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The Warrior "A sign and trust" S1 AE

Days gone by, Sanchi still can't find his crew and his crew can't find him. Again, Kane fails to find any of them, with help from new general, Mauck. Sanchez, Julia and Chun flies to Scrimshaw to look for Sanchi, but ended up in gun fire with Sanchez and Mauck. Still no evidence, Sanchi, Malik and Danny flies farther from Skull island to look for Sanchi's crew. During all this, Boris and Emmanuel went out in the jungles of Skull island to find him their self.

Crumbling leaves as each step is being taken. They marked their steps each time. Help by looking both ways, trying to avoid troggys. Only two of them and one were empty handed. Boris and Emmanuel went to look for Sanchi on their owns. Trying to look for any clues.
"I really didn't know Sanchi that much" Emmanuel said, "I know that you hardly knew him, too"
"How? Too easy, huh?" Boris said, laughing.
"Well, I mean...come on, you guys really didn't bond or interact that much" Emmanuel said.
Boris were smarter than Emmanuel and the crew knew that, but both of them were young. Emmanuel were just a little taller than Boris and skin color were different. Someway, others felt like they were alike. He read Boris like an open book.
"You didn't see Sanchi and I bonding when he slaughtered my leg?" Boris said, looking at his wooden leg.
Emmanuel just laughed at Boris's statement. First time these two bonded since they met. Eventually they stopped having conversations and focused on their objective, looking for clues of Sanchi. Which, Boris were an expert at.
"Over here" Boris said, looking at the ground.
Emmanuel rushed towards Boris and saw him looking at...dirt. He was confused, but he had a feeling that Boris was onto something...and he was. Footprints. They knew it wasn't Sanchi's prints, but someone's else. Both of the two also knew that none of them, including the rest went out this far, until today. They weren't alone.
"We aren't the only ones here" Boris said.

"This isn't us!" Chun cried.
Julia, Sanchez and Chun made it on the ship, avoiding trouble with Mauck and armadas. Only problem were that they left innocent pirates in the hands of general Mauck. Chun became guilty.
"Have we literally lost our minds? I mean...Sanchez, you and I been partners before you joined the pirate army, before you met Sanchi...remember? You, me, Bonnie and Shiruku" He said.
Sanchez turned his back towards Chun. Trying to ignore him. He quickly flew back to their home, which made Chun extremely furious. Though for Julia, she didn't care. She only cared about finding Sanchi.
"I don't believe any of us" Chun said.
"Julia, do me a favor and take Chun to the deck...before I throw him off the ship!" Sanchez said, keeping his cool.
When Julia and Chun left Sanchez alone, he planted his head to on the wheel. Trying to think of other ways. He started to feel guilty, too. He slammed his fist on the wheel, losing trust in his self and others. He heard Chun yelling at Julia and she started to yell too. He thought it was just them having an argument, but it wasn't. He quickly got up and ran towards them.
"What's going on?" Sanchez said, pulling his gun out.
"Sanchez, the ship is still going?" Chun said, noticing the ship still moving.
Sanchez looked out and saw the ship heading towards an island. Getting ready to crash into trees. He rushed towards the wheel, but he fell on his face. He looked out of the window and saw the trees getting bigger. The ship were near the trees. He quickly grabbed the wheel and turned the ship away from the trees, causing the sides to scrap on the trees. Finally, he took a deep breath and fell back into his chair, relaxing.
"Phew" Sanchez said, "That was a close one"

Finally making it back to their camp, they flight was unsuccessful. They were weak and tire as can be. Boris and Emmanuel were gone, Chun managed to notice.
"Ask El, quick" Sanchez said.
They opened up El's tent. He quickly turned around, tired and faced Sanchez and the rest. Giving them a miserable look. Chun and Julia went back to their tents, leaving Sanchez behind.
"Have you seen Boris and Emmanuel?" Sanchez asked.
"I have" El said.
Sanchez smiled, "I don't see them in their tents or anywhere?"
"They went out in the jungles to look for clues" El said, "Nothing bad"
But in Sanchez's point of view, he was ticked. He knew that Boris wasn't best with weapons and that Emmanuel weren't a leading type. He also started to panic too, in front of El. He just gave Sanchez a look.
"It's okay, we'll just look for them" El said, getting up.
This is also the first time that El got up since the madness started. El didn't notice, but somehow Sanchez did. Both of the two with their weapons out followed Boris's trail.
"They're probably fine" El said, "Boris is there, you know"
They thought that Boris and Emmanuel would be fine because of Boris's intelligence and problem solving ways. But, They also knew in a bad situation, Boris would become petrified and do something stupid.
"I don't know about that" Sanchez said, looking for clues.
"I don't really know anything anymore" El said, "I feel like we're all in a nightmare and soon...I said soon it'll end, but for now...we just have to keep surviving until we wake up"
Sanchez laughed, "I don't believe that...this is life now, while some are having some yum yums...we're out here trying to make a new's complicated and we just can't wake up from it"
Suddenly, El stopped moving. Sanchez stopped, noticing him not walking with him. El laughed at Sanchez's remark. He couldn't believe it! He'd never guess that Sanchez would be the one who gives up. He hardly knew Sanchez long, but long enough to know certain things. Deep inside, it made El lose a little hope. Even more hope.
"You can't say that?" El said, "You're becoming me...actually most of us. Hopeless"
Sanchez shook his head in hopelessness. Then, he just continued to walk away from El.
"We just can't go back!" Sanchez yelled.
El just stood there while Sanchez continued to roam. Then, he just threw his sword to the ground and stomped on it. He fell to the ground, punching the dirt. He looked at his sword and saw his reflection...he saw tears coming from his eyes. El just leaned back on the ground, staying there. "Why!"

Boris and Emmanuel didn't find any clues, since the footprints. They were empty handed already and it angered Boris. Emanuel really didn't care, but Boris did. He remembered when Sanchi rescued from infected pirates. Boris remembered when he met Dorugh for the first time. He remembered Anthony and the other cold blooded scientists.
"We can't find squat!" Boris said, kicking dirt.
Emmanuel smiled and walked a few steps away from Boris, trying to get a view of something. Something odd. He took a step closer, hearing Boris's complaining. He saw a crowd of something...moving, he thought. When they got closer, he noticed them. His eyes opened up wide and he started to call for Boris, trying to warn him.
"Dude, we need to go!" Emmanuel said, looking back.
"We can't go out empty handed!" Boris said, "Where's your weapon?"
Emmanuel reached for his holder...and the weapon wasn't there. This made him worry even more. He got sick to his stomach and quickly started to panic. Both of the two had no weapon to defend them. Boris were still clueless in the situation.
"Listen to me" Emmanuel said, trying to get Boris to be quiet.
"What?" Boris said.
Emmanuel didn't explain it to him. He saw them, close to them. It was loads of troggys. Boris quickly picked up a stick to defend his self, but Emmanuel grabbed him and pulled him his way.
"Eeek eek!"
Dozens! Troggys followed Emmanuel's path. He tried to look for his signs to their camp, but it was obvious he got them lost. Panic stage, Emmanuel started to scream for help.

"Hear that noise?" Sanchez said.
But no one replied to him. He turned around and El wasn't there. He raised his gun up to throw on the ground, but he quickly stopped his self. Sanchez quickly needed another plan.
"Help!" Sanchez heard screaming and he tried to run towards the voices.
Sanchez saw Boris and Emmanuel running with troggys behind him. He yelled for their names. Luckily, Boris noticed him yelling. Both of the two ran towards Sanchez's direction. They finally reached them.
"There's like thousand troggys behind us!" Emmanuel said, breathing hard, "Where's our camp?"
"Going back will be stupid and unpredictable" Boris added, "They'll just follow us back there"
Both of them were breathing hard and panicking bad. Luckily, Sanchez tried to make up a plan to calm them down, "Listen, we'll be fine...just follow me"
"Just please hurry" Boris cried.
Sanchez started to run. Boris and Emmanuel desperately followed from behind. Sanchez had his weapon out and were the only one with a weapon.
"We might just make it!" Sanchez said.
But Sanchez noticed that his path were blocked by rocks and other trees. He turned right swiftly, confusing Boris and Emmanuel. Suddenly they stopped.
"Sanchez?" Boris said.
Emmanuel were out of plans his self, "Go right!"
The two ran far from the troggys. Without looking behind them, they suddenly felt safe and turned around. No more troggys. Emmanuel started to cheer.
"We did it!" Emmanuel said.
Suddenly, someone came behind Boris and knocked him out with his gun. Emmanuel turned out and knew it was an armada. Deacon.
"Well well two survived" Deacon said.
Sanchez finally stopped. Breathing hard, he heard troggys coming his way, but he also noticed that his two crew mate were gone. His eyes widen and he slung his head down.
"Boris? Emmanuel?" He screamed.
Suddenly, El Toro grabbed Sanchez and pulled him down with his hand covering his mouth. He whispered to Sanchez saying, "Troggys...they're near"

El led Sanchez back to the camp. Chun and Julia got out of their tents to make sure that he's okay. They quickly noticed that Boris and Emmanuel were gone.
"I lost them...I'm about to go out to look for them again" Sanchez said.
Suddenly, they heard a loud ship flying back. Everyone dropped to the ground, except for Sanchez. He ran towards the noise and had a great view of the skyways. He also saw an armada ship leaving the jungles. He knew that Deacon owned that ship.
"No!" Sanchez said.

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