmate, Winslow" Sanchi said.
Danny shook Winslow's hands.
"Welcome to our crew" Julia said, smiling.
"Who kidnapped you guys?" Malik asked.
Sanchi thought about the question, "Filthy pirates".

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