Monday, December 7, 2015

The Warrior AE "Little things" S2

After a long week, Sanchi decides to go to a bar to get a drink. Meanwhile, his crew stayed in the ship. Though, Sanchi made a mistake by sitting in Mikey's sit, resulting in six of his men attacking Sanchi. With no weapon, he managed to take out all of Mikey's men, including Mikey too. The two bargained and Sanchi stole his ship. Emmanuel confessed to Sanchez about getting infected by a troggy. Sanchez promised he would keep it a secret but not for long.

Emmanuel locked his self in a small room inside the ship. No lights on and he just laid in a corner, tears flowing from his eyes. He didn't know what to do, but his pain started to become worse. He started to throw up frequently and became weaker. Hardly anytime left, Emmanuel thought and he wanted to be honest with Sanchi, too. But, not right now...he thought.
"I...gotta do something" Emmanuel said.

Meanwhile, Sanchi and Sanchez still remained in the bar. For couple of hours, Sanchi just kept drinking. Sanchez didn't drink, but he knew they'd have to leave the bar soon. Most of Mikey's men were about to wake up and Sanchez didn't want to deal with that.
"Hey stranger, I think it's time to go" Sanchez said.
He didn't want to reveal Sanchi's identity in front of the bartender. It was hard for Sanchez to trust anyone anymore. Also, the heavy set bartender kept giving Sanchi a weird look.
"Is my name really stranger?" Drunken Sanchi said.
Sanchez rolled his eyes, "Let's go!"
"You can't control me, my name is stranger for a reason!" Sanchi said, dropping his glass.
"Sir, can you keep an eye on him? I apologize and I'll pay you back...gotta talk to my crew" Sanchez said.
Sanchez left the bar. When he walked out, he noticed Emmanuel walking towards him and Sanchez started to feel bad again.
"Hey, we got a new ship...get everyone out here to pack on another ship" Sanchez said.
Emmanuel nodded his head and got everyone out of their ship. From then, they tiredly and slowly removed their belongings from the old ship.
"Where's Sanchi?" Julia asked, dropping her bags.
"He's getting drunk right now, he kinda kicked six drunken pirates butt and he's pretty stressed right now" Sanchez said.
"I didn't know Sanchi drinks?" Julia said.
"Neither did I" Sanchez said.
Malik and Danny slowly removed the only foods they got and onto the other ship. Those two were the only ones who were doing their jobs. Meanwhile, Chun kept on complaining to Sanchez. Sanchez gotten use to Chun complaining and he easily ignored him. He had other things to worry about for now, looking at Emmanuel whose just throwing his belongings off the ship.
"Emmanuel, what are you doing?" Sanchez said.
"I don't need any of my stuff, I'm just gonna help everyone else to load their stuff on the ship" Emmanuel said, frowning.

Suddenly, they started to hear yelling and it was drunken Sanchi. He opened up the door hard. Luckily, Sanchez already told everyone about Sanchi and his drinks.
"How's everybody doing?" Sanchi asked, slapping Boris's back.
"You okay, Sanchi?" Julia asked, dropping her bags.
"Oh, babe! I-I-I am just...uh, great!" Sanchi said.
Sanchi started to walk around, knocking bags out of his crew's hands, but he noticed Emmanuel throwing up and went to comfort him. He got close to Emmanuel, but he started to back away from Sanchi.
"Are...are you okay...Malik?" Sanchi said, confusing Emmanuel as Malik.
Emmanuel didn't answer. Instead, he just grabbed Julia's bag to load it on the ship. Sanchi followed behind and grabbed him by his arm. Emmanuel tried to pull away, but Sanchi swung him towards his self. First thing he noticed that was wrong with Emmanuel...was blood stains on his chest.
"Woah! Did you get shot?" Sanchi said, trying to rip open his shirt.
Emmanuel tried to get away from Sanchi, yelling at him which grabbed Sanchez's attention. Sanchi stretched the weak collar on Emmanuel's shirt and revealed his bite mark from a troggy. Sanchi slowly backed away from Emmanuel and the rest of his crew gasped.
"H-h-he's infected! He got bit by a..." Sanchi said, forgetting the name.
Julia pulled her gun out, aiming at Emmanuel. "He could of gotten us sick too!".
Suddenly, everyone started to yell at Emmanuel. Sanchez quickly stopped the nonsense by firing his weapon. Making everyone quiet.
"Everything will be okay..." Emmanuel said, "I stayed away from y'all! I knew about this and did this to keep y'all safe".
Everyone quickly felt bad for Emmanuel. Julia dropped her weapon and everyone else stopped the arguing. Sanchez knew he would have to do something, fast.
"I'm sorry" Emmanuel said.
Suddenly, Emmanuel threw up and dropped to the ground. He was passed out and Sanchi was too.

Emmanuel opened up his eyes and noticed he was in a near area. Small little jungle behind the old bar. He was leaning behind a tree and Sanchez, Julia, Boris, Chun, Danny and Malik were all gathered around him. They all knew that he had a couple minutes left.
"Wow, in another jungle" Emmanuel laughed, eyes barely opened.
"I'm sorry this had to happen to you were the coolest" Malik said.
Everyone started to share memories with Emmanuel, trying to make sure that he knew he'd always be apart of the crew, even through death. Emmanuel laughed and smiled, which was a surprise to everyone else. His eyes were almost shut, but everyone still saw his dark brown eyes. He was happy.
"Y'all need to go, I want to tell Sanchez something" Emmanuel said.
The rest of the crew left, hugging Emmanuel. Now, it was just him and Sanchez. Sanchez held his tears from flowing out.
"Listen, I want this. I can see my family again, every one of them" Emmanuel said.
Sanchez smiled, patting Emmanuel's head, "You're always be with you, Emmanuel".
"You hardly knew me, but you still took me in...I don't care from our downfalls...I am still grateful that I had an amazing crew" Emmanuel said.
Sanchez's eyes started to water, but he wiped them away. He pulled out one of his pistol to end Emmanuel's misery, but Emmanuel quickly stopped him.
"Don't, just go...lemme enjoy this day for my final's beautiful" Emmanuel said, leaning his head back.
Sanchez got back up, looking at Emmanuel's smile. "Have fun, buddy".

"Ugh, what happened...?" Sanchi said, rubbing his head.
"You got drunk and you couldn't even say farewell to one your own crew...Emmanuel is gone" Boris said.
Boris, Malik, Danny, Chun and Julia all grabbed the stuff and finished packing on their new ship. Leaving Sanchi all alone, until Sanchez came out of the jungles.
"There you are, my head is killing me!" Sanchi said.
"Good, you deserve it" Sanchez said, walking by him.
Sanchi became confused and followed Sanchez, asking him questions but Sanchez ignored him.
"What happened to Emmanuel?" Sanchi said.
"He got infected by a troggy! Okay!? We all managed to say our farewells! Get your stuff and put it on the ship!" Sanchez yelled.
Suddenly, another ship landed. The ship had really old wood with a rusty anchor. The ship even had trouble docking. Sanchi quickly covered up his face, but Sanchez had a feeling that it was just a pirate trying to get a drink.
"Everything gonna be okay" Sanchez said, smiling.
A huge pirate came out of the ship. He had an eye patch over his right eye. He also had a peg leg, which reminded Sanchez of Boris. The pirate had a grey beard, which reminded him of his old friends. Sanchez quickly greeted the pirate, but four of his men came out too...with weapons.
"You and your men trying to get a drink?" Sanchez wondered.
But, that wasn't the case. The five pirates aimed their weapons at Sanchez. He slowly put his hands up and knew he should of ran, but he also noticed that Sanchi was gone.
"This one looks like a good one, sir!" Skinny pirate pointed out.
"But weren't there two of them?" Heavy set one said.
Swoosh! Suddenly, Sanchi jumped out of a tree. Slicing one of the pirates. He kicked two of them to the ground and he punched another one in the face. Sanchez quickly moved away and pulled out his two pistols, but the leader quickly pulled out an orange small pistol and shot Sanchi in his chest. Sanchi started to shake and he fell to the ground.
"What the?" Sanchez said.
His three man quickly got back up, aiming their weapons at Sanchez. The leader of the group walked towards Sanchez. He stared at Sanchez for a few seconds, until he heard a voice...and it sounded like Chun.
"Sanchez, Sanchi...where are y'all?" Chun said.
Quickly, the pirates fired at Chun on the ship. They shot Chun in his arm, but he quickly got out of the way. Suddenly, Danny and Malik started to fire at the pirates. Two of the pirates quickly pulled Sanchi and Sanchez on the ship. The strangers managed to get away from them.
"Someone just stole Sanchi and Sanchez!" Danny cried.

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