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The Warrior "Runaway route" S1 AE

Sanchi and his new crew mate Malik finally meets Boris and Emmanuel on Kane's ship. The ship is heading to Valencia, where Kane is. General Mauck is in control of these two with Deacon, but he plans on executing Emmanuel and Malik. Meanwhile, Sanchez figures out that Danny knows about Sanchi and plans on telling the rest. But, Wing Chun starts to go crazy over Sanchez keeping him alive. So he tries to kill Danny, but El Toro knocked him out. Finally, Sanchez, Danny and El Toro plans on going to Valencia to rescue Sanchi and the rest.

Two armada marksman entered Kane's office with a prisoner. They opened up his door and threw the prisoner on the ground. Aiming their weapons at him, Kane grinned and got out of his chair. The prisoner were sweating as Kane started to circle him, not saying a word.
"I thought Derwitchi got rid of y'all" Kane said, "Only two warriors left, right?"
The prisoner looked up at Kane. His men found him at Mooshu, hiding with his family. The warrior managed to take out a couple of armadas, but they surrounded him and he had to surrender. Kane knew getting him was a huge pain.
"Just let me go, please!" He said.
Kane started to laugh, "Than I'll look like the fool"
He quickly turned away from the prisoner and headed towards his office and the warrior knew this was his chance. He pushed the two guards out of his way and ran towards Kane.
"Huge mistake!" Kane said.
Kane quickly brought his sword and stabbed the warrior in his stomach, he fell to his knees and slowly hit the ground. Kane stared at his body for a few seconds and demanded his men to get rid of the body.
"Deacon better be here soon" Kane said to his self.

Kane's ship was close to Valencia, near the end of the Stormgate. Sanchi and the rest started to become nervous, couldn't think of a single plan. Boris was the smartest one in the cell and couldn't think of a single thing.
"We're going to die in here" Emmanuel said.
Suddenly, Malik stood up and thought of a strange plan. He started to explain his plan to them. First, one of them would have to get injured with lots of blood, guards would come in to treat the individual and the rest would jump the guards and lock them in the cells.
"That sounds extremely dangerous and unpredictable, plus the wound could get an infection and..." Boris stopped.
Malik ignored Boris and ran straight into the hard wall. Banging his head into the wall and breaking two fingers. He started to scream and cry for help.
"Is he crazy?" Emmanuel whispered to Sanchi.
"Nah, he's acting up a plan...I hope" Sanchi said.
They heard three armada guards footsteps, running as fast as they can. One of them accidentally ran into the cell. They started to yell and quickly opened up the cell.
"W-w-what is going on?" One of them said.
One of the guards dropped to the ground and examined Malik's head and fingers. He called for another armada to come to him and bring him medical supplies.
"It's so dark in here...I couldn't see a single thing!" Malik said.
Two of the armadas were focused on Malik. Meanwhile, the other one were keeping an eye on Sanchi and Emmanuel, unaware of Boris missing.
"Uh, g-g-guys...aren't there f-f-f-fours prisoners in-in here?"
Bang! Boris tackled one of them into the bars, causing static of electricity bursting out of it's head. Sanchi quickly grabbed it's gun and shot one of them. The other one quickly grabbed his weapon and aimed it at Malik's head. The armada wasn't scared of any of them.
"I-I-I kill my pro-program to..."
Sanchi quickly ended his sentence, firing a shot into the armada's chest, "Programmed for nothing!"
Boris grabbed the medical kit and wrapped up Malik's two fingers together. He also started asking him questions, making sure his head were alright. Then, the four quickly ran out of the cells.

Deacon and Mauck started to have weird feelings. They felt like something wasn't right. They also noticed that their three men haven't returned yet. Deacon started to wait, impatiently and slammed his fist down.
"Where are those three?" Deacon said, "Something has to be up...Mauck go check!"
General Mauck signed and got out of his comfortable position. He started to scream for other armadas to come with him, only two came to him. He rushed towards the cell. The three quietly walked towards the cell, looking for any signs. He still had this strange feeling, but they finally arrived at the cell. He got the two marksman to open up the cell and checked. Suddenly, Mauck heard the armadas cursing.
"Sir, the prisoners are gone and our men are destroyed!"  Marksman said.
Mauck dropped his weapon and ran into the cells. He looked around the dark room and noticed the destroyed armadas. He balled up his fist and started to scream, punching the wall too.
"Find them, now! I need to contact Kane!" General Mauck cried.
"Yes sir"
General Mauck contacted Kane and heard screaming from him. He couldn't believe it and demanded for them to find Sanchi and the rest. Deacon were also furious, but they were still in the Storm gates and had plenty of time to find them on the ship.
"Don't worry, we'll find them!" Deacon said.

Sanchi, Boris, Emmanuel and Malik heard general Mauck's screaming. They knew they had limited time but needed to think of another plan. Boris thought of one, stay hidden until they reach Valencia and one of them jump onto another ship to get help. They knew it was risky, but needed to try something. They split in group of twos, Sanchi and Emmanuel as one and Malik and Boris as the other one.
"Great to see you again" Emmanuel said, walking with.
"Is Julia alive? Is my love okay?" Sanchi asked.
"It's been a few days, last time I was with them...everyone were doing great...except El. He misses you and been a little strange" Emmanuel said.
Sanchi always worried about El Toro. Thou, he haven't seen him in a long time he still missed his only companion too, trying to forget Moresco.
"He's a great companion...I really hope that..." Sanchi stopped.
Both of them heard armadas around the corner, stomping on the ground and marching together. Emmanuel quickly poked his head out to look and saw about eight or more armadas. Sanchi grabbed Emmanuel by his filthy shirt and pulled him away. They quickly ran away from the noises, but the armadas heard them running and followed behind, with their guns out and loaded.
"Where are we going to hide at?" Emmanuel asked.
Sanchi stopped and started to look around for a a hiding spot, but couldn't find anything, besides a window. He thought of the only hiding spot.
"Follow me, fast!" Sanchi said, pulling up the window and quickly got outside of the ship.
Emmanuel saw the armadas turning the corner and they aimed their guns at him. He knew that if he'd follow Sanchi, he'd get him caught too.
"Emmanuel, come on...quick!" Sanchi whispered.
Sanchi started to hear gunshots. They were shooting at Emmanuel, but he didn't go with Sanchi.
"What are you doing?" Sanchi cried.
"Just leave me! If I follow you, you'd get caught too! Keep Boris and the rest alive" Emmanuel said.
Sanchi quickly turned away from the window as the armadas came closer. He felt bad for Emmanuel, he wished he could of helped. Thou, he heard them yelling at him to stop running.

"You heard all those gunshots?" Boris said, "I don't know what to do!"
"I'm guessing you've never been in this kind of situation" Malik said, noticing his peg leg.
Boris noticed that he was looking at his wooden peg leg. Malik knew that there were a story behind his leg, but didn't want to ask. The two started to roam around the ship, trying to look wait out the time. Thou, they heard general Mauck talking to Kane over his upgraded contacting device. Both of the two were furious and wanted to find all four of them.
"We need to hide somewhere" Malik said, hearing them too.
Quickly, the two quietly ran away from the voices of Mauck and Kane. They managed to secretly get pass by other armadas. Boris pulled Malik behind him and threw him into a small closet. They hid in there for now.
"Since we're stuck did you meet Sanchi?" Malik asked.
"Long ago, when everything flat out perfect. I was a young scientist...some disease broke out and I got trapped there with other scientists, but they became different...monsters! Sanchi and the rest of his amazing crew rescue me and I've never looked back, though...I've seen Sanchi's own friends dying...from enemies but he kept his head up. That's why our crew is still alive! We're meant for this! I'm ready for this" Boris explained.
"Wow, man" Malik said.
"If we get out of this, you'll be part of our family...our crew" Boris said.
Suddenly, the two started to hear footsteps and saw shadows near the door. They quickly closed their mouth and remained calm...and silent. The two armadas stopped at the closet door and grabbed onto the knob.
"We need to do something" Boris said.
Malik moved Boris out of his way and tackled the door down, falling on top of one of the armadas. The other marksman grabbed his gun and aimed it at Malik, but a metal object nailed the armada in it's face. He turned around and saw Boris with a grin.
"Thanks, let's go" Malik said.
The two ran fast as other armadas arrived at the area. Boris and Malik quickly turned around to make sure there was nothing behind them.
"We got away!"
Bump! Boris and Malik crashed into a group of armadas. One of them were Deacon. He slowly turned around and smiled.
"Well, well...look who arrived to the party. Three down, four to go!" Deacon said.

"He's gone...Emmanuel" Sanchi said to his self, waiting outside of the ship.
Sanchi heard several alarms going off and gunshots firing. He didn't know what to do beside to wait until another ship arrives. All he thought about was his Julia and companion, El Toro. He was extremely excited for old times.
"Check up here, just in case" General Mauck said, climbing on top.
Sanchi quickly hid behind a tall pipe on top of the ship. He remained silent, but heard Mauck's footsteps growing louder. Mauck smiled, knew that he was here.
"Come on, you know I'm not an idiot" Mauck said, "We've checked every spot on the ship...and captured all three of your friends"
Sanchi didn't respond, but he knew that Mauck were close by. He started to wait for his chance. Meanwhile, Mauck started to talk more.
"Come out already...I want a rematch against you!" Mauck said.
Sanchi felt him nearby and knew this was his chance. He swung out and punched Mauck in his face, causing the general to fall to the ground. He quickly jumped on top of him and started to punch him more, but Mauck headbutted him and threw him off. Both of the two quickly got back up and looked at each other, eye to eye.
"I like your ethic...but it's a shame, you won't see anyone else!" Mauck screamed.
The general pulled his knife out and ran towards Sanchi, swinging it at him. Sanchi quickly punched him in his stomach and than face. He quickly went for Mauck's knife but he cut Sanchi across his face. He looked up at Mauck and saw him laughing.
"Is that all you got?" Mauck laughed.
General still had the knife in his hand, ready to stab Sanchi. But Sanchi walked away from him.
"Where you going? I'm not done!" Mauck screamed.
He grabbed Sanchi by his leg and slung him to the ground and kicked him several times. Mauck swung his knife and Sanchi grabbed his hand and started to pull it back, causing him to release the knife. Sanchi punched Mauck in his nose and made him hit the ground.
"This is it for you!" Sanchi said.
Suddenly, several armadas came up with their riffle aimed at Sanchi. General Mauck started to laugh and Sanchi heard a voice behind him. It was Deacon.
"Well, well. We got four!" Deacon said, pointing his weapon at Sanchi.
He raised his hands, dropping Mauck's knife, "Going to need another plan".

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