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The Warrior AE "Guerta" S2

Sanchi and his crew are finally together, again. Fed up with fearing, he tries to develop up a new plan, a new home. Meanwhile, Kane starts to wonder if his team had enough troops and power to capture Sanchi and Sanchez. Finally, Sanchi and his crew flew far away from danger and to an island. Sanchi and Winslow goes out to look around and got attacked by two zombie pirates. After taking one out, they were saved by a group of strangers.

Group of three pirates surrounded Sanchi and Winslow. One had a little gun out and the other two had sharp and strong sticks, pointing at them. Sanchi didn't speak to the strangers as they inspected both of the two. He couldn't believe what he got into, again. The leader of the trio pack, blonde one, patted on Sanchi's sides, back, wraist, butt and all around the body. The other two patted on Winslow. The blond haired pirate clapped.
"Well" He said, "I'm Jonathan, nice to meet you and this blonde fellow is Kent"
Jonathan was a handsome guy. He had short brown hair with light brown eyes. He was the tallest one, standing next to the other two.
"Shut up, John!" Kent said, pushing him out of the way.
Kent walked up to Sanchi and got into his face. Staring at him straight in his eyes and Sanchi looked back too, he wasn't afraid. Suddenly, Kent laughed.
"This guy probably think he's a toughy, man...I hate those kinds" Kent said, clapping his hands.
Sanchi shook his head and gave Kent a funny look. He quickly got back into Sanchi's face.
"What's you problem?" Kent asked.
"I have a crew" Sanchi said, "There's six others, not counting myself and my friend"
Kent smiled, revealing his some of his clean teeth and some yellow teeth, "Let's show these two to our camp"

Jonathan gathered the rest of Sanchi's crew and Kent and one of his friends took Sanchi and Winslow to their camp. When Sanchi got his eyes on the camp, his mouth opened wide. He was impressed. It was like he was living in his dream, he thought. Long wooden walls all around their camp. Big protected doors that can only be opened from the inside. He heard voices inside the walls. He heard laughter and other pirates having fun. He felt like he was in his own heaven, until Kent walked in front of him. He went back into reality.
"M'am! At the doors!" Kent yelled.
Sanchi heard Julia yelling his name. He turned around and saw the rest of his crew and Jonathan. All eight gathered around each other.
"Let's take this two out and run" Danny whispered, referring to Kent and Jonathan.
Everyone agreed, except for Sanchi. He felt like he was safe. He wanted to go inside the walls and explore the camp. Everyone else agreed and patiently waited for the doors to open.
"We're waiting!" Kent said, looking around the area with his weapon out.
Suddenly, the doors opened up and two middle-aged couples walked out. They had smiles on their faces and greeted their new visitors.
"Welcome to Guerta!" Middle-aged woman said, smiling.
"I am Douglass, leader of Guerta!" Douglass said.
Douglass had a white shirt on, which matched his hair and his chin hair. He was a tall pirate with a wooden cane. Though, he doesn't use it much.
"I am Marry!" She said, "His wife"
Marry had long brown hair with a little gray in it. She wasn't as tall as Douglass. She had blue eyes that matched her shirt. She kept her smile on.
"Alright, alright, alright! Are we done, here?" Kent said.
"Kent, why don't you go and check on the nursery?" Douglass said, "And why don't you take your peg legged friend, the one with all those bruises"
Kent left with Jonathan, but Boris stayed back with his crew.
"Anyway, would you like for me to show you all around?" Douglass said, walking back into Guerta.

Sanchi and his crew followed Douglass around, exploring the area of Guerta. Everyone thought it was beautiful. Amazing, clean water fountain in the center of Guerta. Lots of small wooden houses around the area. There was a bakery, shops, small little pavilions and a town hall that stood out, where Douglass and Marry lived in. Others walked past them, looking at them. Sanchi felt different, but he felt safe, finally.
"This is a perfect place, if you fellows are looking for a home!" Marry said, "But...there are be apart of Guerta. You have to participate in jobs, we'll give you them later, you have to respect everyone living here...and you'll be treated like family, so treat everyone else like family...oh, I not go outside of the walls during the's quite dangerous during the nighttime"
"Will do, m'am" Chun said, "Also, just informing you, I use to be a senator for the pirate army...and so did my friend, Julia"
"Oh, wow" Marry said, "How bout you two come with me?"
Marry walked away and Julia and Chun followed. Douglass continued talking about Guerta. Telling them facts and some of the people around the area.
"Kent is one of our recruiters and hunter...he's an angry young man....but he's pretty strong and he works hard" Douglass said, "Jonathan...his father was one of my best friends...sadly scurvy got the best of him and he passed...Jonathan is like my son"
After roaming around the area. Douglass stopped at one of the small little house, next to a site of tents. Douglass smiled and patted Sanchi on his back.
"This is your home, I's a rare home but all eight of y'all will share this place, compish?" He said.
Everybody responded "Compish"
Douglass happily laughed and asked for Sanchi. He wanted to talk to Sanchi about his crew, having a feeling that he's the leader of the crew. "Sanchi, let's talk"
"Well, I'm going in to take a long nap" Malik said, first one to enter the home.
Boris, Winslow, and Danny went inside the home, dropping their stuff outside of the wooden home. Though, Sanchez stayed outside to look at the home. He smiled, he felt happy, too.

"Hey, you" a female pirate called.
Sanchez turned around and in front of him was a beautiful, blonde haired, blue eyed and perfect body female, Sanchez thought. He felt blinded by her beauty. He suddenly went into a dream, but she snapped her fingers and brought Sanchez back to reality. He was in love.
"Are you okay?" She said
"Yeah, yeah, yeah...I'm fine, how are you?" Sanchez said, "I'm Dan Sanchez, but call me Sanchez"
"Well, Sanchez...I am Courtney...are you new here?" She said, smiling at Sanchez.
"Yeah, my crew are inside that wooden house" Sanchez said, falling into Courtney's eyes.
She laughed, "Looks like you're having a party, huh?"
"Yeah, I am that type of dude" Sanchez said, trying his best to act cool.
"Follow me, I wanna show you my home...since you're new here, gotta tell you about ones you should avoid" She joked.

Douglass led Sanchi into his small little office. He pointed at a little couch for Sanchi to sit on. Douglass closed the door and locked it. He grabbed an ink pen and a crumbled up piece of paper. He sat in his dark, old brown wooden chair, in front of Sanchi.
"Ok, Sanchi" Douglass said, "Where were you and your crew at before Guerta?"
Sanchi acted calm and took a deep breath. He didn't want to mess up this interview. He wanted to stay in this protected camp. He thought it was best for him and his crew.
"Uh, all over the map...We stayed in the Skull island jungles for a long time" He said.
Douglass shook his head. Then, he wrote what Sanchi said, "Next question....what are you specialties and your...well...job?"
Sanchi thought about that question for a minute. He wasn't ready to tell Douglass everything about him.
"Well, uh...I was a a bar?" Sanchi said, nervously.
Douglass laughed and wrote that down. "Well, what's your crewmate's names?"
"Sanchez....Julia, Wing Chun, Boris, Danny, Malik, Winslow...." Sanchi said, rubbing his hands.
Took Douglass a few seconds to write all that down. After he was done, he dropped his pen, "Would you like to stay here?"
Sanchi took a big swallow, "Uh...yes"
"I can tell" He said, "You look pretty nervous"
Sanchi smiled, "I kinda am"
Suddenly, Douglass placed his notes and his pen on the ground and he moved closer to Sanchi. He gave Sanchi an interesting look, which made him even more nervous.
"Have you killed anybody? Caused any trouble?" Been involve with armadas?" Douglass said.
"No...never" Sanchi said, "We've been hiding for a long time"
Douglass laughed, "Why is one of your friends all beaten up have bruises, too...don't lie to me"
Sanchi knew he would have to lie, "Me and him got into a fight...over a drink, something stupid"

Courtney's houses was a few houses down from Sanchez's house. Though, she had a bigger house and her house were a lot older, too. Sanchez got closer to Courtney.
"I like your house" Sanchez said.
Courtney smiled, "Thanks, you have one of the newest ones, surprisingly"
Sanchez laughed and Courtney did too. Sanchez felt in love wit her, he felt happy. He wanted to get to know Courtney even more.
"You told me all these people, ones I should I come you didn't mention this one guy...blonde pirate...I can't remember" Sanchez said, scratching his head.
Suddenly, someone yelled for Courtney. She gasped and had a scared look on her face. Meanwhile, Sanchez calmly turned around and knew who it was.
"That's him, his name is Kent?" Sanchez said, "He's like..."
"Kent interrupted, "Why are you talking to my wife?"
Sanchez's heart stopped beating. He turned around and looked at Courtney. She had a sorry look on her face. Then, he looked up at Kent. He was right in Sanchez's face and he started to yell.
"Why are you talking to her? Huh!?" He yelled.
Others around the little-made neighborhood opened up their doors or went out of their tents. Including Sanchez's crew. Everyone heard Kent yelling at Sanchez. Sanchi heard it, too. He quickly ran towards the argument.
"Calm down, I didn't know and we're just friends!" Sanchez said, backing away from Kent.
Kent pushed Sanchez to the ground. Courtney tried to get in front of him to stop him, but he pushed Courtney away. Kent kicked Sanchez once and pulled him back up.
"Hey!" Sanchi cried, "Stop it!"
Kent laughed and threw Sanchez to the ground. He walked towards Sanchi. With everyone surrounding the dramatic scene, Kent felt tough and Sanchi hated it.
"Leave him alone!" Sanchi said.
"Or what?" Kent said, grinning like a theft.
Sanchi raised his two fists, but he heard Douglass and Mary's yelling voices. Both of the two stopped.
"What is going on?" Douglass said, breaking up the fight.
"This newby thinking he runs this place, well he doesn't!" Kent said, poking Sanchi's chest.
"I'll take you out, punk!" Sanchi said, pushing Kent.
"Enough!" Douglass said, "Stop this, now! This group is new and are valuable to us...Kent, go back to your home"
Kent shook his head and walked to his home, intentionally bumping into Sanchi's shoulder. Courtney helped Sanchez back up. Then, she followed Kent.
"Listen, I'm not mad...that's how Kent acts...loves to start fights with anyone...mainly newbies" Douglass said, "Just go back home and sleep, it's becoming late"

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