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The Warrior AE "Inside and outside the cave" S2

The crew managed to last another day in Guerta. Danny and Malik talked to Kent's wife, Courtney but it didn't last long as she feared Kent would find out. Boris meets Kent face-to-face and it didn't end well, resulting in an argument that Douglass had to stop. Sanchi and Sanchez goes out around Guerta, trying to forget Kent. Sanchi meets another Guerta's citizen, Mical and he gave Sanchi a new sword, bring back memories to Sanchi. Also, Chun admits to Julia about his fear about most of his own crew mates. Finally, Douglass gave out jobs to Sanchi's crew and Sanchi, Sanchez, Winslow and others will start. Only two days into Guerta and Sanchi's crew starts to struggle, leaving Douglass and Marry unconvinced that Sanchi and the rest belongs here.

Next morning, Douglass gathered Sanchi, Sanchez, Winslow, Jonathan, Grant, and Eric. Douglass discussed their next and Sanchi, Sanchez and Winslow's first job-exploring a cave filled with valuable resources to use in Guerta. Jonathan, Grant, and Eric haven't failed an exploring job yet and already been in some parts of the cave. Now, Douglass is convinced that they can go deeper in the cave to retrieve valuable resources. Though, he's aware about the dangers in the cave.
"I know you six can do it, I have faith" Douglass said.
Sanchi and the rest walked out but Douglass stopped Sanchez. He wanted to talk to Sanchez, alone.
"Listen, Sanchez...this isn't personal not talk or be near Courtney...please" Douglass said.
Sanchez thought about it and his face became red. He was furious but he wanted to give Guerta another chance. He nodded his head at Douglass and made his way back outside.
"Sanchez" Douglass called, "Kent is very dangerous to you"

"Please be safe" Julia said, kissing Sanchi.
Julia, Malik, Danny, and Boris all came to their crew mates to wish them luck. Sanchez noticed that Chun was missing but he had a feeling he was busy.
"This is just another normal hobby for y'all" Malik said, "The cave is the plate and y'all are the food!"
"That makes no sense" Danny said, pushing Malik.
Suddenly, they heard Jonathan calling their names, "Guys, it's time to go!"
Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow quickly ran towards Jonathan. Danny and Malik opened up the gate and their first job officially begun.
The six started to walk to their destinations, telling jokes and talking about life before armadas' takeover, which Jonathan liked to call it. Jonathan, Grant, and Eric all had small and old guns. Sanchez and Winslow had decent guns and Sanchi had his new sword, which he felt proud about.
"I like that sword" Jonathan said.
"Uh...thank you" Sanchi said quietly.
Finally the made it to a hole in the ground. There were jagged rocks around it so they could easily get in but the cave was pitched black. Before anyone entered the cave, Jonathan, Grant, and Eric checked their weapons and brought out sticks and they lit them on fire, making torches.
"Here" Jonathan said, "You'll need one"
Jonathan gave Sanchez and Sanchi each a torch. Then, Eric jumped into the cave, followed by Jonathan, then Grant, then Winslow, then Sanchi. Sanchez was about to jump in but he heard leaves crumbling. He quickly turned around and noticed a bush was shaking.
"Are you coming?" Grant yelled, "Come on!"
Sanchez quickly jumped in with his torch. Finally, their objective started. Jonathan, Grant, Sanchez, and Sanchi were the only ones with torches. Jonathan led the pack and Sanchi was at the end, making sure nothing would sneak up behind them. The cave was filled with low echoes from other creatures and the cave was pitched black besides the light they had.
"So, what kind of resources are we looking for?" Winslow asked.
"Well, we gotta go deep into this cave...but you'll know when you see it" Jonathan said.
As they still continued to walk around. Sanchez stopped for a few minute and noticed a spot of light, where the exit/entrance was. He noticed a shadow, he knew that there was someone at the entrance of the cave.

"Boris" Julia called, noticing him walking alone.
He turned around after hearing his name and he saw Julia running over to him. Before she arrived, he felt his face and he knew the bumps and bruises were still there.
"Hello, Julia" Boris said quietly.
"Ha-hey..." Julia said, catching her breath, "What are you doing?"
"Douglass wanted to see me about extending this territory, what are you doing?" Boris asked, placing his hands in his pocket.
"Just finished talking to Marry...Chun didn't come with us, so I'm just wondering where that crane been!" Julia joked.
Boris grinned and walked away from Julia but she followed him. Boris knew that Julia was following him and he stopped again. He turned around to ask Julia what she was doing but he noticed Courtney and Kent arguing outside. His attention was on those two.
"What are you looking at?" Julia asked, turning around.
"I think this place isn't right for us" Boris said, "Haven't been here for a week and we're already hated and well-known"
Suddenly, Kent stopped arguing with Courtney and pushed her away from him. Then, he looked away from her and noticed Boris staring at him. Both of the two looked at each other. Boris nodded his head at Kent. He just grinned at Boris and walked away from his house. Boris balled up his fist.
"Do you have a crush on Courtney, too?" Julia asked.
"Me? No way!" Boris said, "I just hate her husband...Kent and what he said to me"
"Really? What did he..." Julia stopped, noticing Boris was walking away from her.

"So, you guys been in this cave before?" Sanchi asked, rotating the torch around the area.
"Yeah, it's not bad" Grant said, "Creepy, though"
Jonathan stopped moving and pulled out a crumbled up piece of paper. The paper had directions, which showed where their destination is located. Sanchez glanced at the sheet and noticed it was really far down, he started to dislike this.
"Mhmm, we're right here" Eric said, "Okay then"
Jonathan folded up the piece of paper and slid it back in his pocket. He picked up his torch and they started to move. As they started to make their way, Sanchi noticed something odd about the ceiling of the had cracks everywhere. Sanchi and Winslow both knew what it meant. They both stopped, eventually leading to the rest of them stopping.
"Are you okay?" Jonathan asked
"Yes, there's cracks everywhere!" Winslow said, "This isn't safe"
"Where?" He asked, looking around.
"Up" Winslow said.
They looked up and saw the cracks. Jonathan managed to reach up and he felt the cracks. He didn't know much about caves or cracks.
"We'll be fine" Jonathan said.
"No we won't" Winslow said, "This is dangerous"
"Listen, pal...let the professionals handle this" Eric said.
Jonathan and the rest started to walk again. Sanchi, Winslow and Sanchez remained still. Suddenly, they heard a huge explosion above and rocks started to fall all around the cave. Dust became everywhere and Sanchi and his crew heard screaming and yelling. Two torches flames went out and there was only Sanchi's and Sanchez's torches left. Quickly, the dust went away and Sanchi ran towards Jonathan. His left leg was under about 2,000 pounds of rocks. Though, he was luckier than Eric, Sanchez thought.
"Help! My leg! My leg!" Jonathan cried.
Sanchez and Winslow tried to remove rocks but it made things worse. Suddenly, cracks was under them. The ground had cracks everywhere.
"Everyone, don't move! Stay calm!" Winslow said.
Though, Grant started to panic. He slammed Sanchez into the rocks and pushed Winslow out of his way. Then, he stole Sanchi's torch and ran. Sanchez got back up and ran after Grant, "Stop!"
"You're gonna get us killed!" Grant said, running.
Suddenly, Grant looked back and didn't pay attention to what was in front of him. He slammed right into a pile of zombie pirates. Sanchez couldn't see far but he heard Grant screaming and knew what he there.
"Oh no!" Sanchez said.

"Douglass" Julia called, walking towards him.
Douglass and Mary was eating lunch until Julia came in. Though, they didn't mind.
"How can we help you, dear?" Mary asked, wiping her mouth.
"Where's Chun?" Julia asked.
"No clue, he never showed up this morning" Douglass said.
Julia slammed her fist on the table and ran out. Then, he started to yell at Danny as she climbed up to his guard tower. Danny placed his gun down, seeing Julia running towards him.
"Yeah?" Danny asked, "What do you need?"
"Have you seen Chun?" She asked.
"Couple hours ago, he said he wanted alone time and he went out of the walls...said he wants to visit his relaxing spot?" Danny asked.
Julia rolled her eyes and went down to the doors. She wasn't strong enough to open both but she managed to pull part way for her to get out. She just ran straight ahead, hoping Chun would be close by and he was. Julia saw Chun was not so far.
"Chun!" Julia said.
He turned around and waved at Julia. Though, when Julia got close to him, she punched him in his arm, "Why are you out here?"
"This is my relaxing spot, when I feel stressed out...I walk out here" Chun said.
The area was filled with different color followers and trees around to block out sun lights. There was a huge branch where Chun was laying down there.
"Not a bad spot" She said, "I think we should not stay here"
Chun quickly jumped off his branch and got close to Julia, "What? Why? Are you crazy?"
"Well..." Julia said, "Sanchi and Sanchez feels the same...Boris hates it, too"
"So? These people could of just killed us because we were on their! Instead, they offered us homes and protected us...we need to stay and return the favor" Chun said.
Julia sat down next to Chun. She looked at Chun and knew how he felt. She knew he felt scared and useless. She knew that he thought Guerta was their last chance of surviving. She placed her dirty hand on Chun's shoulder.

More rocks fell on the pile. Only light they had was Sanchi's torch. Two are dead and one is stuck. Sanchi knew about the approaching danger. He knew what was coming when Sanchez came back. They knew about their time, hardly any. Winslow tried to remove rocks and rocks, Sanchi tried to pull Jonathan's leg out of the pile but none of it helped.
"My leg! I-I-I can't...I can''s..blood...I-I-I" Jonathan said.
"Sanchi, he's losing it!" Winslow said
Sanchi quickly got up and grabbed his torch. He looked around and saw zombie pirates limping towards them. Then, he quickly ran back to Jonathan. He managed to stop the bleeding but he was unsuccessful with removing his leg from the pile of boulders. He didn't say a word, he handed Winslow his torch. Winslow and Sanchez knew what to do. They went to handle the zombie pirates.
"There's a couple" Winslow said, holding the torch.
They couldn't see the zombie pirates far range, though they heard them and knew they were coming towards them. Sanchez and Winslow ran until their noises was clear.
"There's one!" Sanchez said, loading his pistol.
Boom! Winslow took two pirate zombies out. Though, more kept coming. Sanchez shot three of them in their torsos and heads, taking them out. More and more kept coming out.
"They just keep on coming out of that hole! Is it another cave connected to this one?" Sanchez said, holding onto his torch.
"We need to go back, there's too many!" Winslow said, taking out another one.
Quickly, they turned around. They ran from the zombie pirates. Then, troggys started to fall out from the ceiling of the cave. Suddenly, the cave grew with echoing noises of terror. Sanchez and Winslow was stuck from front and behind.
"Sanchi!" Sanchez cried, "Troggys!"
Tribe of troggys came out of the ceiling of the cave. With their sharp spears, they slowly approached their food. Licking their lips as they got closer to Sanchez and Winslow.
"New plan" Sanchez said, "You take care of the zombies, I got the troggys"
"How did I get signed up for this?" Winslow said, aiming at the zombies.
The gun shots became louder than the noises from the creatures. Though, the noises started to calm down.

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