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The Warrior AE "Priorities" S2

Sanchi and his crew gets adapted into a new civilization area called Guerta. Sanchi started to hope that this would be their permanent home where they could live in without fear. The leaders were Douglass and his wife, Mary. Although, the first day at Guerta wasn't great, Sanchez meets someone named, Courtney, but she was in a relationship with Kent and it resulted in an argument between Sanchez and Kent. Now, Douglass wants to learn more about their new citizens and would like to give them jobs.

"Do you have a bad temper?"
"Alright, is this the first fight you've ever gotten into"
He thought about his question, "It really wasn't a fight...but...yes"
" long have you been with this...crew?"
"The leader, Sanchi...saved mine and that crane companion's life...the rest of'em...well, we eventually found can say that"
"So...a couple yes?"
Douglass finished writing all the questions and answers down. He also added a few notes on the side. Then, he placed the pad down and took his bent glasses off.
"Specialty?" He asked.
"Uh....I use to be a privateer...really useful with guns and a good aim" Sanchez said, grinning.

"How long have you known this group?" Douglass asked.
"Why do you care?"
"Doing a report...please just answer" Douglass begged.
"Fine, couple of days"
"Is this crew a safe crew?"
"I don't know"
"Is this crew reliable?"
"Really don't know"
"When was the...."
"Shouldn't you be asking questions about me? Not this crew crap! Do you even know my name?"
"Winslow, calm down" Douglass said, "We'll interview you another time"
Winslow just looked at Douglass, then he shook his head. He quickly left the room and slammed the door. Douglass had no clue what was up with him.

First day of Guerta finally ended and the second day began. Malik and Danny were awake before they even saw the sun. Both of the two took off their filthy old clothes and put on some new comfortable clothes. Malik felt like a new person and Danny felt sharp.
"What's the plan?" Malik said, rubbing his hands.
"Le'ts go out, you others" Danny suggested.
"Well...I mean...we're now categorized as "those pirates from that new angry crew"..." Malik said.
Danny playfully pushed Malik and he went on his way, Malik followed. Danny slowly opened up the door so he wouldn't wake anyone else up and Danny made his way outside, followed by Malik. Both of them had a big smile on their face and Malik made sure he looked handsome for some pirates. They walked all around Guerta and greeted most of the citizens. Then, they saw Courtney outside, walking alone. Her eyes were red. Malik waved at her and walked towards the greet her. Danny tried to stop him, but Malik was too stubborn to even pay attention to him. Danny thought he was taking this as a joke.
"Hey, Courtney...right?" Malik said, smiling.
"Yes, can I help you?" She said, wiping her eyes.
"About see, our is Sanchez, he kinda have a thing for you and I'm guessing Kent got pretty know what I mean?" Malik said, looking around the area.
It was really early in the morning. Malik didn't see anyone else. He noticed Kent, Douglass, Mary and Jonathan weren't in site.
"Listen...just a warning, but Kent ain't so tough. If he keeps messing with Sanchez...things might become ugly, you know? Both of those two hate each other...more than armadas hate us" Malik paused, thinking about what he just said.
"Ha-ha,, anyway...we gotta, gotta kinda, gotta..." Danny stopped and noticed someone outside.
Courtney took a deep breath and walked away. She made her way towards the far away individual. Malik wanted to follow, luckily, Danny talked him out of it.
"Why are you awake at this time, Courtney?" The voice echoed.
Danny and Malik walked back to their new home. None of them spoke to each other and just enjoyed the silent, wind blowing and others opening up their little stores. Although, when they reached the house, Danny stopped Malik.
"She's dangerous...Courtney...if we get seen talking to her...Kent may get us kicked out" Danny said, giving Malik a serious look.
"She's a killer!" Malik laughed.
"I'm serious, stay away from her" Danny said, pushing Malik.
"Alright, yo! alright! Shouldn't we tell the rest?" Malik asked.
"No" He said, "They'll eventually figure it out"
Danny and Malik quietly went back in the house, making sure they didn't wake anyone up and they went back to bed. Though, Danny stood up for a few more minutes. He was thinking about the danger between Sanchez and Kent.

"Why can't you two just be friends?" Courtney said, closing the door.
"What? Babe, first day here and they started so much! Don't worry, I'll make sure they'll get kicked out!" Kent said, looking out of the window.
Kent spotted one of Sanchez's crew mates. Young man with a peg leg. He was just walking around, with his head down. Kent looked at him as he walked by their house. Then, he went outside to warn him.
"Hey, you!" Kent cried, "Tell your two buddies to watch it! I can rearrange some things for y'all!"
Boris stopped and slowly turned around. He looked at an angry Kent and Courtney with a crying look on her face. Boris started to laugh, "Listen...pal, grow up and ignore those kind of issues"
Kent laughed and walked towards Boris. Courtney tried to stop him, but he pushed her to the ground. Suddenly, Kent got into Boris's face and the two looked at each other eyed-to-eyed.
"Kent, stop!" Courtney said, getting back up.
Kent ignored his own wife and pushed Boris, "You think you guys own this place, now? Huh?"
"No, but I'm positive you sir don't!" Boris yelled, pushing him back.
"Listen, you one-legged freak! How'd you get those bruises? Did you father hit you and cut your leg off?" Kent laughed.
Boris quickly became angry when Kent mentioned his father. Little tears dropped from his eyes as he pushed Kent away from him, "My crew will kill you!"
The two started to yell at each other. So loud, Douglass came running out with Chun. Douglass was mad.
"Boris?" Chun said.
"Enough, both of you! I have had it! Kent go away and leave him, alone!" Douglass said, breaking up the fight.
Kent chuckled and walked back to his house. Douglass tried to talk to Boris, but he ignored him and continued his walk. Boris also gave Chun a disgusted look.
"What is wrong with him?" Chun asked.

"Are you glad to be here?" Sanchez asked, looking at items around Guerta.
"Yeah, though, you are worrying me" Sanchi said.
Sanchez and Sanchi woke up late. Though, it was warm outside with lots of light, the two went out to roam around. They visit shops, bazaars, and other residents around them.
"Me? Why? I'm perfectly fine" Sanchez said.
Sanchi started to laugh, "You and Kent"
"Oh, yeah" Sanchez said.
"Listen, Courtney is a beautiful woman and trust me, I think you need a woman...but Kent is crazy...he could get you kicked out...or worse" Sanchi said.
"Don't worry, I'll leave him alone" Sanchez said.
Sanchez and Sanchi stopped at a little shop. Owned by Mical Smith. He was known for selling weapons, even sticks. He had spears, guns, sharp sticks, knifes, and swords. Sanchi's eyes landed on a strong, metal sword.
"Aye, the new fellas! Ha! How you doing?" Mical said.
Sanchi didn't speak, he was focused on one of Mical's swords. He and Sanchez both noticed him.
"Hello, I'm Sanchez and this is my friend, Sanchi" Sanchez said.
Mical snapped his fingers in front of Sanchi's face, snapping him back into reality.
"Oh...hey" Sanchi said.
"You like that sword, don't ya?" Mical asked, grinning.
" much is it?" Sanchi said
Mical laughed and took down the sword. Then, he handed it to Sanchi, "Take it, I can make another one"
The sword was something to look at, Sanchi thought. The sword was long and very sharp. It had a light blue handle, which matched Sanchi's old warrior outfit and he noticed it.
"Thank you, sir" Sanchi said.

Later on the day, Douglass invited his new arrivals to a meeting. Sanchi, Sanchez, Chun, Julia, Boris, Danny, Malik and Winslow all showed up. Douglass wasn't mad, but he wanted to talk to them about jobs.
"Now, I know a few of you hate Kent...I apologize for his actions but he's well known here...others would protect him and that's why I want all y'all to stay away from him and his wife" Douglass said, "Kent is another subject, I wanna talk about jobs for each of you...we need work done around here"
"Jobs? Man, shoot!" Malik said, throwing his arms around.
"Indeed" Douglass said, "First off, I want Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow to join Jonathan's group and help find food and take off creatures.
He started to get deeper in the jobs. Sanchi, Sanchez, and Winslow would be with Jonathan and three more of his mates. They'd hunt for food and kill unwanted creatures that could be a threat. Second, Chun and Julia's jobs were similar to their old jobs at Skull island. Both of them would be similar to senators, but that'd help Douglass get rid of unwanted and figure out new things/ways. Third, Douglass made Danny and Malik looks out. They'd be in a high tower around the walls of Guerta and keep an eye out to threats and either kill them or let Douglass know. Finally, Boris's job was a designer. With his knowledge, he could help design more buildings or walls that'll be right for Guerta. Though, Boris didn't like Guerta.
"Is everyone fine with their jobs?" Douglass asked, smiling.
"Well..." Danny said, behind everyone else.
"We won't let you down, we helped out with others before" Sanchi said, shaking Douglass's hand.

It was close to night. Troggys squeaking voices echoed throughout the land. Citizens of Guerta went into their houses, locking the doors. Danny and Malik started their jobs early. Both of them got in separate guard towers. Danny's guard tower was under the door, where he can see trespassers and others who leave.
"I like your friends" Douglass said, walking with Chun and Julia.
"They're great people, tough ones" Julia responded.
"Some, I can hardly trust some of them" Chun said.
Suddenly, Julia and Douglass stopped, leading to Chun stopping. Douglass had a curious look on his face and Julia had a mean look on her face. Douglass got closer to Chun.
"Li-like who?" Douglass asked, placing his hand on Chun's shoulder.
Julia quickly got between those two, changing to a new subject, "I can see Danny over there!"
"Who should I worry about, Chun?" Douglass said, moving Julia out of his way.
"Well, there's a couple...some are..."
"Douglass, I think Sanchez and Kent are in a little argument, you need to go check!" Julia cried.
He quickly turned around and ran to Kent's house to check on them. When he was far enough, Julia released her anger on Chun.
"Some? Some!?" Julia yelled, getting in Chun's face.
"Uh..." Chun said.
"Some of those people almost died for you! We're a crew! We're good folks! Who do you think is trouble, huh? Tell me, Chun!" Julia yelled.
All of a sudden, they heard a voice high up. It was Danny in the guard tower, "What's going on down there?"
"Nothing!" Julia said.
Julia walked away from Danny's sight, taking Chun with her.
"Would you like to tell me anything, Chun?" Julia said, trying to calm down.
"Okay, okay, okay! Dear...One of them is that new guy, Winslow! He's quiet and I heard what he said to Douglass! Second...Boris, he's young but really smart...and...and...Malik...he's just a fool around idiot!" Chun said, "Plus, Danny...he almost killed me when he first met him!"
"B-b-but they'd die for you! To them, they think you're more important than their own self! I-I-I can't believe you!" Julia said.
Julia pushed Chun out of her way. She walked back home and left Chun outside, in the dark. Though, he just stood there, thinking of something to do.

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