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The Warrior AE "Freetime" S2

Sanchi and the crew started to worry about having no food supplies. Instead of leaving fast, Sanchi, Sanchez, Emmanuel, Danny and Malik goes into the jungle to gather food. After almost getting attacked, Sanchi and Sanchez knew that it's too dangerous and flee the jungles. Danny and Malik gathered lots of foods and Emmanuel sends them back, after hearing troggys near by. Emmanuel checks out the noise alone, resulting in a troggy infecting him and he knows that he could survive it because it was close to his brain. Now, the crew need a new place to live. Meanwhile, Emmanuel has to start deciding on a life or death decision.

The crew quickly left their campsite and didn't look back. They started to fly around the spiral, looking for good hiding spots to remain safe from Kane and his army. Finding new places was tough, but the crew started to bond together except for Emmanuel. He stayed away from the group and no one knew why.
"Maybe, can we try Cool Ranch?" Boris suggested.
"We won't be able to make it, flying this piece of worthless..." Sanchi stopped, "We need to get another ship"
The stolen armada's ship were close to its end. Pieces already fallen off of it and started to become slow, too. Most of their plans are gone.
"We need to try something" Sanchez said, "Kane could get this ship, demanding for it to be looked inside".
"Yeah! We need to stop somewhere...maybe try to bargain with someone for a new ship" Chun said.
"Or steal one" Malik suggested.
The whole crew started to talk over each other, which turned into arguing. Sanchi just watched and listened to the it. Trying to think of something, but so far all his plans became failures. Eventually, Sanchi became stressed out.
"Shut up!" Sanchi said, banging his fist on a table.
Everyone listened to him and stopped the talking. The room remained silent for a few seconds.
"Sanchez, take us to the Skull island bar" Sanchi said, wrapping a dark black scarf around him mouth.
Sanchi quickly went in disguised mode. Wrapping a black scarf around his face, wearing a dark cape around him (to hide his armada sword and his clothes). He demanded for everyone to stay on the ship.
"You are wasting time" Boris said, "We could try to look for a better place!"
"Shut it Boris, I'm gonna bargain with some drunken idiots and maybe have a couple of drinks" Sanchi said.

Sanchez docked the ship in front of the bar. Sanchi slowly got off the ship and made his way to the bar, "Finally, freetime".
Sanchi opened up the door and pirates started to look at him. Giving him a lot of attention. Though, he ignored it and proceeded to the bartender to get him a couple of drinks.
"What can I get ye?" The bartender asked, noticing Sanchi walking towards him.
Sanchi sat down on a certain bar stool. Loudly, everyone in the bar gasped at the spot Sanchi chose. Even the bartender advised him to get another seat.
"Listen son, ye might want to get another seat" The bartender said.
Sanchi snickered, "Why? These is a good open seat".
Then, the bartender explained. Dead eyed Mikey. One of his daily strong drinking pirate. He's as mean as they come and he's huge. His left bulgy eye is closed shut, due to a lot of bar fights. Also, a lot of his crew mates are at the bar and they didn't like how Sanchi took Mikey's favorite seat.
"Don't worry about me, just get me two of your best drinks...I really need something" Sanchi said.
Suddenly, the doors opened up and a huge fellow barely fit through them. Everyone looked at the pirate, but for Sanchi who was grabbing two shot glasses. He didn't turn around or anything, but Mikey was right behind him. With a mean look on his face, he tapped on Sanchi's shoulder.
"Leave me alone, I'm enjoying some drinks" Sanchi said, pulling his scarf down.
"You're in my seat!" Mikey said.
Sanchi started to laugh, "Find another one..buddy"
He triggered Mikey's anger side, but Sanchi still didn't care. Mikey placed both of his hands on Sanchi's shoulders, giving him one more chance to move.
"Not gonna happen!" Sanchi said.
Sanchi quickly turned around, holding onto one of Mikey's arm. Sanchi twisted his arm, causing him to fall back. Then, Sanchi kicked him in his stomach and pushed him on the ground.
"There, stay on the ground!" Sanchi said, picking up one of his drinks.
But, many pirates stood up and it was Mikey's crew members. There were six of them and they all quickly huddled around Sanchi. He slowly placed his drink down.
"You're going down, buddy!" One of them said.

"What's taking him so long?" Julia asked.
"He's only been in there for ten minutes. Patient" Sanchez said.
Julia rolled her eyes and opened the door and left, leaving Sanchez alone. Soon after, Emmanuel entered the room which surprised Sanchez.
"Hey buddy, whatcha doing?" Sanchez said.
Emmanuel still had the bloody and dirty shirt on. Also, Sanchez noticed that he looked complete sick. He was sweating pretty bad and looked extremely tired.
"Uh, hey" Emmanuel said, opening up the door.
But Sanchez stopped him. He gently grabbed him arm, making sure he doesn't leave. He wanted to talk to Emmanuel, to make sure everything was okay. "You look awful and you hardly came out at all yesterday, if something is gotta atleast let me know".
Emmanuel looked at Sanchez in his eyes. He agreed to Sanchez's statement and went towards the bed. He felt like he could trust Sanchez.
"When we went out to get food...I got attacked by a troggy" Emmanuel said, pulling up his shirt.
He revealed his nasty bite from a troggy and Sanchez was out of words. His eyes widen and felt terrible for Emmanuel.
"Please, don't tell anyone. All of them would freak out...I know what I gotta do" Emmanuel said.
" you feel like you're close?" Sanchez asked.
He shook his head, which made Sanchez feel a little better. At the same time, he knows that he'd have to tell Sanchi sooner or later.
"I...I can't believe this...I'm sorry" Sanchez said.
Emmanuel hugged Sanchez and he hugged him tight.
"Listen, you need to tell everyone eventually...maybe we can..."
"You can't stop it, it's too late anyway" Emmanuel said, "I'm not scared. My whole family is gone, maybe I can finally be at peace and be with's something I want"
"I understand...I understand" Sanchez said.

All six of Mikey's friend gathered around Sanchi, cracking their knuckles with mean grins on their face. But, Sanchi wasn't scared, he grinned back.
"Let's get him!"
The first men ran up to Sanchi, with his balled up fist. He tried to punch Sanchi, but he outsmarted the pirate. Sanchi dropped to the ground, dodging the hit. Quickly, Sanchi raised up and upper cut the pirate in his jaw. Then, he grabbed him and threw him across the long tables.
"He's a slick one!"
One of the pirates tackled Sanchi to the ground. Laying on top of him, the pirate pulled his knife out. Sanchi quickly reacted. He grabbed his hand with his knife in it. Sanchi used his other hand to punch him in his stomach. Without thinking, Sanchi turned the pirate's hand around and injected the knife in his chest. Which caused him to fall on Sanchi. Three remaining pirates quickly ran after Sanchi.
"Ye ain't much!"
Sanchi pushed the pirate off him, noticing the other one running towards him. He quickly got up and grabbed a glass bottle and slammed it on the pirate's head. Causing him to hit the ground. Finally, Sanchi looked at the two last standing pirates.
"Ye is a dead one, ye hear me?"
One of the pirates were in front of Sanchi and the other one were behind him. Both running towards him, Sanchi quickly moved out of the way. The two pirates ran into each other, but didn't do much damage. Quickly, one of the pirates grabbed Sanchi and held him tight. He tried to get out, but he wasn't strong enough. Watching the other pirate walking towards him, Sanchi had a feeling that these two weren't the smartest. Cracking his knuckles, the pirate threw a punch towards Sanchi. With Sanchi's sneaky ways, he ducked his head.
Bang! The pirate punched one of his own, causing him to fall to the ground. Finally, there was one left. The last pirate grabbed a pool stick and swung it at Sanchi a few time but he never hit Sanchi once. At the last swing, Sanchi dodged his hit and kicked the middle of the stick. Causing it to break into two pieces. Scared, the pirate dropped the two sticks and ran out of the bar.
"Now I can finally finish my drinks" Sanchi said.
Making his way towards his stool, Mikey popped right out with a gun in his hand. Aimed at Sanchi's head, he had no other choice but to put his hands up.

Sanchez knew that something was up and he wanted to go check it out. He quietly got off this ship with no disguise on and opened up the bar door. When he opened it, he was shocked. The whole bar was a complete mess. Bodies knocked out and lots of broken tables, but Mikey aiming his gun at Sanchi topped it all off.
"Woah! What's going on" Sanchez said.
Mikey looked at Sanchez, then looked back at Sanchi. He slowly backed away so he could get a good view of both.
"Leave, I can handle this" Sanchi said, looking at Mikey.
"You beat all six of my men and made me look like a joke!" Mikey said.
"Listen, I advise you to put down that gun" Sanchi said.
"Or what?" Mikey said.
Suddenly, that's when Sanchez knew that Mikey screwed up. He snickered, grabbing Mikey's attention and giving Sanchi a chance. Sanchi quickly pulled out a sword, slicing Mikey's hand. The big pirate dropped to his knees.
"Don't do this, please...don't!" Mikey said.
"On one condition! You keep your mouth shut and you give me your ship!" Sanchi said.
"Okay, okay! It's the biggest one out there...!" Mikey said.
Sanchi smiled. Then, he hit Mikey in the back of his head with the gun. Mikey hit the ground, knocked out and the bartender started to clap.
"Impressive moves!" The bartender said.
"Give us some drinks... a lot of them. Mikey's paying for it, too" Sanchi said, smiling.

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