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The Warrior "After the extinction" new series S1

Lord Derwitchi been the face of the pirates for many years, but secretly he was Lifto, dark armada leader. Derwitchi's plan went through, resulted in all the pirate troops executed the warriors. Killing every warrior, except for one. Avery leaves Skull island and Sanchi's crew did too, (Julia Carthy, Emmanuel Salvis, Boris, El Toro, Wing Chun and Dan Sanchez). But, Sanchi is presume dead by Derwitchi, even though Sanchi stabbed Derwitchi and Kane finished him off. Now, Kane is in charge of the armadas. The pirates need a new hope to end Kane's wraith. Sanchez and the rest found a new area to stay in, while questioning that Sanchi is either alive or dead.

Checking every hut and house for a scent. Marching through little towns, destroying their properties by looking for their new enemy. Kane sent out over thousand of armadas around to look for any warriors that survived...or Sanchi's crew.
"I don't see any warriors...we checked Cool Ranch, Skull Island, Marleybone and other...we scoped out Skyways and no warriors...I'm pretty sure they're all dead" Deacon said.
Kane wasn't listening to Deacon. He had a map out laid on a table and crossed out specific areas. He folded up the map and looked at Deacon.
"What about Sanchez? Senator Carthy? Avery? There are still around" Kane said, "Send out more!"

Everything was black. Though, he started to hear voices from two men. They were arguing. Sanchi suddenly opened his eyes. He shook his head, having a bad headache and looked around. It was dark, but he saw light outside, from a campfire. Sanchi slowly got back on his feet. He looked around the small little hut and found all his items, including his white shirt. He picked up his knife and he noticed something was up with his shirt. It had a giant cut with blood around it. Sanchi slowly looked down and saw a closed cut with stitches, he assumed that there were a medical person here. When he got closer to outside, the voices started to clear up.
"I got blood all over my clothes! I mean...come on! I pretty much saved that ninja's life!" someone said.
" never had any experience and you somehow stopped the bleeding and closed the amaze me sometimes"
Sanchi with his knife in his hand entered outside. They were near the volcano where Derwitchi's duel began and how he ended up here.
"Oh shut up, Danny!" The person replied back.
Sanchi had a clear view of the two individual. One of them was a mix-skinned pirate with a little goatee on his face. The other man was pale and older than the other one. He wasn't really tall, but he controlled things around here, Sanchi thought. Suddenly, one of them spotted him. His name was Malik.
"He's awake!" Malik cried out.
"Oh...hey man...I'm Danny Brisk...and my partner, Malik Smith, he's the one who fixed you up" Danny said, greeting Sanchi.
"...You know medical attention...?" Sanchi asked.
Malik started to laugh and Danny shook his head back and fourth with a disappointed look. Sanchi started to worry and backed up.
"Nah, never...I know...winged it" Malik said.
Sanchi felt his scar and his hand jumped back, in pain. He also ignored Malik's comment and got to the real business.
"Do y'all live here...and why am I here?" Sanchi said, leaning back.
"Uh, well...we're poor, as you can see our one person's hut.... and we found on inside the volcano...somehow you landed on a rock, luck if you ask me" Danny said.
Sanchi started to have more headaches. He started to feel weak, too. But, he was determined to find Julia. He quickly pushed Malik and Danny out of his way and started to run towards to the volcano. Both of the two tried to stop him.
"You have lost a lot of the time you reach that volcano, you'll be out of it" Malik said.
"How would you know?" Sanchi cried, "You don't know any medical mumbo jumbo!"
Suddenly, Sanchi felt it. He started to run even slower. He fell on his knees and tried to crawl up to the volcano. Then, he turned around and saw Malik and Danny with smiles on their faces. Everything quickly became black. He passed out.

"Any luck?" Julia cried out.
Suddenly, Sanchez and Emmanuel appeared out of the forest with sad looks on their face. Still no look or findings.
"No...not today" Sanchez said.
Julia fell back to the ground. Tears started to run down her face. Meanwhile, Boris and Chun were looking for food. Sanchi's old companion, El Toro were behind a tree, trying to think of ideas to find his master.
"She's going to keep doing this until we find him" Emmanuel said.
Sanchez, Julia, Emmanuel, El, Chun, and Boris were deep in the Skull island jungles. Both Emmanuel and Sanchez were well in the jungles, they created many traps for food and found a spot to have a camp in. Every day and night, they all see armada ships fly by them, luckily they managed to avoid them.
"I'll go talk to her" Sanchez said, handing a bucket of water to Emmanuel.
Sanchez slowly walked to Julia. He tried to think of something to say to her, but he knew she didn't want to lose hope, no one wanted to. Sanchi was the heart of the crew, Sanchez thought. He knew things were going to be different, a lot different. When he got near Julia's tent, he already heard crying from her. He opened up her tent and saw her there, lying in tears.
"Are you okay?" Sanchez asked, "I'm really sorry"
Julia wiped the tears away, "We have to keep looking...we have to!"
"Three days now, he's been gone for that long!" Sanchez said.
"What happen if I go with you, right now? Maybe, you, me and Chun...go look for him" Julia said, "We need to take chances...that's how we survived...that's how most of pirates survived"
"Don't say that, the armadas are still looking for us...most of the pirates are fine, for now" Sanchez said, "Anyway...get Chun and I'll meet you at our ONLY ship left"
Julia smiled and hugged Sanchez. She quickly ran towards Chun's ship to retrieve him. Sanchez really didn't want to risk anyone's else lives, but he wanted Sanchi to be found...if he's still alive.

Sanchi woke up the same spot. Lying on a ripped blanket on the cold ground. Malik and Danny were outside creating a fire, before night arrives. Sanchi got back up and picked up his sword. He again walked slowly out of the hut. Danny was there making the fire. Sanchi quickly ran towards Danny and tackled him to the ground. He picked Danny back up and placed his blade around Danny's neck.
"Where's your other friend?" Sanchi said.
Danny started to chuckle, "Calm down, we pretty much saved you".
Sanchi started to think about what to do. Kill or get help from them. He had a feeling that the two strangers could help him find his old crew. He was still determined to find them. He calmly released Danny.
"What is wrong with you? No offense, but something is up" Danny said.
Sanchi suddenly dropped to his knees and started to cry. Danny dropped down to comfort him. He felt bad for Sanchi. He wanted to help.
"What's her name?" Danny asked, patting Sanchi on his back.
"Julia...her name is Julia..." Sanchi said, in tears.
Danny stood back up and took a deep breath. Then, he called for Malik and helped Sanchi back up. Malik quickly came back, whispering.
"Armadas are here!" Malik said, picking up his sharpen stick.
Sanchi looked and saw two armada officers walking towards the smoke, Danny's fire. Luckily, he didn't panic and he dropped to the ground and crawled behind a tree. Danny and Malik went to handle it.
"Lost?" Danny said, walking towards one of them.
They didn't answer. Instead, both of them pushed Danny and Malik to the ground and aimed their weapons at them. They were serious.
"Rule number 25538, we assume that you two are holding a criminal...if you confess him, you'll be rewarded with a ship of your own and a chest filled with treasure" One of them said.
The two armadas knew how to bribe them. They noticed what the two pirates were living in and how poor they fire were. Danny and Malik started to think, they had two options...give away their new friend and get treasure...or keep him. Sanchi knew that they were gonna give him away, so he crawled tree to tree. He tried to get behind the two officers. Suddenly, Danny broke the silence.
"We are not holding a criminal" Danny said, "Just me and my partner"
Sanchi couldn't believe their choice. They gave up treasure and a new life for someone they didn't even know, Sanchi thought. But, the officers didn't like it. The two clockworks loaded their weapons, ready to kill them.
"Bad idea" Sanchi said, slicing one of the officers in two.
The other armada quickly turned around and reacted, grabbing Sanchi's sword and slamming him to the ground. Malik got up, grabbing his sharp stick and injected it in the armada's stomach. Their's friendship quickly grew from that point.
"Forgot to finish my sentence" Danny said, "We can take that armada's ship and look for your crew"

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