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The Warrior "Locked in and out" S1 AE

Boris and Emmanuel still remains as Deacon's prisoner on Kane's ship. After escaping from the general's ship, Sanchi and Malik tries to stay on the low while they're being hunted. But they're no match for Mauck and his men, getting captured again. Now, Mauck plans on delivering the two prisoner to Kane's ship with struggling Boris and Emmanuel. With Sanchez making the decision to keep Danny alive, he figures out that Danny was with Sanchi. Finally, Sanchez found some information on Sanchi and must explain it to his crew.

"Name?" Deacon asked.
"Uh...James Starstone" Prisoner said.
Deacon had no idea who this person was. Luckily, his men explained it to him. James was a prisoner from Cell block 32A. Deacon knew that he won't need this pirate. He signaled for his men to execute the innocent prisoner and they did as Emmanuel and Boris watched.
"Next one from that cell" Deacon said.
Another pirate came out of the darkness. The pirate had a scary look on his face. Boris had a feeling that the individual been locked up for a long time.
"No one from Monquista would want him, look at him! Take him away" Deacon said.
"Stop!" Boris said, standing up, "This is not right! You're a monster!"
Suddenly, Deacon's men aimed their guns at Boris. He heard the guns loaded, but Deacon raised his left hand up. He walked up to Boris, staring him right into the pirate's eyes.
"You know, when I met your crew...I knew they'd be a pain. But...I didn't know you'd be a pain" Deacon said.
Creeeek! Loudly, the door opened up and general Mauck entered the room. Deacon pushed Boris to the ground, bringing his attention to Mauck.
"What is it?" Deacon said.
"Take this ship to Valencia, I've got the grand prize" General Mauck said, "I have captured Sanchi"
Boris and Emmanuel's eyes widen, Deacon started to clap his hands and other armadas started to cheer. Deacon quickly turned the ship around and to the Stormgates.

Wing Chun and El Toro started to design plans to move out of the jungles, having fears of armadas capturing anyone else. Julia Carthy were in her tent, in tears. She missed Sanchi deeply. Sanchez haven't returned back to the campsite, being gone for three hours with Danny.
"Where could we go? This place isn't going to be safe for one, oh dear" Wing Chun said.
"We could hide out in Aquila, it's a beautiful paradise! Mountainous isles all around! We could be protected by heroes!" El Toro said, smiling.
"I don't know....I'm not a fan of a emperor is home of mighty eagles, they could be working with the armadas" Chun said.
Both of the two couldn't decide on another location, but also doesn't wanna live Boris or Emmanuel behind. They never discussed it with Julia or Sanchez. Thou, everyone felt like they're living in fear.
"We need to think of something" El said.
"You know, when I was a senator...someone told me about Marleybone. Thou, I don't know if it's still the same" Chun said.
El just shrugged his shoulders and walked towards his tent. While walking back, El Toro saw Sanchez walking back...with Danny.
"Sanchez!" El yelled.
He quickly pulled out his sword, furious he ran towards them. Sanchez saw El running from a distance, he started to yell at him to stop but he kept running. He pulled out his pistol and got in front of Danny. When El got close, he stopped. Demanding for Sanchez to move away from the stranger.
"Move away from him!" El Toro said, "I am done with how you're running things! You're not helping us move on! If you don't get rid of him, I will!"
Sanchez pointed his gun at El's forehead, advising him to back away. Thou, El didn't listen. He started to breath hard with a furious look on him. He wanted Danny dead.
"Listen, El...I can explain why he's here" Sanchez said, lowering his gun.
"Because you're too soft!" El said, starting to slow down.
Suddenly, El tackled Sanchez out of his way and pushed Danny to the ground. He quickly raised his sword, ready to strike.
"El don't!" Sanchez cried.
"Why should he live?" He said.
"Because he knows where Sanchi is! Your master is alive!" Sanchez cried.
El stopped. He looked at Sanchez straight in his face. He noticed that Sanchez was telling the truth, with the look on his face. Then, El looked down at Danny. He had his hands covering his face.
"It's true...I know where he friend and I...found him, knocked out and almost dead" Danny said, "Without me, he would of been dead!".

Few hours later, the ship filled with armadas entered the Stormgate to Valencia. Emmanuel or Boris still haven't seen Sanchi, but they heard the cell door opening up. Two bodies dropped in front of them. One of them were dark skin, didn't recognize him, but they noticed the other one. He had a white short sleeve shirt, blood all over his chest. It was Sanchi. Both of the two stood up, darkness all around them. Sanchi or Malik didn't know where they were. Until, they started to hear voices.
"Sanchi! that you?" Boris said.
"W-w-who said that...who's there? Please, don't harm me!" Sanchi said.
Boris tried to get up and help out Sanchi, but when he got close Sanchi punched him and pushed him to the ground.
"Back off!" Sanchi said.
"Sanchi! It's me, Emmanuel and that person you punched...was Boris" Emmanuel said, "We thought you were dead!"
Sanchi finally calmed down and dropped to the hard floor. He couldn't believe it. He finally found his old crew.
"You guys...are alive! I knew it!" Sanchi said.
Malik placed his hand on Emmanuel's shoulder. Unrecognized, Emmanuel pushed him away, "Who's that guy!"
"Malik...that's Malik. Him and his friend saved my life!" Sanchi said.
"Sorry, I can't see you...nice to meet you though" Malik said, trying to bring up everyone's mood.
Suddenly, the cell door opened up and light filled up the cold room. It was general Mauck and Deacon, with no weapons on them. Thou, they had five other armadas behind them.
"Where's my crew! The rest of them!" Sanchi said.
"You mean, Julia, Sanchez and the two other companions?" Deacon said, "They're good at hiding, but we'll find them soon!"

"Julia!" Wing Chun said.
He been calling for Julia for a few minutes now. Unable to find her. Thou, she ran off away from the campsite to cry for a few hours.
"Where are you...Julia?" Chun said.
Suddenly, he heard someone yelling his name, "Over here"
Chun followed the voice and finally found Julia. When he arrived, he noticed that her eyes were red. He knew what she been up to.
"Are you okay?" Chun asked, sitting right next to her.
"I miss Sanchi...I always wanted to do one thing with him...but all this fast" Julia said, wiping her noise.
"Like what?" Chun said.
"I wanted to marry him...well I wanted him to ask me...but it's too late, now" Julia said.
"It's not too late...I believe that he's still alive!" Chun said.
Julia shook her head, understanding him. She wiped the tears away and gave Chun a hug.
"Thanks Chun, this means alot" She said.
Chun smiled and patted Julia on her back, but then he noticed something from a far distant and quickly got on his feet. His smile became a frown.
"I can't believe him!" he said.
He saw Sanchez, El Toro with...Danny. Chun had a feeling that Danny is a threat and should not be around them.

"We're going to need more know, we can't take up the whole entire armada army!" Danny said.
"You probably never heard of us" El said, smiling.
Suddenly, the three of them heard shouting and Sanchez recognized the voice, it was Chun. He saw him coming up with a furious look on him. El quickly walked towards him to calm him down, but it didn't work. Chun pushed El out of his way and got into Sanchez's face.
"What is wrong with you!" Chun said, "Why is he still here?".
"You need to calm down" Danny said.
Chun looked at Danny and started to laugh, "Me? This is pathetic! You're just a lunatic! And Sanchez...I can't believe you! Why? This man...he...tried to kill you?"
"I can explain why he's here, but you need..."
Sanchez stopped, Chun quickly interrupted him. He started to scream at Sanchez and Danny. Then, he swiped Sanchez's gun from him.
"If you won't do it, then I will!" Chun said.
He quickly approached Danny with a grin on his face. He pointed the gun towards his head and had his finger on the trigger. Ignoring the yelling from Sanchez and El.
"Listen...don't do this, okay? This'll be a huge mistake!" Danny cried.
"A mistake? Well, if Sanchez can make a couple...why can't I...I mean, look at us! Just..."
Chun stopped and fell to the ground, showing El with a huge stick. He knocked him out by his self.
"I had too" El said.
Sanchez went to Chun's body and checked his pulse. He was still alive, but knocked out.
"What is going on?" Julia said.
"Julia, I have great news...let's head back to the campsite first" Sanchez said.

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