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The Warrior AE "Unprotected from the real things" S2

Sanchi started to drink for a few hours and he became drunk. Meanwhile, Sanchez and the rest started to remove their belongings off their old ship and onto their new (Mikey's) ship. Shortly, Sanchi came out of the bar drunk and started to mess with Emmanuel and revealed that he was infected. Emmanuel passed out and was close to death. The crew (except for Sanchi) said their farewells to Emmanuel. Finally finished packing, Sanchi and Sanchez were attacked by five stranger pirates, resulting in the two getting kidnapped. Now unaware of their presents, Boris, Julia, Danny, Chun and Malik must search for Sanchi and Sanchez.

"What happened, again?" Boris asked.
Danny, Malik and Chun tried to explained it to the rest. They witnessed Sanchi and Sanchez getting kidnapped by a group of filthy pirates.
"They shot me, too!" Chun said.
"So, dirty pirates managed to beat Sanchi and Sanchez?" Julia asked.
"Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes! We almost had them, too!" Danny said.
None of them knew what to do. They had no clue where to start to find Sanchi and Sanchez. They were lost, but everyone turned their heads at Boris. Hoping he would come up with something. Boris was the smartest one throughout the spiral and hoped he could figure something out.
"Uh, well if these are smugglers like I'm thinking...then they probably know a lot of people, mainly the bartender or that Mikey fellow" Boris said.
Boris, Malik and Danny made their ways towards the bar. With their weapons loaded, they were prepared with any drunken idiot. Though, the bar was still emptied with pirate laying all over the floor. The bartender had a feeling that they were with Sanchi.
"Lemme guess, ye guys are thirsty too?" Bartender said.
"No, but listen" Boris said, "Group of filthy pirates stole two of our men...can you help us?"
The bartender started to laugh, "Listen kid, most of these pirates that come here are dirty no lives pirates"
None of them could hardly remember the strangers. Only thing they could describe to them is that they were filthy...but Malik thought of something. One of strangers were outside, dead.
"Sir, follow me. There's one of them outside!" Malik said.
Malik took everyone outside and towards the body, but there were no body. It was gone.
"Listen, ye three better leave here! Nothing is safe anymore. Better hide from Kane and leave!" The bartender said.
Most of them understood. Except for Boris. He walked behind the bartender and followed him into the bar. When both of them entered the bar, Boris quietly closed the door.

"You have to help us" Boris said, "We need those two back"
The bartender ignored Boris. Which made him mad. Boris grabbed the bartender and turned him around, looking straight into his eyes. Which made the bartender laugh.
"Listen, ye is young to handle anything, ye do mind leaving?" The bartender said.
Suddenly, Boris's face became red. He started breathing hard, and squeezing his hands together. The bartender still continued to make fun of him.
"Ye boutta have a temper tantrum?" He laughed.
Bam! Boris punched him in his nose, knocking him to the ground. The bartender quickly tried to get up, but Boris pushed him back down. The two started to scream at each other which made Mikey and two of his crew mates wake up. The three started to ease drop.
"Where's Sanchez and Sanchi! The two who were in this bar! The ones who kicked all these pathetic filthy pirates up! You should know!" Boris cried.
The bartender didn't respond. Instead, his mouth opened wide and he didn't even pay attention to Boris. He quickly crawled away. Though, Boris didn't know what just happened. He thought that he ran because he was THAT imitating, he started to learn that wasn't the case. He heard heavy breathing behind him. Boris slowly turned around.
"Hello?" Boris said.
Bam! Boris quickly went flying into a table. His vision became a little blurry, but he clearly saw who punched him. It was Mikey. Scared to death, Boris tried to run but his two men threw him towards Mikey. Boris pushed the two men away and tried to run, but Mikey grabbed him and slammed him into another table. Boris got back up, but not for long. Mikey punched Boris three times and slapped him back to the hard wooden ground.
"Stop! Please!" Boris said.
But, Mikey didn't listen. He pulled Boris's hair towards him and slammed his head in one of the hard bar stools. Then, Mikey picked Boris up by his shirt and looked at him in his eyes.
Mikey smiled, "Where's your friend!"
Boris slowly looked down and noticed that Mikey had a missing hand, all wrapped up in a cloth, "W-w-where's your hand?"
Mikey laughed and threw Boris into a hard shelf, filled with glass bottles. All the hard bottles trampled Boris, breaking and spilling all over him. Boris didn't give up, he threw a bottle and nailed Mikey in his face. From then, he knew this was his chance and ran for it.
"Get him!" Mikey screamed.
Boris were close to the doors, but suddenly his vision became different. One of Mikey's men tackled him into the hard walls and Boris fell straight into the ground.

From outside of the bar, the crew heard everything but thought it was a bar fight. Though, there were no ships nearby.
"Where's Boris?" Chun asked.
"I think he went on the ship, let's go check on him" Danny said.
Danny, Chun and Malik all made their way to the ship but for Julia. She wanted to see what was going on. Though, she knew it wasn't smart going in until she knew what was happening. She peeked through a window. Then, her mouth opened up and became shocked. It was two big pirates holding on a young pirate's arms and the other one were punching him. Julia knew it was Boris. Julia broke down the door with her weapon out. They stopped beating on Boris.
"Leave him alone, now!" Julia said.
Mikey looked down at Boris and smiled. Then, he punched Boris hard and he got up. He wiped all the dust off him. His t-shirt were covered with Boris's blood. Meanwhile, the two others kicked Boris for a last time. The three looked at Julia, all smiling. Then, Mikey whispered something to both of the two. Julia couldn't of understand it, but she had a feeling it wasn't good.
"Get her!" Mikey said.
Mikey's two men ran towards Julia. She quickly reacted and fired a few shots, but only one hit them and it was in the bold arm. The two grabbed Julia and slammed her on a table. Meanwhile, Mikey started kicking poor Boris. He started to puke out blood.
"Stop!" Julia screamed.
Mikey picked Boris up. He looked the bloody Boris in his eyes and started to laugh. He threw Boris to the ground and started to watch his two men touching Julia. Boris didn't like that. Julia was family and he had to protect family. Boris slowly got back up and walked towards Mikey.
"Oh, look a tough one!" Mikey said.
He pushed Boris to the ground. Boris started to hear Julia screaming and he started to lose it. He removed his boot from his foot and pulled out a miniature knife. Then, he slowly got up. Mikey heard his footsteps.
"Oh, here comes the tough one-legged warrior" Mikey joked.
Right when Mikey turned around, Boris sliced stabbed him in his forehead, killing Mikey. Suddenly, his two leftover men saw the scene and stopped. They stared for a few seconds until Julia took care of the two.
"Don't mess with her!" Boris said, falling to the ground.
Julia ran towards Boris. She hugged him, but stop after he was feeling pain and she took a good look at him. Two black eyes, busted lip, nose and bruised ribcage, she noticed.
"Are you okay?" Julia said, wiping some of the blood away.
"No! J-j-just leave me here" Boris said.
Tears started to come out of Boris's eyes. She knew he was in bad pain, "Listen, you're like my younger brother...I'll protect you from anything!"
Suddenly, Boris backed away from her, "You can' couldn't protect the beating from the scientists back at the lab, or from Deacon and didn't protect me from him"
Boris slowly walked away from her, limping and blood dripping everywhere. She stayed back for a few minutes and placed Boris's words in her thoughts. She couldn't believe it but he was right.
"Boris is the youngest one...and none of us even protected him from anything" Julia said.

After a few minutes, Julia came out of the bar and everyone crowed around her. They wanted to know what happened to Boris. She pushed them away from her and changed the subject.
"Where are we going now?" Julia said.
"What about...?" Malik stopped.
Chun interrupted Malik, knowing that he was going to wonder about Boris. He knew that Julia was sad about something, adding about Sanchi. She didn't want to talk about and he knew it.
"Anyway, the ship that those muggers were in. It's an old ship and not many pirates have that kind. Maybe, we can...maybe look around the Skyways..." Chun said.
"I know a few people that sells ships. Two of them are really old...and you know, old ships know" Malik said, trying to look away from an upset Julia.
Suddenly, Malik and Chun started to discuss plans. Both of the two talked over each other, but Julia didn't listen to any of them.
"Where's Boris?" Julia said calmly.
"Oh...Boris, uh..." Malik said.
"On the ship" Chun said, finishing Malik's words.
Julia shook her head and walked towards the ship.
"Idiot" Chun said, joke fully pushing Malik.

Julia walked on their new ship. Passing Danny, she calmly asked where was Boris. Danny told her and she slowly walked there. He was on the port, laying down. She started to think of what to say, but thoughts of Boris's pain just kept popping up. She felt awful and wished she would of came in the bar sooner, she blamed it on herself. She slowly opened the door and saw poor innocent Boris laying down. She had a good look at him, blood still dripping from his nose. swollen dark purple eyes. He had his arms wrapped around his chest, like he was holding onto it like it was about to fall out...she thought.
"Boris" Julia said.
Boris slowly turned around and looked at Julia. His eyes made Julia weak and she wanted to cry, but she held in the tears and dropped next to Boris.
"You're one of us, no matter the age, sex, color, companion or not. You're like my little brother, the one I never had" Julia said.
Boris smiled, blood all over his teeth, "My family is dead...except for my father. He was like one of those pirates...that's why I didn't give up and that's what he did to me..some nights when he gets drunk, he takes it out on me. All because I wasn't like him. When my mother and brother died...I never looked back at my father"
Julia started to cry and placed her hand on Boris's head, "We're your family and we've been for a long time!"
Boris smiled and noticed that everyone else was behind Julia. Chun, Malik and Danny were all smiling and gathered around them.
"Just met you kid, but I know we're going to be a good family" Malik said, "If you get use to me, I may become annoying".
"Isn't that the truth" Danny said.
Laughter started to fill around. Even without Sanchi or Sanchez, they still felt like a family but were still determined to find them...complete the family again.

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