Monday, December 7, 2015

The Warrior AE "The dome" S2

After delivering their farewells to their crew mate, Emmanuel, Sanchi and Sanchez encounters a couple of filthy strangers. After the two become kidnapped, Julia, Chun, Boris, Danny and Malik all have to work together to find them. Boris takes it in his hands but results in him getting beaten by Sanchi's new enemy, Mikey. Though, Boris managed to take out Mikey and his men, he quickly became weak from bruises but Julia quickly got close to him.

The small, small, small room were dark and extremely hot, Sanchi thought. He was laying on hard concrete and patiently waited for lights to fill up the lonely room. During waiting, he tried to come up with a way to escape but he also tried to think where he was. He quickly became scared, thinking he was captured by men from Kane and Deacon. Sanchi didn't say a single word when he was tossed in the blazing room, but he still kept hearing heavy breathing. He eventually found out he wasn't alone.
"Whose in here?" Sanchi said, nervously.
Suddenly, the heavy breathing stopped and the room became so quiet that Sanchi kinda heard his thoughts...which scared him. He quickly stood up, banging his head on the ceiling. As he got closer to somewhere..he didn't know, the suspect tried his best to back away. Until, he hit the walls.
"Listen, I'm not bad...I'm good actually" Sanchi said.
"I'm...Winslow" He said, "I'm not afraid, too...definitely not of you and I ain't never even seen ya"
Sanchi was unable to see him. Though, he had a feeling he was a hard-to-get-with tough guy, Sanchi feared. Though at the same time, Sanchi felt like he could help him. "Where are we?" He nervously asked.
"Ha, you're new. Well...we're like animals and this is like our cages. We are pretty much entertainment. Pain is what these monsters like...we are animals!" Winslow said.
Sanchi's heart started to pound hard. He became afraid. He still didn't get what Winslow was even referring too, but the tone in his voice, Sanchi didn't like it and it feared him.
"That doesn't sound too good?" Sanchi said, dropping to the hard floor.
Errrrr! The door streaked and some of the room quickly lit up. Sanchi had a little image of Winslow but when the door was completely opened, Sanchi had a clear image of the stranger. Winslow, Sanchi thought. Pale skinned with a brown goatee. He had a weird Afro, Sanchi thought but when he looked at Sanchi, he gave him a death look and from there, Sanchi felt a little intimidated. Winslow had a gray long sleeve shirt. With many holes around it and the collar around it was completely stretched out-like someone pulled on it. Though, Sanchi didn't want to know Winslow's story.
"Ye, that one! The new one, get up!" A dirty, paled, skinny pirate said, referring to Sanchi.
Sanchi slowly got up and looked at Winslow. He started to walk towards them, but before he stepped out, he waved at Winslow. He quickly left the small room and heard a echo from Winslow, "See see you soon, kid".
Suddenly, group of pirates threw Sanchi on the ground. All three of the filthy-looking pirates stared at Sanchi, waiting for the leader to arrive...and he finally did. His name was Al Dark-eyed, referring to one of his eyes is covered by an eye patch. He sort of looked like the other pirates, skinny, old and had a grey beard, Sanchi thought. Al motioned for Sanchi to get up and he listened.
"Can ye hold your ground? Al said.
"E-e-e-excuse me?" Sanchi said, looking at the ground.
"Can ye fight?" Al said.
Sanchi remembered all his duels. Devullio, Derwitchi and even those drunken pirates. Sanchi responded with, "Yes".
Al smiled, revealing his only couple yellow teeth, "Give him his first taste".
Suddenly, they blind-folded Sanchi's eye sites and led him towards their destination

With the blindfold on, Sanchi felt heat. He also started to hear over hundreds of screaming and cheering. His bare feet also felt sand. Sanchi kinda felt like he was on vacation but that wasn't the case, that wasn't even close to the case. They lifted his blindfold up and Sanchi was the center of attention. He was in a ginormous stadium. Over thousands of pirates were watching and screaming. He looked around and saw another victim as the center, too. The pirate were built with tattoos on his left arm and had a shiny gold tooth. Sanchi looked at him and the stranger cracked his knuckles. Suddenly, it hit Sanchi. He finally knew what Winslow meant...fighting for entertainment. He shook his head and turned around to back away, but they had the exit blocked...there was no way out, except for winning.
Beep! An horn went off and the screaming became louder. The stranger started to walk towards Sanchi with a huge grin on his face. Of course, Sanchi was ready, putting his fists up.
"Beat this freak!" Sanchi heard someone calling out, calling his self the freak.
Quickly, the built pirate swung at Sanchi. He quickly reacted and ducked, dodging his hit and the whole crowd was impressed. The pirate tried to punch him again and Sanchi dodged it, again. This made Sanchi's opponent furious. So, he tackled Sanchi to the ground and spitted on him. Sanchi managed to get one of his arms loose and slapped him off. Sanchi quickly got back up and kicked his opponent in his stomach, twice. He tried to get back up, but Sanchi punched him in his stomach and pushed him back. From then, Sanchi had the bragging rights and raised his hands, cheering for his self. He was blinding his self from his opponent.
"Thank you!" Sanchi said, feeling good.
Bam! The pirate tackled Sanchi to the ground and started to punch him. He had a strong grip on Sanchi's arm, so he needed to think of something else and he did. He bit his opponent arm, taking a huge chunk out. The crying pirate grabbed his arm with his other, making Sanchi free. Sanchi slugged him in his face, taking him out. The crowded cheer as Al's men dragged Sanchi's opponent off. Al quickly approached Sanchi.
"I like it!" Al said, "Ye have moved up the brackets".
"Excuse me? Sir, I want to leave...this isn't me and I can't beat others up just for your entertaining purposes" Sanchi said, trying to act nice.
Al started to laugh, weird laugh, Sanchi thought. He placed his hand on Sanchi's shoulder and brought him down a little to whisper in his ears, "Better be comfy. Ye going to live here and if ye don't shall die. Compish?"
Al motioned for his men to take Sanchi back to his little room, with Winslow. Pushing him around, Sanchi didn't like Al from the started and wanted to beat him. Right when he exited the huge stadium, he heard someone saying to him, "Welcome to the dome".

Finally, Sanchez woke up right when he hit the ground, hearing others laughing and walking away. He looked around, lots of sunlight. He was in a legit jail cell but he was chained up. He was chained up to a solid concrete wall. He tried and tried to get loose from the chains, but he couldn't. Though, he had a view of the stadium.
"Hey!" Sanchez cried, "Anyone here?"
Sanchez saw a group of filthy pirates with grins on their face leading three small companions to some arena. One of them had a serious look on its face, while the other two looked afraid.
"Hey, you guys! Come back!" Sanchez said.
"Stop trying" Al Black-Eyed said.
"Who are you?" Sanchez said.
Al explained his self and where Sanchez was. The dome, others called it and Sanchez knew it was scary. He quickly felt like a worthless animal. He tried to talk Al out of him fighting and to return home, but Al just laughed and continued on smoking his cigar. Two of his men were leading Sanchez to the stadium, where he would perform his first fight.
"Also, I have no information on ye self. No even your name, but good luck on fighting. Plus, here's some advice...don't lose" Al said, throwing Sanchez in the fight.
Sanchez had lower and easier competition then Sanchi, but Sanchez doesn't like to fight others for no reasons. Though, his opponent was. His name was Chase, Sanchez heard someone yelling his name.
"Are you up for any deals?" Sanchez said.
Chase didn't respond. Instead, he punched Sanchez in his face and Sanchez dropped to the sandy ground. Then, Chase jumped on top of Sanchez and punched him three times. Sanchez managed to block a couple of hits, but some were powerful. Chase finally got off of Sanchez and picked him up and he threw him far. As Sanchez nailed the ground, he looks up and noticed Al in front of him. Al had a upset look on his face.
"End of the fight, the rest is tomorrow" Al said, furious.
Al wanted to talk to Sanchez, but he kinda liked him. He thought he could perform good. He thought that Sanchez would have skills like Sanchi. His men dragged Sanchi to his cell and left him there with Al for the two to have a private discussion.
"If ye ever make me look like a joke again, I take care of ye myself!" Al said, slapping Sanchez.
Wiping the blood from his nose, Sanchez nodded his head. "This isn't right. Why are you doing this?"
Al laughed and just walked out of Sanchez's cell. He forgot to chain him up, but he would just shut the door. Leaving Sanchez all alone. Just him and his thoughts.

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