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The Warrior AE "Seven is better than five" S2

After being captured by a unknown pirate, Al Darkeyed, Sanchi and Sanchez quickly starts to fear "The Dome". Sanchi had his first duel and wiped his opponent out, impressing Al, but for Sanchez, it was a different story. He earned his first defeat but Al decided to keep him alive, thinking he could have the same moves as Sanchi. Now traps in Al's games, the two must survive on their own. Meanwhile, Julia, Chun, Boris, Danny and Malik continues to find them.

Hearing shouting and loud chants, Sanchi forced to defeat another opponent. Already earning two wins. Sanchi didn't feel right, slamming his opponent to the ground, battling, he thought. Toys that Al would own. After his second victory, this time, Al escorted him. Throwing his cigar at a random pirate, he started to cheer for Sanchi. Patting his back, giving him compliments and laughing with him, but Sanchi didn't laugh back. He didn't even look at Al in his eyes. Sanchi wanted Al to die.
"Listen, these fans love ye! Dangum, hey?" Al said, "Ye just gonna keep moving up on ese brackets, uh uh? Yep, yep!"
Sanchi didn't talk to Al, instead he just nodded his head repeatedly, until they reached his cells, where Al pushed him in and slamming it. Where darkness begin and another conversation with Winslow. Though, Sanchi heard Al's voice echoing, "Rest got another match up, ye do!"
Winslow snickered, "Wow, I think he likes you"
Sanchi wouldn't see Winslow's face, but he knew that his new friend was impressed.
"He's a cold blooded monster...I want him dead" Sanchi said.

The feeling Al had on Sanchi was completely different for Sanchez. Another fight Al had to cancel. He thought that Sanchez would turn out like Sanchi, but quickly, Al disagreed with his own statement.
"Beat that wuss up!" Someone in the stands screamed.
One punch, two punch and finally three punches in Sanchez's face. He didn't punch his opponent back, instead he tried to convince him to stop. Sanchez dodge some of his moves and ran by him, making the fight long and for a few minutes, fans became upset.
"Listen, you need..." Sanchez stopped.
Bam! His opponent punched him in his jaw, causing him to hit the ground hard. Then, he started to kick Sanchez on his sides. Everyone in the stadium started to cheer. Soon enough, Al stopped the fight and dragged Sanchez off, again. He slapped Sanchez twice and pushed him to the ground, yelling and cussing him out.
"Why won't ye fight?" Al screamed.
Sanchez smiled, revealing his bloody mouth, "It's a sick game you're's not right!"
Al started to laugh, "It's what everyone wants!"
"Not me!" Sanchez said, "Definitely not me!"
Al just nodded his head. He took Sanchez for a joke. A funny not getting use to joke.
"I don't feel like dealing with this fool!" Al said, throwing Sanchez into four of his men.
Al's four men started pushing Sanchez around as they made their way to his cell. Sanchez tried to get them to stop by pushing one into another, but they still kept doing it. Eventually, they started to call Sanchez's names and make fun of him.
"Stop!" Sanchez said, "Warning, warning!"
None of them listened. Quickly, Sanchez thought of a plan, eyeing one of Al's men gun, tucked inside his ripped up jeans. Sanchez gave them a few more warnings, but they took him as a joke.
"What a loser! Ye good for nuting!" One of Al's men said, pushing him.
Suddenly, one of them pushed Sanchez towards his first target. Sanchez bounced off his chest and as he went forward, he managed to grab his gun from him.
"He got my gun!"
Boom! Sanchez took out his first one. The remaining three quickly pulled their guns out, but Sanchez shot two of them, killing them. The last pirate fired a few shots with his eyes closed and Sanchez dropped to the ground and finished off the group. Sanchez quickly got up and made his escape route, but as he turned around, he ran into Al and more of his men. Sanchez looked at Al in his eyes and he looked back, but he was smiling.
"Wow" Al said.
Al wasn't mad, he was impressed. He witnessed Sanchez's skills with weapons and it amazed him, he actually clapped for Sanchez.
"I guess fighting wasn't your specialty" Al said, smiling.

Julia and everyone else were trying to leave and get far away from the bar, but Danny disappeared without informing anyone.
"Where did that idiot go?" Malik said, "I'm so sorry, this isn't really...him"
Julia or Boris didn't mind, but Chun started to get really mad. He was done waiting and he wanted to look for Sanchez. Chun started to lose his temper.
"Listen, lemme go and look for him!" Chun said, getting off the ship.
Julia tried to stop him, but she knew her advise wouldn't help. She had a feeling that it wasn't dangerous, so she made Malik go with him though, he didn't want to.
"I think you need to calm down, you know?" Malik said.
"Shut up!" Chun said.
"If you want me to" Malik said, shutting his mouth.
Wing Chun and Malik made their way to the small forest behind the bar, where they were before. Chun yelled for Danny as he started to hear noises. Malik wanted to give him advise, but he decided not to.
"Danny!" Chun said.
Suddenly, Danny came out and Chun started to yell at him. He asked Danny lots of questions, but the only one he answered was "Where have you been?"
"I buried myself, you just can't leave him's cruel" Danny said.
Chun just stood there as Danny walked by him. Malik just gave him a cruel look and shook his head and he left Chun behind, too.
"Danny, there you are" Julia said.
Danny smiled at Julia as he went inside the ship. Malik and eventually Chun followed behind and got on. Julia noticed dirt all over Danny's shirt, but she didn't want to say anything. Finally, they left the island and made their way to search for Sanchi and Sanchez.

They flew to their first destination, at Port Regal. Where, they'd hope that there'd be the oldest ship older throughout the Skyway. The crew docked their new cleaned expensive ship. Others around Port Regal were surprise by Julia and Chun's messy and sweaty clothes. None of them believed that they own the ship.
"Where's this ship owner?" Chun asked.
"Boris gave me directions...just follow me" Julia said.
Julia and Chun were their best options. The duo were really persuasive. Plus, Boris is hurt, Chun didn't want to ask Danny and Malik wasn't the best option, they thought.
"This place kinda reminds me of Marleybone" Julia said, smiling.
"No duh, Port Regal Skyway is kinda Marleybone-controlled Skyway" Chun said.
Julia nodded her head, learning something new, she thought. Finally, Julia stopped at another dock on Port Regal. She stopped in front of an old, not very tall female pirate. Her name was Eliza, Julia heard.
"Hello beautiful may I help ye?" Eliza said, patting Julia's hands.
"Good afternoon...uh, we need help...someone stole our friends and...the ship who was owned by the mugger...were dark brown wood and it looked very you ever remember selling a ship like that? I understand it's not the best description...but that's all my friend and I have" Julia said.
Eliza didn't answer. She motioned for Julia and Chun to follow her and the two did. Following the old lady, Chun noticed other rich pirates giving them looks. Chun looked away and ignored their staring. Finally, the lady stopped. She went inside an old, small little house and camp out with a filthy map-like, filled with pictures of ships. She slowly handed it to them and they looked for the closest thing to the ship.
"One of these pictures should be the ship ye is trying to find, correct huh? Eliza said.
After looking back and fourth on the sheet, they still couldn't find the ship. Julia crumbled up the map and threw it on the ground.
"This is completely hopeless! M'am, you have to have more ships than this...a group of filthy and old pirates stole two of our crew members!" Julia said.
Chun tried to calm her down, but she pushed Chun away. Eliza smiled as she picked up the crumble sheet.
"Listen, Skull island is filled with those kind of shouldn't search in Mooshu, Marleybone or even here...stay in the Skyways and patiently wait and if it's still unsuccessful, I'm sorry" Eliza said, going back in her house.
"Let's go" Chun said, "Before you make another scene"
The two ran back to the ship. Chun quickly looked back and still noticed everyone looking at him. He shook his head and got on the ship.

Al and his men got Sanchez into target practicing. Sanchez took out all the targets. Impressive, Al thought as he walked towards Sanchez and patted him on his back.
"Skills! Ye have skills! I am really happy to see this...Ye may just win this new upcoming tournament" Al said.
Suddenly, Sanchez pushed Al away. He started to scream as he threw the weapon at him, "I'm not doing anything! You can't do this! You have no soul!"
Al slowly got back up, wiping the dirt of his already dirty clothes. He walked in front of Sanchez and smiled, "I guess you're right...I got something better for you".
Sanchez gave Al a weird look.
"Take him back to his cell" Al said.

"You're pretty impressive, never thought a skinny Buccaneer like you could of done it" Winslow said.
"I hate doing it...but if I don't...I die" Sanchi said.
After winning back-to-back-to-back fights, Sanchi remained a stunning 6-0, which made Al really happy. Though, Sanchi wanted to leave and go home, but he couldn't. He was stuck here, for now...he thought.
"They may just kill me soon" Winslow said.
Sanchi placed his hand on Winslow's shoulder, "I'll try my best to keep you alive, too"
Suddenly, Sanchi's cell opened up and came out was Al, yelling and praising Sanchi. Though, Sanchi didn't even look at Al in his eyes, but he had a plan for Sanchi.
"Your last tonight" Al said, "If you win, you can leave here"
Sanchi thought about it. He didn't want to leave Winslow behind and there could be a good chance that Sanchez is still alive, Sanchi thought. He slowly stood up and walked out. He asked questions about his opponent, but Al didn't tell him anything...not even his name and Sanchi quickly thought that was strange.
"Get ready kid, you're gonna love your opponent!" Al said, throwing Sanchi into the stadium.
Over thousands of pirates and companions were cheering Sanchi. Clapping and throwing flowers at him. He waved with a little smug. Then, he heard Al announcing his name and the crowd became silent. Sanchi quickly turned around, staring at the other tunnel, waiting for his opponent to come out.
"An amazing 6-0 record by this no name pirate!" Al screamed.
Sanchi cracked his knuckles, looking at the tunnel, still waiting.
"But, he now will meet his match up! A Privateer who's good with weapons!" Al said.
Sanchi smiled, clapping his hands.
Suddenly, Al announced his opponent's name and Sanchi's heart started to beat faster and his eyes widen. His opponent came out of the tunnel, looking at Sanchi in his eyes. His opponent was Sanchez.
"Sanchez?" Sanchi said.
"Sanchi?" Sanchez said.

"This will be an exciting duel" Al said, laughing.

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