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The Warrior "Valencia's teamwork" Season one finale AE (LONG)

Sanchez, Danny and El Toro starts to plan on rescuing Sanchi and the rest. Sanchi, Boris, Emmanuel and Malik managed to escape out of their cell until they were captured by Mauck and his men. Now, furious Kane demands Mauck and Deacon to deliver the prisoners to Valencia on his ship. Now, Sanchez and the rest must plan a deadly plan, unaware of the consequences. Meanwhile, Julia Carthy and Wing Chun stays back at the camp.

Finally, Mauck, Deacon and the rest finally reaches Valencia. Anxious to get rid of the prisoners, Mauck demanded several of his men to guard the cell. Kane was waiting on his ship, near the Armadas' headquarters and prisons filled with pirates and companions. Kane plans on executing everyone-except for Sanchi and they all knew it too.
"There's nothing else we could do" Emmanuel said, placing a filthy towel on his bullet wounds.
They all almost had enough. From the endless beating towards Boris and Emmanuel, from several bullet wounds on Emmanuel's body. Also, the unforgettable beating Malik earned from running away. Weak and starving, they just laid there.
"I'm out of options...I can't believe this!" Sanchi cried.
"Oh, you're be just fine. We have stuff to worry about, they're going to kill us!" Boris cried.
"I won't let them do that!" Sanchi said, standing up.
Sanchi ran towards the cell's bars and started to pull on it, yelling at Mauck's men. One of his men tried to grab his arms, but he was pulled by outraged Sanchi. "Let us out of here! Now!"
An armada quickly pushed him to the ground, falling next to tired Malik.
"I'm-I'm-I am..." Sanchi stopped.
Suddenly, they heard the cell door opening up and tiny patch of light filled up the cold cell block. Sanchi squinted, trying to get a good vision of the one who opened it. It was Mauck.
"Get up!" General Mauck said, "We're connected to Kane's ship. You're being transported there and seventy five percent of you will die at the headquarters"
Six armada guards came out and picked up the prisoners. They slowly transported them to Kane's ship. Boris and the rest started to sweat. Meanwhile, Sanchi tried to think of something...but was unsuccessful. They finally got on Kane's ship, Mauck followed on. His ship quickly flew away and towards the Headquarters.
"We're on Kane's ship" Sanchi said, "The cold heart one who took control of Derwitchi's army"
"We are screwed...aren't we?" Boris said.
Few minutes later, the ship stopped. They all knew the ship was being docked. General Mauck and some of Kane's men opened up the cell and carried all four of the prisoners to Valencia's headquarters. Mauck threw Sanchi into a single cell. The rest of his friends finally met with Kane. There were armadas with their weapons out and there were only three of them. General Mauck entered the room with a smile on his face.

"That's the ship...and there's our crew entering Kane's ship" Sanchez said, putting his binoculars down.
Sanchez were spying on the two armadas' ships transporting his crew.  Meanwhile, Danny and El had stolen devices, trying to get any clues on their plans on his crew. Luckily, they managed to get clues.
"Get on the ship. They are going to kill Boris and Emmanuel at the Headquarters!" El said.
They had a plan. Sanchez would get dropped off on top of the Headquarters and get Sanchi. Meanwhile, El and Danny would fire cannons into the room and get Boris, Emmanuel and Malik back. They had to do it quick, too.
"Sanchez, we're coming close to the Headquarters!" Danny said.
"Drop me off, I got Sanchi" Sanchez said, grinning.

Kane slowly lined up Boris, Emmanuel and Malik. He placed bandannas over their eyes. Emmanuel and Boris didn't speak, but when he tried to place the bandanna on Malik's eyes, he pulled his head away.
"Listen, don't do this...please! We can work something out!" Malik begged.
Kane quickly started to laugh. He patted Malik on his back and glanced out of the window, noticing a ship coming close but he ignored it.
"That's not going to know, you've been part of a certain crew I've been trying to hunt down for years! Now, I finally have you guys!" Kane said.
"B-b-but we're not bad people...we something out!" Malik said.
"Sir, you want me to shut this one up?" General Mauck said.
Kane nodded his head and smiled at Malik. He pulled his weapon out and pointed it at Malik's head. Malik closed his eyes and wanted it to end fast. Kane placed his finger on the trigger.
"Goodbye to one of..."
Boom! Half of the room blew up and dust started to fill up the room. Danny and El fell from the roof and took out the guards, unable to see Kane or Mauck's bodies. Danny quickly untied the three prisoners and pushed them out of the room. An alarm started to go off and the Headquarters started to fill up with armadas. Kane quickly started to yell and demanded Mauck to check for Sanchi.
 "We need to look for another ship!" Danny said, "I knew that crashing that damn ship was a bad idea"
Suddenly, Malik stopped after recognizing the voice. "Danny?"
"Danny grab him, we need to get out of!" El said.
Danny and El managed to lead them to an armada's ship, but El wanted Danny to go without him. He wanted to take care of business his self.
"Just get them out of here...I'll contact you once I'm done!" El said.
"Wait, what?" Danny said.
"Just go! You can handle this, get them out of here and wait for Sanchez or I to contact you!" El said, running away.
Danny quickly got Boris, Emmanuel and Malik onto the ship. He looked back, noticing armadas running towards him. He quickly got on bored and managed to get away. He didn't want any armadas to follow him, so he quickly blew up the remaining ships around him.

Sanchez noticed the alarm going off. He knew he'd have to hide and slowly find Sanchi. He hid from tens of armadas running past him. He quickly ran towards the cells, but saw more armadas coming his way. He quickly opened up a door and ran into the room. He turned around and noticed armadas speaking in a microphone about the escaped prisoners.
"W-w-watch out for i-i-individual who stole-stole pri-prisoners"
Sanchez slowly and silently walked towards the two armadas setting off alarms and looking at cameras. He pulled out his two pistols and aimed it at the two armadas, unaware of his present.
"Don't mess with my crew" Sanchez said.
Boom! He took out of the two armadas. He glanced at the cameras and noticed the room was empty. He smiled, figuring out that Danny and El got the rest. He took all four of the screens out. As Sanchez turned around, someone quickly tackled him into the screens and threw him out of the window. It was general Mauck.
"You must be one of the ones who stole something of mine!" Mauck said.
Sanchez quickly crawled away from Mauck, trying to look for his weapons but Mauck pushed him to the ground and started to punch him. Sanchez quickly pushed Mauck off of him and started to run, but Mauck grabbed Sanchez by his hair and pulled him. Mauck punched Sanchez in his face three times and threw him to the ground. Looking up, he saw the general cracking his knuckles. Sanchez quickly got back up and pushed Mauck away from him.
"You don't know us like Kane do! He couldn't handle us and some punk like you wouldn't be able to catch us!" Sanchez said, wiping the blood from his mouth.
Sanchez grabbed Mauck by his neck and threw him towards the edge of the ship. Then, Sanchez ran towards Mauck, trying to kick him off, but Mauck grabbed his foot and threw him off and onto the docks. The two hit the docks hard.
"Your crew been a pain! Atleast, I can end one of Sanchi!" General Mauck said.
Sanchez noticed one of his pistol behind Mauck and he thought of something. He ran towards Mauck and pulled him away from the weapon and towards the end of the docks. He grabbed one of his pistol and turned around. General Mauck was facing him with one of Sanchez's pistol.
"You just don't get it, do you? Should of kept yourself hidden!" Mauck said.
Sanchez raised his hands up and pointed his pistol behind him. Aiming his pistol at the ropes that're holding onto the docks.
"Maybe!" Sanchez said, firing a bullet.
Sanchez threw his pistol at Mauck, nailing his face. He quickly ran towards him and kicked him closer to the edge of the docks. He grabbed both of his pistols and ran towards the entrance, away from the fallen docks. He saw the dock becoming detached from the Headquarters and jumped onto the base. He looked back and saw general Mauck falling into the skyways. A pirate ship hit Mauck, killing him.

El Toro managed to sneak past armadas swarming around the buildings and towards the prisons. He looked out and saw most of the prison cells shut. He looked around, trying to look for Sanchi. His eyes widen as two guards carried an individual out. He noticed that it was his master, Sanchi.
"W-w-where are we taking this one?" Armada guard said.
They threw Sanchi out of the cell and onto the floor. Then, they picked him up and roughly tossed him around. Suddenly, Masked companion jumped out. He punched one of the armadas and kicked him off, he quickly sliced the other one. He quickly took Sanchi to a safer spot to talk to him.
"W-w-who are you?" Sanchi said, trying to get away from him.
"Sanchi, it's me! The almighty El Toro!" El smiled.
Sanchi hugged El. He couldn't believe it. His own companion rescued him, "You rescued me!"
"Not just me! We found someone...named Danny and he told us about you. He has Boris and the rest. Sanchez is here too" El said.
El Toro brought out his sword. He also picked up another sword from one of Kane's men. He handed it to Sanchi. His master smiled at him.
"Let's do this!" Sanchi said.

Sanchez took out a couple of armadas, trying to get to Sanchi's cell. He slowly got pass other armadas and ran towards his bestfriend's cell. He noticed that the door was opened. No one was in there. He dropped his weapon and fell to his knees.
"Someone took him!" Sanchez said.
Though, Sanchez noticed one of the armadas sliced up. He looked at the body and knew it was from either-El Toro or Sanchi.
"Danny, it's me Sanchez. I think Sanchi escaped on his own! Met me at Dock 8224!" Sanchez said.

Kane and some of his men walked towards dock 8224. He went by sliced up armadas, knowing that it was from Sanchi. Suddenly two bodies dropped in front of him. His men surrounding him fell to the ground, heads cut off. Kane smiled and pulled his sword out.
"Well well, Sanchi and El Toro. I've been waiting for this moment" Kane said.
Suddenly, the door to dock 8224 opened up and revealed Sanchi and El. Kane walked towards them, laughing loud with a huge grin on his face.
"Trust me, I can handle you!" Sanchi said.
Kane ran towards Sanchi and El and started to swing his sword at both of them. El tried to stab Kane, but he quickly jumped away and behind Sanchi. He swung his sword at Sanchi's back, but Sanchi defended his self as he dropped to the ground, kicking Kane's knee.
"I've warned you, stop while you're ahead!" Kane said.
"I don't think so!" El said.
Quickly, Kane ran towards the two, swinging his sword. But, their swords started to hit off each other. Sanchi ran behind Kane, trying to slice him. Kane quickly elbowed Sanchi's mouth and kicked him away. He fell to the ground, dropping his sword.
"Now, it's just me and you!" Kane said, running towards El.
"I'm excited, too!" El said, running towards Kane.
Bam! Both of them swung their swords at each other, resulting in their swords hitting. Cling, cling! Back and fourth, their showdown started to go down. Kane knew that El wasn't good to defeat him. Though, El spun around and his cape flowing on Kane's face. El knew this was his chance and went to strike Kane, but he managed to get the cape off and defended his self.
"Is that all you got?!" Kane said.
Suddenly, Sanchi opened up his eyes and noticed Sanchez on dock 8224 and an armada ship docking next to him. He also heard marching of armadas coming near. He knew they didn't have any time left.
"El, come on!" Sanchi said.
But El didn't listen, "I can handle him!"
The masked companion knew he was doing good against Kane, but he wasn't enough for his mastermind. He kicked El Toro's knee. Both of the two looked at each other eye-to-eye. Kane smiled and spitted right in his face, causing him to close his eyes. Suddenly, Kane stabbed El in his stomach.
"No!" Sanchi cried.
His own companion looked at Sanchi, tears coming out of his eye. "Get out of here, they need you more than me"
El dropped to the ground as blood dripped from Kane's sword. He looked at the devastated Sanchi and smiled at him. "You want some?"
Sanchi started to tear up, "'re a monster! But, it's a won't be catching me!"

Sanchi quickly ran towards the docks, seeing Sanchez. He started to yell at Sanchez. His eyes widen after seeing Sanchi.
"'" Sanchez said.
Sanchi hugged Sanchez, Sanchez noticed that Sanchi was crying, "What's wrong, pal?"
"Kane...killed El...he was defending me...Kane just killed him" Sanchi said.
Sanchez gave Sanchi a sad look. He tried to run towards him, but Sanchi pushed him towards the ship. Both of the two quickly got on the ship.

Thank you all for staying tune in the season one finale! Be prepare for season two, coming soon! We're excited to introduce new characters and showing more of other characters' sides. El Toro and general Mauck were great characters I was grateful to use. Stay tune for more!

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