Monday, December 7, 2015

The Warrior AE "To stay" S2

Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow has more trouble with getting Jonathan out. Julia goes outside of Guerta to find Chun. He expresses his thoughts on Guerta and wants to stay to help them out but others think this isn't the right place. Sanchez and Winslow managed to get out of the mess involving zombie pirates and troggys. Finally, deciding they couldn't cut his leg off, they took Jonathan out of his misery. Sanchez had a clue who caused this mess and ran back to Guerta where him and Kent got into a fight. Now because of Sanchez's actions, Douglass wants him and the rest of his crew out.

Pirates all around Guerta gathered around a sad, sad, sad ceremony. They gave their opinions on the individual they lost. "One of us" Douglass kept saying. He felt sadness, too. Though, Sanchi and his crew felt scared and furious. Courtney came, though Kent stayed back. Everyone placed flowers on a new grave, saying their last goodbyes. Although, Sanchez's and others' goodbyes were long and heartbreaking. That's it, Sanchi thought, another chapter of despair arrived.
"We can't point fingers yet, it's too soon" Douglass said, "We'll find out, soon"

The fight finally ended. The night finally ended. Though, Sanchez's and Kent's hating each other did not ended. Most of the crew didn't care about leaving Guerta, except for Wing Chun. He wanted to give Guerta a chance. Sanchez broke out of his anger and passed out. Danny, Malik, and Winslow carried Sanchez into a little dorm, where there were only a small, old, and wooden bed. Sanchi's crew, except for Sanchi and Julia hovered over Sanchez's body in the small dorm. They all patiently waited for Sanchez to wake up. Soon, he did.
"Good morning, you look like you've been beat up" Malik joked
Sanchez rubbed his eyes. He yawned loud and removed the old sheets from him. He looked at everyone around him. He got up and tried to walk out of the room but Winslow stopped him and pushed him back into his bed. Sanchez thought he was innocent.
"You got in a fight with someone...making all of us look like what you look like!" Winslow said, angrily.
"He tried to kill us!" Sanchez argued, getting into Winslow's face, "You were with me! That explosion? Remember?"
"We don't really know that!" Boris said, "When y'all were gone, I saw Kent outside his house"
Sanchez started to laughing, thinking everyone were taking Kent's side, "Really? Do you guys like him? Huh? Do you?"
"I think we should just leave...this place is too...can't really explain it" Danny said, looking out of a small window.
"You and Malik can't say anything! Y'all been in those stupid guard towers!" Sanchez screamed, pushing Danny.
Suddenly, Danny pushed Sanchez back and got into his bruised up face. Malik tried to pull Danny away but he pushed Malik away instead.
"We helped you out there when Kent's buddies pulled their guns out!" Danny said, "We actually care about you...but, I wish I never even helped your pathetic battle!"
"We can't leave this place, they need our help" Chun said, trying to stop the fight.
"Shut it, Chun!" Sanchez said
The door opened up. Sanchi entered the room filled with screaming. He managed to calm Danny and Sanchez down but before he tried to shut the door, Chun walked out, furious. Sanchi tried to get him to come back but Chun didn't listen.
"I think we might have to leave" Sanchi said, "Too much trouble"

Meanwhile, Wing Chun wanted to handle these conflicts, his way. He grabbed a miniature knife and placed it in his boot. Then, he made his way towards Courtney's house. He wanted to resolve every issue so they can stay in Guerta. Chun banged on Courtney's door.
She opened it slow and peeked, looking at Chun, "Why are you here?"
"Where's Kent?" Chun said, "I'm not mad...just wanna talk to him"
She wiped her tears away from her eyes and opened the door up, completely. Chun noticed her bruises on her face and he knew who did it.
"I don't know, please go" She said, scared.
Chun heard footsteps behind him. Loud footsteps from boots. He turned around and faced him. It was Kent. He had a swollen eyes with bruises and scratches all over his face. He stared at Chun, waiting for him to leave.
"I'm trying to get you and Sanchez to become friends, not enemies" Chun said, nervously.
Kent smiled, revealing few missing teeth. Then, he slammed his foot down, "Listen, why don't you just get outta here? This whole town don't want ya"
Chun joke fully laughed, "I don't hate you, I just want all of us to be...well...not enemies"
Kent shook his head. He hated Sanchez and his whole crew but, he started to hate Chun even more. He hated how he came to his house, uninvited. He hated how Chun want everyone to become friends. Although, he knew he couldn't cause anymore trouble.
"Can you try it?" Chun asked, kindly.
Kent slammed his fist on his old wooden railing. He yelled at Chun, causing him to fall to the ground. Chun placed his hand inside his boot but Kent backed away a little, holding his anger in.
"I want you to leave!" Kent yelled, closing his eyes.
"I'm trying to help this place out!" Chun said
Kent started to act calm. He took a couple deep breaths, "I always see you secretly leaving Guerta, then you come back...let's try this...we'll meet wherever you go and talk about this...tonight"
Chun nodded his head nervously, "Okay, okay"

"Chun!" Douglass yelled, watching him.
Chun stopped and knew it was Douglass. He took a few breath to relax him. Then, he walked up to Douglass, smiling.
"Yes, sir?" Chun said
Douglass started to walk, pulling Chun with him. He explained the pros and cons of his own crew. Also, Douglass added that he really liked Chun but due to his own, he can't stay anymore. Then, Mary came behind them.
"Just would like to say goodbye Chun...tomorrow is your last day" She said, patting his back.
Chun quickly stopped, "We want to help! I can calm Sanchez down! I'm already making a plan for Sanchez and Kent to make up! I can handle all of this, quit saying goodbye!"
Douglass and Mary stared at Chun. Then, Douglass shook his head and got closer to Chun. Eventually, he was staring at Chun in the eyes.
"Prove to me by tomorrow, if you all can stay" Douglass said, walking away.
"I think you can do it" Mary said, following Douglass.
Chun just stood there, watching Douglass and Mary walking away, talking to each other. He tried to listen to them but they were too far. Although, someone placed their hands on Chun's shoulders. It was Sanchi.
"Let's go, we're having a discussion" Sanchi said

Few minutes waiting, Sanchi and Chun finally came back. Chun looked around and saw everyone, including Julia. He sat right next to Julia, taking Sanchi's seat. It was time for discussion and everyone knew it. Sanchi wanted to start it off but Chun did instead.
"I talked to Douglass few minutes ago" Chun said, "He said if we can get Sanchez and Kent to end their hatred...we'll be able to stay"
Sanchez quickly stood back up, "Are you crazy?!"
The room quickly became loud. Everyone started to argue about Chun's statement. After couple seconds, Sanchi ended the yelling, "Quiet! He's not done!"
Chun continued, "They need us and we need this place...I think we need to vote on this"
"No, I'm not" Sanchez said, leaning back.
"That's just one..." Chun said, "What about you, Danny?"
"These people don't appreciate us" Danny said, "I say we leave"
Chun opened up his mouth, surprised. Two already agreed about leaving Guerta behind. Now, he hoped the rest would want to stay. "Malik?"
"Man, I don't know...these people are crazier than a group of hungry troggys but...I say we give them a chance" Malik said
Chun smiled, two for both sides. Then, he looked at Boris, "What about you?"
Boris shook his head at Chun with an angry look, "No! I say we leave this stupid place!"
"Boris? I thought you were smarter than this!" Chun said
"No! I'm not agreeing with you! I heard what you said about us! I say we leave and you can stay!" Boris said
Chun gave Boris a serious look. Then, he looked at Julia. She nodded her head at Chun. Then, he looked at Winslow, "What about you...?"
"Me? You're just a companion...who cares about your input! I say we leave!" Winslow said
Chun shook his head and looked at Sanchi. He gave Chun a sorry look, "I can say we stay but it wouldn't matter...guess we need to start packing"
Suddenly, Chun snapped, "Really? Is this us? Pretty much leaving this place behind! They need us! We need a home, this place is perfect...I can't believe you guys!"
Chun looked at Sanchez, "You're different..Bonnie...Shiruku...Dorugh, Dez...Anthony would agree to...I can't believe this!"
Before Sanchez could talk, Chun got up and left the room, slamming the door. He left the room silent for a few minutes. They knew how Chun felt.

Chun just started to run. He ran past Douglass and Mary. He ran towards the gate and managed to get through it. Douglass saw all of it. Although, he didn't chase after him. Instead, he ran to Sanchi and the rest. Courtney watched it all through her window. She ran up stairs and noticed Kent wasn't there. She ran downstairs and towards Sanchi and the rest.
"Anyone here?" Chun said, walking towards his relaxing spot.
It was dark outside and Chun could hardly see anything. Although, he found his spot. He dropped his stuff and sat of his branch. He started to think about things and he couldn't believe he talked about his own crew. He thought he deserved worse. Though, he heard noises behind him. Footsteps, he heard. He reached for his knife. Just in case, he thought.
"Get him!" Someone screamed, tackling him.
Suddenly, Chun was tackled off his branch. There were three different pirates around him and they started to kick him. Quickly, Chun started to scream for help. He tried to get his knife but they slid it away from him. Then, they stabbed him in his stomach and Chun stopped his screaming. Then, the strangers ran far into the jungle. Chun didn't move but he was still alive. Blood was coming out of his stomach and his side. He placed his hands over his huge cuts but the bleeding kept coming.
"Over here!" Sanchi screamed, running towards him.
Group of troggys came out. Sanchi commanded for Malik and Danny to handle them and they did. Sanchez dropped to the ground, next to Chun. Mary and Julia screamed, placing their hands over their mouth in shock. Julia broke into tears, joining Sanchez.
"Oh no, oh no....why? Who did this? Oh man, oh man! We need to do something!" Sanchez said, putting his hands over Chun's huge cuts.
Sanchez, Sanchi, Danny, Malik, Winslow, Boris, Douglass, Mary, Courtney, and Julia all gathered around Chun. Tears were coming out his eyes. Sanchez placed his hands on Chun's head and Chun smiled back.
"We can't do anything...we're too far..." Douglass said, removing his glasses.
Sanchez got back up and looked at Douglass, tears coming out of his eyes, "We can't...There has to be another plan!"
Sanchi hugged Julia. She cried in all over him. Mary backed away from Chun, couldn't handle all the blood. Danny patted Chun's arm and Malik had his head down, honoring Chun. Boris also backed away, couldn't believe what he said to Chun before. Everyone knew what had to be done but, none of them wanted to do it. Then, Winslow took Sanchez's gun from him and aimed it at Chun's head.
Chun looked at the gun, he didn't speak. He just looked at the gun. Winslow had a serious look on his face.
"Sad to do'll be missed" Winslow said
Boom! He pulled the trigger, killing Chun.

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